Pokemon (Frog Leap Live)
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A Look Back At 2020
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My new Studio Desk (and Album)
Ghostbusters (Frog Leap Live)
Galen Messer
Galen Messer 6 timer siden
Nice. How about one of the also-rans on the Yellow Brick Road album. Like Grey Seal, Social Disease, or All The Young Girls Love Alice? It seems you and your accomplices have the most fun with creating those new sounds for classic tunes.
Gwahir 6 timer siden
I'd like to see more behind the scenes stuff, but I suggest that it comes its own video series. Feels like baggage after the main event.
Laureen Manière
Laureen Manière 6 timer siden
TommyBaggins 6 timer siden
My only regret is that I can only like this video once.
norm graham
norm graham 6 timer siden
She'll be back, she left her pink water bottle there. Unless that's Leo's.
Kabluey_ Louie
Kabluey_ Louie 7 timer siden
Leo man, ya lookin like Les Claypool and I LOVE IT!!
Marrassek 7 timer siden
omg these cursed harmonics sound so great
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 7 timer siden
The muppet makes me happy :)
Tom Larson
Tom Larson 7 timer siden
As a cardiologist and stethoscope manufacturer, I approve this message!
James Bewley
James Bewley 7 timer siden
Watch this every couple of days...always great!!
Rob Baillie
Rob Baillie 7 timer siden
Dude man..... You are awesome.... Your keeping rock and roll alive. Love your remakes... All of them. That's music... Hey rappers. Lol. Take note... Learn an instrument.
Dan Brooks
Dan Brooks 7 timer siden
Lmao my cat totally reminds me of the cat puppet
Sara Fiedler
Sara Fiedler 7 timer siden
Buenísimo hermano, no se si sigues haciendo esto pero estaría bueno un atrévete te te de calle 13
KBoege 7 timer siden
Ha ha, Mary. Welcome to Leo's world. It may not be your type of music be he just made you pretty famous and that's pretty damn cool... Love you both.
Axe RC
Axe RC 7 timer siden
This was awesome. Nice seeing you and your wife jamming.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 8 timer siden
Love the behind the scenes
Johnny 6-feet
Johnny 6-feet 8 timer siden
Khunvyel 8 timer siden
Music videos are the only videos on youtube I watch at normal speed. And Leo's videos are the few videos that I watch until the very end. Years go by and you're still going strong on that weekly upload schedule. No matter what happens in the future, should you ever decide to stop, do what your heart tells you. You've made plenty a people happy, and I hope you can remain happy yourself.
Edward Alexander
Edward Alexander 9 timer siden
I loved it, it's great. Long live rock
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank 9 timer siden
Great video cover,keep it up!
Darren Price
Darren Price 9 timer siden
Got to be one of the worst sounds I’ve heard you play 👎🏻
zuzukyd 9 timer siden
Blasphemy!! x2 lol
Linda 9 timer siden
The passion you put in this cover is overwhelming. Fucking amazing!
Cygrymus 9 timer siden
Uhoh, Hannah has some competition
GothLeader 1988
GothLeader 1988 9 timer siden
fucking wicked
zeddd27 Z
zeddd27 Z 9 timer siden
Круто продолжай!!
We Are number one but its a youtube account
We Are number one but its a youtube account 10 timer siden
Metal and sea shanty mixes should be called drift steel
hidde kemper
hidde kemper 10 timer siden
0:44 do the "pennywise"
bitterd byu
bitterd byu 10 timer siden
Leo done lazytown yet?
Benjamin Colley
Benjamin Colley 10 timer siden
Cool, but disappointed. I also thought this was the mmpr intro.
食蛙小蛙 10 timer siden
Just... DAMN!
2k22 10 timer siden
Don't just tease us, you know we want Word Up
Danny Carvajal
Danny Carvajal 10 timer siden
Goes camping *buys a guitar and bass*
dave james
dave james 10 timer siden
love love the strat!!!
Sean Brooks
Sean Brooks 11 timer siden
Hey Leo I know you get hammered by people saying you should do this song or that song ......but..... I've thought of a killer rocked-up cover that would be incredible! A " Saturday's Alright for Fighting " originally by Elton John cover would be one of your most popular yet and anyone reading this would definitely love to see that one! Maybe get Hannah to do the Kid Rock part! Love you guys! And here's a link to the Nickelback / Kid rock version for a little inspiration! nowindow.info/cloud/video/pKF_ZZqglbBup2w.html Now turn that $#!t up!
Dogboy Endicott
Dogboy Endicott 11 timer siden
metal head
metal head 11 timer siden
This song is made for you, violet!
Pelican Briefings
Pelican Briefings 11 timer siden
this is my voicemail for prank callers
Owd Potter
Owd Potter 11 timer siden
this guy has something if he can make me listen to a beegees song
Aram Bladen
Aram Bladen 11 timer siden
POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!! I know those lyrics anywhere xD
Javier Malaver
Javier Malaver 11 timer siden
there's a mistake. Wasserman don't even made this "DINO CHARGE" theme lol anyways this is insane too, well done!
TR 11 timer siden
And this how even the most retarded lyrics on earth can sound badass
Stephan Dezitter
Stephan Dezitter 11 timer siden
This is not the way
Thomas Hirst
Thomas Hirst 11 timer siden
Electric Love would be cool!
Knucklehead McGee
Knucklehead McGee 12 timer siden
i'm starting to believe that leo made this video JUST to show off the LEDs on his kicks. lmao!
Dale Sentell
Dale Sentell 12 timer siden
This is what you call enjoying your life
Ed ward
Ed ward 12 timer siden
бля плотно!)
MICHAEL GEBALA 12 timer siden
Is it possible to do a Tribute to the Power Rangers by doing all of there intros. 🤔 Please 🙏
George Threw Me
George Threw Me 12 timer siden
This version would have been so nice on NFSMW
Bongtasia 12 timer siden
Peter Horvath
Peter Horvath 12 timer siden
875 were so drunk they missed the like button
Lothar Renz
Lothar Renz 12 timer siden
mayyyybe... I'd have watched the show if they had a music score like this. \m/
audible tapehiss
audible tapehiss 12 timer siden
I never noticed how much Rabea looks like Lukather until he got on stage playing Africa!
James Penney
James Penney 12 timer siden
Zombie C.
Zombie C. 12 timer siden
I’ve been waiting for you two to find each other. I was not disappointed.
Paulo M Santos
Paulo M Santos 12 timer siden
Grande malha Violet. Belo duo com o Leo. Parabéns por esta cover. Thanks Leo.
Duncan Walduck
Duncan Walduck 12 timer siden
Have you every considered giving your unique treatment to "Mac the Knife" ? [Beggars' Opera,I believe - so branching out into musical theatre : btw, check out PostModern Jukebox]- ... "Oh the shark, dear, has such teeth, dear, and he shows them (.../...) out of sight!" Forgot to like this when I first saw it. Corrected that!
Mull Miller
Mull Miller 12 timer siden
I’m a scream tar tar kind of guy
RAV NOT LABEL 12 timer siden
Fernando Shelton
Fernando Shelton 13 timer siden
Metal yeahhhhhhhhh!!!
Josh Haynes
Josh Haynes 13 timer siden
What guitar is he playing there? Looks brutal! Also, I have yet to find a Leo cover I haven't liked, even when I'd never heard the song before like this one! Keep up the great work Leo!
Ger Abel
Ger Abel 13 timer siden
Superrrr. Ik denk dat dit de orginele versie is. De andere zijn allemaal covers.
tyseer said
tyseer said 13 timer siden
алекс иванов
алекс иванов 13 timer siden
Гитарное соло просто класс Но что то оно мне напомнило))
Craig Rice
Craig Rice 13 timer siden
Is this what the world is coming to LOL great job but DAMB
Thien Di Pham
Thien Di Pham 13 timer siden
モチトカイストシイチシコイイハ 13 timer siden
sondaki boşluk olmazsa çok iyi olurdu. loop'a aldım son ile başlangıç baya alakasız
Fernando Shelton
Fernando Shelton 13 timer siden
Cara você é FODAAAAAAAA!!!!
Debra Williams
Debra Williams 13 timer siden
Stop stealing your little girls moves! I see where you get your moves from. Overall amazing video!!!
cheesymusic 13 timer siden
damn I miss jamming with other musicians ❤ also kickass song as always, much love ❤❤❤ and hopefully we can see you guys on the road again as soon as possible
Reservoir God
Reservoir God 14 timer siden
D K 14 timer siden
It is just one of the later ones. If I member correctly that's dino thunder.
Tuneroloko 14 timer siden
Where is the cover for the original intro? My 5 year old child in my interior need this one!
Wasiatud Darain
Wasiatud Darain 14 timer siden
When your home alone and You're a Kpop fan
Draguling 14 timer siden
This is fucking terrible
Scooby Rougarou
Scooby Rougarou 14 timer siden
Even the ads on this channel are cool. That monocular thing is amazing.
Russell Eyl
Russell Eyl 14 timer siden
Hannahs voice is like ice cold water from a mountain steam , compared to leo's Viking growl. Rabea rocks. It works well
Justin Harp
Justin Harp 14 timer siden
Leo and Violet ?! How do I super like this ?
Scooby Rougarou
Scooby Rougarou 14 timer siden
666 thumbs down, that seems intentional to me...
Brandon Rasco
Brandon Rasco 14 timer siden
Leo, Being as this is your most recent video, I figured you would most likely see my comment here. I've been listening to your music for a while now, and thinking of what song I would like to hear you cover. I finally figured it out this morning. Eleanor Rigby! If ever a song deserved to become Metal, this does. Thank you in advance! 😁