Lil Baby - On Me
4 måneder siden
Lil Baby - Low Down (Audio)
11 måneder siden
Lil Baby - Get Money (Audio)
Lil Baby - All In (Audio)
11 måneder siden
Lil Baby - All In
11 måneder siden
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson 2 timer siden
Lil baby ain’t no goat he a ram a real ass musician
OddLot_Kid 2 timer siden
What’s his gamer tag? 😂😂
Melissa Mays
Melissa Mays 2 timer siden
Might jus be the 🌴 but fawkkk this video, the artists, their words and deliverance is amazing!! Possibly the one of the best..
Emma Moore
Emma Moore 2 timer siden
this song is lit who ever disliked get a covid test like this song is lit
Richard Chaffin
Richard Chaffin 2 timer siden
Fich u money dag is a savig bich
drinkable liquid
drinkable liquid 2 timer siden
Run it back turbo
mxrquiz 2 timer siden
Peep all the moves I been makin’, by time I get forty I gotta be one of the greats 🐐 he been the goat💯
carlos santiago-morales
carlos santiago-morales 2 timer siden
How you do on music video book I want to be one visible rock never been 1 last time I didn't energy ask for someone and yeah I want to be in 1 play dime
Lauren K3LISSA
Lauren K3LISSA 2 timer siden
You come ere three days latter... G but i aint parkin mine
Yrn Ken
Yrn Ken 3 timer siden
If u got old head singing yo song to then uk sum fr😂
FunnyTae 3 timer siden
caleb jones
caleb jones 3 timer siden
p.s. rip to lil baby relationship
caleb jones
caleb jones 3 timer siden
this song hit different
1ndigo Ch1ld
1ndigo Ch1ld 3 timer siden
They CRASH the whip at 2:11 LOL.
hiro isDEAD
hiro isDEAD 3 timer siden
SlickyShades 3 timer siden
2021 & this shit still goes hard
Zaya Cobb
Zaya Cobb 3 timer siden
Who ever you are God and Jesus Christ loves you
freemoneysquad 3 timer siden
2:11 they crash 😅😅😅😅😅😭😭😭😈😈
Josh Bronson
Josh Bronson 3 timer siden
Back when gunna was better than baby
Mason N Britt Montgomery
Mason N Britt Montgomery 3 timer siden
Young Dylan sing this so I think he is a legend
•Aesthetic Emily•
•Aesthetic Emily• 3 timer siden
He is fly but I'm flyer lol
•Aesthetic Emily•
•Aesthetic Emily• 3 timer siden
Lil baby always have them rings on lol
Koba 3 timer siden
This music make dance
Alexandre Castro
Alexandre Castro 4 timer siden
Lil Wayne v8?
Anthony Oldenburg
Anthony Oldenburg 4 timer siden
my fav song of 2020
Bit Hunni
Bit Hunni 4 timer siden
This music video was filmed in my great uncles house. no cap though it actually was
khatesha holley
khatesha holley 4 timer siden
Oops wanna join us but we switching sides !!!
Louis Lazarre
Louis Lazarre 4 timer siden
Farhan Ali
Farhan Ali 4 timer siden
Beat rlly be harder than my dads belt
Royal Oliver
Royal Oliver 4 timer siden
bro what
jtones 4 timer siden
this man short af
Brenden Brown
Brenden Brown 4 timer siden
Lil Baby is the guy who makes me remember what happened in my life in the past and that's cool to me everybody type "100% Legit" if you have the same experience
Jericha Palmer
Jericha Palmer 4 timer siden
He won't win because its wrapped in purpose. God sees and hears him tho <3. The Lords reward will always top a Grammy!
Brandon Beck
Brandon Beck 5 timer siden
42 Dugg sound so dumb fr messes up the song
l L
l L 5 timer siden
Came Here From Coco Savage Tiktok
Dee G
Dee G 5 timer siden
I love is my favorite song 🎵❤ I was my walk up song
Community Afterschool
Community Afterschool 5 timer siden
This Song is in Sep,9 2019 lil baby future
GiLKEY COPIADORAS 6 timer siden
u deserve better boy. may God bless
Michael Fletcher
Michael Fletcher 6 timer siden
Fr a legend
Josh Hayes
Josh Hayes 6 timer siden
Your stuff is gone
Dre Rainey
Dre Rainey 6 timer siden
Dre Rainey
Dre Rainey 6 timer siden
Deerick Johnson
Deerick Johnson 6 timer siden
Ima win the mega millions off of 412 its the bigger picture.
Joshua Will
Joshua Will 6 timer siden
All these new rappers sound slow ...
Nicholas Stroupe
Nicholas Stroupe 6 timer siden
i wonder if they kids know what they dancing for
Kareem Friedland
Kareem Friedland 6 timer siden
Here before 50 Million views
Sarah Freeman
Sarah Freeman 7 timer siden
Jesus Loves you, And he has never left you
UVS_Ryqu 7 timer siden
The life of Barrion-_-
The life of Barrion-_- 7 timer siden
Ruebens Playtime
Ruebens Playtime 7 timer siden
Jonathan Pacheco
Jonathan Pacheco 7 timer siden
DGSLEEZYDJEEZY Official 7 timer siden
Grande Fupae
Grande Fupae 7 timer siden
Burn Loot Murder back at it again
Shantz187 S Babyy
Shantz187 S Babyy 7 timer siden
You know his girl got cheated on in that trip 💯
Wave Music
Wave Music 8 timer siden
love how lil baby knows every lyric of the featuring persons part
Nerissa Tyler
Nerissa Tyler 8 timer siden
Get lil baby
Mouse 8 timer siden
megan gon ruin this
a hunt
a hunt 8 timer siden
Who else such a fan of lil baby they be listening to this in 2021
Aida Abdul hak
Aida Abdul hak 8 timer siden
I love it
quent davis
quent davis 8 timer siden
quent davis
quent davis 8 timer siden
I don't hate this song
Khutso Khutso
Khutso Khutso 8 timer siden
2021 here🔥
Stratton Gordon
Stratton Gordon 8 timer siden
Who still viben in 2021
Jacqueline Santos
Jacqueline Santos 8 timer siden
Lindsay Hogan
Lindsay Hogan 8 timer siden
it gave me chills they really gave the grammy to the wrong person the person they gave it to was not helping the word
leroy jinkins
leroy jinkins 8 timer siden
like a hemi! ##7thdmension720
Amariyon Dreher
Amariyon Dreher 8 timer siden
Lil Baby: I don't want no girls in the background I want a Goat Producers: ummmm ok
Alesa Benjamin
Alesa Benjamin 9 timer siden
Who watching 2021
Dominic Tilsen
Dominic Tilsen 9 timer siden
Rip to those who died George Floyd and daunte wright
Anish Krishna
Anish Krishna 9 timer siden
In what world is this not better than WAP?! I’m so pissed that WAP won over this performance-where Lil Baby actually conveys a message.
Gunnar ψ
Gunnar ψ 9 timer siden
this should have one the Grammys
Amman Ali
Amman Ali 9 timer siden
Dusan Terzic
Dusan Terzic 9 timer siden
When this song got released everything went downhill
Issam Ibnouzahir
Issam Ibnouzahir 9 timer siden
Fort bro
Lonzo Z
Lonzo Z 9 timer siden
1:36 👴🏿👓🤏🏿
Issam Ibnouzahir
Issam Ibnouzahir 9 timer siden
Fort bro
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson 9 timer siden
This music is so fucked up. How is this acceptable lol. Black people who worship this are fucked.
Jesus Alcaraz
Jesus Alcaraz 9 timer siden
Alexis Flores
Alexis Flores 9 timer siden
Kendrick a lil baby Colman would be fire
The Realceo
The Realceo 9 timer siden
Them bells set this shit off 🏆