Gingerbread Mayhem!
3 måneder siden
4 måneder siden
Escorpion JMR
Escorpion JMR 21 time siden
0:13 F
El Poliwichu
El Poliwichu 21 time siden
NOwindow recommend this.. now..?
Wayne C
Wayne C 21 time siden
any chance this awesome skin will be available again for those who just rejoined the game? thanks
Sanu Gautam
Sanu Gautam 21 time siden
0:42 Bravest villager
efr3el 21 time siden
Fanboy243 21 time siden
10:09 he rage quited
Joaquín Esquivel
Joaquín Esquivel 21 time siden
F por el peka 😔👎
RIZAL MUHTAR 21 time siden
Super chell please fix a bug that currently can't enter only the sound
Dhairyasheel Mane
Dhairyasheel Mane 21 time siden
What is meant by hammer jam I didn't understand
Herry Tong
Herry Tong 21 time siden
It's all fun till e-dragon comes out of CC
Scorpio 21 time siden
The subtitles make it so much better
Fortunata Ocampo
Fortunata Ocampo 21 time siden
I love how this is the first hint on town hall 12 yet this was 2 years ago XD
Fahmi Akmalul Akbar
Fahmi Akmalul Akbar 21 time siden
Bikin event, bepi skin tanpa gems dong kak cell kakak supercell
2 BRO YT LOVE PICH 22 timer siden
Dash 22 timer siden
yo thats sick
Matty Braps
Matty Braps 22 timer siden
COC: Releases Th14 YT: let’s recommend th12 & 13
Tek Rex
Tek Rex 22 timer siden
8 years wow
Chrisisbad12 _
Chrisisbad12 _ 22 timer siden
GeezBeez 22 timer siden
I really hope they make more like this
Max 22 timer siden
Wow I just found out about this and I’ve been playing CoC on and of since near launch either summer of 12 or 13
God_Ayanokoji Kiyotaka
God_Ayanokoji Kiyotaka 22 timer siden
Aquí esta el comentario en español que buscas xd
SUPRIzE! 22 timer siden
I used to have one of these in my old alt alt base WHY DID I USE THEM
Curtis perrry
Curtis perrry 22 timer siden
I could not update and had to reset 😭😭😭
CogPlays 22 timer siden
6:39 when ur playing clash but the internet...
Anak Walker
Anak Walker 22 timer siden
I think clash heroes need more skill like MLBB
Anak Walker
Anak Walker 22 timer siden
Clash...clash.....clashhh, what the mean of clash???!!
Ali2305 _____
Ali2305 _____ 22 timer siden
The music 😋
CogPlays 22 timer siden
0:54 when simps get catfished by anime girls
Robo Luigi
Robo Luigi 22 timer siden
Coming soon: Builder return with Base Hall 10
Bhabendra Limbu
Bhabendra Limbu 22 timer siden
Coc new upgrade is wrong because donate troop not going max
Dirk Gabion
Dirk Gabion 22 timer siden
Memories bring back memories
Nicolás Pérez
Nicolás Pérez 22 timer siden
Á ¿5 años después?, ¿Enserio youtube?
XzenoGamer 109
XzenoGamer 109 23 timer siden
6:40 Grug was getting jiggy.
BiGwiG 23 timer siden
I need the Gandalf warden
Λ Σ 23 timer siden
Kudos to the team, it's kinda early to say this, but the other two are pretty basic. I hope they're gonna get some major interesting upgrade! As for CLASH HEROES, I'm sold!
Shotti 23 timer siden
I like how the barbarian king cares about his troops
CHR 23 timer siden
0:05 lol you can see their cursor of them playing the clip
Kevin C
Kevin C 23 timer siden
It would be cool if the builder took another break and we have flying troops take over as builders
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 23 timer siden
Jereine Justin Maristela
Jereine Justin Maristela 23 timer siden
Press f to people who taught it will be eagle artillery
CogPlays 23 timer siden
Oh my clash 🤣
Guest 23 timer siden
Super Valkryie: “Hey look what i can do.” Valkryie: “wut.” Super Valkyrie *Literally wrecks everything.*
CogPlays 23 timer siden
15:02 karens when the managers wont come
Bennette Alcoriza
Bennette Alcoriza Dag siden
fawk i missed cllash of fun
Poggers ?
Poggers ? Dag siden
0:34 bro had x-bows at town hall 7
Electro Mazing
Electro Mazing Dag siden
Its weird finding it in your main screen.
Oscar Vernède
Oscar Vernède Dag siden
I feel like I’m living in 2030 with this ad.
CHR Dag siden
6:41 Charli drempt of being this good but she wasn’t good and was trash
Martin Nosal
Martin Nosal Dag siden
Ayyy a what a good update wait.... that was 8 years ago???
Cheslav Kulinich
Cheslav Kulinich Dag siden
You should make more shorts like these
Zachary Alford
Zachary Alford Dag siden
Supercell will always have the best ads
Nigga Poop Crankers 1
Nigga Poop Crankers 1 Dag siden
the thing is the log hurt the lumberjack multiple times even though he made him
ElectroPlayzz Dag siden
Me finding it 8 years later.
Idiots ina Nutshell
Idiots ina Nutshell Dag siden
He was promoted to co-leader almost instantly
Star Vids 1348
Star Vids 1348 Dag siden
I have a question, If you were to make a new troop for Clash of Clans, what would it look like,what would it be called and what would it do?? It can be a normal troop, a hero or a siege machine. And if you were to add new recourses to the game and new things to make it more crazy, what would you add to the game? If I made a new troop I would probably make a new type of balloon that instead of dropping bomb’s it would instead Fire canon balls from both the sides and bottom. It’s called the sky dropper and also it will be a little bit bigger than a normal balloon but still smaller than the Famous Stone Slammer Siege Machine. When the Sky Dropper is shot down it will drop the balloon operator who will continue to battle. The Sky Slammer Operator can be either a Barbarian with a battle hammer instead of a sword, a skeleton with a Bow and Arrow other than a Sword or an Archer with an Ax than a Bow. The Sky Dropper shoots out Canon-balls from it’s sides and bottom and the canon balls have a range with the Canon Ball coming from below dropping on top of a defense of building underneath the Sky Dropper and a range of 20 square’s with the side canons.
X Sempai Official
X Sempai Official Dag siden
Woww, th14 looks cool
Charles Calvin Comics
Charles Calvin Comics Dag siden
2019: the siegebarrack, the scattershot, and the yeti, and the new hero called "the royal champion" 2021: the builders join the battle, new pets feature joins the battle
keith rada
keith rada Dag siden
I still have the cactus
Quentin rintintin
Quentin rintintin Dag siden
Le tt premier
TheArsking Dag siden
Tarde 8 años tardeeee
PizzaKing19 :
PizzaKing19 : Dag siden
Who else is seeing this after 7 years
FlyingJohnson73 Dag siden
0:13 Villager Spirit Walking
BattingtonFanYT Dag siden
6:11 how can it be stone the skull was white not a stone expect the thing where they place it but not the skull stone
Sasukexxomq xp
Sasukexxomq xp Dag siden
My father an I have been playing the game since it has came out
Guglielmo Pierotti
Guglielmo Pierotti Dag siden
So excited for this incredible update!!
Let it come global now
Texan -_-
Texan -_- Dag siden
Supercell should make a movie please do I would pay money to watch it the animation style is so good
معاذ المدحاني
معاذ المدحاني Dag siden
Best game in mobile history
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Dag siden
Trinston was here . ..
Domination YT
Domination YT Dag siden
PoetsOf Fall
PoetsOf Fall Dag siden
It must be larry
Sammy Ardilla
Sammy Ardilla Dag siden
Moral of the story. Goblins trying to hammer villager.
Guest Dag siden
0:58 Lmao
дин визель
дин визель Dag siden
This sound is getting me....
Willys fam
Willys fam Dag siden
When the owner of Walmart says get anything free me 6:44
Noobified Dag siden
Let’s be real, clash of clans has the best mobile adds