T L 7 timer siden
Ben did not let nobody down, He's boxing always was zero - nothing - worthless The only thing he got good is the money
Joel Perez
Joel Perez 7 timer siden
Teo should fight jake so he can see what it's like to have someone who can strike back and show him a true pro boxing is not fight you tubers or nba players or retired former ufc fighters grow some ball jake and get in the octogon with them
SkateHoarder 7 timer siden
Anyone would do the same thing for that kind of paycheck it was the easy night for Ben
David Olyott
David Olyott 7 timer siden
I think that hurt Ben more than the punches...
lil Gigolo
lil Gigolo 7 timer siden
Ima pirate tf outta any fights with Jake in them from now on cause this shit is outta hand🤔 rigged asf😑🤦🏽‍♂️
CcOLaGeN 7 timer siden
I hate jake paul man but I don't see ksi beating him ksi punched like an old grandma.
Jackson Hoeft
Jackson Hoeft 7 timer siden
Canello- 50-1 Jake Paul 3-0- against a nba player, wrestler, and youtuber
Esteban Cruz
Esteban Cruz 7 timer siden
te esperamos en bucaramanga mano, aka lo prendemos es a macheta por lampara
Dane Name
Dane Name 7 timer siden
It's funny because the comments remind me of the ufc game comments lol. They did a good job in that game of simulating real life comment section.
Dane Name
Dane Name 7 timer siden
Brutal? Lol.
s evans
s evans 8 timer siden
this dude jake is a clown and a joke he not fighting anyone with any credit at all if when he does he will credit crushed
OXSEY 8 timer siden
Fact canelo the goat of this time
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 timer siden
This guy a scammer plays pretend boxing
NoLoveKNG 8 timer siden
Lmao it’s almost like no one in this comment section knows it was rigged
Shepherd Of Fire
Shepherd Of Fire 8 timer siden
I feel for Ben. I feel he didnt really think about the situation. He basically sold his soul for a million dollars. Money does nothing for the human soul but temporary pleasure. Sucks
louis B.
louis B. 8 timer siden
Jake Paul is a pussy who still hasn't fight a real boxer
The people who thought Ben would win I know saying it's rigged LOL if Ben would have won they wouldn't have said that, for anyone who thought this fight was rigged is a poor sport cry baby
louis B.
louis B. 8 timer siden
3 professional boxing fights where is the professional boxers
Them12 BigGates
Them12 BigGates 8 timer siden
He literally did nothing
Shinra Tensei
Shinra Tensei 8 timer siden
Maaan you guys in the comments saying jake would beat teofimo are delusional as fuck 😂
Anne Frank Elon Musk
Anne Frank Elon Musk 8 timer siden
Still love Ben
KingFLAKS Official
KingFLAKS Official 8 timer siden
He talks about the people canelos fights yet jake Paul only fights you tubers a basketball player and an mma fighter who has not experience in boxing😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Daniel Di Fonzo
Daniel Di Fonzo 8 timer siden
This paul guy is an embarrassment to the fighting sport. Let's see him vs Tyson or Ngannou.
7ions 8 timer siden
Looks like he wants to cry 😂💀🤡
braulio alanix
braulio alanix 8 timer siden
I took an L for buying the fight, the commentators were funny Af tho
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 8 timer siden
‘I see a guy who said, I have to take a s**t in the face off’ lmao am dead 😂😭😭😭
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 8 timer siden
Yea it’s wraps for jake 😂😂😂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
It’s Crippler
It’s Crippler 8 timer siden
It was a complete clown show, the entire event was a joke and embarrassing for the sport
S A 8 timer siden
New fight announced Jake Paul vs Andre Agassi. Lol dudes fighting everyone but boxers
Juan Wick
Juan Wick 8 timer siden
By the looks of it even Amanda Nunez would KO Ben easily.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 8 timer siden
“I’m a world class athlete. He’s Jake Paul” I just busted out laughing
Short guy Impowerment
Short guy Impowerment 8 timer siden
See Ben in mma bitch If he fight a real boxer that boxer gonna kick his ass
Brett y
Brett y 8 timer siden
Love all the jake Paul haters claiming the fight was a fix for all yall that ain't boxed before there was noting unnatural about the punch and about the way Ben went down it was a fair knock down should have carried on but it was deffo a knock down even from the press conference jake won we all knew jake was going win lol
Mohamed Alhasy
Mohamed Alhasy 8 timer siden
Man he is very lovable u just cant hate the dude
Jaho Vah
Jaho Vah 8 timer siden
Lol all them views ben got this channel and this channel went and disrespected him with these shitty questions
Tiago Luiz
Tiago Luiz 8 timer siden
Nagannou vai arrancar a cabeça dele do corpo.
clifford hill
clifford hill 8 timer siden
I keep telling folks that " JAKE IS NOT A JOKE ". Him and Connor would be an entertaining fight for however long it last. I don't know what's Jake's weight class is or how far he's trying to go with this, but he looks promising.
Milos Dimic
Milos Dimic 8 timer siden
Next fight: Jake vs Tiger Woods!! It’s official! He called him a black trash with the golf stick, and he said that he will show him who is the better boxer.. Next on ESPN with crew..
KobaltoCR 8 timer siden
I need one of those chains for locking my bike😂
kyle mueller
kyle mueller 8 timer siden
I still can’t believe this guy
Vahé Khachaturian
Vahé Khachaturian 8 timer siden
Այ տենց, այ տենց 😆
Ben handles difficult situations VERY well. Kudos Ben. You got in there and made a ton of money. Thats lots more than most people can say.
Lewis Cabble
Lewis Cabble 8 timer siden
Joe: “if my aunt had a penis she would be my uncle” 😂😂😂😂
Khaalis Edmondson
Khaalis Edmondson 8 timer siden
Can't be serious holyfield pushing 60.Smh
Kyle Clouse
Kyle Clouse 8 timer siden
He says he don't know who any of those people are wow don't ask any stupid questions that bullshit as win really went to his head
Triaundice Williams
Triaundice Williams 8 timer siden
Drug addict pay day lol he hit him harder than jake with that one u can see it on his face...this is what it is type vibe.
juan chavez
juan chavez 8 timer siden
Bro every fighter canelo beat would whip jake Paul lol 😂
dist0rt 8 timer siden
idk, i guess id take a mil too to go down after a couple of punches. the money would def wipe away the embarrassment i guess.
Juan Magana
Juan Magana 8 timer siden
😂🤣🤣 he wont fight a real boxer. That MMA fighter couldn't throw a punch. A real boxer will fix his ideas in less than 1 minute
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy 8 timer siden
The fight was booty the ref should of let them fight stopped to early
Stan Anderson
Stan Anderson 8 timer siden
That was a great showing by Jake Paul and a terrible showing by Ben!!!! Props to Jake
Es Emtee
Es Emtee 8 timer siden
Askren seems annoyed that he has to answer questions while there is a million cash waiting to be counted
R.Berrones Trucking Maskare
R.Berrones Trucking Maskare 8 timer siden
😁 get them pendejos off the ring 🤣
ThalassaDiarroias 8 timer siden
Jake will get humiliated as soon as he fights against someone who is an actual established and skilled professional boxer. Thus far he has beaten 2 non-experienced boxers and 1 professional non-boxer
Jonny Murthi
Jonny Murthi 8 timer siden
Tank stops Lopez. East work.
Father To Rockstars
Father To Rockstars 8 timer siden
He looks stupid in all that junk around his neck.....jake The Fake paul
Slixlix 8 timer siden
“Fight didn’t go on long did it dumb dumb?” Lol, Bens great.
B 8 timer siden
Average Jobogio
Average Jobogio 8 timer siden
Slixlix 8 timer siden
It’s a blessing in disguise Ben has given us. Anyone with integrity will still give Ben the respect he deserves, and anyone showing disrespect shows the rest of us who they really are. Ben walks away with close to a million IG followers, exposed JP as even more of a shitty person than we already knew in the pre-fight, and a million $$$ richer.
Average Jobogio
Average Jobogio 8 timer siden
6:43 " I have no excuses RIGHHt" Ben says to the camera , obviously "no excuses" was part of the contract when he decided throw the fight in round one from day one (say it was a hard punch, no excuses)
Tambovsky 8 timer siden
Kambosos well done! He wasn't be silent, as loma! The man!
vince guest
vince guest 8 timer siden
Ben can wrestle but he's not a boxer.
Nature Sounds
Nature Sounds 8 timer siden
Time to bring in the next level UFC boss....the goat....Artem Lobov