How Many Languages Are There?
Why The Web Is Such A Mess
It’s pronounced GIF.
4 måneder siden
Cia Quine
Cia Quine 13 timer siden
playing with that thing when waiting to cross the road was my childhood
Jadonkolus 13 timer siden
0:04 rick roll
Muhmaker 14 timer siden
I‘ve been explaining this to colleagues for years. Nice video.
Pretzel 14 timer siden
Well, I’ve just discovered how to roll my tongue after you said it’s like a “L” instead of my typical “r”
Anita 14 timer siden
Tom: name this owl me, immediately: Harold Glad to see we're in agreement, y'all
Bumpkin Bee
Bumpkin Bee 14 timer siden
*literally I thought of Harold for the owl while watching this*
Esteban Orozco
Esteban Orozco 14 timer siden
When I get thanked for something, I usually answer with "yea."
Bricks and Dirt
Bricks and Dirt 14 timer siden
Mislead me.
1PodsRex _
1PodsRex _ 14 timer siden
Pic your here a 751 views
VltraX 14 timer siden
3.6Gs is already enough to pass someone out.. Imagine 15Gs in a jet
Jay Swarrow
Jay Swarrow 14 timer siden
I like, how after the 'mmuricans on the moon, "they" ( ;) ) ...~'re still trying to excuse themselves, and make us belive that this all wasn't just found in the pandora boxes of previous civilisations and used for ages before the things, we value to mind. All the "Yeeeh, we definately only cracking it now, see?? See, how blurry and glitchy it is? This is _realistically_ , *all* we can do, even with present day technology... swear on the book, it's true!" ...just laughable. * corrects his foil hat*
Beamy Breezy
Beamy Breezy 14 timer siden
no visible ads
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas 14 timer siden
I enjoy that MumboJumbo has watched this and used it to make his own video
Chloe Hancock
Chloe Hancock 14 timer siden
Easier way: do drugs beforehand.
Wright Gregson
Wright Gregson 14 timer siden
it sounds like you are talking about ballast for the ships
Sky2Live 14 timer siden
I did the cold water running tap for a while even as a 1 year university student in uk.. wasnt taught that back in my country..
Lamarr The Headcrab
Lamarr The Headcrab 14 timer siden
This video: exists Verified NOwindowrs: allow us to introduce ourselves
Bryan Slankster
Bryan Slankster 14 timer siden
At about 27 million it's still spot on.
surreyboy84 14 timer siden
I’m now going to check CO2 level in my office at work.
Chris312 14 timer siden
jokes on you its even more painful if you are using steam barbecue if you have slow internet you KNOW that its gonna take 8 hours to download a 40 GB game.
xFanta45 14 timer siden
never ever seen floaters... the white spots appear all the time
StarPenguin 14 timer siden
If it tastes good space will become a new seasoning
StarPenguin 14 timer siden
When starting: 5 thousand hours left Next minute: 2 minutes left
ClownPierce 14 timer siden
The Law
The Law 14 timer siden
Tom: it'll be a miracle if the code is exact The Code: you don't even have an idea what's possible
Jay Swarrow
Jay Swarrow 14 timer siden
2088 - AI controls the car, managed by the AI from the pits. AI cheers to passing sportsbots, in accordance to AI circuit management. All that being filmed by AI, and uploaded thru AI-distributed network, financed by AI resourse department. Energy for all this comes from bioreactor. "Planet is greenest as never before!" - says the guardbot, watching the corpses rot inside.
The Backwards Bear
The Backwards Bear 14 timer siden
I wonder if they notice an increase around the same time when people charge their phones at night.
Robo-Muff 14 timer siden
You little pervert. I know what you've been up too...
Trygon Gamer
Trygon Gamer 14 timer siden
They should just attach the bread to a drone and the drone to the balloon so when it comes you can just activate the drone and bring the object to you or at least way closer
The_Other_Alexander 14 timer siden
Cue an England - America version of The Simpsons’ Australia - America scene.
Pink Silk
Pink Silk 14 timer siden
This actually helps in learning character languages like Chinese
maggPi Prime
maggPi Prime 14 timer siden
I was kinda lost until the physical example was given. Then I understood the diagrams instantly.
Charlie 14 timer siden
gonna start a rumour that ppl only say JIF bc of propaganda by the peanut butter company
scoot 14 timer siden
me: (watching this on my chromebook) my chromebook: don't you dare.
sno boi
sno boi 14 timer siden
Tom, I do not care, I will say GIPHF
Aaron Nichols
Aaron Nichols 14 timer siden
Gives off some Nacht Der Untoten vibes
Yowshi52 14 timer siden
why did i panic and hesitate on which things the word "it" refers to 3:19
That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos
That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos 14 timer siden
Day 4 (I think) Plz do a video on engineer gaming
Conal Fawcett
Conal Fawcett 14 timer siden
11 years ago, we meet again.
2sik 14 timer siden
I struggle to get 10 🤣 😭
Carson Lujan
Carson Lujan 15 timer siden
I used to touch that part all the time as a kid, not knowing why it would spin. But now I do.
megamaz 15 timer siden
hrrkrkrkrwpfrbrbrbrlablblblblblblwhitoo'ap is now a word. Definition: stork
Cory -
Cory - 15 timer siden
Flint, MI still does not have clean drinking water
Craig Coates
Craig Coates 15 timer siden
Most best video I've ever entirely watched, just pure brilliance
GlitchyKeys 15 timer siden
The downloading of valorant be like:
TONGX 15 timer siden
It is nice of Ryan Reynold to agree to play the role of the German Engineer
luCfer 15 timer siden
0:47 that's also illegal in thailand.
Andy Pollard
Andy Pollard 15 timer siden
One of the best you have done. Imoo. How do you managed to explain this so easy. 👍
Yamcha Kippur
Yamcha Kippur 15 timer siden
I wish youtube had content like this when I was in middle school. NOwindow poops didn't help me fight my English teacher.
Ramachandran K.N.
Ramachandran K.N. 15 timer siden
I'm surprised this wasn't connected to the Halting Problem. A progress bar should theoretically monitor for subroutines to finish and mark checkpoints as done. It is impossible to determine how long it will take to hit that checkpoint until the subroutine is actually finished. So progress bars can never be made smooth.
affy11 15 timer siden
did someone get run over in that spot? 9:08
tobuslieven 15 timer siden
7:24 If you placed a truth constraint on anything, the whole universe would grind to a halt.
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan 15 timer siden
before watching the video, I am a great fan of the Mist Challenge, I know it is few years old now, but it's the best challenge ever.
Sarcasm 15 timer siden
Still / again exactly correct.
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson 15 timer siden
The box closing gave me a heart attack 2:35:38
User Unknown
User Unknown 15 timer siden
ForumcoldiArchon 15 timer siden
Thats all good and all.. but jumping from 10% to 100% after several minutes of not giving you any Details is still shitty.
Raccoon Friend
Raccoon Friend 15 timer siden
follow the smoke towards the riff-filled land...
Rustacean 15 timer siden
8 bits is a low resolution for anything... it's time to step it up. We have 240hz monitors but can't all agree that it even makes a difference, yet we can't even have 10, 12 or 16 bits per colour which would drastically improve the overall look. If they added ONE MORE BIT it would literally double the number of colours you could see on the screen. I feel like I'm sitting in front of a computer made from coconuts.
Julian Coenen
Julian Coenen 15 timer siden
AKA Express
AKA Express 15 timer siden
If it's 100 percent it's a miracle. I have seen a miracle around 100 times in a row now.
Hyaku's Stream Archive & Memes
Hyaku's Stream Archive & Memes 15 timer siden
Greetings from Québec c:
Michael Withington-Walsh
Michael Withington-Walsh 15 timer siden
"Kirby's Dream" probably came from the title's of various Kirby games such as "Kirby's Dream Land", "Kirby's Dream Course", "Kirby's Dream Collection" and "Kirby's Return to Dream Land".
U1timate1nferno 15 timer siden
At the end of the day, you can't hack paper, and especially in a way that doesn't involve a person physically being there leaving evidence.
Terrabite 15
Terrabite 15 15 timer siden
filmed on a rotten potato
jocab 15 timer siden
Trump supporters: is this proof the election is stolen?
jameswalker199 15 timer siden
Surnames of three Spice Girls? Spice, Spice, and Spice?
upcFrost 15 timer siden
Apple pay is a horrible mess to work with tbh, and their implementation of those tokens you are talking about is probably the worst I've ever seen with any other payment provider
Snipez 15 timer siden
50000 people used to live here now it’s a ghost town
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 15 timer siden
The sore reindeer initially correct because bush conspicuously drown down a big otter. observant, frequent stretch
Bernard Marsh
Bernard Marsh 15 timer siden
AUSTRALIAN TANKS have beer holders i.e.stubby holders. Cheers big ears
FuelFire HCR2
FuelFire HCR2 15 timer siden
When you realize that "a" is a word in english.
Andrej Jerman
Andrej Jerman 15 timer siden
The Seed 219!
The Seed 219! 15 timer siden
I clicked only for the Union Jack on the moon.
The match Kookie is holding in Spring Day
The match Kookie is holding in Spring Day 15 timer siden
That's the most asexual thing I've ever seen 😂 amazing
Chase Napple
Chase Napple 15 timer siden
It's pronounced Knuth. smh, Tom
dylsaster 15 timer siden
for a short moment i thought it would say "the hedgehog sonic."
markkNL 15 timer siden
Soooo, if blue and green are the same thing, how does RGB work?
Mindbender Rearender69
Mindbender Rearender69 15 timer siden
It’s exact for me
vulduv 15 timer siden
work experience is a thing here in sweden too, so its probably more of a european thing than just a british thing.