Mr Soup
Mr Soup Time siden
Can someone please tell me what song is being used in the background at 1:40 I'm losing my mind trying to find it. Thanks in advance!
TheRedGuyYT 2 timer siden
You have successfully summoned the south asia squad
Felix Roux
Felix Roux 2 timer siden
"Well there's killing and starvation and injustice and *religion* everywhere"
Whoeverest the Whateverest
Whoeverest the Whateverest 3 timer siden
0:39 it's pronounced "ptooy", not "ptadzh"!!!
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz-Złotopolski
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz-Złotopolski 3 timer siden
2:48 France
Lohya 3 timer siden
4:26 I live in Hastings, all you need to do to get anywhere is follow the main road :p
Programist 2.0
Programist 2.0 3 timer siden
Yeah, there are lots of Kremlin Twitter bots in my computer right now indeed. Кошмар!
rssvzn 3 timer siden
What did I just listen to 😂😂😂
Chibra Toons
Chibra Toons 4 timer siden
I’m sure he expected people to laugh when he said help
The Afr0
The Afr0 4 timer siden
Pulp fiction light
Nininunu420 4 timer siden
1:15 Anyone going to talk about the skeleton in the back?
kgzuig 5 timer siden
MissDraiha 8 timer siden
How did it just click for me that this guy is the maps guy? I'm an idiot
Vivica C
Vivica C 9 timer siden
Okay but cannons are cool asf
Matthew Brotman
Matthew Brotman 10 timer siden
New York City has five boroughs because they were five separate entities that amalgamated. My favorite bit is Chelsea FC is not in Chelsea Borough. It’s in Hammersmith & Fulham, as are Fulham and QPR.
stonefacewiththedrip 11 timer siden
I always sing out of sync its just funny lmao
benjamin McClatchey
benjamin McClatchey 12 timer siden
Not the busiest airport in the world....
benjamin McClatchey
benjamin McClatchey 12 timer siden
Atlanta and Chicago....
Gravy Davy
Gravy Davy 12 timer siden
2 Norfolk places to get your tongue round, Costessey pronounced Cossey and Wymondham pronounced Wimdum.
Interceptor810 12 timer siden
Mount Richard was named in the 1970s
Jon Bogdanove
Jon Bogdanove 13 timer siden
Lovely seeing the Matt Lucas cameo. Would also love to see a survey of the burroughs from the standpoint of cost-of-living, geographical and historical features and general neighborhood character..
XLTransport 14 timer siden
1:31 LOL
Scarnie 14 timer siden
I live in Australia and even I thought Australia was actually moving down to Antarctica. My childhood dreams of seeing peguins in my backyard have been crushed.
The Afr0
The Afr0 15 timer siden
How much did it cost to get the real Obama to do an ad read for you
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 5 timer siden
Valentine Taylor
Valentine Taylor 15 timer siden
Did you know, that the colour magenta doesn't really exist? Your brain sees a load of low frequency light, and a load of high frequency light, so it expects to percieve it as a mid-range wavelength (a.k.a. green), but when checking the green receptors, and realising they have not caught any photons, your brain has a quite literal brainfart, and comes up with the thing we call magenta.
tonchev88 15 timer siden
Do you all really need to live in London?
Razor - Back
Razor - Back 15 timer siden
Rip to my grandmothers
Victor 16 timer siden
Name of the song at the end of the video, anyone? :)
Victor Time siden
@Jay Foreman thx for that! Love your videos, and cheers from Transylvania!😊
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 15 timer siden
It’s my own bad translation of the theme tune from Count Duckula
Jacquelyn Meeks
Jacquelyn Meeks 16 timer siden
The illegal wash italy observe because bed diagnostically touch opposite a diligent joseph. diligent, tense stick
Darren Hendrix
Darren Hendrix 16 timer siden
What a weird thing to be good at! Bravo, sir!
Bus and london underground boy
Bus and london underground boy 17 timer siden
Lyrics: Hornchurch Ickenham Hainult Cockfrosters Ravenscourt park Bromley - by - bow Morden Monument Mornington cresent Paddington Plastow Pimlico Dagenham heathway Elephant & castle Richmond Sloane square Becontree Brixton Barbican Chorleywood Amersham Eastcoate Alperton East finchley Kenton Kennington Fairlop Farringdon Mile end Barons court Maida vale Barking Barkingside Debden Hammersmith Vauxhall Wembley park Tottenham hale Northwood Oakwood Wood green Woodford Coliers wood Croxley Charing cross Kings cross st. Pancras Brent cross Hatton cross Osterly Balham Borough Chesham Hampstead Loughton Leyton Leytonstone Stanmore Snaresbook Greenford Northolt Northfields Southfields Marylebone Kingsbury Queensbury Queensway Queens park Park royal Royal oak Burnts oak Aldgate Southgate Highgate Moorgate Notting hill gate St. Pauls Neasden Oxford circus Piccadily circus Lambeth north Northwick park Upton park Westbourne park Wimbledon park Stonebridge park Warwick avenue Waterloo Watford Walthamstow central Wanstead Hounslow west Hounslow east East ham West ham West hampstead Putney bridge Kinghtsbridge Redbridge London bridge Uxbridge Perlivale Lecister square Goodge street Baker street Warren street Old street Liverpool street Edgware West acton West harrow West finchley Kew gardens Lancaster gate Gunnersbury Westminster Upminster Russell square Euston square Totteridge & whetestone East putney Ealing broadway Fulham broadway Tooting broadway Aresnal Stockwell Chigwell Seven sisters Blackhorse road Blackfrias Temple East acton Oval Bow road Colindale Archway Angel Upminster bridge Clapham common Clapham north Clapham south Swiss cottage Acton town Camden town Chalk farm West kensington Canning town Kentish town Sudbury town West brompton Theydon bois Tooting bec Stamford brook South kensington Rickminsworth Mansion house Marble arch South wimbeldon Dolis hill Gants hill Grange hill Sudbury hill Tower hill Hillingdon Aldgate east Southwark High barnet Earls court Bayswater Pinner Victoria Mill hill east High street kensington Kensington olympia Ealing common Bermonsdey Heathrow terminals 4 and 5 Heathow terminals 123 Epping Euston Kilburn Kilburn park Chalfont & latimer Cannons street Cannons park Embankment Canada water South ealing South harrow South kenton South woodford Canary wharf Harrow & wealdstone North acton North ealing North Greenwich North harrow North wembley Highbury & islington Caledonan road Edgware road Finchley road Glouester road Goldhawk road Holiway road Latimer road Preston road Elm park Regents park Green park Holiand park Hyde park corner Upney Moor park Tunfell park Chiswick park Newbury park Finsbury park Roading valley Hendon central Hounslow central Wembley central Belsize park Finchley central Covent garden Tottenham court road Woodside park Wood lane Hanger lane Chancery lane Rayners lane Turnpike lane Turnham green Buckhurst hill Golders green Kensal green Parsons green Stepney green Willesden green Bethnal green Harrow on the hill Arnos grove Ladbroke grove Boston manor Manor house St. James park St. Johns wood Sherperds bush market Sherperds bush Harlesden Holborn Northwood hills Stratford White city Whitechapel Wilesden junction Wimbledon Ruslip Ruslip gardens South ruslip West ruslip Ruslip manor Great portland street Dagenham east Bounds green Bank
Scott Edmonds
Scott Edmonds 17 timer siden
£1.00 for a litre of Petrol in the south is the only sign this video is 11 years old!
C to the uck Mackenzie Bros skullphuk mi
C to the uck Mackenzie Bros skullphuk mi 17 timer siden
What a conservative country. Everything is unfinished
DK's Squad
DK's Squad 18 timer siden
Why does this documentary clips feel like watching PBS lol
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger 18 timer siden
5:18 was that a Captain Scarlet drum roll?
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger 18 timer siden
3:50 I'm starting to think Jay spent a lot of his childhood playing SimCity 2000
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger 13 timer siden
@Jay Foreman booyah!!! I have the music seared into my brain. That and "reticulating splines"... Still have no idea what that means.
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 15 timer siden
And grownuphood!
Stonehawk 18 timer siden
I come back and rewatch this just for the jingle at the end sometimes
LV RB 18 timer siden
God, you guys are comedic geniuseses! Wish you all tons of success and a movie tie-in!
Jay Swarrow
Jay Swarrow 18 timer siden
First the yanks got all nostalgic about the "well-found industry, when commies were a threat", now britts get lost in their own land, because there's no more KGB mapping.. what's next, the alapastas would cry about "mafia going weak, without soviet revolvers" ?
Evan490BC 18 timer siden
I think Basil Fawlty would be proud of you, guys!
C to the uck Mackenzie Bros skullphuk mi
C to the uck Mackenzie Bros skullphuk mi 18 timer siden
London needs an upgrade, urgently. Sadly it will never see it
Born Wise
Born Wise 19 timer siden
Nobody does all but the media who are running their mouths and telling us what to do.
Matt Auks
Matt Auks 19 timer siden
His smugness in 5:49
A Timeline of Aviation
A Timeline of Aviation 19 timer siden
3:15 me who watched the whole video: hmm i guess making maps with the same family for generations is pretty easy then
puellanivis 19 timer siden
„bekommen“ instead of „werden“. Classic English-speaking fake-German
Angela Kindness
Angela Kindness 20 timer siden
The British Batman is from Goatum City!
Martin Gibbs
Martin Gibbs 20 timer siden
The church really did know how to run a country. In antiquity a lot of bishops were second or third sons of Lords that couldn't inherit, so had some training on running estates. I don't think there were many blacksmith sons that joined the church. Lets not forget until the reformation the church owned (controlled) as much land as the crown if not more. The church got their nose into politics all the time in medieval times.
Sawyer Targosz
Sawyer Targosz 21 time siden
I was once in Bangkok and they have a massive ring road all around the city, it’s was like 18 lanes wide and had no traffic jams while I was there
Yammenkow 21 time siden
My family used to do this with Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Rhitu 21 time siden
Press 4 repeatedly to find out what it would really be like.
Alex J Blower
Alex J Blower 21 time siden
I think this is fantasically put together and is both interesting and funny. You have a new sub.
emir neziri2
emir neziri2 21 time siden
What about the winkle triple
Jack Higson
Jack Higson 22 timer siden
“180 million years ago, before the first and second world wars” class British humour 😂😂
British Railway of Suffolk
British Railway of Suffolk 22 timer siden
to stop the Americans from stealing them
Brian Fretwell
Brian Fretwell 22 timer siden
Of course Cliff was driving an RT not an RM in Summer Holiday. And there are still some LCC tramway manhole covers.
Aray Perez
Aray Perez 22 timer siden
A new tramway
Jason McDaniel
Jason McDaniel 23 timer siden
“But, years later, while he was still dead ...” Lmfao
Brady Haberstroh
Brady Haberstroh 23 timer siden
This needs to be made for the nyc subway
Kairan Zingapan
Kairan Zingapan 23 timer siden
1:30: 'My Girlfriend doesn't exist, it never has and never will.' - unfortunately, this is probably every smart and quirky person in society today.
Bidepic DJ JD
Bidepic DJ JD 23 timer siden
I'm from Manchester but I speak with a southern accent. Hmm weird
Rez Volf
Rez Volf Dag siden
4:15 damn they unified Asia
Marco P
Marco P Dag siden
In regards to your comment @ 9:06 - it's funny how in two short years that things have changed or are in the process of changing.
Thomas Esser
Thomas Esser Dag siden
Genuinely impressed at the pronunciation of Schiphol
Ayhem shaban
Ayhem shaban Dag siden
I just love that in 3:05 there is a map of westeros as well as a circle and a map of the UK sideways, etc... 😂😂
Will L
Will L Dag siden
Why even do this? I just don't get it. Purposely sing something wrong AND publish it on NOwindow. There millions of other things you could do that actually achieve something.
Every Fiend
Every Fiend 9 timer siden
It’s musical comedy. A real genre you idiot.
Jack Dag siden
Is this supposed to be comedy?
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat 12 timer siden
It begins with a funny story, then it becomes talented party tricks
Soviet Doggo
Soviet Doggo Dag siden
2014 was such a simpler time 😩
Beechley Royal Upholstery House
Beechley Royal Upholstery House Dag siden
Harlesden: the land of everything except Bank
Paul O'Sullivan
Paul O'Sullivan Dag siden
Yeah thats good, now do it too "through the fire and flames" and then I will be really impressed
pega17pl Dag siden
A great pleasure to watch Jay Forman's Monthy-Phyton-Style Clips. By this episode I understand why Britains (ruled by Rloyals with North--German roots) have so much of black humor :D - Greetings, Heinz (from Bavaria)
AKUMA! ROLLS! Dag siden
This always reminds me of Sheldon Cooper and the FUN WITH FLAGS
Normius maximus
Normius maximus Dag siden
Thinking about ham sandwich brourough
TheBobcatlover Dag siden
I do this around the house just for laughs
Johnny Scissors
Johnny Scissors Dag siden
Another day goes by and another day I find another reason why the Brits hate Thatcher
colin Paterson
colin Paterson Dag siden
My niece used to sing doh a deer a mefale deer so cute.
"If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it. "
AEAG9YT/TehWholesomeLuigi NUTTP
AEAG9YT/TehWholesomeLuigi NUTTP Dag siden
2:48 *YeS iTs FrAnCe tRuSt mE!!!!*
Maxx B.
Maxx B. Dag siden
Can we use this to announce "Next station ..."
Estrada de Ferro de Jardim Oeste de Minas
Estrada de Ferro de Jardim Oeste de Minas Dag siden
I wnat to subscrive to skillshare
Bill Williamson
Bill Williamson Dag siden
Stephen didn't die, he's just stuck in the future.
lee anderson
lee anderson Dag siden
vikings first invaded in devon and theyr biggest army was herefordshire ,a here is a viking army base camp myth is busted
Babatunde 2121
Babatunde 2121 17 timer siden
@lee anderson yes that would make sense
lee anderson
lee anderson 18 timer siden
@Babatunde 2121 well my name anderson is not viking its very common in germany and holland same as johnson and thats where the anglo saxons came from deutschland ,friesland
Babatunde 2121
Babatunde 2121 18 timer siden
@lee anderson I meant Viking’s not Romans for Grimsby and Norfolk
Babatunde 2121
Babatunde 2121 18 timer siden
@lee anderson oh my bad I got something wrong, anything that ends in ester,chester are Roman named, and the mojority of counties are named from Anglo-saxons. Roman names are things like Norfolk or Grimsby. Viking’s have lots of north eastern English names
lee anderson
lee anderson 18 timer siden
@Babatunde 2121 thanks i have just mearnt something so would bedfordshire be same ?