Ayda Khani
Ayda Khani 2 minutter siden
Guillermo Nieva
Guillermo Nieva 30 minutter siden
Helen Szucs
Helen Szucs 51 minutt siden
To be fair if you read these Steffi I love your voice as well.
conwaysuccess 2 timer siden
so good!!!
Georg Povolyaev
Georg Povolyaev 2 timer siden
st///// judges
Gauthier Personnic
Gauthier Personnic 2 timer siden
Another fucking miracle. Crying when hearing this guy sing... There is magic in the air
Gauthier Personnic
Gauthier Personnic 2 timer siden
Magical moment! She's great, but he is also tremendous. He just met a great opponent called Mina. Really, Mina and Oliver, two great singers. And what a fantastic duo...
The Revanite
The Revanite 2 timer siden
Þakka þér fyrir að sýna okkur þetta lag. Ótrúlega fallegt.
Ingar Jørgensen
Ingar Jørgensen 2 timer siden
Tyler J Wayman
Tyler J Wayman 3 timer siden
This song has a different impact on me. Almost 4 years ago my Step Dad suffered a stroke and never recovered. He had what is called "Locked In" syndrome. Except he had no brain function. We decided to pull the plug. 2 years later I wrote and directed a short play in his honor. I played this song near the end. This was a beautiful performance. I'm glad NOwindow recommended it to me. Thank you.
Udomsak Phinnge
Udomsak Phinnge 3 timer siden
tja lala
tja lala 3 timer siden
Wow so beautiful! And she looks so amazing to👌💯❤
vibeit vibzz
vibeit vibzz 3 timer siden
INA jeg tror han klarer det helt fint! Len deg tilbake og nyt for f!
James Hobson
James Hobson 3 timer siden
My hero
Udomsak Phinnge
Udomsak Phinnge 3 timer siden
ผู้ชายเสียงเท่มาก ลงตัวมาก เพราะมากๆ
Flightsoldier 3 timer siden
Better than the original.
breetzy 3 timer siden
#cynthiaverazie so good!!
Tao Xiaomi
Tao Xiaomi 4 timer siden
It's amazing. She's voice is like going to break but still goes so clear. Fantastic
G 1
G 1 4 timer siden
Cool.. love from sri lanka.. ❤
ADITYA SHARMA 4 timer siden
Man the guy singing is definitely hurt in some manner, his voice is just ❤
Amandine Devolder
Amandine Devolder 4 timer siden
Rajeev Bathia
Rajeev Bathia 4 timer siden
The way he said ‘home’ ( 01:17) was something else out of this world. 🥺
Evička Klierová
Evička Klierová 5 timer siden
Wow, this was so... different. He's cute.
Philippe Demaison
Philippe Demaison 6 timer siden
tres belle perfomance ♥
Lacy MacDougall
Lacy MacDougall 6 timer siden
Breathtakingly beautiful.
Philippe Demaison
Philippe Demaison 6 timer siden
pour moi, elle est the voice, elle a tout ♥♥
Philippe Demaison
Philippe Demaison 6 timer siden
tres beau ♥
Mateus Juliotti
Mateus Juliotti 6 timer siden
how could they eliminate her?! SERIOUSLY?! She was the best
Mateus Juliotti
Mateus Juliotti 6 timer siden
How can she be out?! SERIOUSLY?! she was amazing
ayelet8 6 timer siden
How similar are Norwegian and Icelandic that he chosethis song? Or he speaks Icelandic for some other reason?
Mels Abasıyanık
Mels Abasıyanık 6 timer siden
He sings those songs from the heart. Loves from Turkey. 💞✨
Zehra 6 timer siden
raw emotion, who hurt her??? I just want to talk.
Mateus Juliotti
Mateus Juliotti 6 timer siden
AMAZING, she is already my winner, WHAT A VOICE!!! omgggg
Thomex Nussio
Thomex Nussio 6 timer siden
Wow so bra Jeg har sikkert sett denne videoen 20ganger 😁😁😁😁😁👌👌👌
Jessica Gonçalves
Jessica Gonçalves 6 timer siden
Margriet Petersen
Margriet Petersen 6 timer siden
Godt gået Sverre!👍👏😘
Iuari Ferreira
Iuari Ferreira 6 timer siden
Jessica Gonçalves
Jessica Gonçalves 7 timer siden
Que perfeição.
de Omnibus Dubitandum est
de Omnibus Dubitandum est 7 timer siden
i "this is a man's world" så ga du mye, og du var i en god 'vibe', så jeg håpet på denslags levering igjen. denne fremførelsen var fengende og ok, men 'casual'. dette var som karaoke sammenlignet med forrige fremførelse, men du har jo vist at du har god musikk i deg. lykke til videre
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young 7 timer siden
Wowwww ,when she started singing I was like I'm in loveeeeeeee 😻😆 Okay what this was uploaded on my birthday ,thank u for the gift hehee (this made me feel happy )
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young 7 timer siden
Her voice is just so beautifully different ✨
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young 8 timer siden
The way she sang with so much emotions, I'm astounded 😻
de Omnibus Dubitandum est
de Omnibus Dubitandum est 8 timer siden
i forrige* fremførelse så tenkte jeg du var inne på noe, men at du datt ut. men denne gangen så traff det veldig fint. rett element
yannick guyard
yannick guyard 8 timer siden
de Omnibus Dubitandum est
de Omnibus Dubitandum est 8 timer siden
lady of saints
lady of saints 8 timer siden
Love the judges smiles!
Tom Alexander
Tom Alexander 9 timer siden
Reema Shehadeh
Reema Shehadeh 10 timer siden
CNChoulalak Norindr
CNChoulalak Norindr 10 timer siden
Keep coming back😘I admitted that they did it very very great!Love and cheer them and luv coaches too
jaga kam
jaga kam 10 timer siden
Wow! Congratulations!!! Go all the way to the finals👏👏👏
Ole Martin Gulbrandsen
Ole Martin Gulbrandsen 11 timer siden
Wella Sabaduquia
Wella Sabaduquia 11 timer siden
pål zachariaseen
pål zachariaseen 12 timer siden
she s the winner of the voice Norway 2021
Acu Copi
Acu Copi 14 timer siden
She sounds like Celine Dion
peque 16 timer siden
His voice is so peaceful. Pure magic 👏
CNChoulalak Norindr
CNChoulalak Norindr 17 timer siden
His performance is so professional and watchable
CNChoulalak Norindr
CNChoulalak Norindr 17 timer siden
Following her since blind audition!
Jannette Sepulveda
Jannette Sepulveda 17 timer siden
Su voz💕
Sergio Reyes
Sergio Reyes 17 timer siden
Me recuerda a London Grammar ❤
lady of saints
lady of saints 17 timer siden
Why does he give me a Freddy Mercy vibe? I'm so freaking impressed!
tristanhnl 18 timer siden
Did Natan make it to the next round after this performance?
Myliegirl Myliegirl
Myliegirl Myliegirl 20 timer siden
The best the voice ever is the voice norway
Mortal combat
Mortal combat 20 timer siden
They sound better
Yiu Yu
Yiu Yu 20 timer siden
This is the voice of heaven, she is out of this world😇😇😇😇😇 now Norway have two singing angels, you have Angelina Jordan and now Cynthia 🤩 of world 🌎 Norway 🇳🇴 has the best voices and you also have Sarah Bonn great jazz singer. What you guys have in the water....🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Yiu Yu
Yiu Yu 15 timer siden
I knew Cynthia story, that’s why she is great she used her opera training and applied to all different genre of music and come out with perfection, all the singer in Norway this season is unbelievable, but Cynthia voice just little bit different from the rest that just my personal points of view, and everyone in the shows are wonderful singer.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 from USA 🇺🇸 everyone in this season is some of the best I ever heard, they all going to be stars.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
sweet butterfly
sweet butterfly 16 timer siden
There are other great singers here too (also in this competition). Cynthia is actually originally from Cyprus. She has lived in Norway for 3 years, when she and her family moved here because her mom was offered a job here. She started song lessons when she was 5. Her goal with The voice participation isnt to be a pop singer, she wants to be an opera singer (she has studied and been singing opera since she was 13). You can clearly hear that in her last note.
ETHEL'S PLUG 21 time siden
The lyricsssss of this songgg🥺🖤❕
mohamma barack
mohamma barack 23 timer siden
Nataly Mech
Nataly Mech 23 timer siden
Bad song
Raúl E. Tarulla
Raúl E. Tarulla 23 timer siden
Que voz !!! Cualquier canción la canta estupendamente bien !!! Única en la forma de cantar, con sello propio !!! Otra de las mejores voces de este concurso !!! Este año Noruega presentó unas voces espectaculares, y un jurado de lo mejor. Lástima que ya no compita. Felicitaciones !!! desde Buenos Aires - Argentina
Ace Luffy
Ace Luffy Dag siden
I cannot believe Yosef did not select him. Crazy coach🙄
jlamadrid Dag siden
He’s like “Marty McFly” and sings very nice !
jlamadrid Dag siden
He is “ Marty McFly” and sings nice !!
Michi&Madi Forever
Michi&Madi Forever Dag siden
Flat sharp flat sharp
Theon Ocampo
Theon Ocampo Dag siden
Hope he won
Nunyo Biz
Nunyo Biz Dag siden
Would love to visit Norway. They seem like such great people.
Tania Bordøy
Tania Bordøy Dag siden
Natan!! Beautiful and precious voice ! Sweet charisma and mysterious boy so exquisite to see you in the voice!! 😍😍😍 so bad for her that couldn’t control her voice and kind of ruined the song!
Tiago Damasceno
Tiago Damasceno Dag siden
Magnífica!!!! 🇧🇷
in2you2 Dag siden
Wow, just wow...! 😱😍
oliete lipper
oliete lipper Dag siden
Alexa ist nicht mehr dabei
Cecilie Elisabeth Tholander
Cecilie Elisabeth Tholander Dag siden
Some parts of her voice sound like Dorthe Gerlach from HUSH :-)
John Haslem
John Haslem Dag siden
She could be Brandis sister