Gabe Delaney
Gabe Delaney 2 timer siden
Kiss Simon Immediately
Arghya Roy
Arghya Roy 2 timer siden
all those views,95% only for KSI
Ann Other
Ann Other 4 timer siden
Came here TO loaf
Sari Manne
Sari Manne 4 timer siden
I need Anne Marie, jade, ski, jameela Jamil, Michael sheen, and David Mitchell to be on one episode Together
Olivia //
Olivia // 4 timer siden
Jade is bloody hilarious😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 timer siden
Quote of the day : KSI what does that stand for? "Kiss Simon Immediately"
Sell Out
Sell Out 5 timer siden
Every time Jade speaks I get reminded that she's British
Omandu HUisLife
Omandu HUisLife 6 timer siden
Love Dizzie🤩🥰
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 9 timer siden
This will be in everyone’s recommended
Manuela Mulcahy
Manuela Mulcahy 9 timer siden
Anne-Marie is just fun to watch.....always in good Spirits
Noel 10 timer siden
they left jj's shake hangin
cloud stalker
cloud stalker 10 timer siden
It was a bit wet lol
French Beats Official
French Beats Official 13 timer siden
next year put Phil and Ethan on it that would be class 😆😆😆
Tanishk Singh
Tanishk Singh 14 timer siden
even he knows ksimon
Ann Other
Ann Other 15 timer siden
At least show the judging!
naisha khan
naisha khan 17 timer siden
she looks like jodie comer
Firsty Lasty
Firsty Lasty 20 timer siden
2:01 Holy talking mannequin.
Molly Wackrow
Molly Wackrow 21 time siden
Wheres the disaster?
Pen 666
Pen 666 23 timer siden
Ooof! Prue was proper unimpressed with him come judgement time, eh?? 😯😳
Michael. Dag siden
her eyes are so blue :0
Nation Bants
Nation Bants Dag siden
they stole the jokes from reddit pls someone copyright this
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Dag siden
3:05 “Em so sovi em a flat mawn dis meringue hos gat me a bricking powynt, ay neveer sought id si de dey”
M&W Dag siden
It's fine, it's not like it was cooked fully anyway 😅😂
Nasir Hussain
Nasir Hussain Dag siden
She was a bit to exited
Jodie Dag siden
Flo and Liam on the flirting game today.
Random Trivia
Random Trivia Dag siden
@3:34, the little laugh😂
Molly Wackrow
Molly Wackrow Dag siden
Shes got the same vibe as Drew Barrymore
Fine Addition
Fine Addition Dag siden
They really were "Let's all wear something with flowers and not tell Jamie-Lee and Saoirse."
B007 Dag siden
Still can't pronounce flour properly.
Паша Сордонов
Паша Сордонов Dag siden
cool video
little puzzle
little puzzle Dag siden
they are different!!!
little puzzle
little puzzle Dag siden
iced bun is like a white hot dog bread roll with sweet icing!!!
little puzzle
little puzzle Dag siden
no you see like the spanish dohnut known as churros there is yum yums at greggs two for a pound right now!!!
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd Dag siden
Christ, James McAvoy is ageing like the finest of wines.
little puzzle
little puzzle Dag siden
"look!!! look!!! look!!! don't underestimate that woman she's determined!!! sssh!!! sssh!!!" ha ha ha ha!!! some people are so funny and they don't know!!!
gacha edits
gacha edits Dag siden
"ksi stands fir kiss simon immediately" illuminate confirmed
richie2254 2 dager siden
That’s not a pork pie. There’s only one pork pie and that’s a Melton Mowbray
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dager siden
Jade being like "dad? Dad is that you?" Sent me 😭😂😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 timer siden
“It’s almost as bad as your rapping “ I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵
frank vihmann
frank vihmann 2 dager siden
Ksi laughing from the background is the best
Kawsar 2 dager siden
Anyone else watching this whilst not being able to make a normal cake...
The bloody Wolf
The bloody Wolf 2 dager siden
0:34 lol
Kieran 2 dager siden
What I think is crazy about this is that JJ and Jade are technically peers now? It's mad to think
PRINZ 2 dager siden
Jade's comment about JJ's rapping is just regular banter, no hard feelings!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Dag siden
"ksi stands fir kiss simon immediately" illuminate confirmed
Ronan Doherty
Ronan Doherty 2 dager siden
"I put loadsa salt on it for a laugh!"
Daniel Loungary
Daniel Loungary 2 dager siden
KSI had some trouble with the first 2 dishes but the last one he did super with it^0^>"<
Magma Fang
Magma Fang 2 dager siden
Hoping baking is not my down fall
Adham 2 dager siden
00:37 LOL 😂
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 2 dager siden
Kinda mad that ksimon has now gone uk mainstream lol
Gymnastics aloud
Gymnastics aloud 2 dager siden
She's so gorgeousssss
Gymnastics aloud
Gymnastics aloud 2 dager siden
Fahim Uddin
Fahim Uddin 3 dager siden
Honestly, all of them looked sensational. Incredibly talented bunch of humans
RetroLodge 3 dager siden
My days they got stacey dooley on there 🇬🇧💕
jimtheudb 3 dager siden
Pru forgot to remove her ball gag.
Salma 3 dager siden
Am a huge mixer and I like to watch ksi werid seeing them together but don't regret it lol
Tobias Paterson
Tobias Paterson 3 dager siden
I can’t even make a normal cake and these mad lads are purposefully making cakes that look like other things.
Poggasus 2 dager siden
@JediAn Horrible advice sponges taste horrible too abrasive on my tongue
JediAn 3 dager siden
😆 making cake is easier than it looks. You can start with cake mix, then go to a basic sponge. Once you get the basics, chocolate cake included, you are basically a cake baker.
VDPEFi 3 dager siden
That's how you rescue a split ganache, said dizzee rascal??!!
Adebayo Ishola
Adebayo Ishola 3 dager siden
Fantastic! Felt like having a bite of each.
mill b
mill b 3 dager siden
The Mayor of Nowhere
The Mayor of Nowhere 3 dager siden
Suddenly, I feel like the worst baker on the planet
Connie Fellows
Connie Fellows 3 dager siden
Flo is adorable... :D
Connie Fellows
Connie Fellows 3 dager siden
What if they just made pancakes or something and just say it’s cake...... who would know
Bunty 4
Bunty 4 Dag siden
A pancake isn’t sponge cake , the rules required it to be sponge cake
The Mayor of Nowhere
The Mayor of Nowhere 3 dager siden
I imagine they all would. Just a hunch.
Dennis De Hoon
Dennis De Hoon 3 dager siden
they taste it mate 😂
Daniel Ogunleye
Daniel Ogunleye 3 dager siden
Its been 2 weeks and this is the most viewed video of the channel, this is different gravy you know 😂
PK Droid
PK Droid 3 dager siden
That Salmon Roe tho... YEH SCIENCE
A J 3 dager siden
Flo is adorable 🥺🥺
SF_ultimateLW 3 dager siden
joeman 3 dager siden
This is so wholesome
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 3 dager siden
Eter Puralis
Eter Puralis 3 dager siden
Is this a real life Pinkie Pie?
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 3 dager siden
Weird Mysteries
Weird Mysteries 3 dager siden
2:05 xD
Aarya Bora
Aarya Bora 3 dager siden
Jade's cookies made my day.
Weird Mysteries
Weird Mysteries 3 dager siden
0:35 LOLL!
nicole meneses
nicole meneses 4 dager siden
Their workstations are so small
ElChapo The Taco
ElChapo The Taco 4 dager siden
I love JJ on this
Antonia Sinfield
Antonia Sinfield 4 dager siden
I love watching John Lithgow aka Trinity AND Winston Churchill crack up
Link error 404
Link error 404 4 dager siden
My man Humpty dumpty pushing ksi's buttons
hen ko
hen ko 4 dager siden
I love that Jade and JJ are in a room together.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dager siden
If Gordon was here, then there would be a "KSI vs Gordon Ramsay" Boxing Match, Hopefully it wouldn't be 'dry'.
a.bee. 4 dager siden
I wish all men were this soft and wholesome <3
Mô nica
Mô nica 4 dager siden
Story of his life ahaaahahahahahahahhhahhhaaaa
F.B.I 4 dager siden
so no one gonna talk about how nobody is giving him the handshakes?