Andrew Byrd
Andrew Byrd 19 timer siden
Okay, but this is brilliant 😂
nathalie carls
nathalie carls 19 timer siden
Ahhh!!! Oof!
Taylor Abrahamse
Taylor Abrahamse 19 timer siden
In Beach Boy Universe, Justin Roiland is the Brian Wilson of this. Dan Harmon is everyone except Mike Love... You never needed Mike Love. Jerry is Mike Love.
D C 19 timer siden
this production is art.
A_random_potatoe 12
A_random_potatoe 12 19 timer siden
I'd love to be friends with this dude and just say a random thing to him and just sit and watch him go into a coma for a minute or two
Chuck Baker
Chuck Baker 19 timer siden
Geez, talk about drawing it out... I think that tornado is the real supervillain.
Hexted 19 timer siden
That did help me understand
Meykury Udo B.
Meykury Udo B. 19 timer siden
Sounds not german st all.
leafman 19 timer siden
I love this song.
reilly b
reilly b 19 timer siden
this was the most god awful things i’ve ever seen. i want to see more
Tristan JANET
Tristan JANET 19 timer siden
The thing
yungearth 19 timer siden
I do believe retroactively the previous Hobbit movie might be considered for a lifetime achievement award.
Yareyous 19 timer siden
don't watch this show, but I love bts for anything, so that's why I'm here. Maybe I'll watch it later.
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup 19 timer siden
read 2 or 3 comments, scroll back up, *witness whatever new dance Tommy is doing*, repeat.
Munaloon Neo
Munaloon Neo 19 timer siden
1:00 Man, that's such a mood
Xeviant 19 timer siden
Everyone in that studio was laughing at Eric except Wiz
Hexted 19 timer siden
I miss S boarding in my hood
M. Saleh
M. Saleh 19 timer siden
So we just gonna ignore that the founder of BLM is a trained marxists and owns multiple expensive homes in mostly white suburban neighborhoods... oh I thought Capitalism and racism was the real problem
Michael French
Michael French 19 timer siden
Dam, she look like ting tong off little Britton 😂😂
Cameron 19 timer siden
7:32 that laugh
Leonardo Carollo
Leonardo Carollo 19 timer siden
we have come full circle. It's the end of culture, everything is downhill from here. BIRD UP!
Michael Sta. Maria
Michael Sta. Maria 19 timer siden
This is Sonic Valium
Floor Pizza
Floor Pizza 19 timer siden
0:17 I love how the air blast completely obliterated his face shield 0:30 air blast comes back for round 2
Victor Galloway
Victor Galloway 19 timer siden
Rip X
Abby Childress
Abby Childress 20 timer siden
I like 1:00
San Sib
San Sib 20 timer siden
patriot459 20 timer siden
We’re we blades in that one? Tight.. This is why I love this show.
Davis Bowe
Davis Bowe 20 timer siden
Man Dermott was such an unlikeable douche in his early appearances. Glad they toned him down a bit in season 5.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 20 timer siden
Morty sounds like Maxmoefoe
Hexted 20 timer siden
This show always makes me feel so stupid because I always just want to argue everything they say when I know they don’t actually think any of it
Dylan Guillemette
Dylan Guillemette 20 timer siden
0:49 😂😂
Davis Bowe
Davis Bowe 20 timer siden
At least Brock did apologize to Bud in season 2 when they met again.
Hexted 20 timer siden
I love how in Tim’s story the last thing anyone ever said to that guy was him saying “fuck you” and hanging up the phone
Tobias Carrier
Tobias Carrier 20 timer siden
You Tube: Hey, watch this again! Me: Noo come on not again. ..... fine *click*
tokranoire sg1
tokranoire sg1 20 timer siden
Uh did they even finish season 4?
Ergys.E _
Ergys.E _ 20 timer siden
this and part 2 of this must be the funniest episodes of this show
Jayden Montano
Jayden Montano 20 timer siden
Love this show
CerebroSpinal 20 timer siden
One of the most underrated jokes on this show is Eric looking down at his notes like he forget her name when he's introducing her.
DieselexKore 20 timer siden
I came back to this video to talk about clone Beth realizing that when the trailer first came out no one mentioned her. But the first comment I see is talking about clone Beth. So I guess I wasn’t the only one.
Honest Snark
Honest Snark 20 timer siden
That hat Gregg is wearing is totally disrespectful to Tim.
Davis Bowe
Davis Bowe 20 timer siden
A lot of people comparing Rusty to Jonas in this scene and while yeah Rusty definitely was to blame for what happened I feel like Rusty did at least try to make up for it by using the kid's DNA to clone him. Also, he did at least try to make sure all the other kids made it out safely instead of just heartlessly leaving them all in there like Jonas did with the orphans. I feel like this scene does a good job of showing that while Rusty does share some of his father's traits, unlike Jonas he's not completely heartless.
Bob Gnarley
Bob Gnarley 20 timer siden
Bring back venture bros
Bob Gnarley
Bob Gnarley 20 timer siden
One day I want to become famous and go on the Eric andre show
Scott McCoy
Scott McCoy 20 timer siden
I remember this was my first episode of watching this show when I was in elementary school
Tiffany Pierce
Tiffany Pierce 20 timer siden
They kill everybody
Poop 20 timer siden
that sound when impossible retracts 1:33
Epic Man Darling
Epic Man Darling 20 timer siden
I want to prefer to open a quest on he who smelt it
Low Level Content
Low Level Content 20 timer siden
2:10 is that Milo Yanopolis* left of the black guy? I would love to know how those sprinkles of black ppl felt hearing the n-word fly like the American flag at a pep rally.
SGT Nomo Zamal
SGT Nomo Zamal 20 timer siden
I want this song played at my funeral.
Miles Brown
Miles Brown 20 timer siden
NOBODY seen NOBODY!!! Tyler: I didn't seen anything
randall adair
randall adair 20 timer siden
The first time rick showed he had feelings and in a way a friend. How sad..
killeing 20 timer siden
you know it really does raise the question how that guy kept his sanity throughout the centuries... It doesn't matter how devoted or strong willed you are, if you're trapped in a cave by yourself for anything near a hundred years, much less one, you're going to go insane!!!
OO 20 timer siden
"Hillary Was donald trump this whole time" Imposter
killeing 20 timer siden
NIcholas Cage- the only guy crazy enough to take on Chuck Norris
Big Uzi Vert
Big Uzi Vert 20 timer siden
Rick would never cry this is fake as FUCK
killeing 20 timer siden
How did they get my mom to cameo in robot chicken?!
The Chronicles Of Munch
The Chronicles Of Munch 20 timer siden
He's got it all
UnpopularOpinioned Pariah
UnpopularOpinioned Pariah 20 timer siden
Is this racist?
Atomic Chicken
Atomic Chicken 20 timer siden
If you're gonna talk say my name.......
TheSinisterWeeb Lord
TheSinisterWeeb Lord 20 timer siden
The president was like, “how was that not me?”
Panda Inkling
Panda Inkling 20 timer siden
No comment
Rex Wort
Rex Wort 20 timer siden
Big guy with a Green thumb Don't want to say anything because I want to live 😅
Chris Hoppmann
Chris Hoppmann 21 time siden
I hope he’s not sleeping. Inhales 3 dimensions. “DESMOND”
NValverde1992 21 time siden
it's weird that i've been getting recommendations for this show now. i feel like it would've been nice to see it do contemporary people
Darrius Mckoy
Darrius Mckoy 21 time siden
Knar_d 21 time siden
Schwarz Wolfram
Schwarz Wolfram 21 time siden
Imagine the cleaning costs on this one.
Miles Brown
Miles Brown 21 time siden
You about to be my next Victim. Because Mother🤬 LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣
obsidian yeet
obsidian yeet 21 time siden
he wa so close to saying the thing at the end
Alex Houghland
Alex Houghland 21 time siden
why have i never heard of this
that guy
that guy 21 time siden
Widget Handler
Widget Handler 21 time siden
I feel like a go-getter now Carl, thanks!
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 21 time siden
The excessive violence the "good guys" like Team Venture and Sphinx use gets me every time.
Akito Uncrnprncs
Akito Uncrnprncs 21 time siden
omlll yessssss
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 21 time siden
😃🍇memeber liquid television back in the day on MTV? 😃🍇yea! Yea I member!
Edward Jewett
Edward Jewett 21 time siden
I wonder if Final Space will be a Netflix or HBO max original series soon.
Edward Jewett
Edward Jewett 19 timer siden
@Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo 1. If TBS still owns the show, why is it on adult swim? 2. What do you mean by if ratings don’t meet expectations?
Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo
Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo 20 timer siden
Netflix only owns the international license, while TBS fully owns the show. So, if anything, it will move to HBO Max if ratings don’t meet expectations. But then, remember that Infinity Train got canceled even after it moved to HBO Max.
What a barnyard ripoff. Screw you adult swim
Jonathan 21 time siden
Anyidiot can do this.
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott 21 time siden
This is the pinnacle of humor that is "Not for kids"
Tyler White
Tyler White 21 time siden
Kent is the oddest combination of Doug Prishpreed and Will Grello... and I love it.