My Message To Conor McGregor.
my message to KSI. lmao.
4 måneder siden
Are we dating again?
4 måneder siden
She cheated.
5 måneder siden
i'm happy.
6 måneder siden
Sick W2S5 Reactions
Sick W2S5 Reactions 21 time siden
I love this jake should do more reaction vids 🔥🔥
Christian Rey
Christian Rey 21 time siden
Craig Allison
Craig Allison 21 time siden
April 2021???
Meera Majid Sharaf Mohammed Alalawi
Meera Majid Sharaf Mohammed Alalawi 21 time siden
it is my birthday today lam trying 11 years old
Lil marcz
Lil marcz 21 time siden
You notice how jake doesn't gain any subs between each fight like other youtubers did, he doesnt become a hero, just another douche no one likes at the end of the day, we all wanna see his downfall, but were all giving him our attention at the end of the day hell never be a true winner
Amp ozer
Amp ozer 21 time siden
Aaa what song is that
New vision
New vision 21 time siden
Bro pause that it’s only like 4K maybe five in the bag I got more in my closet purple bands are only 2k blue is $100 in ones
Velxity 21 time siden
Damn good thing I watched it for free, the concert was amazing thanks for the boxing showcase!
missjk00 21 time siden
I'm pretty sure people are still laughing at you.
Soul Voice
Soul Voice 21 time siden
He is holding 1 dollar
Jenny Manipon
Jenny Manipon 21 time siden
You can retire me if you want :) i wont mind
SammyBTC 21 time siden
dats about 300 bucks
Joshua Puente
Joshua Puente 21 time siden
Who else is watching in 2021
how to grow the best weed Menachem
how to grow the best weed Menachem 21 time siden
Invest in real estate
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord 21 time siden
Flexin with a bag of 1s smh
Itz alicia
Itz alicia 21 time siden
Jake, your cool dude but why did you have to be so cringe at the fights?😩
David Křiklava
David Křiklava 21 time siden
Harry Schmidt
Harry Schmidt 21 time siden
I’m so happy for you you got a ko
MrColdwatercanyon 21 time siden
Nick Diaz needs a fight
I’mtoxiclol 21 time siden
Nice dollar bills
Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed 21 time siden
I mean good job you made your money rigging the fight 👌
CAR guySMOOTH 21 time siden
2021 bois wya
Ashik SG
Ashik SG 21 time siden
New vision
New vision 21 time siden
Nigga most that one where the yellow bands at??? Should be 10k bans in there...
Nathan Keymer
Nathan Keymer 21 time siden
Jake should make that a song
Mars 21 time siden
I mean yeah jake won but I honestly like ben better Ben is the type of guy you can chill with
German Suplex
German Suplex 21 time siden
Askren vs Paul is like that meme, "would you take a punch in the face from your best friend for 1 million??"
Prime Ben
Prime Ben 21 time siden
Fight a Mexican fighter like tito ortiz he will beat u up so bad jake. It's embarrassing that u fight someone that's old retired ect . You should fight someone big. In order to be the best you have to take out the best my boy
V8brandon 21 time siden
Song name?
RGB _306
RGB _306 21 time siden
flexing on one dollar bills lmao
Joaquin Aguado
Joaquin Aguado 21 time siden
Bet your ass won’t fight Canelo Álvarez
Melvin Aleman-Caballero
Melvin Aleman-Caballero 21 time siden
hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah STOP THE CAP hahhahhahahahahha
VOLT 21 time siden
Cherry picking fights.
Sammy Voccio
Sammy Voccio 21 time siden
That bag had ones
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson 21 time siden
Ones tho 🤡
Retro Fotos
Retro Fotos 21 time siden
He was hiding that broke nose under that mask 🤣
footballsoccer358 21 time siden
Alright that's it. Give him someone legit now. Jan Blachowicz get the f*** in there and see what this kid is made of. See what this "boxer" can do to an mma fighter who actually knows how to throw a punch.
V8brandon 21 time siden
Song name?
LibsDrawingMuseum 21 time siden
Fight a real boxer bro
Brayden Clarke
Brayden Clarke 21 time siden
Get Titus back
PEPE VLOGS 21 time siden
This dude is shitting money on god
Nasim Khan
Nasim Khan 21 time siden
5.2 million dislike wow u got lot of hater
23Michael Paul32
23Michael Paul32 21 time siden
Looks like you retired an old stripper with them ones there super chief...
Oliver Ditz
Oliver Ditz 21 time siden
I hope half of it to shadows kid
Fine review
Fine review 21 time siden
ABISHEK DAS 21 time siden
This comment section really full of haters.
kobe and coco vlog's
kobe and coco vlog's 21 time siden
You k o ben tho
Scotty Gunz
Scotty Gunz 21 time siden
Haha Jake fight someone for real! Ben would have dog walked you in any other situation. You think you’re a tough guy.
Axl Hernandez
Axl Hernandez 21 time siden
Swangin & bangin & hangin & maintainin
Samantha Nieuwenhuis
Samantha Nieuwenhuis 21 time siden
65 mil under 2 mins boom
EvoNChill 21 time siden
ok so now that we know that Jake can hang in there with top athletes.... its time to work his way up in the Boxing world.
Jacob Studer
Jacob Studer 21 time siden
Your channel is dope jake
Thomas Bird
Thomas Bird 21 time siden
Buy me something big man
Jrx Legend
Jrx Legend 21 time siden
Box manny Pacquiao 🤭 i dout it
Nasim Khan
Nasim Khan 21 time siden
And u were litreally crying
Nasim Khan
Nasim Khan 21 time siden
Thats the shortest fight jake
QT Trix
QT Trix 21 time siden
Missss out
Alan Cynajek
Alan Cynajek 21 time siden
1 dolar 🤣
Ammar Gaming
Ammar Gaming 21 time siden
Can you give m e money from philippines
Spencer B
Spencer B 21 time siden
One dollar bills lol that’s less than my rent
toasted sonic
toasted sonic 21 time siden
Jake paul keep doing what you're doing
Matthew A.
Matthew A. 21 time siden
What’s the song called?
Juan Salazar
Juan Salazar 21 time siden
Buy me a Toyota supra plz bro😔
XxGameClipsxX 21 time siden
Lmao all dollar bills 😂
nitish dhiman
nitish dhiman 21 time siden
Dabing them on haters
Victini Stealth
Victini Stealth 21 time siden
Nick: *”English is my city”* *Bruh*
Paige Kathryn
Paige Kathryn 21 time siden
Planned ?
FadedKlayy 21 time siden
Exactly they was both doing fine
Paige Kathryn
Paige Kathryn 21 time siden
They live in different county’s Hence different county jail
gingey playz
gingey playz 21 time siden
Hey fight me
Ninny Infante
Ninny Infante 21 time siden
Ez win jake been on your side since deji
Andres Trujillo
Andres Trujillo 21 time siden
One dollar bills😂😂
foam_gg 21 time siden
my boi got the money
Robah 21 time siden
He bouta be richer than the gta modders😂😂😂
Victini Stealth
Victini Stealth 21 time siden
Jake Paul is the type of person to wash his hands after a shower.....
Diviyesh jason
Diviyesh jason 21 time siden
The face of boxing... Jake Paul undefeated 🐐
-Grade-A -
-Grade-A - 21 time siden
Whats with the boy purse..