RespawnActual 4 timer siden
it should be mentioned that after learning that Agatha was controlling Pietro (what he said and what he heard) this video is basically obsolete. It 100% still could be the Fox x-men quicksilver
Does Anyone Have Any Orange Slices?
Does Anyone Have Any Orange Slices? 4 timer siden
Is it just me or does anyone else secretly think that Doctor Strange is rewinding time little by little and making it seem like a decade before episode 9 comes out??
K Factor
K Factor 4 timer siden
4:38 Eric: "Notice how it says, 'certain people', which means Agatha might not be working alone." Article: *literally says right after, "Feige clarifies that the "certain people" is Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness*
BigTsu 4 timer siden
Eric never existed????
Darthmaster52 4 timer siden
Your on to something
David Andrew
David Andrew 4 timer siden
The editor needs a raise!
ssmatians 4 timer siden
I was hoping for Eric, why are you here
visqueraient 4 timer siden
This whole thing is hilarious AHAHAHAHAH
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy 4 timer siden
Going to buy some illegal insects now ✌🏻
JTEGA 4 timer siden
Best box of scraps ! Lol
seesfractals 4 timer siden
Awesome team up. Good to see you guys together.
K Ped
K Ped 4 timer siden
This is a nice duo. I like
Santi 4 timer siden
So many edits with clips in this video. . . I LOVE IT!!! Laughed the whole time 😂😂😂
Peter Best
Peter Best 4 timer siden
DJ Space vader
DJ Space vader 4 timer siden
That box of scraps😂 also I love that tommy recited gangsta paradise
Logan Burleson
Logan Burleson 4 timer siden
love macgyver XD
adam tait
adam tait 4 timer siden
Wtf was that !!!???
Elizabeth Rios
Elizabeth Rios 4 timer siden
oh no oh oh no no no no no
Travis Resor
Travis Resor 4 timer siden
lol. The demon had a Saints hat on! lol
Jerome Basile
Jerome Basile 4 timer siden
i dont understand the stretched out Dali clock....
John Strelow
John Strelow 4 timer siden
ReWatching these series why didn’t Dr Strange take the stones as he foresaw Tony doing when Thanos was choking him?
MixMastoras 4 timer siden
It's actually Χθων (pronounced Hthon), soft H instead of Ch
BelieveInMatter 4 timer siden
Is there going to be a Vision versus Vision fight in the next episode 🤔 so many questions haha
Ben Ar
Ben Ar 5 timer siden
My hearts gonna break when this show ends, think about it No more theorizing on what will happen next episode No more cheesy and lovable comedy sitcom scenes No more darcy, jimmy woo and monica rambeua duo scenes No more new rockstars episode breakdown videos :(
ZEKE The Superfreak
ZEKE The Superfreak 5 timer siden
Ha ha, Joe Biden sniffing vision
Camilo Camacho
Camilo Camacho 5 timer siden
I love you two, it's like Bert and Ernie!💗💖💓💞
DismemberTheAlamo 5 timer siden
I just realized with the joke at 5:15 that a convention of canibals would be "Necro-Nom-iCon"
Mr. UNKNOWN 5 timer siden
Infinity war was Thano's story, Endgame was Tony's story."
Jonathan Franco
Jonathan Franco 5 timer siden
Yooo Filup AND Tommy? My two favorite hosts (don't tell Erik and Jessica)
natalia vignolo
natalia vignolo 5 timer siden
IM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK PHILLIP AND TOMMY. Still, im so sorry Eric got reabsorbed into Mephisto's soul🤷🏽‍♀️ Hoping to see you three in one video soon😺
Dante F
Dante F 5 timer siden
SOOO HAPPY WHEN I SEE FILUP AND HIS ARMs. And glad to see Tommy too! But FILUP is like a special treat when he chooses to make an appearance :)
Manu Forster
Manu Forster 5 timer siden
15:37 "... give Scott [Derrickson] *Sleepwalker* ...!" // Oh. Yeah! I still have the first issues of the nineties Comic-books :D
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 5 timer siden
Why a D?
Johanna Schuff
Johanna Schuff 5 timer siden
teneo, imperio, animi does not translate from latin as I have control of the animal, but the spirit
Ethan Gould
Ethan Gould 5 timer siden
yaaaaaaaaaaaay Phillip!!!!
Loren B
Loren B 5 timer siden
Sadly I don't think much will happen in the last episode, the only thing I am 100% certain of is that Dr Strange will arrive at the end to get Wanda.
Isaac Perches
Isaac Perches 5 timer siden
This is the weirdest and strangest BQ so far at least as far as I can remember
Menix 5 timer siden
Seeing how many subs i can get from this comment At the start of this experiment:69 subs
Ameture Warrior
Ameture Warrior 5 timer siden
The try guys making an appearance for 2 secs. I live.
Lee Gannon
Lee Gannon 5 timer siden
The Necronomicon also exist in Marvel. marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Necronomicon
Rayhan Arazi
Rayhan Arazi 5 timer siden
Eric looks different
Tim Manning
Tim Manning 5 timer siden
4:30 I loved reading those!
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 5 timer siden
And how did Agatha imitate his powers🤔
Jesus' Aquatics
Jesus' Aquatics 5 timer siden
Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed a cache of treasures-including more than 50 wooden sarcophagi, a funerary temple dedicated to an Old Kingdom queen and a 13-foot-long Book of the Dead scroll-at the Saqqara necropolis,
sezey won
sezey won 5 timer siden
28:33 why did it take this long!? too come out with this AMAZING OPENING?!?!🤣😂😂😂😭😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭😭🤣😭😭💀
Luis Ernesto Gustavo Alipaz Loetz
Luis Ernesto Gustavo Alipaz Loetz 5 timer siden
How about Fietro actually being Speed Demon?
A Queen Plays
A Queen Plays 5 timer siden
They recasted Eric?
DJ SUPERPIRATE 5 timer siden
Tommy can you sell me some rare bees
Gears of Halo
Gears of Halo 5 timer siden
Stan Lee Hulk in the lego games is an Easter Egg to Him drinking the blood
Comic Hero
Comic Hero 5 timer siden
who this
ReedXIV 5 timer siden
I was dying this whole video😂😂
Brendon Jones
Brendon Jones 5 timer siden
That was an amazing ‘box of scraps’ clip
kumar jag
kumar jag 5 timer siden
The comfortable domain metrically dry because tenor incidentally squash aboard a illegal sandra. lavish, depressed development
Ssalama23 5 timer siden
Nah dawg that's Kang the Conqueror's world doom paint got nothin to do with it b
jasmine rewane
jasmine rewane 5 timer siden
I want that whole song please
Kloudx13 5 timer siden
"She re-cast Eric?"
Buddy Buck
Buddy Buck 5 timer siden
People probably give stuff to the avengers for free they don't need money
Laz3 5 timer siden
I think the hex will blow up and everyone will become mutants maybe that have x gene
the faderoom
the faderoom 5 timer siden
I feel like they can use the hex for the avengers mansion....
pinkpapaya04 5 timer siden
been a fan of Filup Molina since Jessica Jones days!! hahaha
antonio tapia
antonio tapia 5 timer siden
Please breakdown the mother box trailer
Manu Forster
Manu Forster 5 timer siden
4:07 "... demon(et)ized!" ;P
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Ryan Martinez 5 timer siden
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Hanif Ghazi 5 timer siden
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TRVRS Outdoors
TRVRS Outdoors 5 timer siden
Hell yeah. Miss these two!
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Joseph Demeter 5 timer siden
Need more videos with these two lol
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That box of scraps edit was intense, dude.
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Amarachi Oparaocha 5 timer siden
Filup is finally back
Stanley Oggy
Stanley Oggy 5 timer siden
15:47 for Tommy's trophy
Mona LeFae
Mona LeFae 5 timer siden
I love that Filup looked over to count how many books are in Twilight when Tommy guessed 5...confirming Filup owns Twilight...NERRRRRRD...don’t worry, I own it too lol
jump7shot 5 timer siden
The editing was supreme. DAM
STANNED UP for NERDS 5 timer siden
I get goosebumps every time I hear it
Arthur Ray
Arthur Ray 5 timer siden
Don’t read too much into these comments NR team. Half them are just kids mad that their favorite toy was taken away. Love the video and love Tommy and Philip! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Evgeny Kolesnikov
Evgeny Kolesnikov 5 timer siden
Pretty sure it's not a Darkhold
DabZilla 710ish
DabZilla 710ish 5 timer siden
Hella.....more like Hella thick
Colin Waugh
Colin Waugh 5 timer siden
Filup and Tommy! The dream team
Christopher Mahony
Christopher Mahony 5 timer siden
Whos been messing up everything? Its been Tommy B all along
Kent Ruaya
Kent Ruaya 5 timer siden
so that makes the witches mutants too? and the fantastic 4 will be mutants too assuming they will still follow the “cosmic radiation” origin story sht? im lost