William Cutler
William Cutler 21 time siden
One walks out on a chair the other one gets carried out
omq 21 time siden
Jesus ain't god
Alejandro Castillo
Alejandro Castillo 21 time siden
There is no way calet plant can beat canelo,, no way, not even in his dreams
festus ewere
festus ewere 21 time siden
Good one
Unspoken Profit
Unspoken Profit 21 time siden
Honestly he’s a great fighter but I don’t think he on Canelos level he drops his hands and get sloppy yeah conelo does too but he will take a opening when he sees it and make you pay for it i think another year or even 2 and he will be a great match
siablo14 21 time siden
LOL. I remember complaining that this was a mismatch before the upset took place. Egg on my face. Egg on Breadman's face too.
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G. 22 timer siden
The way he held that belt like a baby 🥺
Alex Pedrick
Alex Pedrick 22 timer siden
So they’re feeding this guy to canelo
Akuma Yin
Akuma Yin 22 timer siden
easy belt for canelo
Ramsey Hernandez
Ramsey Hernandez 22 timer siden
Lots off ppl won lots of money
Ari Val
Ari Val 22 timer siden
Que orgullo y que bonito se escucha la banda
Ari Val
Ari Val 22 timer siden
No manchen , hasta se me enchina la piel a no más de escuchar la banda a todo lo que da
jose Luis pichardo
jose Luis pichardo 22 timer siden
No hermano ese payaso no le gana al canelo de vaina le ganó no tienen chance
chinedu orazu
chinedu orazu 23 timer siden
Not impressed....Canelo will destroy him
YAIR GAMER 23 timer siden
Le gano a un don nadie jajajajaj
Enrique Anguiano
Enrique Anguiano 23 timer siden
Jesuschrist!!!!! I love you God!!!
Guadalupe Ortiz
Guadalupe Ortiz 23 timer siden
This dude is easy money for Canelo. His chin is wide open. He is going to have to make huge adjustments for the Canelo fight or minus well bring your pillow Caleb, you going night night.
Be3st Boxing
Be3st Boxing 23 timer siden
Wilder needs that Fury Trilogy.
Uncle June Bug
Uncle June Bug Dag siden
He can’t even beat Canelo with a punchers chance
Russel Derecho
Russel Derecho Dag siden
Who wants thurman vs crawford??
Russel Derecho
Russel Derecho Dag siden
Salute to thurman, it was a close fight , from philippines :)
jon snow
jon snow Dag siden
0:30 was so badass
Padro Gonzo
Padro Gonzo Dag siden
Hand injury isn't good .Due that you need to build strength in the hand .Now a war with Canelo isn't gonna be a cake walk .So now everyone knows about this fools hand issue there all gonna want to fight him 🥊🥊💰🏆💰👑
Padro Gonzo
Padro Gonzo Dag siden
Canelo v Calab Planet
NJRX Houston
NJRX Houston Dag siden
Definitely don’t stand a chance against canelo
NJRX Houston
NJRX Houston Dag siden
Caleb weak