A Stalker Texted Me...
Brynae Griffis
Brynae Griffis 9 timer siden
I can’t believe this it’s just so weird I never thought this could happen.😔 But I will try to help every step of the way.
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz 9 timer siden
If we are the fourth subject that explains most of what's been happening in the schools
Rahil Bukhari
Rahil Bukhari 9 timer siden
I just don’t like it cause it’s all fake...I mean obviously
NinjaPixieLily Hi
NinjaPixieLily Hi 10 timer siden
Seeing this at the end of season 1 so many of these theorys are for jokes. Didn’t realize how non-serious we thought this was
Robyn Dick
Robyn Dick 10 timer siden
lowkey ship wes and deb like at the end I thought they were bout to say I love you UKHBJDH DEB SOUNDS LIKE SADNESS FROM INSIDE OUT
Sam Patterson
Sam Patterson 10 timer siden
Because I’ve been waiting for so long
Sam Patterson
Sam Patterson 10 timer siden
Man when are you gonna make another episode
Failed_RBLX 10 timer siden
I just thought of this, It makes so much sense... The serum doesn't keep Nelson Syphus alive, It keeps all his goons hypnotized, so they still are under his control, and follow all his commands!
Emma Glaser
Emma Glaser 10 timer siden
Am I the only one who has missed Sam these last few videos
POPO UK 10 timer siden
I mean a new video would be kinder nice 2
POPO UK 10 timer siden
dudes its been a hole weeks what's happening... not to be rude gang but I want my ring any one ells feel the same ?
Ogundana Tomi
Ogundana Tomi 11 timer siden
Syntec Sy-syphus N- nelson Tec-texhnology
Fernando Bautista
Fernando Bautista 11 timer siden
I am in
Gavin Gibs.
Gavin Gibs. 11 timer siden
Is little Syphee up there?
Gavin Gibs.
Gavin Gibs. 11 timer siden
Dang, bro, god be watching over you, what's next?
Shay Caputo
Shay Caputo 11 timer siden
People how see the OG mega desk which is CJ‘s office
joshua jay shurtz introvert131
joshua jay shurtz introvert131 11 timer siden
Have you seen mathias 8 years ago
isaiah perez
isaiah perez 12 timer siden
Matt I got an idea of what you can do call the police and I know that it is one of Syphuses people so why dont you have a talk with him and or her
C animationzz
C animationzz 12 timer siden
14:04 14:47 18:11
light ninja venom
light ninja venom 12 timer siden
We're a part of this? All the fans are a part of this we are 8..6..3
428 Home Studio
428 Home Studio 12 timer siden
4 months ago?
Wolfpack gaming Wolfpack
Wolfpack gaming Wolfpack 12 timer siden
Over kill
The Kawaii Slartibartfast, Too
The Kawaii Slartibartfast, Too 13 timer siden
Even with a three week buffer that's so quick! We're so we'll fed with content! 😊
The Kawaii Slartibartfast, Too
The Kawaii Slartibartfast, Too 13 timer siden
Oh, lol. This popped up in my new vids but it's 4 months old? NOwindow is silly.
LaKota Marie
LaKota Marie 13 timer siden
NELSON SYTHUS I nonononononononononono
Phetvorasack Family
Phetvorasack Family 13 timer siden
matt was born on 98 and woods is born on 96 sam was born 99 and 6 + 3 = 9 863
Gavin Gibs.
Gavin Gibs. 14 timer siden
Day IDEKA of friendly commenting on my favourite NOwindowr: Patrick's & Woods' faces, LOL
Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp 14 timer siden
The fact that Hannah’s speculation about the vault ceiling is a little suspicious
That's so Destini
That's so Destini 14 timer siden
matt realizes theres hundreds of thousands of us if we all meet at the staples center everyone just bring a bat or something duh we got this we can take on syphy :D
Gavin Gibs.
Gavin Gibs. 14 timer siden
Hey Matt, Binge watching your videos during quarantine! They're awesome! Can't wait for Season 2, also absolutely LOVE the soundtrack. You're my favourite NOwindowr!
Baron bear boy Stephens
Baron bear boy Stephens 14 timer siden
It said JDA with words
Matthew Stayonovich
Matthew Stayonovich 14 timer siden
What iis on th ground it is like this red circle type thing
Sukhpreet Singh
Sukhpreet Singh 16 timer siden
I just thought of this rewatching things he said to nelson give me a couple of days they should've said give me a few business days ok ye my humour hasn't come back I mean I never had It