Pro D4blo
Pro D4blo 19 timer siden
Finn de Groot
Finn de Groot 20 timer siden
8:56 what did he say?
Phillips 21 time siden
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Woodman George
Woodman George 19 timer siden
@James Dee Tell him I referred you so he will know you came for business
James Dee
James Dee 19 timer siden
@Woodman George Ok thanks I just sent him a message on WhatsApp
Woodman George
Woodman George 19 timer siden
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Woodman George
Woodman George 19 timer siden
He’s not like other brokers that will start saying to you that your trade didn’t go well after collecting your money
Woodman George
Woodman George 19 timer siden
Just before I decide on making an investment with him I got skeptical because I was cheated before but after giving him a try it was of no regret and my happiest moments
LogicPak 21 time siden
Who are these 2?
Ethan Mbappé
Ethan Mbappé 21 time siden
phil ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I Liked Google Plus
I Liked Google Plus 22 timer siden
liverpool 5-1 Germany
Viktor Korsós
Viktor Korsós 22 timer siden
ayo new rocket league update kinda fire
אורי בצלאל
אורי בצלאל 23 timer siden
EL EL ISRAEL🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Rob Scott
Rob Scott 23 timer siden
This has a 'The Royal Family' vibe to it.
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp 23 timer siden
This inside Phil Foden hotel room to keep an eye on him 😂 his wife and kids who he cheated on directing this ?
steven postlethwaite
steven postlethwaite Dag siden
Phil next time you score an amazing goal, take your shoe off and throw it in the net
B B Dag siden
Should that challenge be a red at 4:40?
p j
p j Dag siden
Latifa Dag siden
Millie and Rachel are friendship goals!!!!
George Macpherson
George Macpherson Dag siden
These grassroots players are better than Man United.
Nostalgic Productions
Nostalgic Productions Dag siden
who is brewster to even be in a position to judge he has done ZERO in the premier league not a single top flight goal ever in 18 appearance for liverpool or 30 for sheffield
Lily Yue
Lily Yue Dag siden
Love a bit of Dalybrightness
Garcia Family
Garcia Family Dag siden
These lads are bringing football home this summer
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Dag siden
I'm a us national team supporter but the lioness are a close second
Ducky Duck
Ducky Duck Dag siden
Did he just say nachos? Nachos are Mexican not American... and BBQ is Australian... and while we are on it, Apple Pie not American, Hamburger not American. The only American food that is uniquely American is jerky, buffalo wings and corn. Those are the ones I can think of at least. Italian should’ve won. I would’ve accepted if Indian, French or Japanese won but come on. Pizza, Ravioli, Carbonara, Calzone, Bolognese. I think they just rated their experiences eating in the countries rather than the traditional food.
sabir abdille
sabir abdille Dag siden
I wasn't even alive bro
Mantap Mentong
Mantap Mentong Dag siden
Where is Owen's goal in WC 1998? Don't you think it's amazing?
Keepin' it real
Keepin' it real Dag siden
QPRTokyo Dag siden
No comment.
Emily Grace Penny
Emily Grace Penny Dag siden
Honestly love these girls so much
TheFutureOfSoccer Dag siden
Was the fainting one because Rachel fainted in a game?
Linus Solbräcke
Linus Solbräcke Dag siden
Mings is a beast!
E K Dag siden
Great video!
England Dag siden
Glad you enjoyed it!
saikumar h
saikumar h Dag siden
Can I get a heart from from this channel Pls
Hammood Habibi Hammood
Hammood Habibi Hammood Dag siden
Can I get a hi?
Stephen Kemp
Stephen Kemp Dag siden
Absolutely incredible gets me every time unbelievable ⚽ ⚽
MNTV News Dag siden
Trafford Langton
Trafford Langton Dag siden
Nahhhhh this mason sancho duo need more of it 🔥🔥🔥
I loved the last goal but they were all great 😊
prxshh Dag siden
mount >>>> foden
Jacob Dorigo
Jacob Dorigo Dag siden
"ma.mcad.mcadmia" "macademy" Jesse Lingard - 2021
Ran 16km in that game...Wow 🐐🔥
santiago lopez
santiago lopez Dag siden
The rondos look so perfect
Wazir Dag siden
2:00 RB babbyyyy. 😋🔥🔥
Ismail Patel
Ismail Patel Dag siden
Yorkshire Pirlo & Stockport Iniesta
SpicyNugz Dag siden
Jordan Pickford:” shshsh shshhshs !”
Simon Heart
Simon Heart Dag siden
Trading right now will be at the of every wise individual’s list. In 2months you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
Steven Orourke
Steven Orourke Dag siden
Dunno why the Greece keeper didn’t make a move
softlystroll Dag siden
Absolutely fair result. Czech Republic controlled most of this game and it brings back lots of bad memories where superior teams have exploited England's weaknesses. Where do i start?
Harry Crichton
Harry Crichton Dag siden
imagine England like this comment!
Eusebio Cascayan
Eusebio Cascayan Dag siden
June 7 Tuesday Joseph Cascayan 29 Old Year Happy birthday 🎉 Boyfriend
Eusebio Cascayan
Eusebio Cascayan Dag siden
pardesisivakasi Dag siden
Title is wrong It’s Zlatan vs England
Mr. 4ut
Mr. 4ut Dag siden
Mr. 4ut
Mr. 4ut Dag siden
Legendx 7 bro init
Legendx 7 bro init Dag siden
4:50 Calvin you funny guy my guy young philly has died
Cmuni7 Z
Cmuni7 Z Dag siden
Looks like they’ve been forced to do this😭
Alan Dowst
Alan Dowst Dag siden
We need lingard and rashford to do one of these
KanivaOH Dag siden
Magic sending man for hotdogs 😂🐐
Magic Takers
Magic Takers Dag siden
YCJ Dag siden
England tell Phil foden that team they reacted to at 2:03 was rising ballers