Lare Allison
Lare Allison 13 timer siden
What an amazing and beautiful soul.
Mitchell-ized 13 timer siden
I’m not mad at any country it says thou shall not kill deploy all you want but I’ll never fight a war no one is coming to Canada our borders are strong they just fight and stay in Middle East
Richard cranium
Richard cranium 13 timer siden
Just watched her on NOwindow she's pretty cool, pretty damn cute too.
John Wick
John Wick 13 timer siden
I can't imagine being that age for all the stuff I have been though
sweet 14 timer siden
how did you survived
Rezcuz 14 timer siden
Thought the head was one of the Prometheus dudes at first
Aiden 14 timer siden
"PTSD isnt a disorder. its an injury" Fuck..........
Toca Mochi
Toca Mochi 14 timer siden
For some reason I just loved the way perrie said bearded dragon 😂🥰✨
PalmTree Guy
PalmTree Guy 14 timer siden
Brain.. dO... bAD... aHHhhH
Bradley Boulton
Bradley Boulton 14 timer siden
These type of vegans end up eaten by a lion somewhere in the woods wondering why the lion isn't vegan.
Klassic LOVE
Klassic LOVE 14 timer siden
He's cute❤
Alpha Kenny 1
Alpha Kenny 1 14 timer siden
It would be so funny if they gave him a croissant and he said quackson
Banana Goanna
Banana Goanna 14 timer siden
“What have we been doing in schools?!” Me: we have been learning you have been sleeping
Banana Goanna
Banana Goanna 14 timer siden
“ I don’t think anyone has been to space, no one can stand on Mars or the moon” And I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything more rediculous
Natasha McCree
Natasha McCree 14 timer siden
His face is me trying to be discreet in incognito mode.
Grateful Pianist
Grateful Pianist 14 timer siden
I actually do not find his face ugly, he is even cute!
NIXSI 14 timer siden
"you remember when your teacher would put bill nye?" yes yes i do.... but bill nye was a scientist. some random dude who works at an office job is not the same as a certified scientist giving me info.
Олеся Петренко
Олеся Петренко 14 timer siden
Where is this god damn jacket from he is wearing?
NIXSI 14 timer siden
it hurts.... it really hurts. why?
Matthew Beck
Matthew Beck 14 timer siden
Not worth arguing with an irrational idiot who is determined to believe nonsense regardless of the facts.
David Huber
David Huber 14 timer siden
I'm just about to turn 16. I don't have tourette or anything, but I'm super unconscious. There's kinda no reason for me to be unconscious, but somehow I am. Especially as a teen it's very hard to find your place in the world if you don't feel good about yourself. I know that I have to get out of this "husk", and hearing other people, no matter what situation they faced, talk about overcoming there fears of some sorts really helps me to feel better and motivate myself to get more socially involved... Stay save out there 😊👍
Anna Paglia
Anna Paglia 14 timer siden
NEED more of these two please!
ADAM MAS 14 timer siden
If you sent him into space and he saw for his own eyes that the earth is a globe he would still not believe it, the same when you tell some People that there are two genders They just can’t comprehend facts and science
The Silent Don
The Silent Don 14 timer siden
I'm personally not a vegan myself but this vegan dude is 100x more better than that Joey Carbstrong guy at communicating and explaining a vegans point of view. All he does is yell and act aggressive towards meat eaters but this dude is being super nice and calm.
Idontrunn toofast
Idontrunn toofast 15 timer siden
Real question... Is this guy pretending to believe that the earth is flat, (for attention or whatever) or is he really just stupid?
Zachary Seal
Zachary Seal 15 timer siden
97 people are murderers...
Steve Baker
Steve Baker 15 timer siden
I came here for comedy and found it! Many thanks to all involved you really are quite deluded 😂👍
Sarah Whitehouse
Sarah Whitehouse 15 timer siden
Aww it's so sweet of Dec having Ant on his phone as "buddy" is the cutest thing ever to prof and them both are best of friends
WHAT EVER 15 timer siden
I Am Absolution
I Am Absolution 15 timer siden
May the abandoning parents rot in their own shit under the worms saliva and buried a mile down in thick concrete without soil nor a tombstone. Humanity is in the HEART, NOT THE IMAGE!!!!!!!
TheRanger 15 timer siden
I just don't get why no doctors suspected tourettes
ชัยชนะ ประสบความสําเร็จ
ชัยชนะ ประสบความสําเร็จ 15 timer siden
มันคืออะไรหรอครับ เข้าไปอยู่ในจมูกเต่าอะคับ
jojocrazyworm woman
jojocrazyworm woman 15 timer siden
I'm abstaining right now. Breeding worms and I grow my own food , organic only! I've been an addict 26 yrs !
Chloenae 15 timer siden
He is the epitome of: *How to answer a question without actually answering the question*
Ariel Paradise
Ariel Paradise 15 timer siden
Why would they let these nuts run the street shame if this was a white women
Zz_GORDOX_zZ GAMING 15 timer siden
Incredible, I can't believe it till he told his story
Alec Trevelyan
Alec Trevelyan 15 timer siden
I don’t understand why people would make their lives so exhausting by looking into all these weird theories. Even if he’s right, and the earth is flat. Who cares? Does it change you life? No it doesn’t.
Mariana Quiroz Costas
Mariana Quiroz Costas 15 timer siden
It must have hurt a lot but it was for his good :(
vsslsmchlks 15 timer siden
08:40 Iraq war was 2003
Angela Mendonca
Angela Mendonca 15 timer siden
“Hunting clash” is horrid!!
Samus A
Samus A 15 timer siden
The old meme "globeheads are like crackheads. take away their 'rock' and watch how angry they get"
lloyd halfyard
lloyd halfyard 15 timer siden
Credit to the armed forces, could listen to him talk all day 🤟
shadrick masina
shadrick masina 16 timer siden
Acid attack is something which literally changes a person's life until the day they die so for someone to be given a few years ain't a punishment enough I believe 20 years or more would be more suitable for this type of cowardly attack its just unacceptable
Thunder OU Sooner
Thunder OU Sooner 16 timer siden
Why is the Moon round and not the earth? Then what are meteorites and astroids? And you know you can see satellites 🛰 through a telescope.
Megan H
Megan H 16 timer siden
Root beer is alcohol now :)
liline Laroche
liline Laroche 16 timer siden
Le pauvre je veux le faire un calin😢😢😢
Fred H
Fred H 16 timer siden
guy literally looks fine
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts 16 timer siden
This is a wonderful example of the power of listening. They’re not offering advice or judgement but just giving the opportunity to share their experience and feel heard. People can often rush to try and provide answers to problems they don’t truly understand, when sometimes all someone needs is to feel heard.
Step Hanie
Step Hanie 16 timer siden
"I sobbed but I could eat the next day" - says it all. Sorry girl - you‘re in it for the sex? There’s Tinder - just have fun then. Sorry,,,another way of romanticizing sexually abusing women against a fee. And if a dude wants a sub but goes for a prostitute: this is ill! There are communities for this - it‘s called Fetish. Everyone else trying it out on a prostitute is mentally ill. Period. LAD Bible - sorry but it‘d have been good to know if these two ladies were groomed as a child and also talk about how men like to say "oldest profession in the world" - doesn‘t make it right.
LiverpoolYNWA 16 timer siden
I am not vegan and probably never will be but I respect the vegan and even like him, he is reasonable and seems nice
Supre Cam
Supre Cam 16 timer siden
Thanks for sharing this with us. I was really happy to hear about the guy on the bridge talking to you. I wish everyone was more like him. Love you brother, don't you ever get down on yourself because you're amazing just the way you are. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just confused and undereducated, and we can hope that they will eventually come to a better point of understanding =] I don't wanna sound cliche, I really don't, but I've been through my own struggles and can relate to a lot of the emotion you displayed here. Peace! <3
يوسف ليث يوسف. الاسطورة
يوسف ليث يوسف. الاسطورة 16 timer siden
من عربيديظخط لايك
Deadsy Padilla
Deadsy Padilla 16 timer siden
Craigs like Tim kennedy in the US. You are the best of the best. Your a hero-
N. D.
N. D. 16 timer siden
The older Lady seems to be more authentic and real...for me the young one looks like she learned all the symptoms from books...unfortunately like so many more nowadays...
AnnaPxx 16 timer siden
I wish all the best to these two lovely ladies, enjoyed the video ❤
Vibe Tribe
Vibe Tribe 16 timer siden
sweet people right? try to meet them alone at night ;)
Juan Avilés Marchant
Juan Avilés Marchant 17 timer siden
powerful story. i love the way she tells it. it's great to have the chance to know about these kinds of realities. i also loved her voice and accent.
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris 17 timer siden
Well he’s just made in self look like a tit to he hole of the Uk . Well done 👍🏻
william attwood
william attwood 17 timer siden
flerfs, people with no mathematical knowledge, no physics knowledge, but a masters in word salad and denial. losers.
Big brain McFlurry
Big brain McFlurry 17 timer siden
Older gent has a Dublin , Ireland accent ☘️ 🇮🇪
Ahmet Kurucu Geziyor
Ahmet Kurucu Geziyor 17 timer siden
Big brain McFlurry
Big brain McFlurry 17 timer siden
I believe the elderly vet had an Irish accent.
Olil Nidsen
Olil Nidsen 17 timer siden
That one guy
That one guy 17 timer siden
Linda: what is this, soda? Arnold: schokoSCHIRMCHEN
M Raheem
M Raheem 17 timer siden
Rock impersonating kevin hart impersonating the rock.
Darran Jenkins
Darran Jenkins 17 timer siden
These flat earthers are the dullest people lol where do these people come the earth is not flat its round for god sake like a blue marble they have proven it when they went to the moon they took photos of the earth from the surface on the moon and they did land on there!!
James Procter
James Procter 17 timer siden
Truly remarkable people him his new mother and future wife.
Yoon Cheonsa
Yoon Cheonsa 17 timer siden
This video can work as an example of a well-spoken and intelligent person who knows what they are talking about. She does an incredible job at properly educating people (not just telling people what to do) I’m surprised she’s not a teacher.
Lasse Givoni
Lasse Givoni 17 timer siden
Please remember that a lot of people is stuck in a war, and have not yet in their life had the choice whether they wanted to stay or quit. That goes for men, women and children. Innocent male civilians suffer in wars, just as much as any one else.
safonda peters
safonda peters 17 timer siden
what’s underneath the earth if it’s flat? 🤣🤣
safonda peters
safonda peters 17 timer siden
flat earthers must be upset when they look to the other planets and see they are NOT flat 🤣
Steven Roscoe
Steven Roscoe 17 timer siden
So inspiring, what a hero.
OBWHAN Kanobee
OBWHAN Kanobee 17 timer siden
"Thats when you start thinkin, "Im not in control of this".........addicts all have that one thing in common. They dont catch on very fast, but when they do.................
Yoon Cheonsa
Yoon Cheonsa 17 timer siden
I wonder if any organization helping or representing people with Tourette’s are looking for a spokesperson, because Anita would be a perfect candidate.
Shrey Bhatt
Shrey Bhatt 17 timer siden
for a second i thought it was W2S in the thumbnail
Vibe Tribe
Vibe Tribe 17 timer siden
I really hope, that he will never make any children, with any woman. very sad :(
Nicolexc L
Nicolexc L 17 timer siden
Any man that ever goes to a prostitute is the lowest kind of man on the planet, And their worth is less than nothing World is a better place without men like that
keynation 17
keynation 17 17 timer siden
He says the planets could be stars and we don't know what they are but anyone can look at these planets with a telescope you can clearly see a really big rock floating in space
no soy marlen
no soy marlen 17 timer siden
basta esto es muy tierno
Fractal Infect
Fractal Infect 18 timer siden
Saying that he's grateful to his parents for giving him life? Like it's a debt he could never repay? This man is a spiritual giant.