14 dager siden
Inferno Rl
Inferno Rl 44 minutter siden
There won’t be a match bc cars have blocked the LFC bus and ppl have punctured the wheel
Yaboyjasper 678
Yaboyjasper 678 55 minutter siden
Caleb Kehinde
Caleb Kehinde Time siden
Craig ben Davis didn't set the cone out right. That is what he did wrong.
Jord lfc
Jord lfc Time siden
There's been better don't get me wrong and the back is mad but I still kind of like it but again they could of done better I hope we get a Jordan kit there would be fresh but this is a 4 out of 10
siraj bkaily
siraj bkaily 2 timer siden
No disrespect but I don’t think liverpool will even get europa league. You guys are just not good enough lol
Sports and Money
Sports and Money 2 timer siden
I m a utd fan and betting punter too.. I am afraid to let you guys know that utd is not winning today.. Giving tip on :- liverpool or draw and over 1.5 goals (total goals) @ odds of 1.70 (betway)
Aaron T
Aaron T 2 timer siden
ali needs another big performance
Conor R6
Conor R6 3 timer siden
If we play Fab in mid i would much rather give Davies a chance than play Rhys.
Davok 3 timer siden
It should have golden yellow collor and cuff .. white away and black 3rd kit!
Hahahah Miks
Hahahah Miks 3 timer siden
How does it feel that you have only 3k less videos than PewDiePie?
brett jones
brett jones 4 timer siden
I do like your team pick , believe this could be a winning team at old Trafford 🤞🏽🤞🏽
the maths debater
the maths debater 4 timer siden
evans>fofana to be realistic, jonny evans has been class
Demar Morrison
Demar Morrison 5 timer siden
BR60 6 timer siden
As a City fan you did well but I think one of Ederson, Walker, Cancelo or Stones deserved a place in the team also.
KickBlaZer2k 6 timer siden
I can agree with kane,but don't think son has been that good this season. Would have grealish or rashford
Andy Hammond
Andy Hammond 6 timer siden
As United fan keep good work Craig enjoy game tonight bud 😎
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 6 timer siden
next season liverpool will have a much better season because van dijk will be playing and can somebody tell me when he returns just out of curiosity because I do not think he'll be out for the rest of the season
Tselmuun Munkhjin
Tselmuun Munkhjin 7 timer siden
Pretty good team, I’d have a tots bench of Emi Martinez, Cancelo, John Stones, Saka, Soucek, Kante, Foden, Iheanacho, Callum Wilson
Dany boy
Dany boy 11 timer siden
Id put stones ahead of fofana
Pj lad
Pj lad 11 timer siden
Ben Davies had be in tears, been a great addition for the team 🤣
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh 13 timer siden
Totally agree with the team of the season just cancelo over coufal
Alex Magee
Alex Magee 17 timer siden
Oddly enough, I kinda dig this kit man 😋 this ting could look tough in jeans and white sneakers bro
Laura Molano
Laura Molano 17 timer siden
Williams and Phillips as center-backs xD That is 5-0 easily!
Roy Keane Hurley
Roy Keane Hurley 17 timer siden
Honestly Martinez and Ndidi in for Mendy and KDB and it’s the perfect team
Lewis Brazier
Lewis Brazier 18 timer siden
The facial expressions on the Manscaped ad 😂
Nahum Ghebremariam
Nahum Ghebremariam 19 timer siden
Fofana over stones interesting choice
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector 19 timer siden
Behave yourself Craig. It's on us to ensure Liverpool are playing in the Europa Conference League. I was more than satisfied to lose to Leicester if it meant Liverpool were going to miss out on UCL football.
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector 16 timer siden
@Maison Fuller Well I just want to stick it to LFC fans for two years of bullshit.
Maison Fuller
Maison Fuller 17 timer siden
focus on your wins not others losses bro kinda cringy
Mutz Say What You See
Mutz Say What You See 19 timer siden
I would really love to see that team tomorrow Craig. Its true we lose out when Fabinho drops back into the defence and I have said it time and time again that the number 10 role is perfectly suitable for Firmino since the guy is not scoring goals which helps take the pressure off him to play him in midfield to help set up goals instead and keep the ball and help create in midfield with Thiago while Fabulous Fabinho helps out the defence in the DFM role because Firmino and Thiago are geniuses and they are the perfect magicians to set up Mane Jota and Salah to create the Magic that we as fans love to see. 🤩😍😇🤗
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy 19 timer siden
Moyes manager of the year for me
England UK
England UK 19 timer siden
Good team but Foden and Mahrez should be in it.....
Aaron T
Aaron T 19 timer siden
a thing of beauty. well done lads
John Coster
John Coster 19 timer siden
The only thing I'd change is Martinez instead of Mendy but damn pretty spot on Craig
Mark Gray
Mark Gray 19 timer siden
Great video
Natural 19 timer siden
I love the list except one thing, feels like Cancelo is really missing out
Oran Taggart
Oran Taggart 19 timer siden
Bobby Mcdonald
Bobby Mcdonald 19 timer siden
Loved that touch with Ben Davies 🤣
Alistair noel McLean
Alistair noel McLean 19 timer siden
Sancho 🤣
Mutz Say What You See
Mutz Say What You See 19 timer siden
Are you okay Craig? In yesterday's stream you were really down. This was obviously before yesterday's stream because you are in good form here which I love to see. WFM pal.
headshotelite07 19 timer siden
Mutz Say What You See
Mutz Say What You See 19 timer siden
Raphina would be a good shout mate. The guy is class no doubt. All the players have done really well this season and you don't look like a team who has just come up. You like a team that has been established for a while now. And that's down to bielsa. Just like Nuno Espirito Santio also has done a huge job at Wolverhampton and made them instantly look established from the first season. I personally believe its imperative that both teams keep on to those managers. And I agree with Carragher and Nevelle when they said that it's huge for Burnley to hold on to Sean Dyce otherwise they could go down. When it's right it's right. 👌🤗👍
jean rohayem
jean rohayem 19 timer siden
I don't think Firmino is a good pick, I would have chosen Curtis Jones
Bernadette Farrell
Bernadette Farrell 20 timer siden
Very unbiased as usual Craig and great choices. True fans are sportsmanlike and you are hold the torch in that area.
James Fernandes
James Fernandes 20 timer siden
Really nice to see a non biased view with view points that are backed up.. The only disagreement is with Mendy, for me quite overrated and is helped out massively by Chelsea’s defence and when you are replacing Kepa you will seem a lot better than you do.. If you look at the saves he’s made nothing you wouldn’t really expect, for me due to individual performances not just clean sheets helped by the defence Martinez is top and maybe Ederson as well.. Class content as always congrats on that 100k, stay safe..
James Smail
James Smail 20 timer siden
Best adds in the world
Alfie Springett
Alfie Springett 20 timer siden
We make it 4th
Abdullah 36
Abdullah 36 20 timer siden
mason mount ?
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 20 timer siden
Look into his stats & they’re not great. I was surprised to see he hasn’t put up better numbers because I really rate him
Oliver Cawrey
Oliver Cawrey 20 timer siden
Think you've got some very good choices here, well balanced, unbiased and you argue for them well
HARJ 21 time siden
Too much respect for Craig. Gives respect when due and doesnt be bias in these situations. RESPECT ❤
Phil Foden
Phil Foden 18 timer siden
He should of put Martinez over Mendy other that that i agree
Manoah Noble
Manoah Noble 21 time siden
Martinez in net...
Ronan C
Ronan C 21 time siden
Big win for the kids in the Youth cup semi final, against the Tractor boys.
Irishgar 21 time siden
Best ad ever let’s be honest
Chris Legit
Chris Legit 21 time siden
Hey…as far as I am concerned, Anfield Agenda has won Silverware 3 years straight! CL, PL, YTPB👏👏👏👏👏🙌
Seerius 21 time siden
My Team Is Ederson Shaw,stones,Dias,Cancelo KDB, Soucek, Fernandes Salah, Kane, Foden I’m a Man City fan so I know I was a bit Bias but we all back are team
Micheal McGee
Micheal McGee 21 time siden
Coufal is a shout too
Micheal McGee
Micheal McGee 21 time siden
Just edersom out and that all right I think
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch 21 time siden
Soucek and coufal both from prague, shows the bargains in the smaller leagues
George Floyd
George Floyd 8 timer siden
Cancelo has Been much better
Tom Boland
Tom Boland 21 time siden
top team you've selected there Craig personally i would have put Martinez in before Mendy but both are quality keepers but an honourable shout out to Sam Johnstone for a great season with WBA without him between the sticks WBA would have been gone months ago
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch 21 time siden
Nicely edited craig
Zetanist 21 time siden
Fofana over John Stones? Coufal I can agree with but even then Cancelo would be a better choice.
Mutz Say What You See
Mutz Say What You See 19 timer siden
I would have picked soyuncu over him if I was choosing a Leicester centre back because I'm sorry I haven't really noticed this fofana guy this season. Excuse my ignorance but I haven't like. If someone could fill me in on his stats this season, that would be cool. 😎👍
¡GabrielStudios 19 timer siden
I quite dissagre honestly (I'm not a west ham fan) Ive been watching Leicester for a while now and boy, fofana is good. I like that he choosed (partly) underrated players instead of every player you'd expect to see everywhere on the media.
Youssef Morsi
Youssef Morsi 21 time siden
Craig quick question for some reason I don't have mod anymore did i do something wrong?
Youssef Morsi
Youssef Morsi 20 timer siden
@Anfield Agenda oh ok 👍 by the way i loved that video you are a top guy who is very unbiased
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 20 timer siden
No mate you did absolutely nothing wrong mate. We just trimmed down the amount of mods we have
Puskás is a god
Puskás is a god 21 time siden
Background music is a nice edition Craig.
Jj Olijede
Jj Olijede 21 time siden
‘trim the grass to make the yard look bigger’
Mutz Say What You See
Mutz Say What You See 19 timer siden
@Anfield Agenda 😂
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 20 timer siden
Fact 😂
Amirreza Mohajer
Amirreza Mohajer 21 time siden
That is literally mine
Mr Mo
Mr Mo 21 time siden
It's literally fifa tots without coufal and Mendy lmao
DaVirgil 21 time siden
Aside from ederson, the fifa tots starting xi is spot on
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 21 time siden
Get 20% off + FREE Shipping with code WFM20 at #Ad
Wasim Khan
Wasim Khan 20 timer siden
the background music was an amazing edition, you should do more short videos like this with music
Mustfa Akmush
Mustfa Akmush 21 time siden
Not gonna be biased wit city n United players, proceeds to put mendy n coufal
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch 12 timer siden
@Mustfa Akmush He also has the best defence itl infront of him and his save percentage is so high as most of the shots against city are poor quality chances
Mustfa Akmush
Mustfa Akmush 19 timer siden
@Jack Lynch n ederson has more clean sheets a higher percentage save rate to shots n is also the best keeper with his feet
Mustfa Akmush
Mustfa Akmush 19 timer siden
@Jack Lynch still I think cancelo should be in the team probs one of the best Rb itw
Mustfa Akmush
Mustfa Akmush 19 timer siden
@Anfield Agenda wow u actually responded fkn hell, I was joking mate, but I think that u should have at least mentioned ederson, great work u do keep it up 👍
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 20 timer siden
Rather than just being a twat Mustfa, why not contribute an actual opinion 🤷‍♂️
Ross Gillen
Ross Gillen 21 time siden
Thanks for uploading
Xsfidget online
Xsfidget online 21 time siden
Matthew Lynch
Matthew Lynch 21 time siden
Craig quick question did u do the Darkness into light walk last week
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 20 timer siden
My daughter & her grandmother did, but I donated instead
Siobhan O'Neill
Siobhan O'Neill 21 time siden
i did
Mr Mo
Mr Mo 21 time siden
I did
DaVirgil 21 time siden
Martínez over Mendy
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 20 timer siden
Could have gone with either tbh & it was a close call
Michael Kebede
Michael Kebede 21 time siden
Liverpool Fan
Liverpool Fan 21 time siden
Come on Craig how are you today
Ethan Moore
Ethan Moore 21 time siden
First I Love ye videos
Jack O Connell
Jack O Connell 21 time siden
Can’t wait to watch this
Michael 22 timer siden
3-1 United incoming GGMU ❤️❤️❤️
redchili 22 timer siden
I would rather grab someone off the street to put in CB than sacrifice fabihno in midfield
Bluenose 174
Bluenose 174 23 timer siden
As much as I want Liverpool to win, I think it could be a draw, but a high scoring one. Something like 2-2 or 3-3.
Peter Silvester
Peter Silvester 23 timer siden
Craig... you run a great channel, you know your stuff, you are a decent bloke, ignore them, block them and don’t talk about them, don’t give them the time.
Peter Silvester
Peter Silvester 23 timer siden
Look at the bigger picture for next season... all injured players back( hopefully), Europa League( go and win it for auto ECL qualifying) win EPL .
Victor Cox
Victor Cox 23 timer siden
Hi Victor
Junaid Mohammed
Junaid Mohammed Dag siden
It’ll be Fabinho and Phillips at CB
RAHUL MIXX Dag siden
The match not even are saying liverpool to winn at old trafford😂😂😂
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Dag siden
Shaqiri bicycle kick!