Josie chan
Josie chan 23 timer siden
Why did they drive on the right side? Are we still in the US?
F.B.I 23 timer siden
He's not a human That THAT IS A MAN
DW JR 23 timer siden
That’s love! God bless you three!
armando calderon
armando calderon Dag siden
I have the same breed of cat, very loving cat
Sidra khan
Sidra khan Dag siden
Cute God bless u brother
Amolika Mukherjee
Amolika Mukherjee Dag siden
The mother just was like, flip this I ain't paid enough
Eugene McCarl
Eugene McCarl Dag siden
God bless you thank you she's so happy
Duns Scotus
Duns Scotus Dag siden
so freaking CUTE OMG!!!
Mar Led
Mar Led Dag siden
Jolanta Cyganek
Jolanta Cyganek Dag siden
Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Patrick O'Ryan
Patrick O'Ryan Dag siden
All so beautiful, you did a great job as foster mom for the pups
Maria Bria
Maria Bria Dag siden
Thumbnail dont look like no bear look like a weasel mixed with a dried up sh1t
Terri Leep
Terri Leep Dag siden
Aww how cute is this little pup he's smile because he knows he's blessed by God even though he's in a shelter still blessed by God
Agenesis Who
Agenesis Who Dag siden
I saw the picture on the thumbnail and was like “oh floof!!” 🤣
Floanche Thompson.
Floanche Thompson. Dag siden
Such a sweet baby!!
Johann Arocho
Johann Arocho Dag siden
You did a wonderful job!
Achay Cultura
Achay Cultura Dag siden
Thái Bảo Nguyễn
Thái Bảo Nguyễn Dag siden
random guy adventure
random guy adventure Dag siden
I kinda cried bc it was a good story
Nitiphat Tumthong
Nitiphat Tumthong Dag siden
Jacob Burke
Jacob Burke Dag siden
Ok, someone call Pixar and demand this movie be made
Bob Boberson
Bob Boberson Dag siden
Notice there are NO lions in any shot of the struggling baby. I think it was edited for dramatic effect.
Michele Sherman
Michele Sherman Dag siden
He was calm and that was what helped him free that pretty doe
D' sories
D' sories Dag siden
Give me your paws * doggo put his paws Not your 😂 .
Katie Fernandez
Katie Fernandez Dag siden
There a special love you only get from adopting a senior dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jacqueline Alexis
Jacqueline Alexis Dag siden
These foster folks deserve so many kudos !! Bless you
Don Stofiel
Don Stofiel Dag siden
Apache Gaming
Apache Gaming Dag siden
Why does this woman not realise that when the cat is "attacking" ists actually trying to play
rodica popescu
rodica popescu Dag siden
yeah, he's a spoiled kitty which i don't mind, i'm a cat lover, but here are some ways to change the situation 1.your boyfriend would have to show cat that he puts you first before him(the cat) ..meaning set the rules in the house, because otherwise cat thinks he's the owner of your boyfriend and right now he is..and this has to do with how you feed him, where you put his bowl for food, when you feed him and so on, so he knows he depends on you and you are the owner of the house and your boyfriend..he didn't have to g thru a wedding process to become his wife, you did ! LOL 2.get more cats, or at least one more, one that will be more yours; it actually works when i got the second cat, he went to my mom, i was living with my mom at the time, so the first cat was mine and the second cat was hanging out more with my mom 3.ultimately check with a pet psychologist lol ..someone who can help you with this problem, if you search on youtube/internet you will definitely find advise in diff videos, usually is more about dogs than cats, but i bet there are plenty on cats too when owners are mistreated by their pets..bc they spoil them rotten. i remember watching a couple english videos, so brits are up to speed with this issue :) bottom line: pets are on earth to love us unconditionally, in no way they should be mistreated by humans no matter what they do or don't do, this is for everybody reading here, not for you the people in this video, which we all know they love their cat, maybe a bit too much..:)))
Mac Macaraig
Mac Macaraig Dag siden
can i have cube?
Persephone official
Persephone official Dag siden
I had a butterfly like that . I saved her life from ants eating her when she was caterpillar . When she became a butterfly,I let her free . 😭It was so beautiful moment . I miss her watching this .
Timothy Morgan
Timothy Morgan Dag siden
First name Charles
Don Stofiel
Don Stofiel Dag siden
Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell Dag siden
We refer to our Boxer's nub as his butt finger. They are all love all the time. Even when they be upset.
jimdandy ishandy
jimdandy ishandy Dag siden
Is that Deadpool
Flash !!
Flash !! Dag siden
What breed of chicken is he
Sabes Alexander
Sabes Alexander Dag siden
Especially knowing that horses don't have the best skills for recognizing and remembering other horses, the fact that he immediately was aware of her from so far away and was still completely familiar is incredible. So good to see people making this happen for them.
GoatHead Dag siden
Briana clearly has experience delivering baby puppies. I would have no idea what to do with those puppies in that condition.
Sandi Billingsley
Sandi Billingsley Dag siden
You are so kind💕
Kimmie H
Kimmie H Dag siden
She is one of the most beautiful Pitbulls I’ve ever seen! I love that coloring! My BFF has a red nosed male and he is my ‘Boyfriend’! He’s a ginger and his name is Copper. I adore him! Rey is gorgeous!😍😍😍😍 Congratulations to you and your family for your beautiful son. I’m so sorry for your earlier loss. Can’t imagine how hard it was for you to embrace your second pregnancy. I’m so happy you have your little family now. I pray you keep being blessed with love and happiness!🙏❤️💙
Mac Macaraig
Mac Macaraig Dag siden
can i have one pls the smallest?
Big Al
Big Al Dag siden
I said I wasn’t going to cry 😢 bravo
Rita Marita
Rita Marita Dag siden
Thank you for your kindness and loving them ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Koala Dag siden
condemn the person who i s such evil to abandon dog!
Sandi Billingsley
Sandi Billingsley Dag siden
You are kind💕
Regular Apistevist
Regular Apistevist Dag siden
Since the pandemic, stupid heartless people start to throw their cats off their homes especially when the news broke out the U.S. and Europe, I gave them food and shelter since March 2020 and their still with me, many different breeds and ages, they’re simply gorgeous! But, I notice something special about them: every damn one of them have distinct personality, look, and meow! I can differentiate every single one of them from their call without even looking at them! They’re all loving, playful and cuddly 😻
Valentina Figueroa
Valentina Figueroa Dag siden
It's like the movie dogs
Ztitanium Dag siden
I love to see all the dog being saved thanks dodo
Rita Marita
Rita Marita Dag siden
Very cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nok Tan
Nok Tan Dag siden
Omg that is so cute and funny! That definitely made my day🤣☺️
Kortni Wragg
Kortni Wragg Dag siden
Cat: my mom bought this ugly machine I dont know what it’s for Me: me neither Update: it’s been a couple of weeks and I learned that it is a clothing rack Me again: oh ok you learn something new everyday
UrBoyVibes Dag siden
I had a pit since I was a kid and not to long ago he died it was rough but now I’m sleeping with my bud now RIP diddy
Rottie Rumbles
Rottie Rumbles Dag siden
Oh my goodness it's the Bully Rescue Guy, now I feel a lot better knowing Earl Grey is going to be spoiled rotten , he's a lovely man who LOVES dogs, you lucked out little man.💖👍😊⭐👑
Topi R
Topi R Dag siden
Bless you guys
Awful Starss
Awful Starss Dag siden
The Chuck are giving a full time ASMR eating in front of the camera
Lea Trinidad
Lea Trinidad Dag siden
I always have dogs since I was little and I am not an expert in dog behavior and you know, just by experience i got to know and studied their attitudes, this and that with this animals. And I am telling you now that Bubba loves you so dearly and will protect you . I can feel it. Take care .
Bull Shark
Bull Shark Dag siden
Beautiful heartwarming video thank you!
Omar Shafi
Omar Shafi Dag siden
So... He's a pimp?
Carol Trainer
Carol Trainer Dag siden
We had one that looked just like him! Loved that cat!
martina leclerc
martina leclerc Dag siden
Stellarlight Dag siden
This thw fact that these puppies are alive are because of the foster parent. Poor momma dog was to sick to care for them.
Jephunneh Palit-ang
Jephunneh Palit-ang Dag siden
Appreciate your love for the wild and those Chimps! great!
Juang Dag siden
1:45 "Just me, my husband and our cat"
William Lizarzaburu
William Lizarzaburu Dag siden
O que hermoso
irishmermaid 4
irishmermaid 4 Dag siden
It's unconscionable to leave a pet to fend for itself. 😱 Thank you, sweet lady, for saving Rolo❤ Sounds like he saved you, too!😘
Yeliel Morales
Yeliel Morales Dag siden
melissajo Dag siden
I think she doesn't like you filming her. Lol. Your invading her cat privacy 😂
Crazy Daizy
Crazy Daizy Dag siden
Aww so happy for both those babies!💜🙏
Kelly Henderson
Kelly Henderson Dag siden
Sharks are very misunderstood... I’ve swam with hammerhead sharks. They keep to themselves for the most part.
Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy Dag siden
This is friggin hilarious!! I had a Manx that LOVED me and any girl I dated had to pass the test before she would let them hang next to me and not get the close up stink eye stare the ENTIRE time, lol. She was a HUGE cat and it was definitely a bit uncomfortable for some, lol. But she was a total pushover once she liked you. You could go from getting your hand smacked to being able to baby cradle her once past a full sniff down inspection. Holding her was like cradling a 25 pound furry kid, lol. SO big and solid. Beautiful black and light gray tabby striped fur with big blue eyes. Just a stunning looking feline with an incredibly smart, almost doglike character. Very different from an ordinary cat personality. Almost weird. Loved that girl so much. ❤️
September Sapphire
September Sapphire Dag siden
This was so cute and sweet but I got teary eyed at the end when they left never to return to you 💗😭
Timothy ORourke
Timothy ORourke Dag siden
I get visited by Squirrels that live in the forest close by. I was feeding the birds when the squirrels took notice. Now i can feed them from my hand . Nuts and seed fanatics they are.
Brit Dag siden
Makes me cry!! Bless kind people!!
Cherie Sydaus
Cherie Sydaus Dag siden
God bless you all what a fantastic outcome. So happy and glad mumma had you both by her side ❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾🙏🏻❤️
Tonia McGrew
Tonia McGrew Dag siden
Beautiful sweet girl 💕