Ljiljana Andrić
Ljiljana Andrić 13 timer siden
I am not of fan of this song and artist in general. Balads are for him, but that is not something that can go far on ESC. Sorry estonians.
MrEuroVoice 13 timer siden
Much better than last year, congrats Uku!
TheRudi101 13 timer siden
barf !!!
Noah Silberbauer
Noah Silberbauer 13 timer siden
Even tho i dont understand a damn thing i think it sound so freaking good
Crowsrevenge 13 timer siden
Only way for him to end up in the top 10 with this song is if he sings shirtless...😘
Edward Wenike-Cotterell
Edward Wenike-Cotterell 13 timer siden
Let's be honest. Semi Final 2 is so bad this year. This'll probably go through at 8th or 7th. The 5 second demo of Latvia's song is more interesting than this whole performance lmao.
Marko Milutinov
Marko Milutinov 13 timer siden
Finland and Albania 💪🏻
Nikko Von Bransson
Nikko Von Bransson 13 timer siden
Awesome 1 million views in 32 hours now let's go for another million in the next 32 or even less 🇷🇸❤️
Roman GOELAND 13 timer siden
Is a good song but no winner no TOP10 I think
Marko Milutinov
Marko Milutinov 13 timer siden
Only like Finland for now
Maya B.
Maya B. 13 timer siden
Sramota me.
Js S
Js S 14 timer siden
That's a nice stage. But forget the chains... So tacky 🙄😂
Gayane Megrabyan
Gayane Megrabyan 14 timer siden
Miroslav Danic
Miroslav Danic 14 timer siden
Pesma je super,koliko su lepe to je tek prica sama za sebe,dobijace poene i za pesmu i lepotu i plus ako bude dobra koreografija....daleko ce dogurati Srbija!!!
Dirty Pony
Dirty Pony 14 timer siden
Watch Europe return to victory!!! 🇷🇸👑
venom v
venom v 14 timer siden
Don't get me wrong, but I don't get why non-official minority culture is being displayed under the Dutch flag. I think it misses the whole point of Eurovision- to bring Europe together by getting to know each others culture. like if there was a south American song contest, I would like to see songs like this one, and I don't want to see Brazil being represented by Russian folk song for example, regardless of how good the song can be.
Mihajlo Antic
Mihajlo Antic 14 timer siden
Ко не лајкује није Србин ❤️🇷🇸
Juu Accostt ESC
Juu Accostt ESC 14 timer siden
The lucky One???...well...we'll see if he got luck enough to make it trough the final...
Dann Z.
Dann Z. 14 timer siden
Im not really into the song yet but the staging is epic. Well done Estonia! 💪🇪🇪
vegard k. solberg
vegard k. solberg 14 timer siden
Estonia🇪🇪 just stole the spot in the grand final from Denmark🇩🇰 tonight 😜
Melissa 14 timer siden
I can't tell if the chorus is Serbian or Gibberish?
Draga 13 timer siden
СТАС Обжшник
СТАС Обжшник 14 timer siden
0:49 beautiful!
Darko B
Darko B 14 timer siden
Honestly this one is waaaay better than last year and I hope he will get to grand final. Im sending support from Croatia🇭🇷
Me 14 timer siden
*it's like 2am-4am In Europe* Eurovision: Would you like to see the Estonian entry?
Jelica Jankovic
Jelica Jankovic 14 timer siden
1 1 1
1 1 1 14 timer siden
Н/ PROCULIN® 0,3 mg/1ml Капки за очи то слушав
μ σ
μ σ 14 timer siden
Reptilfanatikern 14 timer siden
Limp bizkit version.
film4o 14 timer siden
This is one of my faves this year. Uku deserved to go to Eurovision and im happy for him. Good luck to Estonia.
patryk Nowak
patryk Nowak 14 timer siden
He finally is going to perform at eurovison, justice has been served
Sabrina Jaine
Sabrina Jaine 14 timer siden
This is better than last year (not that that says much...) but it's still incredibly bland.
CG29legend 14 timer siden
The only positive thing I can say about this is that it's better than his song last year. Disappointed, but not surprised. Estonia somewhere at the bottom of my list again :(
Lana Diamandis
Lana Diamandis 14 timer siden
Oh well, I preferred Juri. Good luck though, he's gonna need it again
KPOPNATION100 14 timer siden
Anyway... ... Stream Magus Melanhoolia
Martius 14 timer siden
Serbia or Croatia? Like both. Good luck. 🇷🇸🇭🇷
SuperMalle12 14 timer siden
Badminton. DENMARK. Single in final / double fiinal / Mix final / Tennis finale too.
Lucas Carrera
Lucas Carrera 14 timer siden
This is magical🔮💙
Me 14 timer siden
I can respect that they were trying to do something "different" with the water effect and maybe showing it once is okay, but not multiple times. Eurovision is a singing competition where singers sing live, and the multiple shown clips remove the immersion. Not to mention that Eurovision scenario B is being prepared and it will still have live audience (Which won't change unless corona in Rotterdam will get worse) A dude jumping backwards onto the stage will look weird. (Unless that's pre-recorded, in which case, explains the weird cuts) There's too much reliability on appealing to "home audience" instead of presenting actual quality. At least it's not as trippy as the semi-final performance because whoooo-weeee, if you haven't seen that performance, I recommend watching it, it's an epileptic trip. Either way, instead of relying on "effects", please REVAMP the song, it could have a lot more potential. Good luck Estonia from UK.
marko66mark 14 timer siden
Well deserved victory. Good luck, Estonia. ❤️
Milan Despotovic
Milan Despotovic 14 timer siden
He should winn in 2019 pretty little liar was amazing... This year Juri got me in eesti laul... anyway good luck...
Anton Diachuk
Anton Diachuk 14 timer siden
P L 14 timer siden
I see this song being this year's winner
High.level.of_consciousness 14 timer siden
Tribute to Dunkan Lawrence
Wilderness Junkie
Wilderness Junkie 14 timer siden
Best so far for me. 12 pts UK.
zwartepiet nl
zwartepiet nl 14 timer siden
Karaef karaef
Karaef karaef 14 timer siden
2021 de qulaq asib kecmisi xatirlayiib kovrelen tek menem?
Maria 14 timer siden
So when he competes with a good song (Pretty Little Liar) he doesn't win, but when he gets a *dated ass kristian kostov song* he wins 2 times on a row?
Roly 14 timer siden
Such a better song then he had last year! <3
1 1 1
1 1 1 14 timer siden
Дарко Димитров мора нормално Македонија. Србија, Хрватска, Словенија, Црна Гора, Албанија и појќе од пола Балкан да ровари и да го има оти без него не е Евровизија
M. R.
M. R. 14 timer siden
Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark 14 timer siden
I love the verses, but the chorus just flops
Ioanna Ayfanti
Ioanna Ayfanti 14 timer siden
He deserved it last year and he got it now
Kevin Mao
Kevin Mao 14 timer siden
Glad to see Uku back, sad to see Juri leave :( Hope you'll be the Lucky One, Estonia!
Volha Boyles
Volha Boyles 14 timer siden
So unoriginal!! Catchy beat at times, but so cheesy and just not good choreo from the singer. Colors are cool, and dancers are doing a good job though. So underwhelmed! But I didn’t expect much from this after finding out who the producer was...
i1s9m9r5 14 timer siden
even though the singer looks kinda goofy, the song is really good! It's my second favourite! Good luck from Portugal
Samir Mehic
Samir Mehic 14 timer siden
Wesley Gomes ESC
Wesley Gomes ESC 14 timer siden
Congratulations, Uku! You deserve it! Good luck! :) ❤️
Volha Boyles
Volha Boyles 14 timer siden
So unoriginal!! Catchy beat at times, but so cheesy and just not good choreo from the singer. Colors are cool, and dancers are doing a good job though. So underwhelmed! But I didn’t expect much from this after finding out who the producer was...
M 14 timer siden
But for real where is Estonia which at least tried to send something special?¿
Eurovision Turkey
Eurovision Turkey 14 timer siden
Good luck Estonia!
Luca M
Luca M 14 timer siden
I preferd Jüri Poostman but Uku earnd it too. Good Luck Estonia
Enzo Salomão
Enzo Salomão 14 timer siden
Me arrepiei kkkk muito linda essa música
_salga 14 timer siden
Wow 6 years old?
k r i s s y
k r i s s y 14 timer siden
He deserves it, as last year’s contest was cancelled, but Jüri🥺 I’m sad don’t talk to me
M 14 timer siden
Im sorry but I do not need this type of songs at Eurovision. It’s so bland and generic. Estonia really did the mistake twice with him.
M. R.
M. R. 14 timer siden
"bland and generic" describes him perfectly
FeelinErie 14 timer siden
Reminds me of "Blinding Lights"
Geoffreyenz 14 timer siden
Great song! Thanks Serbia for being proud and singing in your own beautiful language!
Screamqueer 14 timer siden
And the middle age moms once again killed their chances of qualifying for the grand final He literally only won because he's every Estonian's dream husband
sajmonn 14 timer siden
VK KV 14 timer siden
Κρίμα...τόσο καλό τραγούδι αλλά τόσο κακιά τραγουδίστρια....(αν μπορει κάποιος να την πει τραγουδίστρια)
Vladimir Zivkovic
Vladimir Zivkovic 14 timer siden
spot je parada kičerice i neobuzdanog drmusanja
Federico Pifferi
Federico Pifferi 14 timer siden
I am so happy for him. Good luck from Italy!
Adrián ARG
Adrián ARG 14 timer siden
The song is good, but his voice ...
clover qyf
clover qyf 14 timer siden
I actually think this entry is much better than his entry last year. I hope he will qualify! Good luck Estonia🇪🇪🇲🇪
OnionWarrior 14 timer siden
No no no no no, this is bad. This is extremely BAD. I DON'T LIKE THIS AT ALL!!!!!!!! --------->>>> LAST PLACE
Ibor Hergotic
Ibor Hergotic 14 timer siden
Kinda boring and average...
Arthur Marmori
Arthur Marmori 14 timer siden
I want his onlyfans!
Yusuf 14 timer siden
💀💀💀get in line x
Kenneth Chow
Kenneth Chow 14 timer siden
When is Italy done??? And what time is it over there???...do they really do this at such ridiculous times every year???
Luke Fernandez
Luke Fernandez 14 timer siden
My 11th Place in Semi Final 2