4 måneder siden
I am too smart for Among Us
Modern Warfare ADULT Edition
BEST OF THE DOOO (3 mil special)
Jason Ventura
Jason Ventura 18 timer siden
Did you spend time in Portland, Or with "It Prevails"?
ndy 19 timer siden
who else thought he was about to say this video was sponsored by fire and not raid i wouldve laughed so hard
Commander Martinez
Commander Martinez 19 timer siden
Dooo give is a full cover of Elivs
I.M Art drawings
I.M Art drawings 19 timer siden
3:08 wtf this is not a human
Ditya Verma
Ditya Verma 19 timer siden
I love this type of Suspens Video
Bohdan Mykytey
Bohdan Mykytey 19 timer siden
That just melted my brain. Where's the love button?
Pro Riot
Pro Riot 19 timer siden
i have a feeling that the hello kitty guitar has powers
Tanvir Muttakin
Tanvir Muttakin 19 timer siden
is that discord call ending beep? nvm...
serena dillard
serena dillard 19 timer siden
wait im new to this channel and you play the piano tooo! omg
Skeptic L
Skeptic L 19 timer siden
AznStylez was in one of Racc's most popular CS:GO surfing videos a loooooong while back. Crazy to see him here too, his voice is nuts and he kills it on the guitar.
-JoshuaPlayz- 20 timer siden
Rajeev 20 timer siden
Legit RESPECT to that last guy!!!!
Hino 20 timer siden
Truly_high_420 20 timer siden
As someone who dips I find this offensive 😂😂😂
Tane Kacso [Student]
Tane Kacso [Student] 21 time siden
That one guy that looked like Logan paul
ImmortalGamer 21 time siden
"NO I SAID NO" I freaking died Also the "sure bitch" made me laugh so hard
TroyDaKid 21 time siden
7:03 kinda sounds like 223's by YNW Melly
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 21 time siden
7:49 he really just said I don't need an electric guitar I AM THE GUITAR
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 21 time siden
I feel like the dooo should use his soundboard to have a conversation with himself and make everyone else think he's talking to his gf
Algernon 21 time siden
Bro the kid who asked for Lost Woods reminds me there’s hope for the younger generation
Jakobo 9000
Jakobo 9000 22 timer siden
2021 and still watching these
darwin spencer
darwin spencer 22 timer siden
I love that guitar
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 22 timer siden
3.00 do u know sunlight XD
Logan Stevens
Logan Stevens 22 timer siden
the dooo makes me pee white sometimes
Timothy Laaksonen
Timothy Laaksonen 22 timer siden
U really hit him with the fortnite dance like that bro? U didn’t gotta do it to him like that😂😂
MightBePatarIDK 22 timer siden
“Jack black?”
Ádám Vécsey
Ádám Vécsey 22 timer siden
People are right about your voice, at first I thought that it wasn't your real voice, because your voice sounds so epic. Like an announcer or newscaster/broadcaster whatever. Your voice is epic, that's the point. Btw instant ban for 2 weeks? :D That's just cruel! Not even examining the case, one could just ban half of the users, if it works like this! (I don't know how it works like, actually, so... IF it works like this, this system is quite a piece of crap.)
Ethanos & Raider
Ethanos & Raider 22 timer siden
The doo: Shredding his guitar Neighbors:😐
Kyle Stuart
Kyle Stuart 22 timer siden
Eclipse is so underrated
Vujkin PC
Vujkin PC 22 timer siden
damn you are buff
Henry Hien drummer LAM
Henry Hien drummer LAM 23 timer siden
It actually lots of happiness given out by this guy, The Dooo, we thanks and appreciated, take care
frhn akasha
frhn akasha 23 timer siden
Can I know the name of the song at 9:43?
jason cat
jason cat 23 timer siden
Hey can you play stand by me
- aqua lilium -
- aqua lilium - 23 timer siden
0:33 “Hallelujah by The Dooo” Captions: *”Hallelujah by the Jew”*
Tyler Langfield
Tyler Langfield 23 timer siden
what guitar is he using? that things sick
Ele Mental
Ele Mental 23 timer siden
"it's got to be hard to play with only two fingers" -Django Reinhardt: *exists*
bryce mcmichael
bryce mcmichael 23 timer siden
pov: and you be walking down the street and you see doos thighs and u like i would recognize them thighs anywere
Stubbsy19 23 timer siden
I was right the is chris evans
Anthony 23 timer siden
8:06 someone say among us 0_0
SkullBreaker Customs
SkullBreaker Customs 23 timer siden
Disney need 2 hire u for new avenger movies
Jace LII
Jace LII 23 timer siden
I forget how good you are on piano😌👍🏽
FelineBoat Dag siden
Soothsayer is one of favorite songs ever
SteveThePirate80 Dag siden
The shots being taken every time a lady covers her face would have to be of water otherwise we would all be dead.
Marcos Daniel
Marcos Daniel Dag siden
Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones Dag siden
“Are you a girl or a boy” “Yeah”
Jesse Case
Jesse Case Dag siden
Dude puts the guitar back on the wall
Rahil M
Rahil M Dag siden
Is THE DOO secretly DREAM ? 🤔
T Flanagan
T Flanagan Dag siden
Goes from hot cross buns to the song that caused an entire generation of gamers to get arthritis
Levdepef Shinzō
Levdepef Shinzō Dag siden
Love your songs :)
Nadastrippedwrld Dag siden
Am I the only one who found doo and at first actually thought he was gay
robotomo Dag siden
Mexico is the laughing stock of our planet As Richard Hammond said "Imagine waking up one day and remembering you're Mexican"
Julian Babi
Julian Babi Dag siden
8:14sheeshh 🥶
Julian Babi
Julian Babi Dag siden
8:00 i dont even know what to say about this man😂
F1kter Dag siden
9:51 nah fuck this
NIX News
NIX News Dag siden
2021 anyone?
nate83901 Dag siden
2021 and we still need MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Quantum Ultimate
Quantum Ultimate Dag siden
How do you do this girl voice?
SUCCtastical !!
SUCCtastical !! Dag siden
“Can you move your dingleberries out of the way” -Grizzy 2021
Lotoxy Dag siden
5:26 how is this guitar not falling ?
爱恼恨 Dag siden
Guy: okay what are we playing Dooo: *plays something sick* Guy: *puts guitar back*
Jake Jamney
Jake Jamney Dag siden
Dooo is so talented but he plays with soup
Lucas Romero
Lucas Romero Dag siden
Legion OfOne
Legion OfOne Dag siden
0:43 I just love that
Ansh Haze
Ansh Haze Dag siden
One day I also wanna be that good in guitar, so I could play songs just by listening em...
Confused Dag siden
I have watched every single video except the re7 series, jeez i missed out. I have been a fan since 2016 keep up the Amazing content. Your videos make me happier and i started guitar because of you! Thank You!
Bloodykiller Zalgo
Bloodykiller Zalgo Dag siden
Whats the song at 12:17 called?
Bloodykiller Zalgo
Bloodykiller Zalgo Dag siden
That shits insane
Satan Dag siden
Girls are like "he got some fast fingers" if you know what i mean :)
Enes Alcatraz
Enes Alcatraz Dag siden
Whats the guitar model?
lilpunk31 Dag siden
Doo tf how good is your girl voice
Enzouette Dag siden
9:05 the ghosts in her room have a lot of pleasur i think XD
ROYGUS Dag siden
firste girle beacome tomato
POLIΘIKA! Dag siden
Funny some people's reaction seem like a 70 yo man from the XIX century listening to classical music, when they are actually listening to the good ol' hard rock
Winnie Lin
Winnie Lin Dag siden
I love how in this series hes just used as Alexa
Sekitan Dag siden
Daaaaaamn dooo I like what I see
Lennert Vanoplyes
Lennert Vanoplyes Dag siden
Can you play nothing else matters for me please in your next video?
Bigboi Shak
Bigboi Shak Dag siden
Poor guy filmed is fucking mouth
Anton Borissenko
Anton Borissenko Dag siden
9:13 that's me every evening
Stalate Dag siden
No one mentioned the fortnite part at 4:20
verifiedstop YT
verifiedstop YT Dag siden
I can't with the scream😂 3:15
Scott Byrd
Scott Byrd Dag siden
Just gotta add.....fucking badass. Ascend is beast, and to be able to do it in words. 💯💯💯