Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head 21 time siden
Hellen Rafaela
Hellen Rafaela 22 timer siden
هاري ستايلز.
هاري ستايلز. 22 timer siden
No but they answered only the new things about harry not the old of em and that's why they're locals af
BLACKVELVET STAN 22 timer siden
Who got it all right? I have 3 wrong answersㅜㅜ
Connect 22 timer siden
Love yourself Relay3481
Connect 22 timer siden
Love yourself Relay3481
Anthony Leong
Anthony Leong 22 timer siden
cool stuff here
Susi Sugiarti
Susi Sugiarti 22 timer siden
V - jhope , Jimin - RM, Jin - Suga, JK 👏👏👏👏
Dear Maria
Dear Maria 22 timer siden
Here we are a year later and she's been right about MM
Chintia Jhope
Chintia Jhope 22 timer siden
i still keep coming back and still can't get over this
Monkey Chief
Monkey Chief 22 timer siden
I always have it absolutely TERRIBLE the first day then it’s off and on pain for the rest of the week
sangi sitlhou
sangi sitlhou 23 timer siden
im so obsessed with this cover
pinki piee
pinki piee 23 timer siden
i’m in heaven
Priya Goveas
Priya Goveas 23 timer siden
Can we talk about the harmonisation of jin jimin and Rm
Valeria 23 timer siden
Nandita ghosh
Nandita ghosh 23 timer siden
Love how 90% people talking about JIN's voice ㅠㅠㅜ His angelic voice
Abia s
Abia s 23 timer siden
not over this
bLaCjAcK Daniels
bLaCjAcK Daniels 23 timer siden
1 burger everybody knows the rules
Anitter por Amor
Anitter por Amor 23 timer siden
Marthary Aliliran
Marthary Aliliran Dag siden
Fun Fact:POV(Your Fav part in this song) 0:13~4:47 Am I right?
Marthary Aliliran
Marthary Aliliran Dag siden
Fun Fact:POV(Your Fav part in this song) 0:13~4:47 Am I right?
M Dag siden
Jin i'm so proud of you.
Natalie S
Natalie S Dag siden
They are all so crazy handsome, it's almost too much to take in!
real ad
real ad Dag siden
I identify as an American president. My pronouns are any American president.
JustDanny&Edie Dag siden
Lady C continues to spread his filth, slander, lies and gossip. May God have mercy on his soul!
Olivia Wilcox
Olivia Wilcox Dag siden
"how do women concentrate?!" 😂
fernanda cavalcante
fernanda cavalcante Dag siden
Axel Simmon
Axel Simmon Dag siden
Wow I love it
khloecocoa Dag siden
one if them couldnt get 3 songs from my everything?? i mean, i get that she was probably under a lot of stress but 3 out of 12-? thats a yikes.
Wajdi Dag siden
Everyone in the comments: we want BLACKSÉ!!!
Jazzie Dag siden
Los amo demasiado. ♡
rycam418418 Dag siden
Sounds so good. May be better than the 97 pool side version ..no?
H Dag siden
I have watched this countless times and it hits me just as hard every time 💜
Randy Gabriel Cabrera
Randy Gabriel Cabrera Dag siden
feri7 park
feri7 park Dag siden
I'm inlove with the rapline voice💜💜
Oumou Zikou
Oumou Zikou Dag siden
Omg their voices the 7 of them so beautiful love them
feri7 park
feri7 park Dag siden
jimin's voice 😻😻😻
Jim Dag siden
I use the pronouns she/her for someone who obviously appears female to me. He/him for someone who appears to me as male. It, or WTF if I can't tell by looking.
Raccoonrule Dag siden
Every girls period cramps can be different but I was curious and I used the machine thing when I was not on my period and the top level of pain was like a miled cramp, like it hurt a little but I was fine
marcelo marcelo
marcelo marcelo Dag siden
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍love her
Diana hi
Diana hi Dag siden
I cried with this before and I cry with this again today. I've been pretty emotional these days, crying and feeling sad and Bangtan always comfort me in every moment, I remember the day when I watched this and feeling comfort and support, even I started to feeling more this cover, I will come to this video even if it past 10 years.
btsarmy song
btsarmy song Dag siden
Me too 😭😭
Fernando Magalhaes
Fernando Magalhaes Dag siden
COVID was already there by November 2019 and almost nobody knew it by that time.
aina jihopee
aina jihopee Dag siden
Dont shy shy, tell me,this is not your first time here right??hahhahaaa
NerdyNobody Dag siden
I’m a robot. My pronouns are “I don’t care about your pronouns unless there he/him and she/her and MAYBE they/them” and “stop making up pronouns”
Marife Ch
Marife Ch Dag siden
Lo mejor de lo mejor :')
Reagan Roberts
Reagan Roberts Dag siden
Y’all talking about Zoe avoiding Thor that’s not working get quill now
Jakeline Ramos
Jakeline Ramos Dag siden
Gold,pure gold,such a cool memorie.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shweta Biswas
Shweta Biswas Dag siden
Namjin harmonizing is something that can heal people!
Bigboy Nation
Bigboy Nation Dag siden
This meant to be funny
Girasol _
Girasol _ Dag siden
Como eu queria assistir o filme "como eu era antes de você "na NETFLIX novamente, tambem , "depois de voce".
Allan Dag siden
The fact that they haven't corrected the title for 2 years is what pisses me off.
Alva Thorén
Alva Thorén Dag siden
Bonnie_ lover123
Bonnie_ lover123 Dag siden
Imagine if they were experiencing the whole lot, the blood flow, cravings, the mood swings. *that would be a show*
Dann García
Dann García Dag siden
Que mierda!!!!!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Ciprian Dalis
Ciprian Dalis Dag siden
well done for your guest's testimony it is actually the feeling that I do have the same thing and it is all about business by using God words. Well done for you too Reggie since I've seen, practically recently some videos of your documentaries about all aspect of life and from all background too.
Ranger Houston
Ranger Houston Dag siden
Captain America has the moral high ground. He wins.
Blair Walker
Blair Walker Dag siden
You're an asshole Andrew Santino lol
Taylor Cooper
Taylor Cooper Dag siden
I plan to be a teacher in the future. Hypothetically, if I end up a health/sex ed teacher, would it be wrong for me to do this to volunteering students? I don't think it would be, but still.
S Alwarappan
S Alwarappan Dag siden
Tae 💜
oreoemsa Dag siden
I love how she appreciated 2 - 20 likes ❤️❤️
prisca Mubanga
prisca Mubanga Dag siden
crazycutz Dag siden
i got five on it.. or not.. haha.
Carsha Walters
Carsha Walters Dag siden
Girl you dont know your worth after having sex you feel like ooh am going to change kmt
Grace Swift
Grace Swift Dag siden
The Questions Really be like: "At What Age Taylor's Great Grandma Ate Mango For The First Time?"
Rini Marlina
Rini Marlina Dag siden
Kim namjoon Kim soejin Min yoongi Jung hoseok Park jimin Kim taehyung Jeon jungkook Bangtan senyoandan BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Ngọc Diệp Vũ
Ngọc Diệp Vũ Dag siden
Amália Maria Gagliazzi Lage
Amália Maria Gagliazzi Lage Dag siden
Actually, the pain is easy to handle. Being on a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from anger to extreme sadness is the worst part of it.
Nifemi Ajayi
Nifemi Ajayi Dag siden
wade2bosh Dag siden
justin got slimed at kids choice awards 2012. punkd.