Why the GL-Class is the Worst Mercedes Made in the Last Decade

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E7Axy RBLX 6 dager siden
My dad has a gl500 2010
Bmw M5
Bmw M5 7 dager siden
Hi hovie you could probably make more if you just sell the car for parts because the part on the car looked Quite good
Tilc Rekcil
Tilc Rekcil 8 dager siden
Does it cost a lot to import trees to your state?
Cocoy C
Cocoy C 9 dager siden
These are so bad, a used car salesman talked me out of buying one and let me leave the lot without a car. lol
MUHAMMED KH 9 dager siden
if this was a gasoline the owner would be burned long time ago ,, but diesel is hard to ignite
Nikola Gnjatic
Nikola Gnjatic 9 dager siden
I own a w211 e320 cdi v6 the car has been mantained and it has on it 240.000km still running strong these engines are great atleast in europe
zm321 10 dager siden
The CLA is a horrible awful thing that was made for the European PCP (Peasant Contract Purchase) market for those that put £1000 down and pay £300 a month. They wouldn't know a proper Mercedes even if it ran up the back of them.
Niel Barnes
Niel Barnes 11 dager siden
People need to put kids on a bus. The cars dropping kids off are what make up a majority of rush hour traffic.
CRAPO2011 12 dager siden
Ahhh so thats why I dont see these anymore even though they arent that old
William Hicks
William Hicks 13 dager siden
"dee-sill" You Americans are cute.
Buzz Pedrotti
Buzz Pedrotti 14 dager siden
Thanks. Another one to avoid.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 15 dager siden
@6:49 Normal for a Merc, just like the bill. ;)
C.H 15 dager siden
So Mercedes are the Cadillac of germany? Quality wise
No Trucks Given
No Trucks Given 16 dager siden
It can't be "the worst Mercedes built in the last 10 years" when you're saying this in 2021 and you're talking about a 2008 car. The dumbest automotive channel on NOwindow indeed!
mark williams
mark williams 16 dager siden
That's why I don't get the allure. Expensive to buy and own. Even if I have money to burn I still wouldn't want one 🤢🤮
Jędrzej Franek
Jędrzej Franek 17 dager siden
That's from the worst design era of Mercedes, between 2005 and 2013 every single model was a primitive styling disaster. Since previous generation of S class things got instantly much better.
F. Flores 2500
F. Flores 2500 17 dager siden
3k for a service?! Lol these things are money pits
Jay Sim
Jay Sim 17 dager siden
If I'm paying that much for a Mercedes SUV, it better be built in Germany.
Casteem Holdin
Casteem Holdin 18 dager siden
LS swap it and put coilovers in it
H. A.
H. A. 19 dager siden
Try to look at the fuel lines coming from and too the fuel filter, over time they get cooked and have tiny cracks that spray fuel like that. Just put the ignition in on position and don't start the engine and after a few seconds you will see the lines from the tank inflated from the pressure the pump is building. Just repeat on - lock ignition with a 30sec delay in lock position to bulid enough pressure to spot the leak. But don't start the engine and leave it to idle if u got fuel on the exhaust and dpf because if unlucky it decides it needs a regeneration, even in idle it will bring exhaust gas temperature between 250-500°C and in hot days even 800 degrees witch may ignite fuel and oil or even dry grass ! . Lot's of good luck and health I wish u guys from România!
H. A.
H. A. 19 dager siden
I know how to repair that gl very well!
donny tarbert
donny tarbert 19 dager siden
What happened to the car in the end ? is there a follow-up video ?
bhongtastic 19 dager siden
Bought an '07 ML63 AMG (W164) with 58K miles for $24K. The car had lived an easy life in Newport Beach and was very clean. Thought I was getting a good deal at the time. Of course...not even 1500 miles later the dashboard lights lit up like a Christmas tree and the gears were slipping. What I learned was the transmission life for the AMGs is a lot shorter than on the ML350's (I had an '09 model too) due to the far higher HP & torque. $19K dealer estimate to replace the transmission was heartbreaking. After a good deal of searching I was able to get it rebuilt for $6500 plus a 3 year warranty via private mechanic. Since then the only other issue has been front right air suspension replacement for $1K. It hasn't been cheap, but I've taken it on multiple family trips well over 1K mile roundtrip each & it's become a beloved family SUV that my son will soon inherit.
albert wahome
albert wahome 22 dager siden
I saw a similar one catch fire in the engine bay last year, not surprised.
ayvin o
ayvin o 22 dager siden
I own 2010 gl320 blue tech best Mercedes i ever owned i never had any problems with it
ededdynova 24 dager siden
Built in the USA for the USA market enough said. No one wants them in europe lol
HP WANG 24 dager siden
Sold the GL and bought a BMW X5 for better reliability.. 😂😂😂
Alex Bishop
Alex Bishop 24 dager siden
Must be the diesel version that’s a lemon, my parents have a 2012 gl450 and it’s been a tank. So far it’s got around 140,000 and they have only had to replace the transfer case, a couple of the air suspension bags, and the trunk latch in its lifetime which is pretty good for a luxury German SUV
Pe Pa
Pe Pa 25 dager siden
Pretty curious what the reason is for this massive leakage - maybe the diesel filter was mounted wrong - anyway it looks quite scary, even though diesel will not ignite as fast as gasoline..
Mutaal 25 dager siden
I had a 2007 Mercedes Benz GL just like that it was the biggest POS i had.
KidWithGlasses 26 dager siden
Only if this car was made in Germany it would’ve been the best GL class
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 26 dager siden
Love the previous owner's story. They have a dog of a car, and desperate to get rid of it get a trade-in price from a BMW dealer. Presumably they were insulted by the offer, as they decided to keep the car in the end. What makes you think the car is worth anything to anyone else when you're desperate to sell it?
Autobahn Vault, LLC
Autobahn Vault, LLC 26 dager siden
Burn it. You already got it covered in fuel anyways.
Ioannis Tremmos
Ioannis Tremmos 26 dager siden
Get a decent flashlight .
Alex Garage
Alex Garage 26 dager siden
Need update...!!!
Gadget0343 26 dager siden
This is worrisome. There is a Eastern European company that developed a line of Diesel aircraft engines. That has been bought out by Continental Aircraft engines. They were developed from Mercedes Diesel engines, like this one right here.
Jorge Chiu
Jorge Chiu 27 dager siden
Very difficult for raw diesel to catch fire under those circumstances. I think 🤔 he is a little bit over the top. Done it to us, We could and would use it as an EMS vehicle in Guatemala. Look at the real old land cruiser I used in the video THE GUARDIAN ANGEL OF GUATEMALA. here in NOwindow. It was an 87 diesel land cruiser. Bad to the bone, but broke
RussianThunderrr 27 dager siden
GL built like a Panther tank...
SKY LINER 28 dager siden
At least it dont burned like your Ferrari or bleed to death Like your Porsche
jacob wilkie
jacob wilkie 28 dager siden
Why is wizard reminding me of bubbles
supersonicsegax1 29 dager siden
Mercedes reliability is a fucking myth! Yes the old ones were built really well but that’s a by gone era!
AL Ian
AL Ian 29 dager siden
*German engineering.* 🤦‍♂️😂🤣😂
Jānis Liepiņš
Jānis Liepiņš Måned siden
From 2006 i have only diesel merceded cars.. e clas ML CLS e w212estate, now w213 estate 220d
Justin Digital
Justin Digital Måned siden
I'll take the motor, I want to do a diesel swap in my Xterra unless it's crazy complicated
kingkobra Måned siden
Tyler I'm guessing you sold your Excursion you should have kept that not bought this
George ____
George ____ Måned siden
Try the gl450... of course the diesel will suck ass lol
antharro Måned siden
Hoovie: "wife and I share a car for a while" Cars in Hoovie's Garage: "Are we a joke to you?"
NO_EYES_ON_ME Måned siden
No wonder these GLs are cheap on the used market.
The truth Правда
The truth Правда Måned siden
Lol what do you expect at 200k miles?
The truth Правда
The truth Правда Måned siden
I had one of those cars! Ran good like a champ! And it’s had very high miles! Only thing mine was 450 gasoline! But diesel should be even better and more reliable!
Michal Kuc
Michal Kuc Måned siden
This model of Mercedes is made in USA.
Oliver Raffaelli
Oliver Raffaelli Måned siden
Bought an 07 GL320 for my wife (at the time) a few years ago. I own a mechanic shop and it immediately needed a transfer case and a pair or arnott front struts. She loved it and it drove great (167k at purchase). She hits me with a divorce not soon after, and wants to keep the Benz I bought her. Fine, whatever. In a years time, she takes it to another euro shop and drops 10 thousand bucks on it! The ac compressor gave out and she got a $4K Estimate and called me up. She was throwing in the towel and wanted to dump it. I gave her 2,500. A $500 compressor kit later and I have a truck for the most part I love driving. Has 250ish K miles on it and needs the engine dropped and resealed, but that’s not hard for me. I want to make it into an overland type rig when I get some spare time. 10/10 would not recommend one for an average person.
Martin Šimičević
Martin Šimičević Måned siden
bro razor blade inside of engine compartment + massive oil leaks = purpose sabotage by someone haha like not even joking
the Thomas J
the Thomas J Måned siden
Over the weekend Hoovie sold the GL.
Patrick Gartmann
Patrick Gartmann Måned siden
We had a customer stop in our store with one of these cars. It went up in flames while parked . Just at the dealer for repairs the day before for a leak.
MIchael H
MIchael H Måned siden
Hoovie, your worst cars are your best cars. I feel your pain, without having to the feel the pain.
arthur soctomah
arthur soctomah Måned siden
you know yourself the older diesel Mercedes' are the bomb...
olds Aurora
olds Aurora Måned siden
This truck is like those Cadillac northstars. Best-selling car, nice seats 💺. Yet leaking oil like a basket. Blown head gaskets. No shop willing to fix it.
Kasra Z S
Kasra Z S Måned siden
Incase it's any help, my CLK270CDI had a fuel line on the front of the engine that was slightly rubbing on one of the belts, leaking fuel.
Nikola Orbovic
Nikola Orbovic Måned siden
ummmmmm....Diesel fuel does not catch fire
Dennis Måned siden
Why not just send it to J & J?
MrMoss786 Måned siden
Need to inject some uv dye and trace it.
Stephen Harper
Stephen Harper Måned siden
Hoovie: "wife and I share a car for a while" Meanwhile, at The Wizard's.......
R. Morales
R. Morales Måned siden
Commenting late, don't care what you say these creatures are just misunderstood! Sell it to me I'd love it!
Thomas K Dennis Jr.
Thomas K Dennis Jr. Måned siden
I love my 2011 C300 sport and am glad I still have it after 90,000 miles.
CapitanBluebeard Måned siden
Not all GLs were diesels tho
mazdaman Måned siden
Oil leak is below the turbo couple of O rings on the cooler, 50c, hours of fun to fix and the studs snap off usually flush 😣😣😣
mazdaman Måned siden
German design and reliability.......
Money Man
Money Man Måned siden
Any German car that is not built in Germany I would not dare to buy it lol
spencer hoyt
spencer hoyt Måned siden
Diesel does make a decent heler fpr a fire to start if u do it right
Walter Sandile
Walter Sandile Måned siden
My dad still has his 2010 GL 500 and he says he loves it too much to sell it
DucDucSTFU Måned siden
Buy a BMW diesel, I love my 2011 x5 so much, and it's been absurdly reliable (mostly because the entire cooler, different, and Def injection system magically fell of at some time when I hit a pothole.). I know you hate BMWs, but the m57 is such a great engine, and makes a ton of torque with deletes and a tune.
LabGorilla Måned siden
I wanted to buy this car...after I owned the dreadful ML class.
ghostdog662 Måned siden
Nice Ford Escape
Tom Burke
Tom Burke Måned siden
GL is a great SUV, but u are buying it with 200,000 Miles, and u expect it to run perfectly? C-mon buddy, once u pass 170K miles a lot of work will be needed, having said that, it all depends on the previous owners! Most people buy them and drive them till they breakdown and they'll trade them for a new one, Dealers take them on a trade for pennies and turn around and wholesale them or send them to the auction. But u can buy one from a person who always had its services @ Benz repair shop and change the oil and coolant and how often to change diesel exhaust fluid. I had a lot of Benz's I still have a 300SD TD with 480,000 miles and runs like a champ. Benz makes the best Diesel cars in the world. But Diesel needs care but not as often as Gas engines.
Jensen LeBlanc
Jensen LeBlanc Måned siden
Our 07 GL450 had many suspension airbags fail, sat on the roof of mercedes service for a few months one time. The thing ate power steering pump reservoirs too. We traded it in at 96k miles. At one point the camshaft magnets failed? Idk something weird I’d never heard of, I’m a Powerstroke guy so I knew next to nothing about that car. Adding a few more failures: the rear gate, driver side rear door handle.
istvan meissler
istvan meissler Måned siden
It's sad how good Mercedes, Audi, and BMW used to be, but is no longer.
Reinhold Everest
Reinhold Everest Måned siden
Most vehicles run into problems with high mileage, used cars can be money pits no matter the brand. One of the only benefits of transitioning out of ICE is eradicating diesel.
SuperChief5 Måned siden
This is definitely not an advertisement for buying a Mercedes. 🤪
Darling Downs Transport Services Pty Ltd
Darling Downs Transport Services Pty Ltd Måned siden
Pre '11 models in the GLs I'll agree but the GL350s & GL450s are well sorted - if you do find a GL450CDI V8 diesel with the OM629 torque monster in it, BUY IT!!
Al Eu
Al Eu Måned siden
leaking disel fuel is bad but diesel is no where near as flammable as gasoline. Don't believe me, find a small can and put some diesel in there and throw a match on it. The match will go out with no flame. Diesel has to have either pressure or extreme heat to become flammable. The diesel under the car will never ignite under STP. You must have some kind of fire to provide the heat for it to be combustible.. This gives diesel a huge safety advantage over gasoline. The fuel system is decidedly simple with the line coming from the tank then going thru the fuel filter. Then the HPFP and then the injectors. I'd bet the injector pump (HPFP) is bad.. They're re-buildable made by Bosch.. Once you get the fuel taken care of and put some regular springs on it you'd probably have a decent car..
Scout Johnson
Scout Johnson Måned siden
What do previous mechanics do when they work on the car?
Briar Bear
Briar Bear Måned siden
im still buying a 2021 GLB in the spring. is that the same class??
TR6Telos Måned siden
Its a disaster for Merc, I would not touch one.
Ojan Gorjani
Ojan Gorjani Måned siden
Diesel is much harder to ignite, It was a gasoline engine you would be dead by now!
P Williams
P Williams Måned siden
Mercedes and other big car companies who asked for big bucks for the supposedly top of the range cars should give a 10 yr warranty on all of the cars . How dare they want $1000s of dollars for a product that does not give back reliability ! Hyundai and KIA give 5-7 yr warranties for cars that are disposable and much cheaper yet these arrogant big companies will not !
Black Hand
Black Hand Måned siden
Diesel is much harder to ignite than petrol , also there are no bad cars, there are bad owners. Also I think that this car was driven only in city and that's bad for diesel,diesels are made for greater distance driving
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes Måned siden
THE BEST OR NOTHING. Yeah I'll just take nothing. Nothing seems safer.
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes Måned siden
Everyone always talks about all the bad Mercedes cars recently made. Do they actually make any good ones ever??? Anyone????
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes Måned siden
MI Car Guy
MI Car Guy Måned siden
Those side mirrors are anemic!
J Yearr
J Yearr Måned siden
Wellll I can charge you for the look. Lmao 🤣
Clifford Harrington
Clifford Harrington Måned siden
I owned a GL450CDi, twin turbo diesel V8, it was reliable and had a ton of power and torque.
Splatpal 22
Splatpal 22 Måned siden
My parents own that car and they are selling it as you read this
autoworld100 Måned siden
You know the diesel fuel won’t ignite
Glenn Oropeza
Glenn Oropeza Måned siden
Give it a Chevy conversion or as some purist would say-Perversion! At least it will run,drive an operate and not be reduced to scrap!
Thegreatfinn Måned siden
Best MB engines OM606>OM648>OM642 😀
B V Måned siden
This bigger balls guy is just disgusting
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Måned siden
How about the smaller GLK, GLC, and GLAs?
fromatic2 Måned siden
telsa swap it XD
We're swapping WHAT into Brian's BMW?!
I bought a 1950 Unit Dragline!!
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