Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT
"That's Nice!" (SUPERCUT)
Bloody New Year (1987) KILL COUNT
Iris Woodward
Iris Woodward Time siden
I will say as someone who didn't watch the trailer, the truck swerving was very shocking and affective. It gave me many emotions. Though having said that, the movie was still very meh.
radiohead93 Time siden
Just in time for lunch :)
Rouénation Time siden
Okay so this movie reminded me of Turbo Kid in its execution. The story reminded me of The Gate meets 976- Evil with a touch of Laserblast (1978) in a cute sorta way. Looking forward to seeing how the interview goes next week. Stay safe y'all. B~)
G A Time siden
I’m not one to wish death on a child character but I totally thought they were setting Mimi (and the Dad) up to be killed by PG the end. Man that ending kind of left a lot to be desired.
Kevin Dupan
Kevin Dupan Time siden
My list: 1) Child’s play 2) Curse of chucky 3) Child’s play 2 4) Child’s play (2019) 5) Child’s play 3 6) cult of chucky 7) seed of chucky 8) bride of chucky
Gilbert Neyens
Gilbert Neyens Time siden
I thought this would be about the kill count. Turns out it tells the whole plot. The movie also is alot like the 80's version and although a prequel, feels like a reboot.
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Nick Yeeting ButtPlugLord92
Nick Yeeting ButtPlugLord92 2 timer siden
I enjoyed this movie tbh my only problem with it was the little girl she annoyed me at some points but other then that I recommend everyone should watch this movie the dad was definitely a highlight for me
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Logan Samuel
Logan Samuel 2 timer siden
This gives me a supernatural feeling. You know that show supernatural.
Pepperguineapig 01
Pepperguineapig 01 2 timer siden
Evan Dukelow
Evan Dukelow 2 timer siden
I just realize resident evil 7 is based on this
JustUrAverageSunBro 2 timer siden
Please please cover children of the corn, it’s my first even watched horror movie and would love to see it on the kill count!
Yoo Hoo
Yoo Hoo 2 timer siden
After watching PG i went through as much Astron-6 content as i could. Father’s Day is....a lot to take in lol. Chowboys is fun too. At first the little girl was off putting but as the movie went on i started to love her character just shitting on everything lol.
Lucky Dog
Lucky Dog 2 timer siden
:god how did you die :every body who died in cujo dog
MARY POPPINS 2 timer siden
No sign of life anywhere???? There are freaking trees everywhere.
imani00011 2 timer siden
Omg Calvin ball! I miss the comic
I'm Probably Your Dad
I'm Probably Your Dad 2 timer siden
I love Chelsea's ending.
Svengy 737
Svengy 737 2 timer siden
Ah yes the movie i got nightmares from
Thomas W Collins
Thomas W Collins 2 timer siden
Hahaha, that was the year people kept referring to my mother Sun Cha as Tammy. Something about the last decade of the millennium being such a bs push for vhs made movies. Sure, some people move on the greater things, but for me. I am not those actors. Nothing came of any of this s''''''':::::. I will give the film a fourth wall execution. Don't let your head pop. Don't want to put together a real life passing count.
Corey Christopherson
Corey Christopherson 2 timer siden
If anyone who’s curious to know why ray’s gun didn’t fire was because the rain water got into the guns barrel and jammed the firing mechanism which makes the gun practically useless at that point.
DKdieall 2 timer siden
wow flag staff and albakerky are not replicas of columbus and tallahasey at all
NeonCattac 2 timer siden
guys guys trust this is just a movie off the guy in fortnite yknow. This is a joke please don't attack me
Mr.Paranoia07 2 timer siden
Before watching this. Psycho Goreman sounds like the name of a gory over-the-top 90s anime.
Look URDeadInVR
Look URDeadInVR 2 timer siden
I like watching these kill counts more than watching the actual 1-2 hour long movies lmao
spacejunts 2 timer siden
lol hey james is that a titos bottle on the infamous dresser?
Gabrielle Duncan
Gabrielle Duncan 2 timer siden
james is so friendly he makes these things feel safe ironically
M. Hoffman
M. Hoffman 2 timer siden
nooo please stop making Wrong Turn sequels
Gabrielle Duncan
Gabrielle Duncan 2 timer siden
“oh no my gun killed him not me”
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara 2 timer siden
4:56 Tim curry Is a god
Annya Kelsie Chevannes Chevannes
Annya Kelsie Chevannes Chevannes 2 timer siden
He looks like a pastor ☺
Dylan 2 timer siden
I really wish Tom would be in more movies, he really makes a great actor playing himself.
Joseph K
Joseph K 2 timer siden
Wow, I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with these two. The child actors did an astounding job as far as I am concerned, and the movie overall was very much my cup of tea. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to think the children were not doing a fantastic job with the material...that's insane.
Eden 232
Eden 232 2 timer siden
Dude there is no plot hole on the boat ur just not that smart
Lolawhatsmyname 2 timer siden
Ahhh yes Hamilton once again
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara 2 timer siden
3rd times a charm, a lucky charm
QTN Tube
QTN Tube 2 timer siden
Haven't listened yet, but love this movie. Bought it digitally day one and liked it so much I ordered the Raven Banner "Hunky Boy" Limited edition.
usamaclaren 2 timer siden
LOL i love how he was screaming Jessie in the shower LOl
Max The Quark
Max The Quark 2 timer siden
You do so much better now! I love your content 😀
King Benjamin Studios YT
King Benjamin Studios YT 2 timer siden
Yo the people keeping all the things there reminds me of the SCP Foundation
Farrah Thomas
Farrah Thomas 2 timer siden
My favorite kill in countdown(2019) 5:58
Moctezuma Vargas
Moctezuma Vargas 2 timer siden
Turtle .....
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara 2 timer siden
I appreciate the effort dead meat puts into these vids, thanks man
Myles O'Meara
Myles O'Meara 2 timer siden
7:57 wow that escalated
RaistliniltsiaR 2 timer siden
Thought you could sneak that voice edit at 10:45 without us noticing, didntcha? WE NOTICE ALL, JAMES!
Lorenzo Rangel
Lorenzo Rangel 2 timer siden
Gremlins gremlins 2
Julie M.R
Julie M.R 2 timer siden
when i saw Josh i immediately got excited and quoted "wattup im Jared im nineteen and i never learnt how to fucking read" oh my- my memories lmaoooo i loved him tho he always made me laugh
XxLiam 2 timer siden
You know the video is gonna be good when he say's he has a sponsor!
Rachel M
Rachel M 2 timer siden
So it's billy, mandy, and grim or whatever that show is called.
JustFierySmiles 2 timer siden
imagine killing a real snake for a movie.
usamaclaren 2 timer siden
Wow cool freddy glove
Eden 232
Eden 232 2 timer siden
Anyone else fucking hate this video because he doesn’t know anything about the films
kassidy dominique
kassidy dominique 2 timer siden
i never watched this movie but i want to watch it just for Marty because he looks cool and I like him just from this.
RAME men
RAME men 2 timer siden
Hall oween Michael 2021 !!! HD
Spencer Condon
Spencer Condon 2 timer siden
Finally, Master of American Cinema Rich Evans has a film featured on Dead Meat!
drmantistobboganmd 2 timer siden
I couldn't stomach the little girl... she has to be one of the most annoying and irritating characters in film. Seriously, I was waiting for her to explode.
Just Yagre
Just Yagre 2 timer siden
I miss horror movies where I hoped the cast didn't get killed.....
KNJ Drip
KNJ Drip 2 timer siden
Wait? So aren’t we all in a kill count? If we count corona
Cyprus Glenn
Cyprus Glenn 2 timer siden
I was very underwhelmed with Psycho Goreman. The girl was extremely annoying and there was one funny part in the whole movie. We all know which part I'm talking about.
Gavin Bunting
Gavin Bunting 2 timer siden
Not gonna lie, I never heard of this movie till a couple of years ago and still didn’t know anything about it until this kill count
SweManFilms 2 timer siden
I always though James said *Welcome to the kill count, where we tell you of the victims in all our favorite horror movies* My life is a lie...
GINGSTER 2 timer siden
New thumbnail
anabel polanco
anabel polanco 3 timer siden
Freddy Kruger
Freddy Kruger 3 timer siden
When you tubers dont got ideas anymore and go dig in old red letter media content haha
123 456
123 456 3 timer siden
Convenient all these guys from around the world can all speak English imagine them actually trying to convince each other not to fight while all speaking different languages
Johnny Becerra
Johnny Becerra 3 timer siden
James should make the Jeepers creepers kill count
Itsuki sumeragi’s finger nail Collection
Itsuki sumeragi’s finger nail Collection 3 timer siden
Anyone else thinks helgas first outfit made her look like a jojo character
John Bones
John Bones 3 timer siden
Don't get me wrong, I love the Shape as much as the next guy, but when we could've have gotten more of this instead of sequels and reboots and sequel reboots.
Hexagon earth on a raccoon society
Hexagon earth on a raccoon society 3 timer siden
2:03 it could be the spinosaurus because it could swim.
-Frosty Fire-
-Frosty Fire- 3 timer siden
DIEGO MARTINEZ 3 timer siden
i saw this movie when i was like 3 or 2 i thought it was a fever dream
Derrick Marquis
Derrick Marquis 3 timer siden
“I am, I’m a s dinosaur man.” I can’t be the only one who thinks he sounded five.
scienceWand 3 timer siden
Did you just "not all republicans" us, James? I don't know about that one buddy.
Extc_Aztec Yt
Extc_Aztec Yt 3 timer siden
I always feel like that nun picture is looking at me