Gabedeiros Time siden
salvou 2021 💚💚💚
Ronda Wright
Ronda Wright Time siden
Everytime I hear this song I cant get enough
Alma V.Melo
Alma V.Melo 2 timer siden
This os a favoritos music
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 2 timer siden
alguien españoll
Gel ruiz III
Gel ruiz III 2 timer siden
Listings while drinking coffee chill vibe
Timothy Harasty
Timothy Harasty 2 timer siden
I just love this lyric: “shoulda known you was trouble, from the first kiss. Had your eyes wide open, WHY WERE THE OPEN? OHHH!
kimberly brooks
kimberly brooks 2 timer siden
My favorite song!!!!!
Michael Vang
Michael Vang 2 timer siden
Bruno Mars live is amazing.
luningning ricafrente
luningning ricafrente 2 timer siden
This is a good music, but why does it need to have dislikes?
I don't know any channel names
I don't know any channel names 2 timer siden
I loved this song at five
Ariana Yrribari
Ariana Yrribari 2 timer siden
Sigan a mi novio Cali con su tema Una noche mas en NOwindow y Spotify please :((((
mahogany maddox
mahogany maddox 2 timer siden
This is what I call real music. And the fact that they did the video 70’s style. Hands Down
Osmar G
Osmar G 2 timer siden
Is Fantastic Music Bruno Mars
Roxiana Czechowski
Roxiana Czechowski 2 timer siden
It’s so good it gives me the chills💕💕
Jonathan Montuya
Jonathan Montuya 2 timer siden
Nice beat and song.
Czar Fernandez
Czar Fernandez 2 timer siden
The legend is back😎
[Gay Silence]
[Gay Silence] 2 timer siden
Thinking about Jonghyun💎🌹
carmen rodriguez
carmen rodriguez 2 timer siden
I love this song!😍😍
A Danielle
A Danielle 2 timer siden
It's sad how many times I have this song on repeat.
carla De la Vega
carla De la Vega 2 timer siden
Yasheenabeth Bailey
Yasheenabeth Bailey 2 timer siden
There's literally no verse that hits better than the other in this song it's all enticing. Make me wanna come through those doors. Lol
ALS84 2 timer siden
Coldest slow jam in decades
Will Bone Music
Will Bone Music 2 timer siden
Fiz a minha versão de Bass nowindow.info/cloud/video/mWhqeK2aiqaifKs.html
Will Bone Music
Will Bone Music 2 timer siden
Beverly Robinson
Beverly Robinson 2 timer siden
Could the deadbeats in the audience look any more bored? Shame...great performance!!
João vitor
João vitor 2 timer siden
BR??? Alguma?
daniela petkoff
daniela petkoff 2 timer siden
Luis Ángel Vallejos Huamán
Luis Ángel Vallejos Huamán 2 timer siden
2021 <3
Johanna Sia
Johanna Sia 2 timer siden
Damn Bruno Mars.. where have you been man? The music nowadays is trash. Thank God you’re still there.
Makeda 2 timer siden
Anderson Paak looks like Cuba Gooding. Love this song tho!!!
jay kelvin
jay kelvin 2 timer siden
Crazy drums. ..good music hit u. .U feel no pain
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen 2 timer siden
Sugar and spice, and everything nice.
Weverton Silva
Weverton Silva 2 timer siden
Quantas mistura numa única canção, sensacional...
Fluffy Koosha
Fluffy Koosha 2 timer siden
How romantic do you want this ? - yes
Iyabo Adelaja
Iyabo Adelaja 2 timer siden
he sings legacy music not just trending music
André Carneiro
André Carneiro 2 timer siden
Um clipe tão simples e de tanto sucesso 👏
Nikolle I Hinojosa C.
Nikolle I Hinojosa C. 2 timer siden
Llegue aqui xq me volvi adicta al video de Felix cantando esta cancion xd
Sam C.
Sam C. 2 timer siden
Bruno is a 90s man
Fluffy Koosha
Fluffy Koosha 2 timer siden
Underrated 💔💔
SEAWITCH55 2 timer siden
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca Hernandez 2 timer siden
Valeria Lopez Cruz
Valeria Lopez Cruz 2 timer siden
Nice song ma boy bruno mars
Jocabet Rodríguez
Jocabet Rodríguez 2 timer siden
Me encanta esta canción 😻
soul king
soul king 2 timer siden
i want to know all the details of this song, i am actually wondering on how someone can do such beatifull songs silk sonic welcome
eeyore077 2 timer siden
cant wait for the album, could be an instant classic like this song..
방울토마토 2 timer siden
아 개좋네 진짜 너무 좋다
mauricio borja meza
mauricio borja meza 2 timer siden
like si te dio pena esta parte 2:15
GABRIEL NEVES LIRA 2 timer siden
Domingo de Páscoa 31/03/2015 Molezada
Uma pessoa qualquer
Uma pessoa qualquer 2 timer siden
Noki '-'
Noki '-' 2 timer siden
Vc q é um homem de cultura (•‿•)
Sirine Benlalam
Sirine Benlalam 2 timer siden
This’s art ✨
Dermeval Dennis
Dermeval Dennis 2 timer siden
Que beleza hein dê música linda
Mitch St. Amour
Mitch St. Amour 2 timer siden
This is Motown Bruno style with the Silk and even D-town gotta flip them shades and raise a brow!!
Usman Effendy
Usman Effendy 2 timer siden
Good music is back
Nayara Cristina Maciel De Souza Prado
Nayara Cristina Maciel De Souza Prado 2 timer siden
A partnership whit Bruno Mars equals success
Mike Mazzeo
Mike Mazzeo 2 timer siden
Looking for the striped denim jeans that woman is wearing in the video.
KaVa_the_Great28 2 timer siden
The 32k dislikes can shove it! This is what you call music!
Mia Jones-Frank
Mia Jones-Frank 2 timer siden
to whoever disliked this video: i hate u.
Lucas Baptista
Lucas Baptista 2 timer siden
Canta muito não me esqueço da interpretação do Bruno grande artista♥️♥️♥️
Djadja _bny
Djadja _bny 2 timer siden
Don't worry guys you're not the only persons who listen to this song in 2021😏
97 PG3D
97 PG3D 2 timer siden
shes in tokyo drift
Estephania Carrasco
Estephania Carrasco 2 timer siden
Good music
Unapologetic Ella
Unapologetic Ella 2 timer siden
Why would anyone dislike this masterpiece?
SoloAlex2005 2 timer siden
Crazy how an unactive singer is staying on the billboard and keeping up with lil nas x and Justin bieber.
La reina sara 1
La reina sara 1 2 timer siden
Nikola Wnuk
Nikola Wnuk 2 timer siden
Bruce Keirnan
Bruce Keirnan 2 timer siden
This song makes me want to groove...all night! I love singing Bruno’s part
ゴブリンスレイヤー 2 timer siden
Holy fuck oh my I love it!!!
soul king
soul king 2 timer siden
happy to see bruno mars and his crew again
Laura Marín
Laura Marín 2 timer siden
Pareciera de los años 70s
Janett Enriquez
Janett Enriquez 2 timer siden
Escuchando actual 2021!
Ngouo Ekane
Ngouo Ekane 3 timer siden
I have repeated this song to the power 100th
Phuong Phuong
Phuong Phuong 3 timer siden
Ruby Ramsey
Ruby Ramsey 3 timer siden
I love this song so much I please every single day👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
hadley lila
hadley lila 3 timer siden
Tabata Ariel
Tabata Ariel 3 timer siden
Música linda demais!!!! Amei. Bruno Mars é Bruno Mars, único. ☺️
Web Web
Web Web 3 timer siden
Darn I thought this was a full length song with I clicked on the link.
kitsos wrld
kitsos wrld 3 timer siden
bruno mars the real legend
KL4P5 007
KL4P5 007 3 timer siden
his smile 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
STEFANY TV 3 timer siden
Não acredite em quem não gosta de Bruno mars👍🏻🙂
Terrell Chrisp
Terrell Chrisp 3 timer siden
What u doing, where you at, oh you got plans, dont say that