Mohammed Tayeb
Mohammed Tayeb 2 timer siden
Who’s seen that Pogba x Sancho link up on insta?😂😂 JS7 2021
Dave Eccles
Dave Eccles 2 timer siden
I like your choice Jay
Dave Eccles
Dave Eccles 2 timer siden
Anthony martial has gone right off the boil and again I'm not sure if he wants to be here
Seb B
Seb B 2 timer siden
Refs are getting talked about too much recently and that's a bad sign.
Sean Fitz
Sean Fitz 2 timer siden
Jay being harsh on Cavani
jl249 2 timer siden
He fucking better not
dogcatdogable 2 timer siden
Can't stand playing Palace. They always turn into prime Barca against us.
NK 3 timer siden
Omfg get this guy off camera, honestly he is soooo vanilla it’s a joke 😴
Alex G
Alex G 3 timer siden
pogba is leaving utd are going sideways stop being deluded you clowns
Alex G
Alex G 3 timer siden
you've played like trash making excuses now blaming refs and ole is rattled talking about chelsea lmao UTD IN THE MUD SHAMBLES OF A CLUB and an embarrassment to the premier league in europe
alexEi4o 3 timer siden
49:10 hahaha Loved that Ste
inkwell flood
inkwell flood 3 timer siden
It clearly has influenced them, as well as the full Chelsea team getting the popcorn out with the ref.
MC_HAMMER 4 timer siden
Straight swap pogba for cr7 I’m sure the club would be delighted with the revenue he would bring in and we get the best player in the world for his last years.
Sweater Wearing Squirrel
Sweater Wearing Squirrel 4 timer siden
Holy hell we can actually hear you for once
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor 4 timer siden
There’s definitely something funny going on with the referees and Man Utd not just saying for the sake of saying but ever since klopp started moaning about it and other managers and the media there denying obvious pens and other decisions that have gone against us and if it true what that ref said to Harry Maguire than there clearly something wrong
Arnab Baag
Arnab Baag 4 timer siden
Loving the piss take of arsenal😂😂😂
Irish Name
Irish Name 4 timer siden
Tyron’s market value is cheaper and he got EPL experience, It maybe difficult for Varane because of EPL style of playing
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young 4 timer siden
when joe starts getting loud you know it’s gonna be funny
paul marcel
paul marcel 4 timer siden
Kounde..LMAO..he's a short ass we don't want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James 4 timer siden
Anyone notice how mckola pronounces his S’s with a little whistle hahaha
Wanna PoP
Wanna PoP 5 timer siden
this is an extremely biased "show"
Wanna PoP
Wanna PoP 3 timer siden
@Machiel de Groot don’t see them slagging off their players as harshly compared to other clubs.
Machiel de Groot
Machiel de Groot 3 timer siden
No shit captain obvious 😂 what’s your point?
Andrew Mcglinchey
Andrew Mcglinchey 5 timer siden
I would take verane all day long only 27 and would be great at united 👍 if pogba does stay get Kante in along side him 👌
The Truth
The Truth 4 timer siden
Would be surprised if the board get off their ass and sign Varane
Great work Alex thanks for the info. Keep it up!!!!
jjsteer91 5 timer siden
'bitches' loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
athleticdiv 5 timer siden
The poor reffing in the Chelsea game pales in comparison to the robbery that happened at Sheffield. Its a pattern of officials willing united to lose. When the fans get back into the stadiums the refs wont have it easy from united fans.
Black Hole
Black Hole 5 timer siden
So if we do finish second but with a bigger gap between us and City than under José, will people criticise Ole like they did José or will it be seen as progress and a successful season?
Joshua 5 timer siden
Need to get rid of Toni, Pogba and De Gea. Lose them and the drama that comes with them and watch Utd thrive, especially if we buy Grealish and Haaland... too optimistic? Ha!
Abs Corleone
Abs Corleone 5 timer siden
Same guys singing his praises are the same ones who wanted him out Lolll, Dnt take a genius to figure out we’re missin him! But Yh Ole’s beloved McFred is the answer to everything Loool, Pogba needs more quality around him his a winner add a Sancho and a Haaland he stays simple oh and coach who actually knows what they’re doing!
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman 5 timer siden
If he signs a contract part of that contract should be telling his brother and agent to keep there mouth shut
Rick Richardson
Rick Richardson 6 timer siden
If it isnt tier 1 news then dont report it imo
Phillip Worts
Phillip Worts 6 timer siden
Don’t forget about the comments that José made about our penalties
E's 6 timer siden
Pisstake numba one!
MrFooFighter13 6 timer siden
The best show, period; is 'Skirmish' on digital TV channel UK Conquest.
Jenny Hardman
Jenny Hardman 6 timer siden
Of course Pogba will sign a new deal! No other club would pay his ridiculous wages for a treatment table drama queen!
Paul G Holmes
Paul G Holmes 6 timer siden
FFS. Pogba to stay??? No one else wants him!
Nathanael Sadgrove
Nathanael Sadgrove 6 timer siden
The FA took the right call there. You can't fine someone for hearsay, especially when they themselves acknowledged it was hearsay; and if they were to fine Shaw and the ref did say what he might have said, then it would expose the FA as being horribly corrupt. So either not fining Shaw is due to nothing actually being said by the ref, or the FA not wanting to acknowledge the ref said what he said.
Rick Flair
Rick Flair 4 timer siden
Its definitely that the FA realised Luke was right and didn't want to caution him. I can imagine the FA can legally sanction and player/team bringing disrepute to their officials.
Jacob O'C
Jacob O'C 6 timer siden
Varane would be a top top acquisition.
Jacob O'C
Jacob O'C 6 timer siden
Oh Pogba... the guy that should have been a striker but ended up in midfield.
Steven Kilgariff
Steven Kilgariff 6 timer siden
Is there going to be another used Jonny in the post from the fa with a sorry for fucking you again letter
Michael Kromidarovski
Michael Kromidarovski 6 timer siden
The guy with the long hair, not sure if it's Salvatore Ganacci or Steve Aoki.. Can't take him seriously though 🤣🤣🤣
lewis cooper
lewis cooper 6 timer siden
Why does it seem like we only want to sign a french centre back😂
gdobbin461 6 timer siden
Are we really ready to be slagging off other teams when there's still 12 games left. We could find ourselves outside top 4 giving that we can't beat a big 6 team. The worst Arsenal team in decades that took 4 points off us too, don't know why I'm subscribed when you're posting this nonsense.
Georgi Petkov
Georgi Petkov 5 timer siden
I don't think you get what the segment premier league piss take is about 😂 have a laugh mate.
Daniel O
Daniel O 6 timer siden
I love Pogba, and he is one of the best footballers at the club, don't get me wrong. But somewhere we have to draw the line, this Raiola/Pogba saga is so distracting and over the top for the club and is directly taking the focus away from football to an extent that is nearing noticeable on on-field performance. Sometime soon this twerking for Pogba needs to stop, and we will need to move on.
Uzy 6 timer siden
Klopp and Lampard couldn’t stop moaning to the media about pens for United, yet the FA didn’t even think about fining them 🤔
mohamed hamdi
mohamed hamdi 5 timer siden
It's realy unbelievable how many mistakes the referees made with VAR i can't imaginé how would thé situation would be without var
LJ Mars
LJ Mars 6 timer siden
FA "referee's are never wrong" Everyone else: Bullsxxt!
Chris Odukwe
Chris Odukwe 6 timer siden
Why are we talking about Refs and (non)Penalties when the side is not just good enough?
David Keita
David Keita 6 timer siden
Yes,referees are weird with United but olé is United Real problem! We could win this game is olé gave chance to Matic in midfield! I think all the tactical décisions of olé are really poor and weird sometimes very disgusting!
Matthewjared Cox
Matthewjared Cox 6 timer siden
Did you just describe yourself and accidently switch your name with ole?
Matthewjared Cox
Matthewjared Cox 6 timer siden
Great vid guys
Tim collins
Tim collins 6 timer siden
Two teams with disappointing spells this season. Consistency is key for both sides to retain cl spots. The game tho', that was poor and we were sterile,, again.
Jimmy Jammy
Jimmy Jammy 7 timer siden
Its acceptable to commit penalties against united in the box. Get used to it. That said, refereeing is 💩. Pogba new contract? Great! More Raiola!
JiminyPopapill 7 timer siden
Shaw can't say that because dropping a ref in it or ratting out officials will turn every ref and linesman agaiist the club(moreso than already). Be smart and keep your mouth shut. Every team gets decisions for and against it over time. Focus on what you can control. Your own defending.
Samuel Whitcombe
Samuel Whitcombe 7 timer siden
One of the bigger positives in keeping Pogba would be building a better relationship with Riola. As much as i hate the fat prick as much as everyone else, that could be a tipping point in any possible Haaland deal.
Publius 7 timer siden
Not too far off the pace when you consider the points we probably should of got. Solksjaer is steadily doing a good job.
Sweater Wearing Squirrel
Sweater Wearing Squirrel 4 timer siden
@MrSehen7 I caught that too. So many people make this mistake and it kills me
MrSehen7 4 timer siden
Should of
Shreejit Nair
Shreejit Nair 5 timer siden
Ya I think the fan base is being overly negative, not beating Chelsea at bridge and we are getting frustrated. Give Ole 3-4 more players , build a structure around him to support him when he makes mistakes. Unfortunately the fan base expects him to be like SAF and just about override the board shortcomings , unfortunately Ole is not SAF. Modern football cannot operate with all the burden being on the manager’s shoulder. Our anger should be directed at the board and not at Ole.
DweeqHD 5 timer siden
Agreed he just needs some more time I’m loving what he’s doing for us so far.
Theo M87
Theo M87 6 timer siden
Agree, if only he could now be a little bit more attacking in the big games
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker 7 timer siden
Tyrone Mings would be a good buy, much better than Maguire, has pace and can read the game👍
seamonnw 7 timer siden
ye give and ye give , i put in my shift at work , Fred dont talk to me about fred , he couldnt pass a corner shop andy tate is a Legend
Paul Lees
Paul Lees 7 timer siden
If Pogba gets a new deal, then this club is absolutely finished, run by reprobates who haven’t a clue what sort of players we need, or indeed what sort of player we should have. Pogba is an overrated mercenary. Get rid of, ASAP.
Kold War
Kold War 5 timer siden
Pogba is our best midfielder after Bruno. You are clueless.
joseph • 20 years ago
joseph • 20 years ago 7 timer siden
Pogba new contract, varane & Ndidi in.. we'll be lot better
Karl beale
Karl beale 7 timer siden
Love this show, especially as howson isn’t involved
DevilGames 7 timer siden
Swap Pogba for Varane? Sell and buy Grealish? I like both options.
Kieran Riches
Kieran Riches 7 timer siden
Let's hope he wasn't just playing for the transfer and will keep trying 🙏
Seb Sims
Seb Sims 7 timer siden
Great video as per usual, in my opinion it sounds like pogba will stay and sign a new contract, I think mino will be happy with this as I imagine he will be looking to move haaland to utd for a big pay day again for him and I imagine he will be pushing for one final big move for pogba in a couple of years. He will rinse utd again in my opinion.
n-a.journal 7 timer siden
70m for varane? Cmon bro regardless you can't argue on price for a player like that. If he is at all available we need to do what we can to get him.
ukbigjon 7 timer siden
Do you think he's that good? I'm personally not convinced. Have watched a fair ammount of Real, always thought he is outshone by even an aging Ramos; often dug-out by him too.
Englishman Abroad
Englishman Abroad 7 timer siden
Pogba divides opinion. And thats good. For me, he has had his time, not been what I expected consistently and taking too many headlines. Take the cash and reinvest it in the team. Also good for Paul - fresh start.
Craig Melville
Craig Melville 7 timer siden
Forget Raphaël Varane, Utd should go for Benoît Badiashile. Don't help Madrid fund any transfers i.e. Kylian Mbappé or Erling Braut Haaland as that is just a great example of a conflict of interest. Seriously £63m for Varane is nuts was he also not out of favour with Zidane not that long ago?
Nerses Arslanian
Nerses Arslanian 8 timer siden
I'd rather we swap with for de Ligt or Arthur from Juve. He and his agent have been nothing but trouble and have hurt the club's image time and again. He hasn't lived up to his potential and he doesn't deserve the wages he's currently on. We're better off selling him at a cut price and using that money for a much needed cb.
DIV 7 timer siden
Hes been quality this season so i dont think its a good idea to lose him just yet we should wait until we find a good cdm that can replace him in my opps
Mohd Hasyudin
Mohd Hasyudin 8 timer siden
It's almost similar incident with arsenal against Leicester, arsenal has be given but utd did not. Why? Where's is the consistency.
Chileshe Mutale
Chileshe Mutale 8 timer siden
Mings is terrible.
peejay88 8 timer siden
If he signs it should be made clear that he's done it of his own volition and therefore him and his agent need to shut up for the duration of the new contract
Red H
Red H 8 timer siden
Nothing surer. Definite agenda against United, FA won't want that to go public.
torai manchester
torai manchester 8 timer siden
solskjaer is a bad bad joke of a man, not getting penalties since managers called out your blatant luck with pens? going back on what luke shaw said you man are pathetic, hw about just scoring a fucking goal
TRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder
TRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder 8 timer siden
Injury prone and inconsistent.
Adam 8 timer siden
Couldn't care less about Arsenal we should be more worried about City taking the piss out of us.
The Great Metropolis
The Great Metropolis 8 timer siden
Is this a wind up ??? 😂😂😂😂
singsangsung 8 timer siden
Such a woodward move. It’ better cash pogba in or swap for other transfer options. He will do same shits after renewal. Also, it’s absurd when we discuss giving up de gea
Spotless Leopard
Spotless Leopard 8 timer siden
I wouldn't mind Pogba signing a new contract if it means we get more cash when we flog him. If somebody offers 70, we should take it. We might get 40 for Martial as well. Add 90 or so of the clubs cash (not Glazers cash, it's the clubs) and you've got 200 million. That would be enough to sign a certain Norwegian striker who would make us seriously dangerous.
Spotless Leopard
Spotless Leopard 4 timer siden
@The Truth Maguire needs pace alongside him, so I'd prefer to see either Bailly or Tuanzebe playing next to him. Lindelof isn't a bad player as such, but maybe more of a squad player. I wouldn't sell him. People moan about our defence and it does need improving, but when they go on about all the 0-0's against the 'big six' they never acknowledge that our defence has stopped the opposition scoring.
The Truth
The Truth 4 timer siden
Are you forgetting that we would still have Lindelof and Maguire as our defense?😂😂😂
Abe Parsons
Abe Parsons 8 timer siden
Adam 8 timer siden
Instead of making excuses we have to look at our team, take Bruno out and we're fxcked
Ilir United
Ilir United 8 timer siden
Pogba with not sign contract dont dream lol
Mr Ryan
Mr Ryan 8 timer siden
Varane could have the Van Dijk effect if we were lucky. Because of the situation of the points they're at in their careers I'd be looking at bringing in Kounde and Konate. We should sign them both.
Child of Chief
Child of Chief 8 timer siden
Everyone forgotten everything that happened before Leipzig?
Child of Chief
Child of Chief 4 timer siden
@Royal was mainly referring to a player lacking commitment, honesty and work ethic whenever it suits him. but yeah that too
Royal 6 timer siden
And what was that? The same old shite as before, get so far, then choke then end up back to square 1