Illiauto 6 timer siden
Great, another UK drill song by him stuck in my head.
Travixx Beats
Travixx Beats 6 timer siden
uk accent is shit
Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug 6 timer siden
Absolute banger
Dhaval 6 timer siden
These visuals are mad good
AllahuAkbarCFW/Modder 6 timer siden
Deffo a song for a shower👌🏼🕺🏻
T1GR3 6 timer siden
Pleassssse I want him in Spain🇪🇸😢😢
Dhaval 7 timer siden
Central cee on the top📈✅✅
Pamela Moniq
Pamela Moniq 7 timer siden
You make big hits keep it up
All mighty Is the Lord
All mighty Is the Lord 7 timer siden
C'est pas mal
Harshy 7 timer siden
mithun iyyen perumal
mithun iyyen perumal 8 timer siden
Banger song 🔥 ❤
altion hajdari
altion hajdari 8 timer siden
Cameron Lotter
Cameron Lotter 8 timer siden
This is shit
Braden Fitzpatrick
Braden Fitzpatrick 8 timer siden
Idk what youre saying but i know the lyrics are good
BlackEmpress 9 timer siden
This is straight trash
OCEKA 9 timer siden
CC 667 ekip
T A 10 timer siden
Chronical 423
Chronical 423 11 timer siden
Beat and flow is fear, but I can’t lie the lyrics are horrible
Who’s Crippin
Who’s Crippin 8 timer siden
@No you he is one of the best lyrical rappers in the uk I ain’t saying he is number one but make sure he is up there for sure 💯🔥
No you
No you 9 timer siden
@Who’s Crippin how is he jealous he just said the beat and flow was good so how is he being jealous?
Who’s Crippin
Who’s Crippin 11 timer siden
Jealously is a drug I advise you stop doing it
Fire 🔥
LOWKEY-Official 12 timer siden
My remix of this track is now up ❤️
Scale model hobby
Scale model hobby 12 timer siden
Gabx&zahren Clipsx
Gabx&zahren Clipsx 13 timer siden
Fucking fire 🔥
Akaz 14 timer siden
Pure Fire 🔥
Bigz Benjamin
Bigz Benjamin 14 timer siden
Heat king 👑 keep the pressure on they Fuccin necc G 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
•BADʙᴏʏツ 14 timer siden
Farbuz 15 timer siden
Katie Garside
Katie Garside 15 timer siden
Sick tune
yunglems 16 timer siden
this song is the goat
Rayan tn
Rayan tn 16 timer siden
Ambet Fretter
Ambet Fretter 16 timer siden
I relate to much to ruby 😔🥲
ThomasW06 16 timer siden
It's Ollie Ball here.
Ben Sweeney
Ben Sweeney 16 timer siden
Most underlooked, underrated in UK!
banjo 17 timer siden
this guy is underrated asf
JacobofhouseTravillski 17 timer siden
Bout time drill produced some good artists 🔥
Grant Griffiths
Grant Griffiths 18 timer siden
bangerrr ✌️✌️✌️
avemus bananum
avemus bananum 18 timer siden
Man central cee will be a drillstar soon
Marnelle Gaming
Marnelle Gaming 12 timer siden
You can't be serious 💀
Sam Debbs Tv
Sam Debbs Tv 18 timer siden
Kai Embrey
Kai Embrey 19 timer siden
Deserves more subs
Duccio Gozzi
Duccio Gozzi 19 timer siden
I want those sweatshirts
Duncan Huisamen
Duncan Huisamen 19 timer siden
Certfied banger ask drake if you cant hop on 0n clb
Lil Chazzy
Lil Chazzy 19 timer siden
Central Cee > 6ix9ine
Daddy-chill 7 timer siden
@Inzta Harriche wdym No u donut
Inzta Harriche
Inzta Harriche 10 timer siden
Ofie Howard
Ofie Howard 19 timer siden
Intro song any one?
Daddy-chill 7 timer siden
Fr i’ve been trying to find it too but No luck😭😭
chanice12 Kiyangi
chanice12 Kiyangi 20 timer siden
Even though the u.s. is a nation in a world that can still have a world war in the acefamily and the acefamily ace family acefamily ace family acefamily ace family
green tut
green tut 20 timer siden
Это просто ПУШКА
Inzta Harriche
Inzta Harriche 10 timer siden
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 22 timer siden
The Bitcoin Chain doee
SanFordBeats 22 timer siden
Official Liliane
Official Liliane 23 timer siden
GB. Dag siden
aulas. 🇧🇷
Aqua Chicken
Aqua Chicken Dag siden
bro if someone makes a song this good for a girl they must feel really special😬😤
poggie Dag siden
BUT IM TRYNA FIX THAT FOR YOU.........its ollie ball here
ALL About Music
ALL About Music Dag siden
this song Conquer the world
ALL About Music
ALL About Music Dag siden
who is from morocco
Crisp Scranner
Crisp Scranner Dag siden
they changed this on spotify and its so much worse i wish they would revert to this music video version
Bilbo Saggins
Bilbo Saggins 9 timer siden
It’s the same just the mix is off
Anariii Dag siden
The passion in his voice >>
999 Refl3x
999 Refl3x Dag siden
bo i kan fix da fo you" <3
Ken Koy
Ken Koy Dag siden
I thank God for this C🚫🧢
dandany123 :
dandany123 : Dag siden
If ur hear from TikTok you cannot like this
Declan Baguley
Declan Baguley Dag siden
Man out here just snitching on himself
ragekid Dag siden
i got u bro
Jordan Oakley
Jordan Oakley Dag siden
I just want to say... I only played this song for my partner because I'm so sick of hearing it on the radio every morning... I figured I'd let him suffer with me
Dorothy Sithole
Dorothy Sithole Dag siden
I’m from Zimbabwe but this song🔥🔥🔥🔥
Take a Snickers
Take a Snickers Dag siden
jamie jones
jamie jones Dag siden
Kendra Monice
Kendra Monice Dag siden
Im a American, just discovered this artist and he is dope af yo!
Parlato Dag siden
I didn't know Aitch had a twin 😂
Phoenix YT
Phoenix YT Dag siden
This song is fire and also has meaningful bars.
Zetsu YT
Zetsu YT Dag siden
Yo Kenny wildin
Lucii 666
Lucii 666 Dag siden
This plays like every 10 minutes at work
Prince Ouedward
Prince Ouedward Dag siden
0:16 it'sollieballhere
MrEustaqueo69 Dag siden
"Living my life as a lie and the sun keeps falling down" song name?
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin Dag siden
Let’s just say central cee is the best rapper atm
Real Talk
Real Talk Dag siden
Shantz187 S Babyy
Shantz187 S Babyy Dag siden
Don’t believe In love ... my guy 💯
Rachel Papadopoullos
Rachel Papadopoullos Dag siden
unfake player
unfake player Dag siden
almost 200k subscribers, How do you feel
Ats Lime
Ats Lime Dag siden
Man said nearly 10 mil ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Floyd Chupping
Floyd Chupping Dag siden
I’m tryna fix that for you it’s Ollie Ball here!
A1xCertii Dag siden
Im searching for a 1 hour version of this rn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
foc nuts
foc nuts Dag siden
Lorenzo Gaspacagotto loves you