DEBATE: AFTV vs Ray Parlour
Clive Goh
Clive Goh 18 minutter siden
Do feel that gerrard needs one more job after rangers before going to liverpool. Preferably at a team that stylistically is not too different from liverpool and also preferably a mid table team so looking at your leeds united your leichester city (unlikely) and southampton. At least he would get some experience of the epl as a manager and manage a team that is at least somewhat competitive. If he does get the job directly after klopp may not be the worst thing in the world as it was rightly pointrd out his style at rangers is similar to how liverpool play hence there wont be a strong need or time for him to stamp his philosophy or re-train his players so called.
Samuel Bellingham
Samuel Bellingham Time siden
Er Ray Parlour actually played football...professionally...for Arsenal!
Achilles Georginis
Achilles Georginis Time siden
How about Chelsea has 1 UEFA Champions League Trophy and 2 Europa League ones. Also, 7 league titles that Arsenal has been in (1953, 1948, 1938, 1935, 1934, 1933, 1931), I mean...
Louis Neo Phetla
Louis Neo Phetla Time siden
FIFA should put the Hall Of Fame team in the game alongside Adidas All Stars and the other legendary teams. That would be sick
Kdot 2 timer siden
Can't wait for the video next year about how Arsenal have been saved by Arteta.
PCW 2 timer siden
This bitterness is nice
Matthew Frees
Matthew Frees 2 timer siden
Get em’ ADAM!
sam p
sam p 2 timer siden
The guy who owns Spotify is a god damn genius. The only reason he made that interview was because he knows how bad Arsenal fans want their owners out so he’s selling them a dream (whether he follows through on it or not) that they’d never trust coming from their current owners. He’s trying to use 3rd party pressure to secure the purchase of the club
Kabir Sardana
Kabir Sardana 3 timer siden
ohh how i want to sit in one of these debates right now with all the arsenal and liverpool yumpies now.
Uncle KB MOW
Uncle KB MOW 3 timer siden
Come on guys. The solution is not difficult, whether its with Arteta or another manager (but who because the managers we want would wilt like a lily in a factory at the pittance of a transfer budget), the entire board, edu, vinai, arteta and mertesacker and decide what the football identity will be, what the culture will be and the character of the squad should be (leaders like Tony Adams and Viera rather than Aubameyang and children like Bellerin). THEN they can start deciding who will fit in those categories, sell the rest and build a culture where its us against them on game day. it wont be a quick fix but doing anything other than this will lead us to a crappy descent into the championship, like a skidmark on a waterslide. I get the point about Wenger but if you guys will remember, our reputation as softies started and was cultivates during Arsene's time. The man will always be a great but it wasn't all rosy even then, we got tired of 6 nil drubbings where the game was done in 15minutes, do you know how soul destroying it is to be smacked 10-0 on aggregate? The problem was that the rebuild should have happened right after Wenger with an experienced manager to stabilize over 3 seasons THEN you experiment with Arteta. Our board are a bunch of clowns that why i personally think a new manger is pointless unless they can guarantee a top manager (Conte, Allegri, maybe someone like Simeone) but with our board we would end up with bloody Sam Allardyce. KB from South Africa
Kush 3 timer siden
'Nah we'll never be the next Arsenal' while they sit there without a major trophy since Fergie left let alone any trophy in 3 damn years.
Derek Morris
Derek Morris 3 timer siden
It's total subjection. What is bigger?. Fan base, Revenues, Trophy count, Historical success v's recent success. Once you decide on the parameters the question is easy to answer however that wouldn't make for interesting content.
Adam Cannon
Adam Cannon 4 timer siden
What a complete load of rubbish! So the FA cup counts for Chelsea but not Arsenal? Laughable argument. And any city fan that talks about being bigger than Utd is a clown! You’ve literally been here for 5 minutes, Utd have been dominant for generations, wake up you wallies!
EthanReconz 5 timer siden
You can’t compare their international careers as France are much better than Norway
MrGooner247 6 timer siden
Chelsea double after a poor Arsenal season says it all. !
Yaber Alnoaimi
Yaber Alnoaimi 6 timer siden
So Adam can use the owners as a excuse for Man U but not for arsenal
Chema's Chicken Coop
Chema's Chicken Coop 6 timer siden
Arteta ain't going anywhere
William Henderson
William Henderson 6 timer siden
buvey adding nothing whatsoever to the conversation
Nischal Nair
Nischal Nair 7 timer siden
It’s absolutely not spike saying that Newcastle are bigger than Chelsea, which is obviously not the case. You cannot draw parallels between arsenal and Newcastle. 13 First Division titles, 14 FA cups, I’m sorry, it’s just nit the same. Arsenal and Chelsea could be debated, but Arsenal and Newcastle? Jokeman.
Prince of Somalia
Prince of Somalia 7 timer siden
Even if chelsea win a second champions league arsenal still have more overall trophies than Chelsea. 20 years does not equate to 100.
Theodore Broberg
Theodore Broberg 7 timer siden
Arsenal are not going 25 years wIthout a major trophy when Rory counts his fa cup
Theodore Broberg
Theodore Broberg 7 timer siden
FA cups are major honours
Theodore Broberg
Theodore Broberg 7 timer siden
5 fa cups
KingDoms Kingdom1985
KingDoms Kingdom1985 7 timer siden
I understand it's difficult to find an Arsenal NOwindowr with a sense realism about them... but they need to find one as this topic should've been delayed until you found one to make it a balanced discussion.
mrjibbat 8 timer siden
Rory's entire point is about the media bugging up Bielsa despite the inconsistency of results his style gets. But then they make it about whether he's entertaining or not? They diverted so far away about whether Bielsa was good or not
Leigh Symons
Leigh Symons 8 timer siden
I ran over a pigeon today, it still had more working brain cells than this City prick.
Neil Burns
Neil Burns 8 timer siden
Title should be man united fans stroll onto pitch
mickp59 8 timer siden
3 games left so when did you say we will plummet .Only team not to lose at home to top so called 6
Not Jacob
Not Jacob 9 timer siden
Arsenal don't have more fans than chelsea
Pratik Chandak
Pratik Chandak 9 timer siden
12 man team LOL
Forward Slash
Forward Slash 9 timer siden
Chelsea is bigger then arsenal now. This is like saying Aston villa are bigger then Chelsea and man city.
football is my life
football is my life 9 timer siden
Do u Manchester City are goona be biggest club in Manchester?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ooo deluded so so deluded.. City are not even more successful than Manchester United pre fergie🤣🤣🤣
football is my life
football is my life 9 timer siden
Manchester City are most embarassing club in the universe..
Bulgarian Gooner
Bulgarian Gooner 9 timer siden
The red side are the bigger club. But the blue side has the power currently.
Tuckwat Sellers
Tuckwat Sellers 10 timer siden
"Only 3 Premier Leagues " football started in 1992.
Ehandley 10
Ehandley 10 10 timer siden
As a city fan it's gonna take such a long time for us to be anywhere near as big as United, they were dominant for so long that we're gonna have to be winning the Premier league every year for for 30years to overcome that
Maxim Harry
Maxim Harry 10 timer siden
I like your show but this talk was like watching the owners of Arsenal take us into the super league without asking the fans. At least put an Arsenal fan in the convo who understands the soul of the club and the issues we have had over recent years because frankly some of the points made were crying out for a counter remark. Just made the whole discussion not credible and just looked like rival fans bickering.
Korey Eversfield
Korey Eversfield 10 timer siden
Ending was class
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 10 timer siden
ray parlour...legendary player for the gooners...but a c*nt first class in that idea what his agenda was but totally out of order....lost all respect for him.....
Alexander Tyni
Alexander Tyni 11 timer siden
I want arteta out. But i also want to give him a chance xD i mean hes done so well with the youth players. Freddie gave a great platform with them sure. But he hasnt buckled under the shitstorm that is arsenal. He needs the players to gain a killer instinct. Attitude. Some players are showing passion. Just not consistently. Thats the issue.
king 11 timer siden
Buvey is smoking crack.
Matty Day The FPL Guru
Matty Day The FPL Guru 11 timer siden
Wayne bridge the turning moment ? Don’t you mean Romans oil in 2003 was the game changer . Also 25 years Chelsea went without a trophy but Rory slams spurs for 13 years without one
Uvo Ngcukana
Uvo Ngcukana 12 timer siden
I think if Chelsea win the second champions league then we can most definitely say they are the biggest in London
Kaswar Qubian
Kaswar Qubian 12 timer siden
So I don’t get it, why apply how much Chelsea has won since 2004 and how much more successful they have been which makes them a ‘bigger’ club but with united and city that doesn’t apply? United haven’t won a league or ucl in 8 years whilst city have won 4/5 league titles and potentially a ucl this year. What is the threshold 8,10,15 years?? Hypocrisy tbh u guys need to find an arsenal fan to bring on the show cos these episodes are just very unfair tbh Edit: brings in money comparison between united and city but doesn’t with Chelsea and arsenal lmao?
Slacker20012 12 timer siden
Lol at a geordie saying this
phillygooner 12 timer siden
Posted just in time for Arsenal to do the double on them.
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 12 timer siden
I have been calling for Arteta head for a long time
buckled natman
buckled natman 12 timer siden
the dislikes are arsenal fans.....................................
A Mad Hatter
A Mad Hatter 13 timer siden
You say we want Arteta!? Lads we've been calling for him to go for ages, your basing our fanbase on fucking twitter again. 99% of fans didn't want Arteta to begin with & 99% of fans want him gone. Sorry but this time you've got it wrong we know we're sh!t we know we're a mess, but we're not fucking stupid like you guys are making us sound like. Also that guy Adam Mckola saying going on about Wenger again, mate he needed to be sacked. Your becoming like the Liverpool fans of old living in the past trying to say "because we sacked Wenger we can't want the best for our team even if the best is to sack Arteta". Mate its over stop bringing up Wenger everytime Arsenal comes up. Also the City fan saying we have delusions of grandeur when he saying Foden is better than Iniesta? And he has the balls to say we're deluded.
Michael Obi
Michael Obi 13 timer siden
Arsenal 😂😂😂?!? Glory glory Man United !
Mpumelelo Beyers
Mpumelelo Beyers 14 timer siden
Buvy : *exists* . Literally every football fan : 18:59
king_draculakid 14 timer siden
Are they talking about the guy who likes to lay down with the old ladies? This is the guy right?
Fridge Fridgeson
Fridge Fridgeson 15 timer siden
No, city will win it I think
Gonçalo Marques
Gonçalo Marques 15 timer siden
I think Arteta deserves credit. He's a novice at this level and Arsenal fans need to understand that by appointing him they're in it for the long haul because he's a manager that will improve the team, as he has proven with the youngsters and I think if you give him a chance to rebuild the team over a few seasons (as there are so many contenders to the title in the upcoming years as arsenal shouldn't realistically be in consideration for the title) they can grow as club. Don't get away from the real enemies which are the owners who do not care about football. Kroenkes, Glazers, FSG, the other 9 and a lot more are the ones ruining this beautiful sport and we should stand united against them. Once we can do that we prove that we can do a lot more than that and hopefully we can start to tackle real issues as racism and gender equality and show that the people, and something as 'menial' as football, which of things that don't matter, is the one that matters the most, can have an impact on real life and this is the difference between football and any other sport.
Richie Rifle
Richie Rifle 16 timer siden
Adam: United will never be like Arsenal, United just need new owners......
IDHAN's Sports Shorts
IDHAN's Sports Shorts 17 timer siden
Chelsea have nowhere near the number of trophies that arsenal have. They are definitely the biggest club in London right now, but historically they're not even close. Arsenal have more major trophies than every other London club combined...
Alex vdB
Alex vdB 17 timer siden
Hold that L rentbois
BiGG PAPER STAXx 17 timer siden
Buvey never supported City before Aguero scored tht goal . Probably had never watched football before tht
BiGG PAPER STAXx 18 timer siden
Whats Brian saying this Newcastle fan . Rushfords gotta be on the left no debate
BiGG PAPER STAXx 18 timer siden
Wan Bissaka is the best Right back England have
ET FROM EARTH 18 timer siden
I dont get where yall are going like Kloop wasn’t that good first couple years finished 8 in one of then. 5 years out the Champions league and you guys are talking crazy about Arsenal in 2 of those years we missed the top 4 by 1 point. Its took Liverpool 30 YEARS to win the league.
lanzo86 18 timer siden
At this rate they should get Arsen Wenger back in
Fergi Gaming
Fergi Gaming 19 timer siden
Fodens good but better than rashford 😬 u overdoing it my guy
Kevin Maweu
Kevin Maweu 19 timer siden
Well the Spotify guy isn't doing it for PR is he? Did anyone watch the Henry interview on Sky? He confirmed that this was for real. No way EK gets three invincibles to sign of on a PR stunt. Also, it would be great if you got on an Arsenal fan, to talk about Arsenal if you have it on the program. All in all you guys are doing a great job.
Fergi Gaming
Fergi Gaming 19 timer siden
Let me say this manchester united is next years epl champions mark my words many ppl will give me backlash in the comments but Im telling you there gonna win it and by the way based on how where going united is nowhere near being the next arsenal 😐
Fergi Gaming
Fergi Gaming 19 timer siden
Pov: arsenal just beat chelsea 😂😂😂
Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell 19 timer siden
We as a club have earnt our place in the top parts of history in English football. We were the closest out of anyone for 15 years trying to stop United’s juggernaut of a club, third most trophies behind Liverpool and United. How dare a Man City fan tell us we have delusions of grandeur, before 2008 you were the definition of bang average as a club, talking complete bollocks. The only person trying to have a constructive debate was Rory.
Kevin 60175
Kevin 60175 19 timer siden
now this, puts a smile on my face
lolmeercatz 20 timer siden
Lol this aged well
K T 20 timer siden
Chelshit 0 Arsenal 1 Tuasshel 0 Arteta 1 hahaha...
Yonas 20 timer siden
Arsenal won lmao.
LJP Potter
LJP Potter 21 time siden
What’s the point in celebrating if you’ve gotta fuck it off every time what a joke of a sport it’s turned into
James Pace
James Pace 21 time siden
Yeah Arsenal are a banter club but I'm not going to hear it of Buvey. Before oil money you were nothing mate. Cheek to talk about delusions of grandeur.
Gareth Child
Gareth Child 21 time siden
Did Geordie really just say Kane is as good as KDB at passing? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jordan H
Jordan H 22 timer siden
Arsenal's FA cups?
Charlie Rogers
Charlie Rogers 22 timer siden
FA Cup is a major trophy end of
Oliver Kent
Oliver Kent 22 timer siden
Lol you fans are funny... owning a team is a business... these are business men why would they care what any of you think if it’s going to make more money