OG Baby J!!
OG Baby J!! 12 timer siden
I feel like if they all came together and paid for her to get her teeth done, that it would boost her confidence 100%
Aundrea Jean
Aundrea Jean 12 timer siden
Erika Ramos
Erika Ramos 12 timer siden
I'm crying v voice
Learn Korean ABC 가나다쌤
Learn Korean ABC 가나다쌤 12 timer siden
I’m happy when I see BTS. 😄
double g
double g 12 timer siden
Love it makes my day every time I watch an episode I’m hoping there would be a season 2 🤞🤞love how he help his fam and friends I would watch him forever
Lap Lap Ricky Fung
Lap Lap Ricky Fung 12 timer siden
Dulani Yashora
Dulani Yashora 12 timer siden
check out guys DJ Snake and Selena Gomez Selfish Love
Learn Korean ABC 가나다쌤
Learn Korean ABC 가나다쌤 12 timer siden
매번 같은 하루들 중에 너를 만날 때 가장 난 행복해 매번 다른 일상들 속에 너란 사람은 내게 가장 특별해 별일은 없지 아픈 곳은 없겠지 난 요즘에 글쎄 붕 떠 버린 것 같아 많은 시간 덕에 이런 노랠 쓰네 이건 너를 위한 노래 Yeah 노래 yeah 노래 자 떠나자 푸른 바다로 우리가 함께 뛰어놀던 저 푸른 바다로 괜한 걱정들은 잠시 내려놓은 채로 잠시 우리끼리 즐겨보자 함께 추억하는 푸른 바다 한가운데 작은 섬 비록 지금은 멀어졌어도 우리 마음만은 똑같잖아 내 곁에 네가 없어도 yeah 네 곁에 내가 없어도 yeah 우린 함께인 걸 다 알잖아 매번 같은 하루들 중에 너를 만날 때 가장 난 행복해 매번 다른 일상들 속에 너란 사람은 내게 가장 특별해 아침 들풀처럼 일어나 거울처럼 난 너를 확인 눈꼽 대신 너만 묻었다 잔뜩 또 무겁다 멍 많은 무르팍이 거릴 거닐며 생각해 이 별이 허락해 주는 우리의 거리 Oh can I be your Bibilly Hills Like you did the same to me (Baby) 너무 빠른 건 조금 위험해 너무 느린 건 조금 지루해 너무 빠르지도 않게 또는 느리지도 않게 우리의 속도에 맞춰 가보자고 이건 꽤나 긴 즐거운 롤러코스터 비록 지금은 멀어졌어도 우리 마음만은 똑같잖아 내 곁에 네가 없어도 yeah 네 곁에 내가 없어도 yeah 우린 함께인 걸 다 알잖아 매번 같은 하루들 중에 너를 만날 때 가장 난 행복해 매번 다른 일상들 속에 너란 사람은 내게 가장 특별해
Trey and kayla Forever bro and sis
Trey and kayla Forever bro and sis 12 timer siden
Bro number won just was ready for a kiss she knew she wanted him 🤣🤣
Carvalho Catia
Carvalho Catia 12 timer siden
Onde vc anda
ข้าวฟ่าง 12 timer siden
ข้าวฟ่าง 12 timer siden
mochamars 12 timer siden
this is not a good represantation of tulpas at all
casey chhangte
casey chhangte 12 timer siden
Ryann Leo
Ryann Leo 12 timer siden
Eggplant from mars 😂😂😂
vantae 12 timer siden
This is easy
Jake Ditzenberger
Jake Ditzenberger 12 timer siden
1557 0_
1557 0_ 12 timer siden
ivan Maldonado oficial
ivan Maldonado oficial 12 timer siden
I’m so happy cause the world is full of Zara Larson performances ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mary Rose
Mary Rose 12 timer siden
I'm not an army but okayy this is kinda making me falling in love with them since I love this kind of chill song. I love Jungkook's & Taehyun's voice but man, I think Jin's voice is actually underrated. It's good. 👀 Wish he had more parts.
ivan Maldonado oficial
ivan Maldonado oficial 12 timer siden
I love this song
madelinegmurphy 24
madelinegmurphy 24 12 timer siden
Elena Cardenas
Elena Cardenas 12 timer siden
i love Taeyhung
Elena Cardenas
Elena Cardenas 12 timer siden
esta es mi canción, me identifico con ella
María mejor es hurona
María mejor es hurona 12 timer siden
O May ga
MurphreeDino 13 timer siden
That cow tongue one isn’t even that bad
bdyrck 13 timer siden
oh my god that was so uncomfortable to watch
Jared Cordell
Jared Cordell 13 timer siden
Such a talented queen!
BananaChu -Chum
BananaChu -Chum 13 timer siden
I really think Fear Factor is a suicide factor 😨
Music Art
Music Art 13 timer siden
Bret looks like zendaya
nadiah abd majid
nadiah abd majid 13 timer siden
Omg saving this song for my wedding day and my birthday
Siska Ayu Dewayani
Siska Ayu Dewayani 13 timer siden
hello, army here💜💜
zenaido Rendon Garcia
zenaido Rendon Garcia 13 timer siden
Armys latinas
Trey Greene
Trey Greene 13 timer siden
I moved to cali for the woman I love and we met online! Three years later we have a baby boy!
Laust Cawz
Laust Cawz 13 timer siden
Look up the following (which you can probably do easily since men such as Steve Jobs & Bill Gates designed, developed & invented the internet): Charles Darwin Johannes Gutenberg Nikola Tesla Montgolfier Brothers Antoine Joseph Sax Vladimir Zworykin Percy Spencer/Robert N. Hall David Rosenhan Albert Einstein Charles Lindbergh Alexander Graham Bell... I could go on, of course, but then, again, that's what the internet's for, right? Of course, some men had a few brutal faults & there were also some downright evil assholes, but that's life, right? In both genders.
shara horan
shara horan 13 timer siden
BTS the worldwide kpop group of all time 💜💜 BTS is spreading love and hope . We love you BTS 💜💜 Borahae
Chris Cactus
Chris Cactus 13 timer siden
I dislike the way some of the hosts act, like it's all funny and ok to encourage a person to go back to their toxic ex. I seriously hope it's all just acting.
Charlotte Benedicto
Charlotte Benedicto 13 timer siden
I wasn't informed that this show will let me cry EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Maybe because I can really see the connect between these people. Like, they are the group of friends that everyone wishes to have.
Puja Kumari
Puja Kumari 13 timer siden
Everyone has the best voice 😘😘😘 i can't say his voice is more better ke good 🙄🙄
Everyone came here bcs their see bts face No lie i know 😐😁
Milagros Damian Chavez
Milagros Damian Chavez 13 timer siden
dannimajig 13 timer siden
One of the most talented artists in the entire music industry?? Omg the reachhhh 💀 as if
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 13 timer siden
Real voice no auto tune, refreshing for once mtv 👍
lucas agustín
lucas agustín 13 timer siden
her new album is LIT
Exploring with Alex Gervacio
Exploring with Alex Gervacio 13 timer siden
Yes!!!! Baddest Bitch! Till today! 2021 😈
Quino Caparas
Quino Caparas 13 timer siden
Cool bro😎👌👍🏻🏀😀
Laura LP
Laura LP 13 timer siden
The BEST!!!!!!
kewe 13 timer siden
this group tho ❤️ definitely a fav episode so far.
lovely JK
lovely JK 13 timer siden
Danm she say do mean kyli baby daddy
Jo 13 timer siden
Thank you so so much for the subtitles!
Why 13 timer siden
Diana Gomez
Diana Gomez 13 timer siden
I want zendaya and ross butler to date each other in real life they will be a cute couple
•Åmïï• BTS •육군•
•Åmïï• BTS •육군• 13 timer siden
Grace Mabhena
Grace Mabhena 13 timer siden
When two artists this talented share the stage...🔥🔥🔥🔥
Criistopher Perez
Criistopher Perez 13 timer siden
Criistopher Perez
Criistopher Perez 13 timer siden
Taylor Shevlin
Taylor Shevlin 13 timer siden
I don't know of any other artist that will do multiple wig changes through a performance is this is why she's the QUEEN
Ryan Doh
Ryan Doh 13 timer siden
who dressed tayheung, he looks like he is a grandpa 😭💀✋
P. 13 timer siden
I'm crying ewww
Miguel Bustio Garcia
Miguel Bustio Garcia 13 timer siden
Nobody be getting the Melanie Martinez reference in the title ☹
Criistopher Perez
Criistopher Perez 13 timer siden
omg in so haooy for thiiiis
So Imperial Beats
So Imperial Beats 13 timer siden
Hes famous hes cool
Payton 13 timer siden
Bitch thought we couldn’t see his tan? He’s literally orange
Jodelbert Lomarda
Jodelbert Lomarda 13 timer siden
Anthony Gillett
Anthony Gillett 13 timer siden
Who is armyblink.
Lalbiakdiki Paite
Lalbiakdiki Paite 13 timer siden
Love you so much🩸🩸🩸
Mark Boschi
Mark Boschi 14 timer siden
This live version sounds just like the recorded version. I love her so much
Sanjana Faria
Sanjana Faria 14 timer siden
Girl my Park Jimin necklace was on my neck too we twinning
jess syj
jess syj 14 timer siden
My chubs yoongi's im so inlove 😍😍😍💜💜💜
Ecps4vida 14 timer siden
Honestly one of the best shows MTV has done in a freaking long time!
Deborah Jansen
Deborah Jansen 14 timer siden
You people are a, holes
Nids Negi
Nids Negi 14 timer siden
Talk about BTS 💜 That's a very hard question,they choose to ask🤣🤣