Wrong Turn (2021) KILL COUNT

  Ganger 2,571,786

Dead Meat

Måned siden

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Måned siden
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Basically NCS
Basically NCS 5 dager siden
Hey welcome to the kill count today we will be looking at James make a mistake which was created in 2020 let’s get to the kills, James-Guys I bought this thing from *I don’t rem* and it’s fucking awsome James: Fuck the world with it, be good people. 1st kill James sword fallen James- NOOOOOOOOOOOO Chelsy- baby ru ok? while James- NOOOOO, MY FOOCKING THANG BREKE the movie ends with James screaming noooo
Basically NCS
Basically NCS 5 dager siden
James get this,
John Crimmins
John Crimmins 8 dager siden
This movie definitely would have been better as an independent franchise rather than part of the wrong turn
Justin Riley
Justin Riley Måned siden
So I just bought a pair of Raycon earbuds, but after seeing some reviews, I’m worried I made a mistake. I had to buy them cuz my AirPods broke. Can someone who has a pair tell me if I made a mistake or not?
Nathan Ness
Nathan Ness Måned siden
The Critic
The Critic 2 timer siden
7:27 Dam man That’s rough
etoniqe 5 timer siden
Cash 9 timer siden
I heavily fuck with the choice to put the antagonists in ghillies and skulls that shit gave me flashbacks from DayZ faction wars🤣
Jackhughess 11 timer siden
i watch these for movie summaries
Nova Frxgs
Nova Frxgs 13 timer siden
I honestly love this movie ngl
Badass Unicorn
Badass Unicorn Dag siden
Jen is my queen
G.Adrian Dag siden
i was laughing so hard while watching this movie
leadsin99er Dag siden
The cultish villians of this movie reminds me of Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001).
Benjamin Rickson
Benjamin Rickson 2 dager siden
this is age restricted :(
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 2 dager siden
A lot of these settings look like Hocking Hills and the areas around it
Edge50 2 dager siden
This is the stupidest concept I have seen in a movie in a while. Hey you are carried by 2 guys in skull clothing and headwrap upon your head just like bunch of cannibals'. Then they dont do any reaction to show they are in good manners. U kill 1 of them. Did u kill a person for no reason ???? U blind ? U shouldn't judge people on different culture. This doesn't make any sense at all in any part of the world.
Yeet Meister
Yeet Meister 3 dager siden
Who else clicked because they thought someone made a movie about SCP-1471-a
Dakota Campe
Dakota Campe 3 dager siden
These movies: 1:30:00, 2:00:00 Dead Meat: 24 MINUTES LETS GO
ItsMeBram 3 dager siden
Idk why but this movie looks so cool I can’t wait to see the sequel if it comes out
Larsa 3 dager siden
i love how the comment section literally proves the movie's point
KODZUKEN 3 dager siden
i don’t think it’s stereotyping someone as a bad guy when they’re wearing ritualistic clothing and carrying you with a sack over your head
Daniel Wrigley
Daniel Wrigley 3 dager siden
Punji pit
Der Weltenbauer
Der Weltenbauer 4 dager siden
Cesar Linares
Cesar Linares 4 dager siden
Huh tell me why hiking with noise canceling headphones where wild animals sounds like a bad time to me
Ethan Patterson
Ethan Patterson 4 dager siden
Wrong turn part 34 - Wrong turn goes to hell and space at the same time!
foxymegafan 4 dager siden
hellfrost gimmjow
hellfrost gimmjow 5 dager siden
Wow I could not care less about these characters matter fact that makes me more happy that they died
Most Legit Trapper
Most Legit Trapper 5 dager siden
Guys I have a question. Who threw the big log to them? Wtf
BlackCanary _Phoenix
BlackCanary _Phoenix 5 dager siden
I think that was probably a trap
Rivver Bonner
Rivver Bonner 5 dager siden
Frank Zappa is that business!! Just listened to St Alfonzo's pancake breakfast🤣🤘🌼
UnholyCin 6 dager siden
The moral ambiguity isn't very ambiguous.
BeautyByLinnoria 6 dager siden
I loved this bat shit crazy movie🤣🤣🤣
mohammad farhan
mohammad farhan 6 dager siden
wht happened to Darius?
Alex Delarge
Alex Delarge 6 dager siden
I was disappointed with this flick, the thing I’ve grown to love about these movies are the over the top bloody antics, this reboot just felt very flat, basically a bunch of trust fund kids getting killed by animal traps. The end.
Josh Benoliel
Josh Benoliel 6 dager siden
lookin like a jansport back to school AD. 🤣🤣🤣
Kakasai過火災 6 dager siden
Bro u have been a fan of u for SOOOOO LONG
Gabriel Mize
Gabriel Mize 7 dager siden
10:16 she left to pee,which is bullshit to me,my boi droppin bars out her
ed0716 E
ed0716 E 7 dager siden
horror movies would be much cooler without the gore.
Angel new video of game angel salcido
Angel new video of game angel salcido 7 dager siden
So cool men brother this is so cool
Matthew Wyszatyckyj
Matthew Wyszatyckyj 7 dager siden
I alway come here when it had a shit day and need a laugh thank you James
courtney 7 dager siden
this seems stupid im glad i didnt watch it
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill 8 dager siden
Can we get Midsommar
Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein 8 dager siden
im gonna be real, this is the first kill count i could not finish. i kinda wish james wouldve brought up how a lot of modern horror is using gay men as emotional kill props (example: the IT movies). i couldnt handle seeing the gay couple be the first to fucking go. i couldnt. i wanna stop being used as a damn prop
Alan Moreno
Alan Moreno 8 dager siden
I loved that Star Wars reference at 4:45. 😆
Chokyo 8 dager siden
What are those bell sounds when a scene changes or at 8:25 in the background
THOTH 8 dager siden
A bunch of judgmental woke college kids. Well I immediately have no sympathy for these characters
Ava Bowles
Ava Bowles 8 dager siden
Tres chic beard sir!
I Got Nervous
I Got Nervous 9 dager siden
Um. Please don't use earphones in the woods. It can be dangerous. Better safe than sorry guys
Lucius The Killer
Lucius The Killer 9 dager siden
The basis for this new wrong turn film is to show u diff situations on which u can come across a diff wrong turn. Like cannibals u come across them yea theyll kill u and trap u even eat u. Cultists who will do anything yo make sure you dont screw up what theyve built and will most like either A. kill you. B. Kidnap you. C. Brainwash you. Theres even satanic rituals that can happen if you come across something that you shouldnt of came across. Theres so many diff scenarios on which these films can go off of and something tells me that this anthology shouldve happened to show us diff versions of how a wrong turn can happen and still fit the storylineof how it should be. Theyve over done the cannibal stuff. What else is there to do? Bring back eliza dusku and previous survivors to have them die one by one again? Like no cuz there characters wouldnt be smart to go back to finsh them off once and for all. Cuz they know there characters would mostly die or live. And wtong turn 6 was just bad. Its time for a new story for the wrong turn series and new films so we can see diff scenarios of what a wrong turn can be. It doesnt always have to be about inbred cannibals. It can be about anything.
Bianca W
Bianca W 9 dager siden
“Traumatize first, ask questions later” dang sounds like my Dad
Sean TDS
Sean TDS 9 dager siden
How fans saw the first Wrong Turn: oh so taking a wrong turn can lead you to cannibals? How fans saw the next five Wrong Turns: they should honestly rename this Encounters with Discount Sawyers How fans saw this movie: It needs cannibals to be a Wrong Turn movie
Angel King
Angel King Dag siden
Laneous14 9 dager siden
So, basically The Foundation is just a long running CHAZ...
Ganymede 9 dager siden
And of course the brown gay dude dies first, some things never change :p
MiniRiceDaddy 9 dager siden
Making my way down town the I took the WONGTURN
Miles_GT 9 dager siden
Fuck I loved that Leningrad joke delivery.
Dead Meat
Dead Meat 9 dager siden
Thank you!
Harrison Graffin
Harrison Graffin 10 dager siden
I liked the 5th wrong turn better than this
Elaina R
Elaina R 10 dager siden
Something that was never addressed was how all of their cellphones went missing while they were sleeping in the tent? Unless I’m mistaken... so I was confused through the whole rest of the movie when the Foundation was trying to justify how they were just going to take their hog tied up friend to the road for help..... I get that it was supposed to leave all things morally grey but that was for sure a calculated thing the Foundation did?
Susy Ramirez
Susy Ramirez 10 dager siden
lover ur vids
Nuña Bisness
Nuña Bisness 10 dager siden
“Who’s the black fella” *Sigh*
miss you three finger😭😭
Javier Gallegos
Javier Gallegos 10 dager siden
Fuck the foundation. They literally killed someone first with the log????
Max Carr
Max Carr 10 dager siden
That chick goes "did you just kill him for no reason" nah ill just let him kill us
PandaChips 11 dager siden
looks like a fresh concept for a movie, pretty cool
Sm0k3turt13 11 dager siden
I really like this movie, it’s actually able to fix the horrid mistakes of the previous movies. Nice
Jacob Trunzo
Jacob Trunzo 11 dager siden
Nobody me Gary (‘-(
fav5308 J
fav5308 J 11 dager siden
why is youtube telling me to verify my age NOW after watching this donny for 2 years?
Miami Heat
Miami Heat 11 dager siden
Great movies!!!
Blue and Dog
Blue and Dog 11 dager siden
“We’ll be careful.” “You’ll be DEAD!” I love the delivery.
Holden Adams
Holden Adams 11 dager siden
Ah f$&king ground mouths
Lewd Suicide
Lewd Suicide 11 dager siden
Ground Mouth haha!
lil sensei
lil sensei 11 dager siden
I lovw this channel
Wren 11 dager siden
of course the gay guy died first
Sydney Hayes
Sydney Hayes 12 dager siden
The Leningrad and the give peace a chance sent me!
Sven Krisenberg
Sven Krisenberg 12 dager siden
Apple ah Chan
Name Name
Name Name 12 dager siden
Never go bald again
fizzarolly 12 dager siden
Kill the foundation!
Tniyah Smith
Tniyah Smith 13 dager siden
If you like this movie go check out the movie "No one sleeps in the woods" it is a great one.
Angel The AHiT smug lord
Angel The AHiT smug lord 13 dager siden
Wrong turn 2020: quarantine edition
Hans 13 dager siden
The absolute state of "horror" movies in 2021. Who the fuck watches this?
Navi Sacdalan
Navi Sacdalan 13 dager siden
Wrong Turned Cult
Mr SporadicSporkGuy
Mr SporadicSporkGuy 13 dager siden
So many Big Logs in this movie I was looking for Robert Plant
the horny god
the horny god 13 dager siden
I will say this would be better if this was its own thing
Max555 13 dager siden
more like Woke Turn
DarthGator1289 13 dager siden
They were warned to stay on the trail. They didn’t , they payed for it ... good shit and good lessons .
hot d0ggo
hot d0ggo 13 dager siden
So Brenner is alive......
Beckett Folz
Beckett Folz 14 dager siden
can you send me a video of your theme song for 10 hours pls dead meat
Amber Cook
Amber Cook 14 dager siden
bruh this cane out this year?crazy
Mr Madden
Mr Madden 14 dager siden
I live like 30 minutes from old dominion
Thaddeus Stevens
Thaddeus Stevens 14 dager siden
I'm pretty sure those cave-people still have cancer. The only thing they seem to have avoided is literacy, masonry, and deodorant.
Groover Cleveland
Groover Cleveland 14 dager siden
Some more kentuckians
queenfree85 14 dager siden
oh man.... this was horrible! not the kill count of course... but this movie!!! just let the franchise diiiiieeeee smh!
Princess Diamond
Princess Diamond 14 dager siden
What ever happened to Jen boyfriend???
Jessica ramirez
Jessica ramirez 15 dager siden
wait why have i never heard of the wrong turn till now
Andrew Carroll
Andrew Carroll 15 dager siden
I live in south eastern Ohio and this looks more like a documentary than a fictional movie.
Burt C0caine
Burt C0caine 15 dager siden
I think the majority of the movies problems would be solved with a shorter run time and adding an actual cannibal group to the mix. The Foundation looking like the bad guys when really there is a separate group of killers that the kids assume are them based on outside appearance. They still could’ve made them morally grey by them still blinding people. Their excuse could’ve been they were protecting their way of life so they didn’t want any outsiders knowing they were up there. Maybe because of a past incident regarding outsiders that ended badly. Honestly it would be cool if the people they blinded turned out to be the cannibal group. That way everything would be connect and the themes would make a lot more sense. It would also make more sense for the townspeople who seem to know exactly who the Foundation is and what they do, but don’t actually do anything about it for no apparent reason. It’s not like they were working together with the Foundation or were being intimidated by them. They seem to leave each other alone unless one of the townspeople went up there. So there was no reason for them not to be vocal about what the Foundation was doing. They were so cryptic for no reason at all. Instead it could’ve been that the townspeople were the outsiders that made the Foundation want to blind anyone who came up there. So to cover up what they did the townspeople vowed to never talk about the Foundation again even if it meant putting innocent tourists in danger. Would give a better reason for the bar guy to beat the dad to keep him from going up there. I also think some of the dialogue is way too on the nose but it doesn’t ruin the movie or anything sense there isn’t too much of it.
Tyler Deleringo
Tyler Deleringo 15 dager siden
"Masters in art history and dance" so the old man at the bar wasn't TOTALLY wrong about the young yippies lol
A4kata Valkata
A4kata Valkata 15 dager siden
Wowww reboot?🤨🤔
Naseeroedien Camroodien
Naseeroedien Camroodien 15 dager siden
Wrong turn was much better with one eye, saw tooth and three finger. If they had to return to the franchise I would have enjoyed it more
Amanda J. Davis
Amanda J. Davis 15 dager siden
Can you do a ranking video on Wrong turn franchise and a your top 10 kills on the wrong turn franchise
Aкула 15 dager siden
Why do movies need to push a political agenda? It's irritating. Just keep movies their respective genre, not add the prefix "political-" to everything.
Dashing Daniel Games
Dashing Daniel Games 15 dager siden
Wait wtf he captured him and was threaten to hurt them how was him killing not self defense
Dashing Daniel Games
Dashing Daniel Games 15 dager siden
Woke crap only people who think skin color is profited are woke idots if you want the job go get it nothing stoping you. If someone does you tell someone cuz that against the law
Juniper J
Juniper J 15 dager siden
Movie: “we’re so woke with our diverse casting!” Also Movie: *kills brown gay guy first, makes his partner watch, blinds other brown gay guy and lets the straight couple live and murder the blind brown gay guy because being dead is better than being blind apparently”
Cutzie Jul
Cutzie Jul 16 dager siden
Here's how many Wrong Turns kills are. Delilah Odets: Died in unknown death Richard Stoker: Fell Halley Smith: Leg sliced by barbed wire Evan Ross: Ear sliced Francine: Barbed wire penetrated in mouth Scott: Shot/Impaled Carly: Decapitated Sheriff: Shot in eye/impaled throught head/back One eye: Ran Over/Incinerated in explosion Sawtooth: Impaled by wrench/Shot in neck/Incinerated in explosion Trooper L.Solomon: Axed to death Kimberly: Sliced in half Neil: Scalped/Slit throathed Mara: Axe thrown in head/Impaled to death Elena: Slashed in back Maynard odets: Exploded Jonesy: Shot in head/impaled to eye Amber: Shot in head/impaled to eye Michael Epstein: Impaled in shoulder/Decapitated Sister & Brother: Shot/Exploded Colonel Dale Murphy: Shot in back to chest/Strangled by chain/Bleeded Pa, Ma: Hit by log/Shredded Chris & Wojo: Killed (Clothes seen) Sophie: Impaled by arrow in breast/Shot and impales through eye Trey: Shot in shoulder/Impaled in mouth Brent: Split in half Officer Preslow: Knife Thrown in throath/Bleeded Officer Walter: Bus rammed/Leg broken/Shot in head Three toes: Shot/Decapitated by knife William Juarez: Face sliced off Crawford: Wrapped in barbed wire/dragged in road Sheriff Calvin: Stick dropped/Impaled Floyd: Set on fire by cocktail Deputy ally lane: Wrapped inbarbed wire/Bleeded to death Chaves: Sliced in hand/Impaled by hook/Hung on tree/Head Sliced by axe Three finger: Impaled by hook/Incinerated Nate: Impaled by arrow through chest Brandon: Head smashed Olderly: Neck bitten/Impaled by hairpin in eye/Nose bitten Doctor Mcquaid: Electrocuted in head Doctor Brendan Ryan: Dismembered Porter: Decapitated Vincent: Impaled in nose to head Claire: Lifted/Decapitated Daniel: Body Sliced many times/Lung taken out Kyle: Tongue Cut Off/Impaled Jenna: Impaled in back by drill Lauren: Frozen Alive Kenia: Decapitated at snow mobile by barbed wire Sara: Decapitated at snow mobile by barbed wire Kaleen Webber: Finger sliced/Gutted/Hand Sliced Deputy kevin: Shot/Tongue cut off/Impaled in head M. Johnson: Electrocuted Cruz: Gutted by knife Gus: Leg broken/Run over by truck Billy: Decapitated Julian: Hacked to pieces Mose: Trapped in barrel/Incinerated in store explosion Jason carter: Gutted/Ran over by truck Sheriff angela: Shot in head Lita: Eyes gouged/Killed Nick: Shot/impaled Daria: Eyes penetrated/Beheaded Agnes: Impaled by Axe/Neck snapped Sheriff doucette: Shot in gut/Shot/Impaled through mouth Jillian: Leg broken/Slit throath Bryan: Head smashed by statue/Smothered Vic: Throath Slit/Gutted Charlie: Abdomen Exploded Rod: Leg caught in bear trap/Hacked by machete Jackson: Head Bludgeoned Toni: Head Impaled by matto Gary: Crushed by log Samuel: Head Crushed Milla: Fell/Impaled/Shot Adam: Head smacked Ed & Cooper: Crushed by trap Morgan: Shot Luis: Eyes burned/Shot in head Hobbs: Stabbed Edith: Head blown off Cullen: Shot with arrows Reggie: Knife thrown in head Standard/Wolf skull: Axe impaled in back Foundation members: impaled by knife Venable: Impaled by knife Total Numbers: 93
M.R. G.R
M.R. G.R 16 dager siden
That kind of pit is called a Burmese Tiger Pit!
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