Conor 07
Conor 07 8 timer siden
The game doesn’t mean anything anymore like the super league vid what’s gonna end soccer and women’s soccer doesn’t really look too bad at the moment 😂
Chef 8 timer siden
shit edit
Y0URMANAD1 8 timer siden
the guy who runs the shorts is just legendary. he makes my day
CoD CLIPS 8 timer siden
Neuowww 0:27
TylerMorgan 8 timer siden
little did he know they would be playing in Europe instead
Tom Oates
Tom Oates 8 timer siden
Harry is 100% the funniest sideman
Visual_vacs 8 timer siden
Knowledge strength integrity where has the knowledge came from
Georgia •_• :]
Georgia •_• :] 8 timer siden
He better have bought her new glasses😠
Memer Guy
Memer Guy 8 timer siden
JJ’s favourite possition
Razorblade56 8 timer siden
They had us in the first half......
Timidjêûš 8 timer siden
Is that time of the year...
Tyler Hand
Tyler Hand 8 timer siden
JJ just knows the vid is gettin demonetized 😂😂
Lewis Worley
Lewis Worley 8 timer siden
Tobi commented on my vid 🤯
Tice Nitts
Tice Nitts 8 timer siden
I don't know anything about this just noticed bedroom and 69k likes and thought I'd immortalize that
Anonn Nymous
Anonn Nymous 8 timer siden
Tobi has a straight face the whole time while saying it. I think he was being honest. 😂
Ande Vigneshsai Roshan
Ande Vigneshsai Roshan 8 timer siden
Moments like these are Gold
noman ul haq Khan
noman ul haq Khan 8 timer siden
Not good editing but i will takethat
Ande Vigneshsai Roshan
Ande Vigneshsai Roshan 8 timer siden
he butchered that hard lol
Thunder 8 timer siden
Is the thumbnail glitchy for anyone?
mill b
mill b 8 timer siden
nowindow.info/cloud/video/rXWEdqaEe46ysIk.html iau
The Dab King
The Dab King 8 timer siden
Rez1k 8 timer siden
This is like the *Sidemen* version of rickrolls
Cheeseburger 8 timer siden
Now this is what i call an L
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 8 timer siden
The true question that one ever asks about that Harry clip is why was the camera even there in the first place. It seemed a bit too well positioned if you ask me. I smell foul play lmao
Yen 8 timer siden
🤣how do they catch me with this everytime
Vaze ツ
Vaze ツ 8 timer siden
sweggie boi
sweggie boi 8 timer siden
So Stephen Tries owns a buttplug.
Home Lo
Home Lo 8 timer siden
It's edited
klklkl lklklk
klklkl lklklk 8 timer siden
W2S based nice
Aurun 50
Aurun 50 9 timer siden
The most non Tobi thing ever
AllOverTheFeed 9 timer siden
it was me who he hit
The Messiah
The Messiah 9 timer siden
I fucking knew it, ever since I saw Ethan mess up his juggling This joke is too over used but it will never and I mean *NEVER* get old
DoodleTanki 9 timer siden
Can confirm, I was the bystander, not so innocent tho
SlenderMontage 9 timer siden
its not even lookin at him fam
Shah Amir
Shah Amir 9 timer siden
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad 9 timer siden
West Ham: goes from *garbage* to LINGARDINHO+top4/5. Ethan: My club sucks
Philip Forinton
Philip Forinton 9 timer siden
The funniest part of the video is when tobi answers the question of the last thing he does before going to sleep. "I like a nice game of ring toss." 😂😂
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 9 timer siden
Nice thumbnail 😂
Ryan Carlo
Ryan Carlo 9 timer siden
I hate new Sidemen fans
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 9 timer siden
Gotta respect the passion
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 9 timer siden
Tobi inventing the next big sport 😬
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 9 timer siden
Harry’s Mum probably has more views than the Sidemen at this point
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 9 timer siden
And another cheeseburger, And another large fries...
Dark 9 timer siden
He kicked the ball so fast it went from being night to day
Muds BPG
Muds BPG 9 timer siden
This is old
Tomos Owen
Tomos Owen 9 timer siden
ffs 🤦‍♂️ 😂
Alfie Murphy
Alfie Murphy 9 timer siden
M.Danish Rauf
M.Danish Rauf 9 timer siden
The worst Harry’s mum edit I’ve ever seen.......jjs reddit does way better than this
TheFatRat5 9 timer siden
are you sure thats ruining the sidemen video
Chess with Aayush
Chess with Aayush 9 timer siden
Could have been edited better by ksi s reddit😂😂
Aaron Cherian
Aaron Cherian 9 timer siden
As a wise man once said: 'Memes never get old'
MZ7 9 timer siden
Harryy 9 timer siden
raze 9 timer siden
He's gonna blew a line to stop the depression settling in
itsbabydolloz 66
itsbabydolloz 66 9 timer siden
At this point I should of expected that bc on ksi reddit page
Chunk 9 timer siden
Never said it was an accident
James Rayner
James Rayner 9 timer siden
I honestly didn't expect that lol
Edexplays123 9 timer siden
I swear whoever makes these titles is a genius 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jake M.
Jake M. 9 timer siden
omfg XD
Bean h3ad
Bean h3ad 9 timer siden
Not funny , over used
WarfareSAVG3 9 timer siden
I just bust out laughing during an abusive relationship presentation
Bandito Donburrito
Bandito Donburrito 8 timer siden
Because they were watching this vid
Billy Gene
Billy Gene 8 timer siden
Sue Lee
Sue Lee 9 timer siden
Is that Montana?
Butters 97
Butters 97 9 timer siden
Knew that clip was coming, and still laughed 🤣
alpha X
alpha X 9 timer siden
This man has the potential to hit the ball at night and make it reach the target at the morning.
MasonDerLad 9 timer siden
little did he ethan know that west ham will be the best team in the prem after the super league lmao
F8L 9 timer siden
Every time i see the word "hit" in the title .. the first thing I think of is Harry's mum
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja 8 timer siden
What you hittin
10 F 17 Steven Sam
10 F 17 Steven Sam 8 timer siden
@eshan ansary ok
Rajvir B
Rajvir B 8 timer siden
@Joakim HoHa she’s a woman wdym sus?
Joakim HoHa
Joakim HoHa 8 timer siden
That’s sus bro
Suha Alam
Suha Alam 9 timer siden
Shaggy 9 timer siden
plot twist it was all planned
CWM 99
CWM 99 9 timer siden
So he turned skinnier in the process of that. Nice
SAAD SABILE 9 timer siden
Niki 9 timer siden
Kryptic_ Ninja689
Kryptic_ Ninja689 9 timer siden
I knew even before I saw the full video
Malthe KP
Malthe KP 9 timer siden
we all knew it was coming(;
Francesco Fioroni
Francesco Fioroni 9 timer siden
Bruh that ball could kill someone or destroy the glass of a car
Atharva Shinde
Atharva Shinde 9 timer siden
Those 5 dislikes are from the Lewis household.
lil BRUH
lil BRUH 9 timer siden
defination of low effort ---------
Gheezy 9 timer siden
Now he would get demonetised for saying Mr Potato Head
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 9 timer siden
Zeeshan Ish
Zeeshan Ish 9 timer siden
They lost against Newcastle 😢
James 9 timer siden
Imagine there's a person sitting on the pavement that night, feeling down and turning to God for help because they don't have anyone else in their life. So they look up to the sky, ask the Lord for a sign, then gets knocked out by Ethan's juggling ball.
LitNagato 8 timer siden
Then they wake up and suddenly know how to cure cancer and becomes a millionare
Obama Stole my car
Obama Stole my car 8 timer siden
Envy 8 timer siden
@RBLX Hybriid just playing obviously but hope u don't get subs
FozaDanimarca 8 timer siden
You’re Just Childish
You’re Just Childish 8 timer siden
@RBLX Hybriid -1
Venus as a girl
Venus as a girl 9 timer siden
as he should