Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
Kodz Izer
Kodz Izer 28 sekunder siden
U can see how long it was to put more rubber bands .. cuz of the sky/clouds
Nguyet Ma
Nguyet Ma 50 sekunder siden
Mari Minutt siden
You should paint it to give it a little POP
Homeschool Me 2020
Homeschool Me 2020 2 minutter siden
You should fill it With sly
VaporWing FauxMcloud
VaporWing FauxMcloud 2 minutter siden
I watched this rubberband ball grow and I remember when it was still a bag of rubber bands lmao
UKS 4 minutter siden
Fucking weirdchamp
AxelGaming BG
AxelGaming BG 4 minutter siden
Paint it blue And Put Another Pound
Teresita Ramos
Teresita Ramos 4 minutter siden
100 pis🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jazzii Miller-Anaya
Jazzii Miller-Anaya 6 minutter siden
I want you to keep going until it's the size of a house
ζικ 6 minutter siden
This thing will go till pt. 200 and weigh 2000 lmb.
Mateo Paulo
Mateo Paulo 7 minutter siden
I dare you to just break the rubber band ball and then delete the footage
spring ding
spring ding 7 minutter siden
Make it in to a snowman
Buffy Santos
Buffy Santos 7 minutter siden
Make it colorfull
GachaLyla 9 minutter siden
You kinda copied Collin Keys
PRchris13 9 minutter siden
I wish I could see you break the world record with it
GachaLoVreR!! ;-;
GachaLoVreR!! ;-; 9 minutter siden
Can you plz throw it at a tree
Damian Birch
Damian Birch 10 minutter siden
You can't lift it because you yourself are built like 1 single rubber band sheesh
Kirby Popstar
Kirby Popstar 11 minutter siden
Take Oobleck and rapidly punch it with no regard for the pain it is causing you
Waffle Entertainment System
Waffle Entertainment System 11 minutter siden
You should name it Jerry or Tim
MLGfusion Gamer
MLGfusion Gamer 13 minutter siden
Get on a sky scraper for the end of it or make it 50 time bigger and sell it for $1,000,000
Sean House
Sean House 13 minutter siden
Put this in Bradley armor please. I could throw a piece of dry spaghetti and puncture Bradley armor.
Thessia Rodgers
Thessia Rodgers 15 minutter siden
Use colorful rubber bands
Maverick Playz
Maverick Playz 16 minutter siden
Throw it up someone’s head
Isaiah Arriaga
Isaiah Arriaga 16 minutter siden
Crush a can or a iPad with it
C Herrera
C Herrera 16 minutter siden
No wonder the World is fucked up this days 🤣
Soulful Warrior
Soulful Warrior 16 minutter siden
Crossed atlantic and found atlantis!
Maria 17 minutter siden
All the 7th grade students participated in this thing called a cardboard boat race. Each class had groups who would make cardboard boats. It was ong the best.
Van Vampire
Van Vampire 18 minutter siden
Can’t wait for part 69
Whootang Productions
Whootang Productions 18 minutter siden
That thing weighs more than my dad!!😂
Esmeralda Ramon Baruch
Esmeralda Ramon Baruch 23 minutter siden
Shemeil Haggard
Shemeil Haggard 23 minutter siden
Rocks Culinary Journey
Rocks Culinary Journey 23 minutter siden
So how did u dispose of that shit
Mathias Bradford
Mathias Bradford 24 minutter siden
Bruh imagine drinking bang and not gfuel
Blueblazing Gaming
Blueblazing Gaming 24 minutter siden
Who else thought that looked like a giant dorito
Rachelle Zamniak
Rachelle Zamniak 24 minutter siden
Rachelle Zamniak
Rachelle Zamniak 24 minutter siden
Rachelle Zamniak
Rachelle Zamniak 24 minutter siden
Put 10000
Krikz 25 minutter siden
Roll it down a hill or a skate ramp
Youtube Music
Youtube Music 25 minutter siden
Why not just use suc cups next time
Athens Davenport
Athens Davenport 25 minutter siden
They should freeze it over night
Secret Holder
Secret Holder 25 minutter siden
Omg I want to get this rubber band ball the size of a pick up truck
Meeka Carr
Meeka Carr 26 minutter siden
I think you should have a contest about who knows you better and the loser has to eat a cartoon of mayonnaise at the end
Pandabilly 26 minutter siden
Maybe the tape should be flex tape
the zebra behind the slaughter
the zebra behind the slaughter 26 minutter siden
"and i just kept going" falls* I BELIEVE I CAN FLY
Kurt E.
Kurt E. 26 minutter siden
"Comment any other ideas" How about you call it a non newtonian fluid cause Oobleck is from a Dr Seuss book and were not kids?
SRukh Khan
SRukh Khan 28 minutter siden
Guess the glue needs to cool down
Kathy Leonardi
Kathy Leonardi 28 minutter siden
Please keep going
Thane of Whiterun
Thane of Whiterun 28 minutter siden
Burn it
Ethan Estrada
Ethan Estrada 29 minutter siden
Why not make a ballistics vest with this stuff, someone might make good money
Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal 29 minutter siden
Buy a spray foam kit at home depot it's a little expensive but would be more even when finished and would actually hold well to the cardboard
CODM Ash 29 minutter siden
Why does everyone of this generation say literally too much
Fire wolf
Fire wolf 30 minutter siden
Throw it out of tree
Hanako-Kun 31 minutt siden
Take it to a park and see how people react
Sky kiddo The first
Sky kiddo The first 32 minutter siden
Spray paint it
josh pring
josh pring 33 minutter siden
Keep going make it so big it can't be moved!
Mae joy Alferez
Mae joy Alferez 34 minutter siden
make gym first before do that no force ur weak hahahhah
Melissa Poplin
Melissa Poplin 35 minutter siden
You might not be able to do this but can you launch it off of an airplane
LavaDino176 36 minutter siden
Yeah, it's obleg 😏
comprehensivecomparison 36 minutter siden
Some people say he is still floating down that river to this day
JuicySZN 37 minutter siden
You guys remember when that guy used to drop phones protecting it with oobleck or just me?
Clementine 38 minutter siden
Crazy how the full video has 33k views but the shorts version has over 5 mil
Arsnole 38 minutter siden
Once you get it to 1000 pounds throw it off of a giant building
FlipDaNoob 39 minutter siden
My first thought : is that chess
JuliaWanda O'BrienCollins
JuliaWanda O'BrienCollins 40 minutter siden
Is it silly string
Lunatic Fringe
Lunatic Fringe 40 minutter siden
Use it as a cannon ball to destroy your enemies with
Megan Strobel
Megan Strobel 41 minutt siden
The nerd in me wanted to correct the whole time : non-Newtonian fluid
Sophie Cousineau
Sophie Cousineau 43 minutter siden
Play soccer with it
Rory Ross
Rory Ross 43 minutter siden
And then I hit the rapids...
Adam Payne
Adam Payne 44 minutter siden
A bag of ships without the chips
gaily fl
gaily fl 45 minutter siden
You should send it to demolition ranch
B C Amos
B C Amos 46 minutter siden
Obviously decendant of Luis and Clark!
Jay the God
Jay the God 47 minutter siden
Make a short road out of it and race
Which didn’t happen
Which didn’t happen 47 minutter siden
When you realize it was more Pounds than you
sippin the tea with tanesha
sippin the tea with tanesha 47 minutter siden
How did you start the ball?
WORSE COMPANY 49 minutter siden
bois floating on a rice crispy
Trason Stadler
Trason Stadler 50 minutter siden
Shoot it
xtreme oak
xtreme oak 50 minutter siden
Y tho
dinay scoggins
dinay scoggins 51 minutt siden
dinay scoggins
dinay scoggins 51 minutt siden
Spray paint