Isaac edmondson
Isaac edmondson 8 timer siden
What is the best deck paint/seal
hieroglyph321 8 timer siden
I can't believe I just watched this.
TheDecoyDude 8 timer siden
Generally Project Farm videos test things that should be tested. Well I thought tape measures didn’t need to tested head-to-head but I guess I was wrong. That was actually pretty interesting/useful haha The fact that one brand was not accurate was insane!
Danny Jay
Danny Jay 8 timer siden
Love your content, and enjoy your farm-motivated scientific approaches. Can we do an extension cable test? Tensile strength, max current before failure/fire, twist/bend recovery, voltage/current drop with respect to distance, etc etc
BadNiGht -ON
BadNiGht -ON 8 timer siden
Im sure WD-40 would be the best oil and gonna clean everything and repair all the problem of your engine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tj Faulkner
Tj Faulkner 8 timer siden
Heavy equipment technician here. I use m18 impacts and the grease gun daily. Probably had 250 tubes through my grease gun. Zero issues! I even threw it off the deck of a Cat 349 Because I was pissed off, and it had zero damage. Milwaukee is hands down the best value, and best performing tools.
Hakar Doski
Hakar Doski 8 timer siden
the amounot of effort that goes into these video is crazy. you're awesome! keep it up!
Dayton D
Dayton D 8 timer siden
How about Shell T6 VS T4 VS mobile 1 and many other brands commonly used for ATVs and 4 stroke dirt bike? I switched from ATV specific Oil such as the OEM brands and things like Valvoline ATV or Valvoline motorcycle to mobile 1 then found out T4 would work in wet clutch ATVs and later T6. It seems the engine ran cooler with T4 and T6. Maybe if you find a way to test wet clutch reactions to each oil as well? I seemed to feel the T6 does the best making the wet clutch grab precisely and consistently without slip. I also had one machine start slipping with the Valvoline but when switch to T6 the slipping stopped.
glycomcdonald 9 timer siden
I'd really like to see you do a test on Electric weed eaters. Please Please Please :)
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 9 timer siden
For the Standout tests, I wonder much the weight of the hook/magnets/etc affected the rated vs actual ranges
XdefenderX 9 timer siden
Oh! I have a fun video idea. It's not tool related. But it could be a lot of fun. You should TEST DIFFERENT FISHING LINES!
Sean McCauley
Sean McCauley 9 timer siden
This video measured up to my expectations
Pablo Castillo
Pablo Castillo 9 timer siden
I want 1. What amount $$$ did you pay for customs imports duties and taxes???
Adam The Roofer
Adam The Roofer 9 timer siden
One of the issues I had with durability in a tape measure was the constant bending causing the blade to crack or chip. I’ve gotten some of the nastiest cuts from a tape sliding back into its housing and the chip ripping open my finger. The other issue I had a lot was the tip breaking off and leaving the tape stuck up inside. Normally the blade near the tip would break off. I really like the test with the ammo can. That simulates perfectly being stuck inside a nail bag with nails and all the other debris in there! Maybe next you should do chalk lines. We always had a saying that if you fell out of an airplane and didn’t have a chute then I’d rather have a chalk line, it will catch on something on the way down!
J H 9 timer siden
Great video!!! Love your channel!!!
Thomas D
Thomas D 9 timer siden
In construction...I have stopped buying name brand products. They may last longer, but get stollen way before they wear out. Same is true for screw guns, etc.
Levantian 9 timer siden
No milwaukee?
POWERGLOVE KilleDX 9 timer siden
Klein seemed pretty good except for damage , clipping and sand. As long as I keep it tied to me and dont drop in sand it should hold up.
rb79er 9 timer siden
Demolition hammers comparison please!
M Jableek
M Jableek 9 timer siden
With summer coming up, Can you do a review of Car Wax? Specifically things found in Walmart like Chemical Guys, Turtle wax, meguires, etc.
11bravoNRD 9 timer siden
Stanley FatMax is what I use as an electrician. My only complaint is that it's one sided. I've used the magnet to pick up my Klein linemans pliers while on a 14ft lift.
Clixlol 9 timer siden
13:12 wtf american units makes no sense it's laughable
Paul Measures
Paul Measures 9 timer siden
Which insulated lunch box is best!!!
AJ Brown
AJ Brown 9 timer siden
I really enjoyed the video, although I was hoping for the free 25ft Harbor Freight to be included.
maliko malik
maliko malik 9 timer siden
واش تهدر يا زح
Corey Turner
Corey Turner 9 timer siden
I love this channel.crazy that the bauer is only a 7$ harbor freight tool and never comes in last on any test in fact came in 1st one time
Jay Vee
Jay Vee 9 timer siden
Would have been interesting just for comparison to include one of the $3 tapes that HF often gives away in their coupon deals. I know they suck because I've been through a hunerd of them and I keep a dozen of them on the truck for rainy / muddy jobs. I just chunk them when hey start giving me fits or break.
Maradnus 9 timer siden
One of the best channels on NOwindow!
Did It Myself
Did It Myself 9 timer siden
arent these basically the same oils? both coming from warren?
Sid 6.7
Sid 6.7 9 timer siden
Add fastcap to the list next time. Extremely popular wood workers tape measure.
sixtyfiveford 9 timer siden
That cheap cooter was sure a let down.....
connelly6375 9 timer siden
this guy must have amazing garage sales
Ryan Reineke
Ryan Reineke 9 timer siden
I feel like this is not that far of a test because one is just Greece and the other one is marine grade Grease
guru guy
guru guy 9 timer siden
I really want you to test fishing string so we know which is best and if they are accurate
Killav 9 timer siden
I could imagine how spectacularly my $8 Harbor Freight would fail.
Zergjerk 9 timer siden
Tape measure also have one BIG flaw they vary alot there can be almost 1/8 inch difference for every 3 feet when measuring. found that out the hard way. Like show in this video 12:52
Geoffrey 9 timer siden
I'd pickthat Klein, I think that one was the best bang for the buck for what I'd really care about.
Ronald Schmal
Ronald Schmal 9 timer siden
Amsoil has wix as the only brand air filter they offer. I'm not sure if they manufacture them and stamp WIX on it. But it's looking like amsoil offers quality products from all the tests you've put it into.
Cody De La Fleur
Cody De La Fleur 9 timer siden
“Is oil good after 70 years?” Well damn it’s been in the ground for thousands of years before that so I god damn hope so
Tj Faulkner
Tj Faulkner 9 timer siden
When he clicked the drill into the setting #3. Made me laugh, I thought of my dad wearing his old work boots looking at a project on a Saturday morning, and then clicking it into “high gear”. 😃
Colin DuBord
Colin DuBord 9 timer siden
Thank you for getting Craftsman involved with the tests.
marinecor23 9 timer siden
something something tape measuring contest
Ted McDonald
Ted McDonald 9 timer siden
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Mike S 9 timer siden
Definitely my favorite yt channel !
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson 9 timer siden
Hey this is great info.. I would hate to try doing this and ruin our family vehicle. What is the risk reward ratio on this treatment?
Nitesh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar 9 timer siden
7:55 Expected better than that from Milwaukee
Angel R6
Angel R6 9 timer siden
I chose kobalt for my line of tools and everyone hates on them. It’d be nice to see more tests with kobalt brand!
Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs
Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs 9 timer siden
Metric one is the best.
ant n
ant n 9 timer siden
this man is disrupting the oil industry with these tests.
Gian Funk
Gian Funk 9 timer siden
my personal favourite of them all, I don't usually use milwaukee BUT their measuring tape is bar none to any other i have a few dewalts and stanleys, but none of them have outlasted my milwaukee, going strong dropping it off roof tops and using it for concrete and framing day in and out. Would highly recommend.
Wallace Loper
Wallace Loper 9 timer siden
battery weed trims I have an atlas love it but are there better one just wondering
Jeniel Lowry
Jeniel Lowry 9 timer siden
I am impressed with your tests, have you done anything with windshield wipers? If not, I would love to see what you find out. Thanks
Aaron C
Aaron C 9 timer siden
Have you considered making a website with your results? Just as good as consumer reports, even a niche for handyman/farm/tool stuff
helloukw 9 timer siden
This test is nicely done, but I'd trust it more with at least 3 different Makita of each to make it sure it's not a coincidence.
Jose Alba
Jose Alba 9 timer siden
😅 didn't notice this Video. I recently suggested a video of shop vac. My Bad
Kevin 9 timer siden
Can you do a review on automotive multimeters ?
Ghost225100 9 timer siden
The basic worksharp doesn't work all that well. I have the Ken Onion edition and it it MUCH better
ttpersonalaccount 9 timer siden
ALWAYS enjoy your reviews! :)
Stinger45 9 timer siden
Good info. Thanks.
justforfun4103 9 timer siden
Very informative. Thank you.
Nic Randall
Nic Randall 9 timer siden
Would be interesting to have rechecked accuracy again after the drop test too, not a complaint just curious. Can tell you put in the effort and time to do a very thorough job making this!
John Hoey
John Hoey 9 timer siden
I’m no expert on such matters-and don’t even play one on TV. But lawnmower engines are lawnmower engines; car engines are, well, car engines, right? Granted, combustion is combustion. But they’re different by definition and design. Hence, I’m going to keep buying Shell 93 Octane Nitro for my high-end Benz.
Stupid Lucky
Stupid Lucky 9 timer siden
I think another good test that you could do is ratchet straps!
X3 Workshop Designs
X3 Workshop Designs 9 timer siden
After watching this video, I go to the jobsite with my new Kobalt tape measure and the other contractors with Dewalt brands look at me like, "Wtf?" And I just say Project Farm tested. They just give me the nod of understanding and I'm on my way.
Damon Davis
Damon Davis 9 timer siden
Wait. Double sided tapes
D Anderson
D Anderson 9 timer siden
I would have loved to see how accurate they were at distance. I have witnesses some brands being up to 1/4 inch different than others at a distance of 25 feet. This was discovered when one person was measuring the needed length of a board while another with a different brand was doing the cutting. After a few frustrating minutes, we discovered that they were different from each other when held side-by-side. One measured 25 feet to the other brand’s 25 feet, 1/4 inch. Since that time, I have heard of other people having the same problem, even within the same brand. But, we never really knew which one had the true, accurate measurement. I have also noticed that tape measures are like people's children on the jobsite. Carpenters in particular seem to be fiercely loyal to a brand and don't tolerate someone else criticizing it.
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 9 timer siden
I've used Lucas with every oil change since I was a kid. I was always told it's part of the oil change. I still do it to this day, and every vehicle I've owned has all lasted over 200k
mathieu grenier
mathieu grenier 9 timer siden
My fav is Milwaukee wideband tape
Hunter1960 9 timer siden
I hate a dirty Kutir.
fuck chilfareel
fuck chilfareel 9 timer siden
I use red and tacky all the time in bearings
Jarrett Fayer
Jarrett Fayer 9 timer siden
I thought you were going to do Japan vs USA made,
Kiev Barcelo
Kiev Barcelo 9 timer siden
Teflon Battle ☺️💯👌
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 9 timer siden
You do a really great job at these testings I very much enjoy watching your videos very informative
Hunter1960 9 timer siden
David W. Smith
David W. Smith 9 timer siden
HAHAHA Cooter brand is clearly pronounced CUE-TEER. Checkin out the cooter!
Rob Hill
Rob Hill 9 timer siden
My main tape measure for years has been the Fat Max. Most of my "cheap" backups are Kobalts. Look like I made sound decisions.
Banditt 10 timer siden
If it's made in the USA or Canada, that is the one I will buy.
Martin Blackburn
Martin Blackburn 10 timer siden
maybe you could test tribotex oil additive
Some Guy
Some Guy 10 timer siden
As your testing shows, synthetic oil flows much easier than conventional oil and that property is what helped start the rumor that synthetic oil causes leaks. The truth is conventional oil basically only leaks out once a seal is completely shot but synthetic oil will seep out of seals that are going bad but not completely shot yet. As long as your seals are good, no leaks!
Aaron Scholl
Aaron Scholl 10 timer siden
I really hope the big brands are paying attention, the results of some of these tests are very surprising. Pretty disappointed by Milwaukee’s abrasion test.