How Fast Can We Travel In Space?
What If Apophis Hits Us In 2029?
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 10 timer siden
I am sure with technology moving so fast, we will a aircraft which flying maybe 100 times compare to last one
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 10 timer siden
Why bother if it's freezing cold
Amon one
Amon one 10 timer siden
You are looking at Jupiter with three-dimensional tech. You are babies-solid liquid and gas.
aixer 10 timer siden
there's no real image...
Soul Flame
Soul Flame 10 timer siden
Yo so we have wifi on Ganymede? 👽
matthew owen
matthew owen 10 timer siden
Is this kurzgesagt man?
Приключения 10 timer siden
North Pole is moving towards Siberia because it is communist!
Kyle Brannen
Kyle Brannen 10 timer siden
Imagine how fucking amazing it would be if we drilled a hole in Europa, dropped a camera in only to have something swim by it.
Luka.B 10 timer siden
Imagine those people on other planets have already found us but they refuse to contact us cuz they know how stubborn and retarded humanity is and we can't even look the past the difference we have.
Tristan _10
Tristan _10 11 timer siden
That thing is as good as the air craft carrier the Iranians built to practice destroying.
Jonathan Bush
Jonathan Bush 11 timer siden
FM stands for frequency modulation. There is a carrier frequency which varies over time, and the manner in which it varies produces the signal. This video says the carrier frequency is within the range of WiFi, and that it lasted about 5 seconds. But what was the signal? There must have been one, or it would not have been called an FM signal in the first place. How did the frequency vary over those few seconds?
No racism
No racism 11 timer siden
Japan cant make fighter. Great job South Korea !
peter 11 timer siden
We have to find these planets or else the future will be so boring . We will find them . Hopes high
peter 12 timer siden
We should think of coming up with technology that can move a planet into a habitable zone then do that to Mars or any candidate planets in other solar systems 🤔
Nigel Tempest
Nigel Tempest 12 timer siden
The universe is expanding at the speed of light since the big bang
barracuda7018 12 timer siden
Where are the Russian trolls??
R G 12 timer siden
Narrator sounds a lot like Kurzgesagt, same voice actor? Fun and informative videos on this channel too, looking forward to more 🙌
The cat
The cat 12 timer siden
Imagine us all ready to go and it turns out there are already aliens
hiroshi takahashi
hiroshi takahashi 13 timer siden
Will humanity die soon that will be my last question til i die in this vid xd
rampal singh
rampal singh 13 timer siden
Earth : Water is about to end ! Earth 2.0 : wait for me boy
You Tube
You Tube 13 timer siden
Neither the Earth or the universe is anywhere near being even 1 million years old and there is absolutely no scientific proof to suggest otherwise it's purely speculation.
Luka.B 13 timer siden
Let that shit hit us. Humanity needs a reset.
70s Tunes
70s Tunes 13 timer siden
I hope they plan on doing more than just a flyby in 2025. We need less peeky peeky and more seeky seeky. It's not enough to go Ooo ahh and ohh... they definitely need to send borers down into those icy moons, and take a look beneath that ice into the oceans. Why waste billions of dollars just having a cruise by photo session... true exploration needs depth, samples, videos... Etc... so very much looking forward to what they find :-) I hope I live long enough to see it
Charmaine Camacho
Charmaine Camacho 13 timer siden
why the space craft don't landing in the surface of planet or moon to see if it's really have life there..???
Hal A
Hal A 14 timer siden
how to turn a 30 second explanation into an 11 min video...
TStorm106 14 timer siden
It’s Variks the Loyal signal alerting us that Eramis is going to use Stasis from the Darkness pyramid on Rathmore Chaos . The channel logo it’s from Clovis Bray facility after all
SAT 14 timer siden
Elvis is live on radio free Ganymede on Tuesday night.
Anthony LeRoux
Anthony LeRoux 14 timer siden
It's just old geezers letting off steam!! And then, that forms Geysers - (GUY-zers) !!!!
BW Bizarre Worlds
BW Bizarre Worlds 15 timer siden
Everybody gangsta till SARS CoV 3...
うのんunone 15 timer siden
Recommend 15 timer siden
@6:00 geezers
Beacon Gold
Beacon Gold 16 timer siden
All: united States its so strong Nazi germany: EZ
Johnny Rondo
Johnny Rondo 16 timer siden
I love getting up early around 3am and watching this channel.All is quite, and go out occasionally and look to the heavens and be amazed at the vastness of it all.
Chair Berries
Chair Berries 17 timer siden
If life on earth was able to convert from breathing carbon to oxygen, I'm sure not all (alien) life needs water to live.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 17 timer siden
All the tanks, nukes, jets and ships in the world are useless if AGI is used against you. An enemy that controls AGI will use your own military against you.
Debbie Pretty
Debbie Pretty 18 timer siden
So Europa may have life in it's subsurface ocean. At up to 32 kilometers down we will never know. -130 celcius. Not life as we know it. Personally I doubt life will ever be found on any of Jupiters moons. Certainly not intelligent entities
Raheel Gorsi
Raheel Gorsi 18 timer siden
سبحان الله ❤🇵🇰
frengki manurung
frengki manurung 18 timer siden
Engine from general motors, so what you created😂😂😂😂
nothingtomyname 18 timer siden
Assumptions are the roots of all failures Greed is the root of all evil In the eyes of a survivor desperation outweighs malice. When we could rid this world of poverty and suffering we still don't, nature is going to make that choice for us and we'll ride along with it like the good pawns we're.
TheConiferousT 18 timer siden
We should really reach out to the water vapor geezers on Europa if we're looking for signs of life there.
Bryan Yee
Bryan Yee 19 timer siden
2020 and 2021 playing poker: 2020: I got a COVID Pandemic card, An economic shutdown card, and a "Summer of Protest" card. 2021: I see your cards and I raise you an Alien Invasion card, A Capitol Insurrection card, and a Universal Basic Income card.
Styv Breton
Styv Breton 19 timer siden
Hi Earth 2.0, I know you don't know what Earth is,.. but it doesn't matter, it's an old story about a planet we have exploited until total depletion, possess like soulless beings and abandon without any regret, now its your turn.. hope you have plenty of goodies to commercialize or else we will just test our shit on you. Thank you for your comprehension.
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard 19 timer siden
I wonder if the aliens also invented a bible. Long way for them to travel to find earths jesus and get a spot in the pearly gates. Or do only earthlings get saved?
Randy Lim
Randy Lim 20 timer siden
Narrator : mentions "uranus" Every third grader : *laughing histerically*
John Smith
John Smith 20 timer siden
WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
John Smith
John Smith 20 timer siden
John Smith
John Smith 20 timer siden
Gregorie Gardner
Gregorie Gardner 20 timer siden
suggestion for a video. the possibility of mining in space .. is it possible to do it today?. i personally believe that we are wasting our earths resource when theres a ton available out on the asteroids! u could tow a asteroid near and turn it into a processing plant . no need to touch the moon at all
Mel Villagracia
Mel Villagracia 20 timer siden
lol only earth can support life..
Kc Sharma
Kc Sharma 20 timer siden
Daily 100gm. Dung = 365 x 35 = ? Kg. Dung ?
Kc Sharma
Kc Sharma 20 timer siden
Kutch Used = Limited Validity !
Kc Sharma
Kc Sharma 20 timer siden
Evergreen idea ( Y Kutch ? = Land !)
Elmer Gonzalez
Elmer Gonzalez 21 time siden
Suiside photographer missions
Ryan Best
Ryan Best 21 time siden
I bet you didn’t know the same guy made both of these.
whodidit 21 time siden
Lol just say no life man you don't need the stupid troll title
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 21 time siden
I pointed a telescope at Uranus but all I saw was a naked butt floating in space
Pavel Ondruch
Pavel Ondruch 21 time siden
O2 and H2 is a molecular oxygen and molecular hydrogen, respectively. Not atomic.
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 21 time siden
All these people saying humans are ruining earth? How so?
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 21 time siden
How the hell would you know if water existed on a planet so far away? 🤔
angel 21 time siden
You know it sucks that we’ll be dead before we even see another alien or get to another planet, I hope when I die I get to be an observer of the world
Muro SW
Muro SW 21 time siden
But the question is what do we do without Chines products
Nelson K
Nelson K 21 time siden
Kamal Ramdass
Kamal Ramdass 22 timer siden
Galileo&so called western 🌎 LIERS have discovered 0987654321 too...plzzzzz...
Kamal Ramdass
Kamal Ramdass 22 timer siden
First lie of thos ridiculous video is Jupiter was mentioned in India's legendary rishies asome vedas...yall can't peacefully coexist on earth can't evolved beyond racism peeline political religious HOGWASH???plzzz...
gsxer13 23 timer siden
They need to speed up these probes taking way to long to get there.
Yukii_heART 23 timer siden
Tbh I hope we never find another life form like humans. Because knowing humans we would probably trick them and make them into slaves 😑
Hayden Crisman
Hayden Crisman 23 timer siden
This went from the signals on Jupiter's moon to a showcase of every moon around Jupiter and wether or not its habitable. Why?
Strawsberry YT
Strawsberry YT 23 timer siden
I like how coincidentally so far earth is the smallest of the exoplanets discovered
Peep Zink
Peep Zink 23 timer siden
Finally found someone’s voice that doesn’t annoy me
Maria Eva
Maria Eva 23 timer siden
Stop pemanasan global
Scott Kautz
Scott Kautz 23 timer siden
By now the telescope is quite out of date. Technology advances at a multiplying speed. The time it will take us to achieve the ability of interstellar travel will be sooner than we think. The fact that aliens are highly probable ups the chance of discovering and acquiring said technology also.
Divyesh Gupta
Divyesh Gupta 23 timer siden
Now Elon Musk must have new project to move to these planets...🤣😂🤣
Samrat Dangal
Samrat Dangal 23 timer siden
I love science but my study is weak 😂
J 20 timer siden
you need work hard, you lazy
please dont mess with thanos
arglax Z.O
arglax Z.O Dag siden
Imagine if there are aliens on mars but they can't see us because of it's thick ass clouds
Udaya Bhaskar Gaddam
Udaya Bhaskar Gaddam Dag siden
Our ancestors never imagined anything, they explored everything and used telescopes
AMA7 EFC Dag siden
Hopefully they haven't discovered social media yet.
brick medusa 6080
brick medusa 6080 Dag siden
I don't even know how to use a gun and you guys already warn me about fighting a random dude from the other side of the world
maurice forget
maurice forget Dag siden
youpi! another playground waiting for us to saccage and pollute.