door tier list
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bad customers
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click this video
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food fight
5 måneder siden
creative   vs   inventive
5 måneder siden
super dream
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mud run
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Two Sisters
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År siden
Happy Belated Halloween
Tree House
3 år siden
Public Transit
3 år siden
Fidget Spinner
3 år siden
Ice Cream Sandwich Intro
Pizza is good
3 år siden
Breath of the Mild
4 år siden
NEED AMMO [Factorio]
Pryor Adventures
Pryor Adventures 13 timer siden
My dad said he had a friend who fell down the stares with a plate of spaghetti
Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses
Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses 13 timer siden
So that means a dog with rabies will attack my mom? Oh no...
baryalon22 13 timer siden
I broke my arm and from what I remember it didn't hurt unless I touched my are or moved it
Rollermaster064 13 timer siden
I know i am a little late but i had this before when i was young where i dreamt about my friend running round the track and then blinking and them falling over and then the next day it happened and i thought i had a power to knock people over by blinking. I later tried it on someone else and a couple seconds later they fell over (it didn't work after that tho). I only a couple months ago realised my dream predicted the future
Valkyrie 13 timer siden
*sits here eating pop tarts without a sound*
Sana -
Sana - 13 timer siden
Thomas Poli
Thomas Poli 13 timer siden
I also did a really bad sprain and couldn’t walk on my ankle for 2 week and had to wear a moon boot for 6-7 weeks T^T
Flumpywump 13 timer siden
sans' humor house
sans' humor house 14 timer siden
1:45 lol 🤣😂
JonNotFond 14 timer siden
everytime i throw away food, i feel guilty ngl
Mmc Preece
Mmc Preece 14 timer siden
Every video you have stupid
Logan The big gamer
Logan The big gamer 14 timer siden
sans' humor house
sans' humor house 14 timer siden
2:31 is that an Undertale reference?
buzzy bee
buzzy bee 14 timer siden
Ice cream: I haven't seen anyone who don't like pizza. Me:now you have me
The Egg
The Egg 15 timer siden
0:12 pog (u need to immediately pause tho)
Alwyn Nito
Alwyn Nito 16 timer siden
unless you almost break your limbs standing on a bath tub edge to catch bugs
The Circle
The Circle 16 timer siden
Hope he got that froggy lamp
whatgari 16 timer siden
Nah if you showed up with your head looking out of a hole you cut in a box I'd compliment you
Reid Moore
Reid Moore 16 timer siden
I'm catching feelings because you didn't cover REAL FAKE DOORS
Rens Luteijn
Rens Luteijn 16 timer siden
I had the same, no broken bones, but bruising and swelling all over my foot/ankle. Turned out i tore the ligaments in that bitch. After a 4m drop on a climbing wall i landed on a crash pad and my foot rolled inward and back out making a weird kenshiro anime knuckle cracking noise. big ouch
Joshua Nash
Joshua Nash 16 timer siden
That probably also happens earlier in the game. You probably just remembered the earlier time and when you processed your stress, which was the dream, your brain thought, "WAIT! This is how we solved it last time." Boom
Kirby 17 timer siden
youtube please dont suggest these trash storytime animation channels to me thanks
buzzy bee
buzzy bee 17 timer siden
It is a card holder
stinkysockBOI 17 timer siden
M e
Marbled Widower
Marbled Widower 17 timer siden
It’s because we have big ears and they hurt
Rens Luteijn
Rens Luteijn 18 timer siden
I had the same when i tried to make a party on PS4 by connecting to a friend for the first time. And right as i did it, i remembered that i dreamt it and the scenario played itself out in my head at the same time as i was making the PS4 party thing trying to connect to voice chat and saying something to the person i was making the party with. Same thing with going driving through a city for the first time. And when i rolled up to a traffic light, same thing. It went from green to yellow to red, and surprisingly fast back to green. just like i dreamt. numerous other insignificant premonition type shit happened. But i dno if it's actually Deja Vú or not. kinda weird. Im not into horoscope fortune telling shiz either.
KC 19 timer siden
This guy's good at drawing hyperrealistic doors
The Game Boy
The Game Boy 19 timer siden
The popcorn one is revolutionary
Tagrix 19 timer siden
The guy holding the door could not move even if he wanted to
•The sssimp Queen•
•The sssimp Queen• 20 timer siden
My pain lol: I got hit in the face with a ball ._. I fallen over on the sidewalk ._. I fell down the stairs ._. I think I stubbed toes ._. Ye
•The sssimp Queen•
•The sssimp Queen• 20 timer siden
Ur so funny 😂
Bejoy Raju
Bejoy Raju 20 timer siden
Iwillrickrollu 20 timer siden
If someone ever throws a cheese stick in a food fight ima get out my chainsaw
Basically Nobody
Basically Nobody 20 timer siden
Lol the end “911 yeah he’s back”
Potato Patato
Potato Patato 20 timer siden
Sorry, but I gotta dislike unless I see a follow-up. You missed saloon doors, fancy wooden doors, safe doors, double-doors, false doors, automatic doors, even those huge engraved doors you can find on cathedrals!
Tagrix 21 time siden
when this human put those glasses on and said 20/20 it made me feel bad for myself. im reporting it for child abuse
A Panzer Division With Internet Access
A Panzer Division With Internet Access 21 time siden
The first guy to make an sponsor interesting
Akaneko 21 time siden
0:07 Wow, he really must be on something really strong. 0:13 Oh, He was actually serious.
NoobPlayZ 21 time siden
Ice cream: I see future Dream: it wasn’t supposed to show future....
Madeline draws
Madeline draws 21 time siden
I hate to tell you this, I hate pizza.
bflansburg1786 22 timer siden
Ice cream sandwich: your mean!!!! The guy:oooooooof
bflansburg1786 22 timer siden
Upload more often plz and the cross make u look like kirby (pooyoo)
•Jade• 22 timer siden
I’m the youngest, and my parents treat me exactly like my older sisters 😂
Ray Parker
Ray Parker 22 timer siden
🥛Ice cream is milk gang confirmed 🥛
Пятграммов кокаина
Пятграммов кокаина 22 timer siden
I see a dreamer
Joab Gomez
Joab Gomez 22 timer siden
Honestly idk how I survived while I was a baby, my two sister would use me as puppet, one accidentally let a glass bottle land in my face, almost let me fall down when putting me in the crib, i was lucky like *V E R Y* lucky
Matthew Accurso
Matthew Accurso 22 timer siden
i burned the fuck outta my hand, third degree burns on three middle digits and the back of my hqand, i spilled boiling shoe polish bc i was trying to polish my boots, and now i cant play games on my computer
-Grxce- 23 timer siden
*raises hand* wha-
Chiwawa STUDIOS 23 timer siden
I really love ur animation style
Username Taken
Username Taken 23 timer siden
I didn't know sweetpea was a flower what the heck
Titanfall 2 Is Amazing
Titanfall 2 Is Amazing 23 timer siden
My guy forgot the hanger type door, which folds up.
Sean Kumato
Sean Kumato 23 timer siden
Jachlatt music
Cameron Price
Cameron Price 23 timer siden
why australia its go hardsly any covid 19 huh ill nuke amarica
Agnish Das
Agnish Das Dag siden
"The lunch lady worked really hard to make food for us" imagine hearing this sentence when all you got is 2 slice of bread and salt
Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses
Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses Dag siden
At my grandmas house there is a room. We put lights and chairs in it it’s a built lounge room for the bois
Hayden Sweet
Hayden Sweet Dag siden
Was at a Halloween party and guy came in dressed as an outhouse. Like one of those costumes where your’e riding a horse but the legs are fake, except that, he wore a whole outhouse and had fake legs and a newspaper covering the crotch.
clad natter
clad natter Dag siden
Bill nye the soviet spy
101 tips &tricks
101 tips &tricks Dag siden
Broccoli hurt
101 tips &tricks
101 tips &tricks Dag siden
Fight food with food with food with MILK
101 tips &tricks
101 tips &tricks Dag siden
Spelling errors in my comments
cornmeal Dag siden
I know little german but its zwei he learned it
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood Dag siden
It hurts but not that much still doesn't feel good
john mueller
john mueller Dag siden
I live in Minnesota and I feel this video except I love spiders
Leobardo Chavez
Leobardo Chavez Dag siden
The rocket becaus it wanted to stay and play minecraft : AHHHHHHHhhhhh.....
Ryan Rothman
Ryan Rothman Dag siden
Can we just appreciate how good bill bye the science was
Jayden Ward
Jayden Ward Dag siden
It was kinda funny
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Dag siden
I just had pizza, clicked this video and got a little ceasers ad
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager Dag siden
“Your mean!” *deletes entire life*
nada nadie
nada nadie Dag siden
1:29 Is calvin and hobbes , one of the best comics nooks I've read.
James Dahl
James Dahl Dag siden
Play disk 13 or 11
Anth Moffa
Anth Moffa Dag siden
Instead of roof tiles solar panel roofs
JoeyThings Dag siden
4:50 Me before and after I enter class.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Dag siden
I think I’m crazy to I licked soap
Zmeck Pol
Zmeck Pol Dag siden
I remember I was at this place once and they had this hovering door that you slide hit it was heavy and at first I didnt know how to open is so I kinda just lifted it and slipped through (it was extremely hard) and I could see the people laughing at me, then I saw what type of door it was and I could die with embarrassment
Rachel Tat
Rachel Tat Dag siden
i love that the music he uses in the beginning is the same music ProZD uses when ranking things. I wonder if it's intentional!
Starship SN15
Starship SN15 Dag siden
I am wanted in 3 states for arsen
SonicBrock Dag siden
call me crazy but my broken bone hurt less than my scraped leg
Flipamations Dag siden
I broke my arm on monkey bars in the first grade