rita rae
rita rae 12 timer siden
The first guy Tim , and the guy Benjamin singing "restlessness" were unreal. Music to my ears 🥰
dayana guevara ancajima
dayana guevara ancajima 12 timer siden
Yo crei q ese chico q cantaba se parecía mucho a Jm 🤡 😂😂
Federico Fava Colucci
Federico Fava Colucci 12 timer siden
"Bed of roses" y "I don't want to miss a thing" fueron espectaculares!
12 timer siden
Elaine Francis
Elaine Francis 12 timer siden
He is good but a Tom Jones he is not
Dreem Walker
Dreem Walker 13 timer siden
Ok .. all cudos to the first 9 and their good work ... but #10 ... SMOKED IT!!!! I mean ... those two should really form a super-duo funk-house-fusion extravaganza. I would dare to say that if that version was sold as a single .. it would top the charts .. and as a scene show with those two and their super chemistry on stage and vocaly ... I think I saw not just a little of envy in more than one of the judges. =D
Iwishicoulddance 13 timer siden
Damn this just reminded me of the existence of the song Leaving on a jet plane. Thanks i needed this
Geisy Dutra
Geisy Dutra 13 timer siden
The Bob Marley guy made me cry, someone plz can tell me his name? I need to see if he has something recorded😍
Cupitor Veritatis
Cupitor Veritatis 13 timer siden
Some of these probably belong in the category of artist rather than musician. Its the debate between entertaining and performing or artist versus musician. Some of these covers for me bordered on artistic expression and theatrics rather than the musicality of the performed piece.
Antonio Alvez
Antonio Alvez 13 timer siden
ñ mim canso de ouvir esse cara cantando essa música
Xheni Zere
Xheni Zere 13 timer siden
Elsa Clement was another level
Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl Jackson 13 timer siden
To quote Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, "And I Will ALWAYS Love You" Sir Tom Jones! Belated Happy Birthday, and many, many happy returns!
Angelica Kendal
Angelica Kendal 13 timer siden
The flowery knowledge emotionally fail because baboon acceptably lock towards a tangible sprout. acceptable, volatile current
pure Love Elias
pure Love Elias 13 timer siden
Have not heard anyone sing "make it rain" like Koryn Hawthorne
Tsambika 13 timer siden
it is NOT about the covid virus. it is about FORCING the lethal vaccines on everyone by the evil free mason governments . the mainstream media is lying, hundreds of people have died or paralyzed after taking the covid vaccines. open your eyes people.
Ary Day
Ary Day 13 timer siden
Swifties 13 timer siden
Im rocking
Tsambika 13 timer siden
it is NOT about the covid virus. it is about FORCING the lethal vaccines on everyone by the evil free mason governments . the mainstream media is lying, hundreds of people have died or paralyzed after taking the covid vaccines. open your eyes people.
Renegade the Rapper
Renegade the Rapper 13 timer siden
That opera singer was better than the judges at singing by eons and eons and that's why nobody turned around
Mirco Giard
Mirco Giard 13 timer siden
wen kümmerts ... die ganze welt
MANAYA STANLEY 13 timer siden
I play too much I cant look at someone like that while singing.
Renegade the Rapper
Renegade the Rapper 13 timer siden
The girl who sang My Heart Will Go On should be a mega super star with a voice like that
JAMES Fair 13 timer siden
I'm in love with the lady from Bulgaria.
marely gonzalez
marely gonzalez 13 timer siden
i think all of them were great but i have to go with matt he was just incredible!
Mike Jaworowski
Mike Jaworowski 13 timer siden
Partner? Bitch u ain't fighting crime that's your boyfriend (now husband probably)
firman abdaoe Sulaeman
firman abdaoe Sulaeman 13 timer siden
Constestant : "That's life~" Judges : "Oh shit! Turn around come on fast come on turn around!!"
shebi. 17
shebi. 17 14 timer siden
Name de la mujer Morena que baila la vida loca
reeh butera
reeh butera 14 timer siden
Fortex vize
Fortex vize 14 timer siden
Wait... 8:53 she pressed because there IS a loopstation? She didn't hear the singer yet haha.
Alan Gonzalez Reza
Alan Gonzalez Reza 14 timer siden
The best is Ericka Alcocer in The Voice Mexico 2018🤗🤗
C Gravelle
C Gravelle 14 timer siden
she has a beautiful voice. If only music c could bring the world together and stop all the pain and sorrow of death. Stop war This is not what God wanted for the world . Beautiful voice.
Charbel Abboud
Charbel Abboud 14 timer siden
Lord Jesus Bless you all ❤️
kaduvananu 14 timer siden
Mother Mary will help you
Mary Benwy
Mary Benwy 14 timer siden
Wow! Can I just say Wow!
Charbel Abboud
Charbel Abboud 14 timer siden
My respect for the voice 📈📈📈✝️
Ana Emilia Magnani
Ana Emilia Magnani 14 timer siden
Aydan's performance gives me chills no matter how many times I already watched it.
eco2geek 14 timer siden
Pierre Edel (aka Эдель Пьер -- the guy who sang "Whole Lotta Love") did the best Led Zeppelin cover on the Voice anywhere, IMHO. Curiously enough, he also appeared on the Voice of Russia and the Voice of France.
Carlos G
Carlos G 14 timer siden
The last was is just OMFG! The last one is actually the NUMBER 1
Liana Kosma
Liana Kosma 14 timer siden
Mathhias Nebel 💜💜💜
TFrmDa5 14 timer siden
mein hurtz brennt kid destroyed that shit. shit was on point
Neil Fleming
Neil Fleming 14 timer siden
sorry, but they are pressing their buttons for the SONG and not the VOICES - two or three of these are really bad and out of tune and just screaming
erwin petas
erwin petas 14 timer siden
You must look adelways from indonesia she very powerpool for song opera
Soul Brother
Soul Brother 14 timer siden
This is what I’m talking about, more of this would be cool
Olivia Winter
Olivia Winter 14 timer siden
Who clicked this cause they thought Taylor swift was one of the people??😳
Cinta Me
Cinta Me 14 timer siden
Amazing. 😘♥️🥰👍
Dr. Dumb
Dr. Dumb 14 timer siden
The last guy remember me of "Be there or be square" from reddit
Soumia Mouna
Soumia Mouna 15 timer siden
When I hear tom voice my heart and my soul feel the love ❤️❤️❤️ I wish I could live in does days ❤️
Liv Bensberg
Liv Bensberg 15 timer siden
That women was hard core jealous
D Medilicious
D Medilicious 15 timer siden
Mika would have immediately picked the guy singing Mein Herz Bret
Evelyn Ortiz Galeano
Evelyn Ortiz Galeano 15 timer siden
i'm fall in love with him
Wyld Rhino
Wyld Rhino 15 timer siden
Anyone gunna mention the weird haircut?
Templetonpeck 15 timer siden
Netherlands was incredible!!
grahamgmh 15 timer siden
that aussie tool simply fucked it up
Franchea Duncan
Franchea Duncan 15 timer siden
I love it
Henry Simpson
Henry Simpson 15 timer siden
2nd one wasn’t it
Ivy Ivy
Ivy Ivy 15 timer siden
She is a god singer...but for me not god enough
Nawaf Mohammed
Nawaf Mohammed 15 timer siden
give the first guy a STAGE
Amelia Watson
Amelia Watson 15 timer siden
Was I the only one that thought when the first girl reached the high note, that it sounded kinda bad? I cringed, sorry.
Paulo Santos
Paulo Santos 15 timer siden
Lennart Fridlund
Lennart Fridlund 15 timer siden
My favourite performance is ”Signs” sung by Ash & Thorns from Norway.
Dimka Poc
Dimka Poc 15 timer siden
Хуета полная!!!
poppy ☆ ★ ✰
poppy ☆ ★ ✰ 15 timer siden
What’s the full name of the judge who was last to turn in the third clip?
snakelite61 15 timer siden
I recognized the name Lonnie Donegan and had to look it up to see why. His big hit in the US was a song called "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose it's Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?". I even remembered most of the lyrics. 😂😂😂
Beti Trindade
Beti Trindade 15 timer siden
Do mais
Jose Garay
Jose Garay 15 timer siden
Claudia 💁
Alex Hill
Alex Hill 16 timer siden
Eurovision Win 2 for Portugal ?
Nic X
Nic X 16 timer siden
Guy Sebastian is possibly the best singer I’ve ever heard on The Voice. Period .
Jeanne D'Amour
Jeanne D'Amour 16 timer siden
Beti Trindade
Beti Trindade 16 timer siden
Aí love love Ton Jones biuriful
antonio arancibia
antonio arancibia 16 timer siden
Cantas muy lindo te felicito
mirac182 16 timer siden
Natan Dagur looks so much like Ville Valo, to me 0.o
Samuel Sangtam
Samuel Sangtam 16 timer siden
"Into The Unknown"❤️
Aïma hammi
Aïma hammi 16 timer siden
تشبه سهيلة بن لشهب 😍😍😍
Safae Hdidi
Safae Hdidi 16 timer siden
BTS 💜👑
•Akemi Demon•
•Akemi Demon• 16 timer siden
Billie canta sus canciones no con agresividad, si no con Calma y eso deberían tomar en cuenta
adeba 16 timer siden
Cheryl Saint Voran
Cheryl Saint Voran 16 timer siden
The taki taki one made sich a good mood