KD 7 timer siden
"Religion is the opium of the people"
Dona Maulana
Dona Maulana 7 timer siden
I do hope that the man who said about x-man will be an x-man. It seems he doesnt care bout humanity
Adi Adi
Adi Adi 7 timer siden
CleanKenya 7 timer siden
'to share human stories, that's preaching' well, no. Preaching is sharing the gospel. But I am glad they are being themselves, more damage is done where there is hypocrisy
Dona Maulana
Dona Maulana 7 timer siden
I cant believe that he pretended to be surprised by the data of the research said dangerous chemical stuff exist in citarum water. It is kinda he doesn't know that there are bunch of experts from Indo can do it for him easily Long long time agoo. But the truth, he wants to know nothing bout this case
TheTeapots 8 timer siden
This just makes me believe that all christians are hypocrites...
EBOYager Vlogs
EBOYager Vlogs 7 timer siden
Claim of fallacy.🙋
Prof. Ore001
Prof. Ore001 8 timer siden
That's your personal belief!
ParasNex 8 timer siden
evan luthra is so cringe i swear his face is so puchable
Dear Moon
Dear Moon 8 timer siden
The world is so big that there is so much I have never seen nor known I realized again. I wish I could have supernatural ability to travel everywhere in a snap of finger🤗 whenever I want. Thank u DW dacumentary team. I am a huge fan of ur DW dacumentaries. Love and support from HK but Im from South Korea.^^
Kas 8 timer siden
I‘ve seen them in 2020 its pretty normal in the protestant church
Just Jeff
Just Jeff 7 timer siden
Define normal using scripture please. Maybe I'm missing something here.
scotishjohn 8 timer siden
no one is hungry loads of fatties
Joy Aguzie
Joy Aguzie 8 timer siden
1st responder
1st responder 8 timer siden
The vaccine is free ain't it?
Emre Karadağ
Emre Karadağ 8 timer siden
Ahahhaa wtf ?
ray ray
ray ray 8 timer siden
Only tires I buy are Japanese or continental tires 😎
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li 8 timer siden
Chris Kim
Chris Kim 8 timer siden
I am Korean.. this video is all lie.... This is not telling the truth. even now so many people are dying of hunger... Don’t be fooled by this video.
1st responder
1st responder 8 timer siden
It depends on how the Govt does it and if they can put a cover on it in time before they get caught.
Grant Carson
Grant Carson 8 timer siden
Swiss Family Mennonites
abir gaming
abir gaming 8 timer siden
riptorn 8 timer siden
What's with the donkey Kong music
conchitina bernardo
conchitina bernardo 8 timer siden
Not being disrespectful, but they are all overweight!
PCthesecond 8 timer siden
The 1000$ a day is amazing lit no worries of running out or anything.
Leo Espinoza
Leo Espinoza 8 timer siden
They were not excited to see yellow jacket!! Lmfao
SSS AAA 8 timer siden
when the girl says I think the most important thing is freedom of thought, I like that her dad puts his hand over his head, in a way saying, stop with this nonsense, you are going to get all of us killed...,
Stella hamil
Stella hamil 8 timer siden
Can I get a job too🕊️🌟☑️
Amrita 8 timer siden
Wherefrom do they have this kind of wealth?
NotZ Seekyle
NotZ Seekyle 8 timer siden
Attacking White men again. That's how you know it's a trash documentary
Ditto El'Bandito
Ditto El'Bandito 8 timer siden
Haha on the 12th second the grandpa slaps the kid
Lucrezia Di cocco
Lucrezia Di cocco 8 timer siden
Wtf....i'll never go there. EASY.
C Wallace
C Wallace 8 timer siden
50 Cent said "Get Rich or Die Trying" with these people its literally "GTFOH or die trying"
Kewsi Yehboah
Kewsi Yehboah 8 timer siden
Has A Son of Africa.. In my 50th Year.. Born @ a time when I can Reflect on How Monstrous Humans Can Be.. All da Best Righteous People..
Vangie Bauer
Vangie Bauer 8 timer siden
Create more jobs. Hire people. Produce sustainable products. That would get the financial growth back on track🙏🇪🇺🇺🇸❤️
Kyzzle112718 8 timer siden
Who’s paying these armed rebel groups to go after these natural resources??
Mitzi Codner
Mitzi Codner 8 timer siden
This is the first I am this history. Evil is everywhere.
Amy Tang
Amy Tang 8 timer siden
bluh! abused foreign workers. Minimum 36 kilo per day? And the employer thought is reasonable.
Y AM 8 timer siden
Great documentary
Po Ngang
Po Ngang 8 timer siden
The women's clothes are a bit Indian.
Carlynn Andrews
Carlynn Andrews 8 timer siden
I love this. I have insanely big dreams, and recently started my own small Business. Hoping that I have started a Empire 10 years down the line.
ahmad samir
ahmad samir 8 timer siden
man, theres a lot of jealous comment in here
jnie swartz
jnie swartz 8 timer siden
Well hes pretty smart! He's articulate , creative, handyand lives on his own. So what he likes toys.
영생이 8 timer siden
Prisca Maloya
Prisca Maloya 9 timer siden
One of the best documentaries I have ever watched.....
Ali Blessed
Ali Blessed 9 timer siden
I'm from Congo and this documentary was definitely made by a white man the undertones of racism is insane ...why did you fail to mention that the whole world would literally be nothing without Congo ..literally the material to make all our phones is only found there or that we have the most gold, diamonds , copper, silver than anywhere else in the whole WORLD or that more people have been killed here by Europeans than any other place in history ...!?
BooM Borgoyari
BooM Borgoyari 9 timer siden
16:46 dude. Its the real life Truman show.
Tracy Garner
Tracy Garner 9 timer siden
I'm pretty sure this holds true for all of the clothing industry. Greed is bad.
Alvinson David
Alvinson David 9 timer siden
lol, essentially, China or poverty.
Melanie Van der bril
Melanie Van der bril 9 timer siden
Why doesn t unicef protect these children as they know what is going on????
George Murray
George Murray 9 timer siden
Since at least the beginning of civilization the established religion has been used in the service of the ruling elites to keep the masses in line. Has the Church ever supported a revolution of the poor, anywhere at anytime? The Church will ALWAYS come down on the side of the rich and powerful. Just look at all of the psychopaths that adorn the ceilings of the cathedrals!
bWook 9 timer siden
Fascinating, what a difference between now and 20 years ago for north koreans.
boomerang files
boomerang files 9 timer siden
Unfair report. You don't say in kinshasa the roads are unpaved.
Excel dx
Excel dx 9 timer siden
Pertahankan pa hendra
NIKA Angela
NIKA Angela 9 timer siden
Wow the prophet become billionaire.this is sick😷
Chri S
Chri S 9 timer siden
why does a rich African looks poor still for me lol
Adis Hadzo
Adis Hadzo 9 timer siden
Banks will have power and control as long as we are addicted to spending and materialism.
Miss Letizia
Miss Letizia 9 timer siden
The religion of terror
Habib Lamptey
Habib Lamptey 9 timer siden
This is really interesting Do another documentary with more people attending... I wanna see how the bid goes
EGstill85 9 timer siden
“...the problem in Bangladesh is politics. The big political parties fight over everything and we, the poor people, are left to suffer...” This young girl, who was forced to withdraw from formal education at 14, has a better grasp on American politics than 90% of American citizens.
Eric Marshall
Eric Marshall 9 timer siden
The Catholic Church is an organization of idol worshiping murderers! The Pope isn't the replacement of Christ on Earth. He's the representation of the Antichrist! Wake up and repent my brothers and sisters!
Miss Letizia
Miss Letizia 9 timer siden
Islam is the biggest virus 🦠
J D 9 timer siden
Janina is a snitch 🤣
affan gyaani
affan gyaani 9 timer siden
How can getting heart by dw
Miss Letizia
Miss Letizia 9 timer siden
Army is terror
Miss Letizia
Miss Letizia 9 timer siden
Islam is terror
sasha mellon
sasha mellon 9 timer siden
They were Hindu from Rajasthan in india and then became what they are now. Converted to Christianity .
SaiSanjana Gurram
SaiSanjana Gurram 9 timer siden
After seeing this I want to become a doctor
abdi abdullahi
abdi abdullahi 9 timer siden
Coco Yamashi
Coco Yamashi 9 timer siden
Why buying goods has to do with politics? This critic is just here for her own political fame
your mom
your mom 9 timer siden
Bride snatching, marriage at 14 with family members... So basically gypsies with a house. Got it.
Karen 9 timer siden
If I have Aids I'll drink the Jus👍🙌🙏👌
Ed Ropper
Ed Ropper 9 timer siden
Iraqi army defeated ISIS? lol?? ok,,if you say so
Gokan the Husky
Gokan the Husky 9 timer siden
As dark North Korea may seem, it surely makes up with breathtaking displays of performance and scenery. Not to mention the North Korean women in their military/enforcer uniforms look beautiful and formal.
Gokan the Husky
Gokan the Husky 9 timer siden
It also shows that Kim Jong-Un actually does care about his people. He just doesn't want to admit it.
Caroline Koenig
Caroline Koenig 9 timer siden
Imagine if they were still here?? We would probably be having riots of neanderthal lives matter...
spicybeeframen 9 timer siden
Western society was a mistake fellas. The West is not the Best.
amanuel Bekele
amanuel Bekele 9 timer siden
DW, you are the best, now I am addicted to your documentary's .They are informative, precise and entertaining.keep it up.From Ethiopia.
David Babb
David Babb 9 timer siden
I see they're giving baptisms at the festival, but what about biptisms?
ZX Chen
ZX Chen 9 timer siden
No water, hundreds yeas later, the earth will become another Mars?!
tanner lafollette
tanner lafollette 9 timer siden
Roosters can be a little dangerous lol
GoodlyMike 9 timer siden
This is so sad...
FPV Stealth rc
FPV Stealth rc 10 timer siden
Fantastic, dear Friend My best wishes to you, like 13801
Heidi Fikred
Heidi Fikred 10 timer siden
0:35 lmao all I hear is psst pssst psst