crimsonraen 12 timer siden
Thanks for the video! I'm definitely excited to see how everything plays out. :)
marrier9999 12 timer siden
Here's a thought - What if Alucard goes bad and Dracula and his wife come back from hell to save and redeem their son?
marrier9999 12 timer siden
Parts of this season felt like a Diablo game. Issac is like the wanderer from 2 and the village is like Tristram.
Everyone has an opinion
Everyone has an opinion 12 timer siden
Elizabeth looks awesome in her Scarlet Witch costume!
Damain Peter Ramsajan
Damain Peter Ramsajan 12 timer siden
Wasting Quicksilver as Ralph boner was an extremely stupid and cocky filmmaking decision, they could have done so many creative things with such a talented actor...
bbwsweetpeaokla 12 timer siden
Yes the original was the best
Stargazer 12 timer siden
Pietro Janai! Ralph Bhoner Da!!!
Hite Productions
Hite Productions 12 timer siden
Idea for you. Check my work but here it goes. When Monica takes off the purple necklace off of fietro he turns into Ralph Bohner. BUT, that is still his name in the hex, could he have been still mind controlled by Wanda? We didn’t see him after it closed. I still have hope that he will be quicksilver.
michael murillo
michael murillo 12 timer siden
It is bitter sweet that we wont get to see the full snyder verse.
Patrick Curry
Patrick Curry 12 timer siden
Captin marvel sent for Monica in the comics she becomes the next captain marvel and her mom were beas friends with her
Omair Quraishi
Omair Quraishi 13 timer siden
I think the acting chops Elizabeth Olsen has shown is on par as what Robert Downey Jr. showed when the MCU kicked off. On top of that she's professional, treats fellow actors well, and respects fans. To boot humble along the way as well so far. Not sure MCU will find a better person.
cycedette Ferrer
cycedette Ferrer 13 timer siden
TBH it should've been John Cena as U.S.Agent
Jamaicafunk 13 timer siden
“And the internet got it wrong!” (Sung to the tune of ‘Agatha all along’).
AlexanderThePup 13 timer siden
however grief is just love persevering
Devin Laye
Devin Laye 13 timer siden
The mailman was Jimmy's informant. We may see more of him later on.
Daniel Parmer
Daniel Parmer 13 timer siden
00:28 "If this is your first time here, please click the thumbs down button."
technicolorlis 13 timer siden
Thanks for being so thorough!
Farzeen Ahmed
Farzeen Ahmed 13 timer siden
So nobody is going to talk about how the place where Wanda stays looks exactly similar to where Jean sacrificed herself in X men last stand
Andrzej Ława
Andrzej Ława 13 timer siden
I liked the series... until the end. I found it extremely racist since it painted ALL people with their skin not dark enough as collectively guilty and unworthy of magic. It is sad that a series that was supposed to denounce all racism says racism is OK if your skin has "improper" color. Only now this "improper" color is white. Someone clearly did not think it through. Similar problem was present in Wonder Woman 1984 that told that rape is OK as long as it is a woman that raping a man.
David DeBold
David DeBold 13 timer siden
Lol 😆...How about a D*** joke instead!
c00zy 13 timer siden
The darkhold is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be Unnatural...
mikey.lunsford 13 timer siden
This series was much needed in my opinion. After watching this I rewatched Age of Ultron, Infinity War, and Endgame. This show really amplified the loss of vision as when i first watched it I didn’t really feel the emotional impact.
Archimedes's Horology Mirror
Archimedes's Horology Mirror 13 timer siden
The Aspects: A Reality Overlay There are aspects of 1. The Blade, 2. The Wallet, 3. The Books, and 4. The Soaps in the world. It doesn't get more simplified than that except the meat off of the Wallet and how the skin covers you body. Go now and walk! Hilarious. One could steal a single cow with a knife and soap and survive!!!! Just steal the fire and water. Lol. Errrrrr. I guarantee the next thing you'll find is a rolling pin. lol 😂. I'll leave the gender aspect to interpretation. Why am I running into the forest? Where's my wallet? The books are merely inspiration, instructions, and communication, which speaks of the 'spirit' and society. Sorry. I need these comments as filters to see clearly. NK. 😭 Wait...hold on...I'm getting busted...for..reality...and...because...society was trying to steal everyone's wallet and I wouldn't give it up.
Aymes Monti
Aymes Monti 13 timer siden
(Disclaimer: This may be my paranoia talking.) I have this theory that phase 4 will have to end up with the remaining Avengers having to reverse Hulk's snap to correct the current timeline and stop Wanda. TL;DR below. Thanos kept emphasizing that he was inevitable. Almost like a warning that while Hulk's snap brought back the folks that were dusted and saved Tony's daughter, that action is just delaying the inevitable. Tony wanted to save a future that should not have existed and Cap lived a life with Peggy that shouldn't have happened. Tony couldn't accept that he would need to let go of his daughter to reverse Thano's snap without creating a split in the timeline. Cap couldn't accept that him and Peggy were not meant to live their lives together without further splitting the timeline (whether he knew it or not). Just like Wanda created a false reality because she couldn't initially come to grips that Vision was dead. TL;DR: I think the multiverse of madness we'll see is the aftermath of Tony and Cap messing with time in ways they shouldn't because they never reached all stages of grief. I think the only way to correct the time split and stop Scarlet Witch is to undo Hulk's snap which saved along with preventing Cap from time traveling to replace the mind stone as he will not be able to let go of Peggy. Probably won't happen in phase 4, but yeah...
Nogarder Liang
Nogarder Liang 14 timer siden
in my opinion, there're two huge loose-ends. one, it didn't say that white vision's "programmed order to kill Vision" got resolved. (unless color-change of that stuff on his forehead counts, or the eyes-changing counts) so, when he said 'i'm Vision', he was actually flying away to find a way to kill himself... and the Wonda's Vision never stopped him, nor did he tell Wonda about him... true Vision or not, he is the one having all the memory, at least Wonda should know. two, Wonda's 'personality-changing' power only works inside the bubble (or the hex what again?), as soon as the victims got out, their minds were back. so, after Wonda cancelled the bubble, Agatha just walked free... i mean they did have that long conversation scene about punishing Agatha, turned out it's for nothing, feels kinda weird... otherwise this show would have finished quite satisfyingly.
Nogarder Liang
Nogarder Liang 13 timer siden
and it turns out that i got Wanda's name wrong all this time. hope you don't mind...
sameera kariyawasam
sameera kariyawasam 14 timer siden
Original mini was well made.. this never came near to that..
jarrod dooley
jarrod dooley 14 timer siden
Terminator is going to end up becoming a documentary sooner or later
Bernardo Begonha
Bernardo Begonha 14 timer siden
It seems we are having a great new era of marvel movies
Duane Lockett
Duane Lockett 14 timer siden
The best
Bruce Moffat
Bruce Moffat 14 timer siden
That scene in Blade Runner is the best ever
Mo Twins
Mo Twins 14 timer siden
So hex vision is just visions soul that went back inside wanda since she has a piece of the mind stone in her? And white vision has visions memory's but no emotions? Boy i can't wait for the future of vision and wanda. I don't want wonderman to come tho.
LZ Drake
LZ Drake 14 timer siden
1 question no one explained the carnivores rabbit and where did it go Wanda didn't make it
AwkwardSpacePirate 14 timer siden
I don't know, I loved the episode, but it kind of felt like a misdirect
Ashton Parris
Ashton Parris 14 timer siden
So in the movie oz the great and powerful one of the good witches becomes the wicked witch. In Wandavision we see a couple of hints to oz the great and powerful and to the wizard of oz. Do you think this ties to wanda being good but now is turning into a “wicked” witch?
MAN AWAKES 14 timer siden
Ralph is a mutant, it’s impossible for any human to survive after using Pietros powers. Let’s not forget Agatha used a crystalline spell. She could control him, but not alter his DNA.
littlemochi 14 timer siden
I’m really glad they didn’t over complicate things... but left the door wide open for more to come... or go.
Gunraj Sidhu
Gunraj Sidhu 14 timer siden
Multiverse is comingggg
markopolo310 14 timer siden
Puzzled and/or frustrated by some elements of the finale, but it still made me emotional when they said their goodbyes. I really enjoyed this show.
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 14 timer siden
Can Agatha give people powers? Can she give Ralph (Quicksilver) his speed powers? Why didn't Herb have superpowers cutting the hedges? Is Ralph Bohner the person Jimmy Woo was looking for? Makes sense because that sounds like a made up name Quicksilver would make up, a witness protection made up name. Also, all the things she said about her and Ralph. Wow. Just Saying. 🤘🤠
jekel shmidt
jekel shmidt 14 timer siden
I love how wanda can create a a new vision.....so they send another vision after her? I also don't think wanda would've been dumb enough to walk up to him.. being white and all.. I guess it's the only option they had but uhhh maybe make it look just like original vision? So you could trick her????????????? Cheesy show
Leska Estrella
Leska Estrella 14 timer siden
If you're disappointed with the show, kinda on you for getting your hopes up on something that probably wasnt gonna happen C;
Kri 14 timer siden
Gamora is the last survivor of her race according to the Nova Corps in GotG, a hint that Thanos's plan is insane when he says that they live in prosperity now
General Grievous
General Grievous 15 timer siden
Racism needs to die out completely if you don't like someone because of the color of their skin or whatever else you are a coward shits getting old and annoying its a great show though fr
Atari_Safari 15 timer siden
"What am I?" "You are a body of wires and blood and bone that I created. You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you're my love." "I have been a voice with no body. A body, but not human. And now, a memory made real. Who knows what I might be next? We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason..." "We'll say hello again." That got me
Black Saiyan
Black Saiyan 15 timer siden
I was really expecting Dr Strange or Mephisto to show but i was disappointed.
Carlos Oliviera
Carlos Oliviera 15 timer siden
I think that Ralph Bohner is the alternate dimension version of Peter from the X-men movies but who doesn’t have powers because there are no mutants in the MCU as of now. Overall a great show despite the ending not being what we all hoped.
thisisviiic 15 timer siden
(Inserts Leonardo meme pointing) he said Eric Voss!
Emeli Arias
Emeli Arias 15 timer siden
True I swear if that thing makes kong weak in the ship im gonna shit in the movies im gonna flip because if it does something to kong it's not gonna be fair if wanner Bros do that I swear mate
Bryant Hoyte
Bryant Hoyte 15 timer siden
If a show based on wandavision but Dr. Strange comes in & saves the day belittles the whole purpose of a "wandavision" show..if he had shown up it would be total disrespect of wanda..him not being there is definitely the right move
Mago Mandrake
Mago Mandrake 15 timer siden
Loved this show. I didn't had much expectatives for it as I considered a distraction before Falcon and The Winter Soldier but ended up loving it. It really gave Wanda and Vision some much needed character development.
Haliey Gibbs
Haliey Gibbs 15 timer siden
“Yes I’m reaching “😂😂😂
Deana Cincotta
Deana Cincotta 15 timer siden
There is a blue-toned poster in Dani's room (in the same shot where the skeleton doll was mentioned). That poster looks like a pattern but is a skeleton face. Also, not only does the "fit" of Dani's clothes change but also the coloring of her clothes to represent her mindset and/or her awakening into "lightness". Black, grey or muted dark blue clothing at the beginning (while depressed & destraught), a peach toned on the plane (heading to her destiny) , and progressively lighter to white as she embraces the place where the sun lives (the village) and where she finally fits in. Of course, this is followed by being covered in bright flowers celebration, rebirth, and finding her true essence. Christian stays in darker colors the entire film with the exception of when he is marked for death.
Matthew Mentzer
Matthew Mentzer 15 timer siden
They tried to copy Marvel with trying to be too lighthearted, but DC has always been a darker universe so forced humor looks transparent to us the fans as pandering.
Kamen Borisov
Kamen Borisov 15 timer siden
Isn't Neil actually the boy? He says to Protagonist "you have future in the past" that kind of indicates that he recruited him and trained him as a boy. It makes much more sense.
jared struyde
jared struyde 15 timer siden
I have a feeling it's not the last we see of Hayward. I bet thunderbolt ross will get him...
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns 15 timer siden
Thanks for making this, I'm new to the MCU so the timeline's really helpful, I wasn't disappointed at all with the finale but that's probably cos I wasn't too invested in the theories 😩✌️ So I felt like it delivered and definitely sustained my interest
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez 15 timer siden
Episode was sooooo good! I actually stopped eating so I wouldn't have to look away from the screen🤣
Suate 15 timer siden
White Vision is probably just chewing gum
Suate 15 timer siden
There's a parallel between Thanos after the snap and Wanda after running away
obiora obi
obiora obi 15 timer siden
I want the kids back
im batman
im batman 16 timer siden
I'm confused if white vision recueved his memories again. Then that is the exact vision they tried to create in infinity war by removing the mind stone.... its vision with no mind stone. So where the hell is he he could be with wanda again and he alive now
Luke 16 timer siden
Glad to hear you eat humble pie about being so wrong. Most of your fellow NOwindowrs are faking it out claiming "just as I predicted." None of you seem to understand how a story can't pull out-of-context "big reveals" at the last minute and maintain credibility. The finale always had to be about Wanda and Vision, the emotion, the relationships and not Kang or Mephisto or Nightmare or "the coming of the mutants" or anything that might seem cool to YOU but would make a totally off-balanced story.
Leroy Léon
Leroy Léon 16 timer siden
Imagine Thanos saying to Bohner: "You should have gone for the heaaad" 😅
Ashaya KC
Ashaya KC 16 timer siden
Maybe Strange took her kids in order to get her to go somewhere so he can discuss the consequences of her powers.
Charmedchosen1 16 timer siden
I believe Talos' daughter is the leader of the rebels that's secretly trying to take over earth.
gasfitter78 16 timer siden
Trigger's broom 😉
Movies Galore
Movies Galore 16 timer siden
Wanda should be the new Super Villain of the MCU she can be more powerful than Thanos she can create a universe so she can destroy a universe or destroy a multiverse. This is the best thing to do with her now and Lizzy Olsen would enjoy playing the Big Bad of MCU now.
ollie Hux
ollie Hux 16 timer siden
I like your theory on the ending way better than minen
Mary Beaton
Mary Beaton 16 timer siden
Nothing you say will convince me that Wanda is not going to go the same way she did in the comics and bring the boys back to life with Mephisto's soul.
Galih Gasendra
Galih Gasendra 16 timer siden
"So long, darling"... T_T
TheLazysketcher 16 timer siden
Im so glad they finally made a Scarlet Witch outfit! I thought it was so lazy to just have her walk around doing super-hero stuff in her regular clothes back when they first introduced her into the MCU.
Dawn Dawnster
Dawn Dawnster 16 timer siden
Please, please, please get on Rogue theory on newRockstars would live to see you collaborate with Erik!!!
Heriberto Llamas
Heriberto Llamas 16 timer siden
Thank You for your predictions (hit and miss) pretty good and entertaining. You made me realize that I need to go back and watch (and RE-watch) a couple of movies (and their post-credits scenes). THANK YOU!!!
Corey Mccabe
Corey Mccabe 16 timer siden
0:11 I cant stop laughing
J ateabug
J ateabug 16 timer siden
STOP MAKING WANDA THE BIG-BAD!!! Wanda has already been there and done that. When we first met Wanda she was a voluntary badguy for Hydra, to get revenge on Stark and everyone she blamed for her childhood grief. Wanda evolved and next became demonized by the world for her mistake in Lagos while acting as a hero. Next she was forced to destroy the man (synthezoid) she loved to save the world that has been demonizing her. Finally she became an unintentional badguy again by taking over Westview simply by releasing her power in her grief. Wanda has the Darkhold now and although she looks evil at the end of Wandavision, she has made herself a pocket reality to study the content of the book so that the power inside the book cannot do unintentional harm. Notice that the Scarlet Witch studying the book is inside of another Hex Cube. So NO, Wanda will not be a badguy in Multiverse of Madness. She is a Nexus being which is going to be a key to repairing the Multiverse in the Dr. Strange movie. You want Mutants and other heroes we have not seen in the MCU? That is where the Multiverse comes in. Because Marvel has not been able to use its own characters because those properties were owned by others, they have now been designated as Universes within the Multiverse. In the comics, Scarlet Witch said "No More Mutants" and the mutants disappeared, but I think the opposite is going to occur in DSMOM; Wanda is going to merge all of those Universes and destroy the Multiverse (fulfilling the Prophesy of the Scarlet Witch, in a way) and leaving us with one Universe with all the X-Men, Inhumans, et al. I think Wanda has learned her lesson. If she can find a way to get Vision and her kids back, she will, but no longer at anyone elses expense.
Exotic Flores
Exotic Flores 16 timer siden
Replay for no ads
Nairb del Rey
Nairb del Rey 16 timer siden
The show was amazing
rootbeer543 16 timer siden
I think maybe Infinity War and Endgame raised our expectations when it comes to fanservice. Those were the fanservice projects that were meant to pay off the ten years worth of stories we had received previously.
keelo brown
keelo brown 17 timer siden
Show was great, I loved wandas arch in it, and her costume.. WOW! Im a bit upset that quicksilver only amounted to a dick joke but whatever. I've learnt a lesson though.... stop listening to fan theories. I do have something to reflect on though. Agatha tells wanda she has no idea what will come. I genuinely believe shes talking about either dormammu or nightmare. Which would be cool. People forget that the only thing keeping dormammu from eating the universe was the time stone, which isnt around anymore.
mizzapril2009 17 timer siden
Even though we didn't get any of the speculated cameos, I still enjoyed this finale. I even shed a thug tear as Wanda and Vision said goodbye. But honestly though how many times must we watch Vision die!!