Paul Ramos
Paul Ramos 17 timer siden
I literally have 2 pairs of panties that Marilyn Monroe was wearing around bogart and Elvis. Black pairs with white residue, what are they worth
Anup Kumar
Anup Kumar 17 timer siden
Chum just wanted to but the sword for himself... Not for the shop
FATHER TIME DEVOURER • 25 years ago 17 timer siden
The best I can do 5 cents
alexander breschi
alexander breschi 17 timer siden
One hundred and a half !?! Wtf Americans..
John Palmer
John Palmer 17 timer siden
Mick Foley needs a grooming and a bath ladies. One of you could fix him up hahaha.
Cosmic Cloud
Cosmic Cloud 17 timer siden
That car is freakin awesome
Faiyaz Shaikh
Faiyaz Shaikh 17 timer siden
I can't make you an offer until I put it on my head
Ali Alradwan
Ali Alradwan 17 timer siden
He looks like forest gump
Nils Lindqvist
Nils Lindqvist 17 timer siden
Always amazed there’s a business built on people willing to lose large sums of money instead of taking it to auction or selling direct to a private buyer.
Thirdy Candareシ
Thirdy Candareシ 17 timer siden
Thank god the Karen in the episode is not Blonde cause if she is Blonde she's a Karen Karen
Nils Lindqvist
Nils Lindqvist 17 timer siden
Accepting 40 000 for something worth 75 000 on the market, but you’re lazy. And you’re out 35 000.
Matthew Flanagan
Matthew Flanagan 17 timer siden
Who uses the hand brake in an emergency breaking situation?
My 11 Bad Kids
My 11 Bad Kids 17 timer siden
Why TF they put a example of Jabba mold in BROWN Play-Doh on the box? Looks like a turd😂😂😂💩
your jefe
your jefe 17 timer siden
Why are they all wearing gloves and why does Dude Love’s gloves keep coming on & off in different scenes
Matthew John Grabow
Matthew John Grabow 17 timer siden
Trust no one.
Matthew John Grabow
Matthew John Grabow 17 timer siden
The book lady is gorgeous. Am I objectifying her?
RH 17 timer siden
That was made when Julius was still alive? I would never sold it for that money. Masterpiece
Basit Khan
Basit Khan 18 timer siden
He looks like the brother of KAILA (Masterchef lady)
Pycho Hobo
Pycho Hobo 18 timer siden
Lol. Again the EXPERT is a little nice. $6,000 is it. If anyone says differnt. I have a better bike I will sell just for that $6000 It's custom. But on top of that it all Harley. And all numbers match. So no headaches from some law enforcement And the reason I'm willing to sell is I don't like long forks. I need to add. The bike shown here is not Harley. It all aftermarket with a builder title. Which some places can cause you major headaches.
chris hammond
chris hammond 18 timer siden
Gilbert Obal
Gilbert Obal 18 timer siden
"I'll meteorite over there...." Nice one Rick! 😆
MinDetonator96 18 timer siden
How is the college guy already paying off his loans if he just took an exam🧐
Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez 18 timer siden
Let's go
Jimmy Docs
Jimmy Docs 18 timer siden
4:44 Seller's response to Rick quoting science. Seller probably still believes Covid is a hoax in 2021.
Xavathos I
Xavathos I 18 timer siden
Dude, what do you need an expert for? It's worth 10 bucks, it says so on the bill. Come on guys. Rick would still never pay that for it of course. He would need to get it rated and framed and rate the framing, then get the rating framed... he's taking all the risk.
Derek Jensen
Derek Jensen 18 timer siden
lil Skype ad at the end 😂
Scam Alert Llama
Scam Alert Llama 18 timer siden
3:30 Proof that stupidity IS genetic.
Maa Media
Maa Media 18 timer siden
Grandpa went to auction and underpaid.
John Smith
John Smith 18 timer siden
Most scripted pawn stars ive ever seen
auto_chris420 18 timer siden
How many of them things did thay buy off camera lol
Maa Media
Maa Media 18 timer siden
Why get nervous? 😂
Develen Tsai
Develen Tsai 18 timer siden
Roger Moore is the best James Bond ever
Daily Dose Of WTF and such
Daily Dose Of WTF and such 18 timer siden
Def could got 15
Shivam Yadav
Shivam Yadav 18 timer siden
Selling your family heritage ..for 1000
Mabdaa 19 timer siden
Me at the beginning of the video: 0:01 "Haha, for I sec I thought he was somehow sliding, but it was just the camera." Me 1 second later: "oh"
Dat Person
Dat Person 19 timer siden
Y does he look less fat
Dylan Martino
Dylan Martino 19 timer siden
I probably met mankind a thousand times if he looks like this.
Pritish Sai
Pritish Sai 19 timer siden
Owns a fully signed copy of the debut album by the greatest rock band of all time . . . Treats it like a used menu from a Chinese takeout place
B P 19 timer siden
"Dude Love, The Psychedelic Jackass!" - Steve Austin (circa 1998)
MarkedMoneyTech 19 timer siden
Lol...that was an adorable video.
mike raglan
mike raglan 19 timer siden
Rick: let me call a buddy thats knows about a guy who can tell me witch buddy to call that knows all about this kinda stuff..
Joey Pierantonis
Joey Pierantonis 19 timer siden
So Hot... Of course she's married. Why wouldn't she be. Hi Rebecca!
kitty ling
kitty ling 19 timer siden
no gloves
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 19 timer siden
Good to see Chum looking healthy.
blazing bugs
blazing bugs 19 timer siden
The movie theater I work at has this poster and I just think it's super cool
Thechristopherryan 19 timer siden
I can’t take chum serious being so skinny and smart all the sudden.
jim liu
jim liu 19 timer siden
What $450?. A nice jackets themselves are worth ~$200/each.
GSS1-Sirius 19 timer siden
35k for both cartridges is a steal.
New Yorker 4 Life
New Yorker 4 Life 19 timer siden
$150 is actually really good, Rick usually offers a pack of juicy fruit.
Alex Xander
Alex Xander 19 timer siden
I’d buy a fake Rolex that cost $4000 To build for $50.
Hellbound Rubber
Hellbound Rubber 20 timer siden
Musical instrument appraiser Jessie is sooooo full of you know what. What a complete liar. A used Steinberger Bass any day is $5000! All day.
Hollow One
Hollow One 20 timer siden
Very smart girl.
123TauruZ321 20 timer siden
I don't know why, but i think it's very funny when rick and corey argue ^^ Corey just doesn't give a sh1t and rick gets ultra angry xD
Hotlog 20 timer siden
42:30 guy feeling up how much he could possibly get in for trade.
Don Baxley
Don Baxley 20 timer siden
Gee, I know so little about it. So hard to find any info. How much do you want for this coin you know little about, $15,000? And Rick, his expert says highly sought after and above $10,000. So Rick says it will sit around here awhile and he has lots of costs to get rid of it. LADY LEAVE!
123TauruZ321 20 timer siden
Why is the camera shaking?
Alonso Hernandez
Alonso Hernandez 20 timer siden
Imagine if someone was sniping people with this in game
DJ heat Heavenfire
DJ heat Heavenfire 20 timer siden
6 and a quarter for a missle Condom. Lord
Aaron Hollowell
Aaron Hollowell 20 timer siden
But you would need the card also
Alex Xander
Alex Xander 20 timer siden
“I really think that I’m going to get close to my asking price.” He must be new.
Stirling-Hamilton 20 timer siden
"You would be under British Taxation if it wasn't for this Book" what a sales pitch! $11,000 good price. Fascinating, wonderful Book! 🤣😂🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸
Weaves 71
Weaves 71 20 timer siden
Man tried to sell a boat in a desert
123TauruZ321 20 timer siden
Hahaha, i would love to see that guy in his mid-life days ^^ He was probably quite sharp ^^
Elizabeth Kasper
Elizabeth Kasper 20 timer siden
Its greedy that guy has that may of just that one card
George Vallas
George Vallas 20 timer siden
Let me call an expert ....Indiana Jones father ...
Bert Dahlman
Bert Dahlman 20 timer siden
Did i hear this guy actually say he wanted $800k per stamp?
123TauruZ321 20 timer siden
0:48 I've never laughed at chum lee's jokes, but that one time was actually very funny xD And the way the old guy reacted was too funny xD
PlayStationRIHSKY 20 timer siden
4:58 xD
Kovu Lion
Kovu Lion 20 timer siden
where are your weird friends while the guy who was just told jumped off a ladder unto thumbtacks are standing in front of them XD
Hotlog 20 timer siden
To this day, Ilya is still trying to find a buyer willing to appreciate is his coin and pay him what he wants.
Anthony Cordova
Anthony Cordova 20 timer siden
That was not a 57 Chevy
Ralphie_Boy 20 timer siden
*I have to comment all of the young hot pants women in the background are top notch!* 😍👍
Michael G
Michael G 20 timer siden
Pat Mc
Pat Mc 20 timer siden
Sell the wife.
TrekStarLogic 20 timer siden
Rick: "I can do 5 grand"
Guillermo Lopez
Guillermo Lopez 20 timer siden
I love mankind.
Jason Downs
Jason Downs 20 timer siden
The Elvis lady was sad. I recently was looking to buy a Ligne Roset togo sofa this woman was selling. It turned out to be fake from Ikea. It was so heartbreaking to tell her that something that she thought was worth 10,000 was worth $100. I felt awful.
Hector EV
Hector EV 20 timer siden
First guy was Fucken smart.. he had a great guitar with the right documents
Aaron Reece
Aaron Reece 20 timer siden
A ural is very similar.