Sabaton New Music Teaser
3 måneder siden
need is Necessito
need is Necessito 12 timer siden
If our countries leaders and people are like this two excellent bad ass legends of a pilot. We've already reached type 3 civilization. Bruh imagine zooming across the universe listening to sabathon.
thereaperhimself 12 timer siden
Truly the greatest band of all time thank you for all the songs Sabaton
CJ 12 timer siden
I thought they have muskets back in the day, not semi-automatic rifles.
Station Master 13
Station Master 13 12 timer siden
I though for ages that he was shouting EZMARELDA not JUST ANOTHER 😅
Misha Boyko
Misha Boyko 12 timer siden
make a song about Ukrainian Cossacks
groupsphera 12 timer siden
When youre continue your "great tour"? Minsk is waiting!
Kolli Chandan
Kolli Chandan 13 timer siden
Tom Kratman
Tom Kratman 13 timer siden
You guys may yet save your country.
Andreja Stosevski
Andreja Stosevski 13 timer siden
We know of little Knight's Cross holders, but we all know of Franz
Andrzej Żyła
Andrzej Żyła 13 timer siden
Dzieki Sabaton
NanyRm 13 timer siden
I am really suffering hard for Joakim's arms, completely exposed to the African sun...I hope they were using sunscreen! :P (also, they should do a song about Gertrude Bell, another interesting person of those turbulent years!)
Barto miuzik
Barto miuzik 13 timer siden
6:05 what?
John Watson
John Watson 13 timer siden
I wish Sabaton was my history teacher and music teacher
TaxidriverXD SCP
TaxidriverXD SCP 13 timer siden
Even is the darkest of day theirs alway a light.
TitanlordOG Gaming
TitanlordOG Gaming 13 timer siden
When I was 17 years old my dad took me to one of the sabaton concert and I was so happy because that was my first time at a comcert
Anne Smeets
Anne Smeets 13 timer siden
"Candy with candy, dipped in candy, on a stick." My favorite kind of candy.
Nico T
Nico T 13 timer siden
Tjatur Hartawan
Tjatur Hartawan 14 timer siden
Its a great...great song.....
Willy Norrmen
Willy Norrmen 14 timer siden
anonymous1225 14 timer siden
kamikaze banzai
kamikaze banzai 14 timer siden
Great music as always, wonder when you'll come to do something for romania as well
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 14 timer siden
November of 1700, Level 100 Sabaton boys bullying level 1 Narva new spawns - colorized.
Rory 14 timer siden
Sabaton is like a good whisky or wine, they only get better with age.
gravity don't mean too much to me
gravity don't mean too much to me 14 timer siden
whats that battle?????????
Kaizer_Ian 13 timer siden
Bender. After the defeat of Poltava Charles XII and the remaining Swedes took refuge in Ottoman territory. After a while the Ottomans decided they were tired of the Swedes presence and tried to force them out
Андрей Коровников
Андрей Коровников 14 timer siden
Сдали Европу без боя.....
Pablo Laureta
Pablo Laureta 14 timer siden
These songs make Me Love WW2 and WW1 i love it and Godbless Sabaton
Patklao Thiwaphan
Patklao Thiwaphan 14 timer siden
Nice song as always. Just curious do the song relate to any historical event like last stand at any battle?
Kaizer_Ian 13 timer siden
The song praises the Swedish Royal Guard on its 500 year anniversary, the video is about the battle of Bender
Tukine 14 timer siden
My teacher said that i will have to make an essay about someone special in war, so i wrote down the lyrics of this song and got an 9+/10 Okay i will have to be clear, after all of that i wrote the link to this video.
amelia stomporkiewicz
amelia stomporkiewicz 15 timer siden
Mad_Lad_UwU X
Mad_Lad_UwU X 15 timer siden
The true sky king
Tr1ck3ry 15 timer siden
Somehow Sabaton has made me, a Finn feel patriotic for Sweden
eMKay rockt
eMKay rockt 15 timer siden
Germany LOVES swedish Power Metal! \m/
Mikołaj 15 timer siden
Ja jestem jedynym tutaj Polakiem?
Dave Hood
Dave Hood 15 timer siden
Disappointed to see you're not coming to Salt Lake again this fall, Vegas is a long trip. Since it's almost certain the pissant city government wouldn't let you book a venue, you might think about the Maverick Center, it's outside SLC's city limits, and a better venue than you had last time you were here.
Zonde LV
Zonde LV 15 timer siden
what is the new album name?
jakub novotny
jakub novotny 15 timer siden
top song Joakim : )
MHD Agent083
MHD Agent083 15 timer siden
Ждём radio tapok - royal guard
Dejmyn B.
Dejmyn B. 15 timer siden
Jestem ciekawy czy polacy by staneli w obronie polski gdyby wybuchła kolejna wojna
faki 69
faki 69 15 timer siden
03:05 joakim looks so sad bc of spilled wine🤣
TANKRED Endures 15 timer siden
I am now a blob of sadness
Mathias Reiersen
Mathias Reiersen 15 timer siden
So in which battle did livgarden fight against the janissaries?
Kaizer_Ian 13 timer siden
Michalina Wasilewska
Michalina Wasilewska 15 timer siden
It's the most epic song I've ever heard. This should be the anthem of Sweden.
Baguette Man
Baguette Man 16 timer siden
Radio Tapok should make a version of this
BaliboyBurn 16 timer siden
Well, I hope they won't cancel Sabaton. I mean, white royal guards killing arabian soliders in this video.
Etheron 16 timer siden
Though the gates of hell
BigG's 16 timer siden
Livgardet reference
Reno Zoggia
Reno Zoggia 16 timer siden
Can we just recognise that swordfish drift at 2:34
David Teh
David Teh 17 timer siden
Song of the last honour war
Reno Zoggia
Reno Zoggia 17 timer siden
He’s flying to fast and he’s flying too high Oh god watch out you’ve ripped your wings and you can’t breathe. Oh no he’s got AirPods in he can’t hear us oh god.
Eugeniusz Baranowski
Eugeniusz Baranowski 17 timer siden
Послушал Sabaton, почитал радиотапка. Жизнь прекрасна
KPProd Music
KPProd Music 17 timer siden
Разбор теста и содержания песни
roberto zakinja
roberto zakinja 17 timer siden
Nebitno, ali pokušavam shvatiti zašto na ovom videu nema podatka kad je izašao na YT?!
Říďa ZOO
Říďa ZOO 17 timer siden
Pls cz text
BadCorps 17 timer siden
Me: *has great grandfather who died on the HMS Hood* Why would I like this song? Sabaton: *Observe*
HoundofJustice 17 timer siden
oh god the dude on the very left just completly ruined the immersion ... why is a kid in such kind of place? :'D
Zack Schilling
Zack Schilling 17 timer siden
"B-17 Bomber" Intellivision Voice Synthesis Module
RavenSP 17 timer siden
also, an idea for song. You could make a song about the Battle of Crete.
RavenSP 17 timer siden
some of your best songs:The Royal Guard, A ghost in the trenches, the future of warfare, panzerkampf, coat of arms, sparta and the Red Baron
Petr146cz 18 timer siden
why 12k dislikes ?
Slavcho Marinov
Slavcho Marinov 18 timer siden
What’s with the Turks?
K1ll3r CZ
K1ll3r CZ 18 timer siden
Man, I love this clip!
RavenSP 18 timer siden
especially thanks for writing songs for Greece (Coat of arms, Sparta), all your songs are cool and we are fans of you for very long time.Love from Greece.
TX Loud
TX Loud 18 timer siden
I guarantee you those boys care. Carry on.
ДИО БРАНДО 18 timer siden
Petr 1: it's my RUSSIAN IMPERIAL
John Apollon
John Apollon 18 timer siden
Makes me want to blast this in America but hell look at us. Everything is racist. I still do so anyways. God bless Sabaton fuck yes we love you.
Tim van der Velden
Tim van der Velden 18 timer siden
And still, after ages and ages of oppression, the Jews still exist and are even back in their only true homeland. Excuse me, did you say God does not exist?
Kaiser Von Bahr
Kaiser Von Bahr 18 timer siden
Audie Murphy, a great actor and an even greater soldier
grigori zayvy
grigori zayvy 18 timer siden
Dislikes were put by soldiers of the Turkish army)
Yaroslav Fedorov
Yaroslav Fedorov 18 timer siden
Sabaton - you are my heroes. You make for keeping the Soviet history more then all our officials.
Lawn Mower Productions
Lawn Mower Productions 18 timer siden
*Son, always remember: dying is gay.*
RegPenney1996 18 timer siden
Lest We Forget 🇦🇺🇬🇧🇳🇿
Lewis Daniel Valdez
Lewis Daniel Valdez 18 timer siden
Turks hahahahahahaha we have you outnumber you guys are dead sabaton for the king
Lawrence Lay
Lawrence Lay 19 timer siden
There's got to be an instrumental version of this! Awesome piece, Sabaton! 😎
mirek nováček
mirek nováček 19 timer siden
This has not so good sound as the older version filmed on the boat..