Peter King
Peter King 15 timer siden
I play a lot of command and conquer,,,, It reminds me of “ building,,,,,,, construction complete”. But in real time 🤔.
Pablo Marini
Pablo Marini 15 timer siden
Alwin 15 timer siden
So is it gonna launch a second time?
George 15 timer siden
Wow, thank you Mary for the best video so far. So many different angles and so many different things to see. I wish all the videos had a minimum of 25 min. But then again I know that's not possible. It's lovely watching Starbase grow and slowly becoming what we one day might see as the first "Science Fiction City"! This reminds me more and more of the TV Show The Expanse. . :)
Pauldamo 15 timer siden
it looks a little ruff around the edges,but I'm sure it's gonna look spectacular when it's the finished product.
Kiddyyep 15 timer siden
If SN15 is in the launch pad, then it's ready for reusability testing to gain more data...
Alexey Tsybyshev
Alexey Tsybyshev 16 timer siden
11:30 This part looks ridiculous, like something out of a stop-motion cartoon about giant robots.
David Wilson
David Wilson 16 timer siden
I don't get why they didn't just bring in a tower crane. Because they need something movable in case we have a boom boom?
Bernard Kisby
Bernard Kisby 16 timer siden
Kong looks to be getting the power [double] boom.
Chris 16 timer siden
I spot a Tim 😆18:30
Chris 16 timer siden
How is it that only 10% of you are hitting that 👍?? This is amazing stuff!!!
Darren AM
Darren AM 16 timer siden
This is always a good channel to ask things you dont know...why do the flaps on starship look so crumpled ?.....is it just lighter steel ?.
Mt Dog Luvr
Mt Dog Luvr 16 timer siden
Can’t wait to see the collective blown minds the first time SH & SS are stacked on the launch mount. Run people, don’t look back!
趙為舜 16 timer siden
Looks like the Nosecone Test Ring is going to be disassembled soon, thx for your contribution in this magnificent project, we'll miss you.
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 16 timer siden
I love it, throw it up again and check reliability, that’s the bigger goal anyway, each explosion another set of lessons.
JohnNarkaus 16 timer siden
We need about 7 interactive SpaceX museums yesterday
chris eldred
chris eldred 16 timer siden
Looks more like a concrete plant on a building site than a space launch facility
Steven O'Brien
Steven O'Brien 16 timer siden
21:06 "Oh cool, there's a bird on top of the nosecone test rig... oh wait, it's a person"
Mark Amy
Mark Amy 16 timer siden
That nose one in the rest rig looks dented, wonder if they tested it in to the red zone
SpaceX Demo
SpaceX Demo 16 timer siden
Starship is actually huge in Person!!!
Rob Bannstrom
Rob Bannstrom 16 timer siden
Any ideas as to what the steel piece being delivered at 13:35 might be? Could it be part of a booster catcher?
Neo Baggins
Neo Baggins 16 timer siden
Oh what I’d give for a tiny scrap of a starship…even more if it were something recognizable…seriously. They’ve got plenty, if SpaceX were to sort and sell the identifiable pieces with a little card denoting where it came from, which SN, and certifying authenticity, they’d rake it in…
Deuce 16 timer siden
Almost looks like they know what they are doing down there! I remember when we were waiting for one of the launches and we saw them rigging up the SPMT for a landing recovery and had no idea! I would have to dig back for that stream. Could have been the BN1 stacking stream... there's just so many!! Keep it up Mary and NSF Team!
Crasy Fingers
Crasy Fingers 16 timer siden
how much does that thing weight?
lamebubblesflysohigh 16 timer siden
It is a giant construction site
Charles 7
Charles 7 17 timer siden
they're not gonna relaunch sn15 are they?
Charlie Gritzmacher
Charlie Gritzmacher 17 timer siden
Looks like they are moving an 18 story rocket on a flatbed!
Charlie Gritzmacher
Charlie Gritzmacher 17 timer siden
There is non stop construction. They are preparing a rocket to launch,and they're building 3 more rockets. I wonder what Von Broun would have thought this.
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen 16 timer siden
Elon is Von Braun reincarnated
Mart Alex
Mart Alex 17 timer siden
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 17 timer siden
Why did you cut right after 10:13 just curious if there was equipment damage ?
Johnny uk
Johnny uk 17 timer siden
One man with a vision...thanks Mary for showing us history in the taking...great video
STEVEN WORTON 17 timer siden
Those two towers the building upside down and it will look very carefully you can actually see some metal bending
xristina s
xristina s 17 timer siden
Whats the purpose of test ring?
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 17 timer siden
So Boca now has 15 who's already landed and may fly again, 16 waiting to fly, and working on 17...SpaceX are not playing games.
George 16 timer siden
Don't forget.. they are also working on SN20 as we speak.. :)
Florian Ehrhardt
Florian Ehrhardt 17 timer siden
Did they already test the noscone structure?
joseph prosser
joseph prosser 17 timer siden
I am waiting for the day a fully stacked booster with starship sits on top of the launch pad venting as the final seconds tick away towards ignition
Layby2k 17 timer siden
What are they going to do with SN15 now?
Professional Retard
Professional Retard 17 timer siden
They might try to fly it again but its unclear
Andrew Handler
Andrew Handler 17 timer siden
x2xsw3x76x _
x2xsw3x76x _ 17 timer siden
that's pretty cool
jord 121
jord 121 17 timer siden
Dam how many cranes they got now? they’re bloody massive
JamesUKE92 17 timer siden
And when thy sullied nosecone rolleth past, spacex employeth and contracteth alike did cry out “Shame! Shame! Shame!”
magnetmannenbannanen 17 timer siden
They should have namingcontests of the starships as they get ready to launch. Sn 15 is a booring name, missile mcmissileface 15 is a much better name.
EvilBonsai 17 timer siden
Wait...didn't we see this before? Pretty sure I saw an older video where SN15 rolled to pad....
TheMrgrr 17 timer siden
24:54 "No Trespassing, RAPTORS LOOSE" If it wasn't SpaceX i'd be worried.
Professional Retard
Professional Retard 17 timer siden
Rowan Rabbittoaster
Rowan Rabbittoaster 17 timer siden
So did anything actually happen at the construction site then?
Derek Beasley
Derek Beasley 17 timer siden
Is it just shadows or does that nose cone look like it has failed?
Cory Pride
Cory Pride 17 timer siden
Did I miss it? Why was the test cone taken to the launch site in the first place? Did they do any testing there? Thanks for any info you can share.
Shprat bananas
Shprat bananas 17 timer siden
Does this mean sn16 will roll out to pad A soon
DMart 17 timer siden
So did we ever hear anything specific about the nose cone testing? Was it successful, is there more to come?
Kraysent 17 timer siden
It seems sometimes that SpaceX is doing absolutely random stuff. Like: "eah, we landed giant spaceship, let's now move the nosecone cage into the High Bay". Of course, we can understand the point of these things later but now it is just funny to watch :)
Marcel Gerber
Marcel Gerber 18 timer siden
thanks you Team National Aeronautics and SpaceX Administration Spaceflight.......
Chris Moule
Chris Moule 18 timer siden
9:04 big wobble there
u y
u y 17 timer siden
FUZKEK 18 timer siden
“I didn’t hear no bell” - spits out landing leg
jun reyes
jun reyes 18 timer siden
SgtSnipey 18 timer siden
So that new crane is gonna be the dual boom setup interesting.
Thumpernats 18 timer siden
I wonder if the guy's working on Starship can't be bothered going to work like most people.. I doubt it. I will never get tired of watching all things Starship... bloody amazing
мashable 18 timer siden
Welp. SN15 is at pad b now, I wish it good luck on test flight #2
Про жизнь.
Про жизнь. 18 timer siden
Todd Dixon
Todd Dixon 18 timer siden
They should hold SN15 back to be an expandable starship for the first or second Booster test. Even if the booster fails to land itself it would have at least taken SN15 up and sent it on its way to a higher journey! Watch our favourite starship land from the edge of space! Even better, slap the tiles all over it first, boost it, orbit once, and see how long she lasts on the way back! Go out in a blaze of glory!
noah geerdink
noah geerdink 18 timer siden
Are we sure the big crane they are assembling is the Liebherr LR11350, it has the fagioli logo on it looks completely different from the liebherr crane.
Neale Scott
Neale Scott 16 timer siden
Fagioli is the rental company.
MrKKUT1984 18 timer siden
Thanks, now I got a fascination with cranes 😆
Mac Len
Mac Len 18 timer siden
Absolutely love this stuff...really pioneering work...I’m curious though, watching all the pad activity...no flashing yellow lights on vehicles...(like at airports or construction sites)...no high viz clothing...just a matter of time before we see someone squished!
Duder McDudeface
Duder McDudeface 18 timer siden
Why do the workers carry debris away by hand? Not even a wheelbarrow?
But please At Tesla’s speed.
But please At Tesla’s speed. 18 timer siden
Starship is a belly-flopping, flip-maneuvering, skyscraper!
Bring the SEO
Bring the SEO 18 timer siden
Whats the nose cone test rig for? I dont understand?
But please At Tesla’s speed.
But please At Tesla’s speed. 18 timer siden
It needs to be strong enough to go through Max-Q. The maximum pressure the rocket will experience, about 3 mins in if you watch any Falcon launch.
William Zeigler
William Zeigler 18 timer siden
I am amazed at the workers they are like worker Ants non stop go go go with such perfection I love these men and women.
JohnJTraston 18 timer siden
Wow. That's a lot of work going on there...
S. Munro
S. Munro 18 timer siden
Are they going to launch the SN-15 from the landing pad it landed on, or return it to the launch mount?
paulkazjack 18 timer siden
Refuel the fucker and send it back up! Then we'll really know if all this has been worth it.
59seank 18 timer siden
Mary, I don't know how you do what you do, but thanks.
Jessie Gorgonia
Jessie Gorgonia 18 timer siden
if I'm the driver of that truck! My career is over for sure 🤣🤣
sixbrokeneggs 18 timer siden
Imagine Mystery Nosecone being used for SN20 for orbital test?
Daniel Makrides
Daniel Makrides 18 timer siden
Won't the engineers lose a valuable chance to inspect every inch of SN15 if they choose to re launch? Or is it possible they already got all the data and analysis they needed and so SN15 is just expendable?
George 16 timer siden
I think they might have gathered some important data already. Even though they didn't expect SN15 to land, "Elons own words," ^^ I think they got some important data earlier than they had planned which gives them a huge bonus right now. So I think relaunching might be the best option here for Space X to analyze some other valuable data with a second flight which was not in their time-table. So using this opportunity is the right thing to do. :) I don't think they are relaunching because it's expendable, this is the perfect Starship to stresstest and gather as "milk" it as much as possible until it goes bananas :)
sixbrokeneggs 18 timer siden
0:15 This guy almost started static fire test xDD
Juri Teller
Juri Teller 18 timer siden
When you need a heavy duty crane to assemble another crane you know you‘ve got a big one.
33lex55 18 timer siden
the sheer size of all these machines and the construction work is just overwhelming....love it!
Byron Wellburn
Byron Wellburn 18 timer siden
I love these vids
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor 18 timer siden
6:54 What's that truck doing putting smoke or vapour into the air? Spraying for mosquitoes?
Manan Patel
Manan Patel 19 timer siden
Ah ship here we go again.