What will the world look like in 250 million years?

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Jay Foreman

19 dager siden

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Written, presented and edited by
JAY FOREMAN jayforeman
MARK COOPER-JONES markcooperjones
AD, Camera, Props and Costumes
JADE NAGI jade_nagi
JOSH TYE www.joshtye.co.uk joshtye_
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RHEYANDO KNIGHT 6 timer siden
I love i n Jamaica so is that saying my country gonna get crushed
Cass Saph
Cass Saph 9 timer siden
i can only hope that humanity survives, but countries do not :o (although, hopefully not out of any kind of cataclysmic destruction of society. hopefully its more of just us coming together and realizing its better to cooperate than to compete)
Marcus Hardy
Marcus Hardy 10 timer siden
Before absolutely smashing into china
Elmer Dellson
Elmer Dellson 13 timer siden
Please make more of these!
Mark Avenell
Mark Avenell 14 timer siden
Just heard Jay doing the voice over on Dave. Ha ha.
Angelina Gustak
Angelina Gustak 14 timer siden
Usually it’s Jay saying “Welcome to Map Men” then Mark saying “We’re the men” and Jay saying “and here’s the map” But Mark said first, then Jay and then Mark
Elías MG
Elías MG 19 timer siden
That's a nice jamiroquai reference
maxim 19 timer siden
*future is wild theme blares in the distance*
Gary Dabelza
Gary Dabelza 21 time siden
Lillian Swaim
Lillian Swaim 21 time siden
You pedia
You pedia Dag siden
@1:03 is that barney 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Frank Fox
Frank Fox Dag siden
Arwah Sapi
Arwah Sapi Dag siden
So it wasn't coconuts that migrate but continental drift. Also African and European swallows might share common ancestors.
Akun Formalitas
Akun Formalitas 12 timer siden
Just a matter of weight ratios
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat Dag siden
Yes. High class reference right there
mookrage Dag siden
You've won my subscription sir
Zekrom Dag siden
''Peru next to Australia, Mozambique joined to India, Malaysia in Antarctica'' ''THE SOVIET UNION JOINED WITH AMERICA AND CHINA''
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat Dag siden
"We're going to have to figure out how to be nicer to each other" Let's face it, the only reason we (🇬🇧) haven't murdered the world is that there's water between us any everybody else. So that's not a great outcome
Darragh D
Darragh D Dag siden
He’s not in Australia! There’s snow!
TheCrazyWorld 2 dager siden
World was Australia
Morgan Harris
Morgan Harris 2 dager siden
Omg I just noticed the eyebrows
Axel 2 dager siden
Well the amasia's geography seems cool
Ellen Hynes
Ellen Hynes 2 dager siden
dem eyebrows tho
badip 2 dager siden
When is the next Unfinished London?
badip 2 dager siden
@Jay Foreman Awesome!
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 2 dager siden
We’re having a meeting about it today! Hopefully there’ll be at least one more Unfinished London before the end of 2021. Stay tuned to my twitter for updates.
Nathaniel Cerdena
Nathaniel Cerdena 2 dager siden
Taiwan: **Moves back into China** China: *You could not live with your own failure and where did that bring you? Back to me*
DiggyPT 2 dager siden
6:36 and portugal still has one neighbour
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming 2 dager siden
“180 million years ago, before the First and the Second World Wars,” I can do you 1 better. “180 million years ago, before Breakfast,”
The Blank Face Watches
The Blank Face Watches 2 dager siden
Jay, you look like every drawing of The Beatles.
Nigerundayo, Smokey!
Nigerundayo, Smokey! 2 dager siden
It would look like your're are mother
Will Noyce
Will Noyce 2 dager siden
I'm here for the sheep at the end
ChimozuFu 2 dager siden
Liking the voiceover work on Dave btw jay
Mr Teleport1
Mr Teleport1 3 dager siden
Ha ha Alfred Wegener! You are a crazy man! Ha ha Alfred Wegener! You are a crazy little man!
hopeless marichat
hopeless marichat 3 dager siden
can we just appreciate how they literally went to india to film "here in india"
daajj 3 dager siden
Where the map ... and here the men
Teo Borges
Teo Borges 3 dager siden
Me sees the Thumbnail: **Oblivion orchestra starts playing**
Spudomania 3 dager siden
Mark just upsets me
Zuzanna Michalska
Zuzanna Michalska 3 dager siden
The best part is at 6:02
gEchochamber 3 dager siden
there is a person i would soo share this with, but not sure how they would take the end bit at the moment pandemic isolation and all - will share at a later time :)
Random Ñēss
Random Ñēss 3 dager siden
“I liked it when the earth was all Greater London” -Queen Elizabeth-
Bassem B.
Bassem B. 3 dager siden
yay, Jamiroquai.
Cape Taun
Cape Taun 3 dager siden
I wish I lived in Batgea
Shockwave 3 dager siden
Did you voice some of the program adverts for Dave?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 3 dager siden
Ethan Young
Ethan Young 3 dager siden
South America be like gotta go fast
NO TO HYPOCRITES 4 dager siden
Kenya is located below Somalia. How can it get crack if your map shows crack at different locations? Shouldn't the crack be at South Sudan and Ethiopia
Sean twell
Sean twell 4 dager siden
How are you not on the BBC yet this series is more educational and humorous than something like horrible histories
ncfclee 4 dager siden
They are better off on NOwindow. Total editorial control over their content and can reach a bigger worldwide audience.
XD3D PUTRA 4 dager siden
I live in Salatiga, Indonesia. Yes merapi is super active. And merapi is spewing gas now, i think
Hugar 34
Hugar 34 4 dager siden
Why does pangea lowkey look like the elder scroll's Tamriel
Bram Stultjens
Bram Stultjens 4 dager siden
I love that the intro is never the same so you can never sing along xD
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 dager siden
Nerd level : insane
Elizabeth Renner
Elizabeth Renner 4 dager siden
Will there ever be another politics unboringed episode?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 4 dager siden
Maybe. Dunno. Don’t really fancy it any time soon. But never say never. I’ve done a “last” Unfinished London, like, five times.
Michel Plion
Michel Plion 4 dager siden
are you in a hurry ? There is no reason why you should speak so fast ! Or do you want only english native to look at your videos ?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 dager siden
the eyebrows xD
Roland Katsuragi
Roland Katsuragi 4 dager siden
5:50 Ew
TheFusselmonster 4 dager siden
Abbie Evans
Abbie Evans 4 dager siden
'theres a decent chance the experts have got it wrong' Shows Michael Fish lol
S F 4 dager siden
😂 and 🤔
Paulina Velez Pinto
Paulina Velez Pinto 4 dager siden
06:26 calm down Maltus
Abadur Rhaman
Abadur Rhaman 5 dager siden
America and Britain ganna get closer how lovely!!
Mr Frog
Mr Frog 5 dager siden
kolim jone
kolim jone 5 dager siden
"Here in Australia" shows snow outside car... Ah yes, I love a Sunburnt Country, with droughts and snowy rains...
Mr.Lightning_Bolt 34
Mr.Lightning_Bolt 34 5 dager siden
Hey! Jay Foreman kinda looks like that Jake Gyllenhaal guy!
Kutsy 5 dager siden
Not gonna lie, I never wanted someone to have worse quality camera but seeing their faces in high quality is too scary.
Hannah K
Hannah K 5 dager siden
It would be interesting to see cultural changes if different countries ended up next to each other (assuming humans still lived there)
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 4 dager siden
@kolim jone ?
kolim jone
kolim jone 5 dager siden
Jay lost weight(((
DikkHeee 6 dager siden
Balkans , Central Asia , Middle East etc.: where water ocean
Sam Reeve
Sam Reeve 6 dager siden
the eyebrows xD
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 6 dager siden
Nerd level : insane
Kamel Mebhah
Kamel Mebhah 6 dager siden
That's what trump was thinking, he wanted to be the only leader in the world.
Linyuzhon Gaming
Linyuzhon Gaming 6 dager siden
Gone the sun will become bigger and eat earth
Lord Doggo
Lord Doggo 6 dager siden
If britain gets closer to the U.S i will single-handedly destroy the british economy and only the british
Umut Yaprak
Umut Yaprak 6 dager siden
This new supercontinent looks a little bit Like Tamriel XD
Nao Interessa
Nao Interessa 6 dager siden
Americans would freak out with such information
Normius maximus
Normius maximus 6 dager siden
Jay Forman looks like a walmart Howard from big bang theory
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 6 dager siden
Stephen Saunders
Stephen Saunders 6 dager siden
'He figured out the continents moved, millions of years ago'. It was easy for him then as he must have figured it out when it was happening.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 6 dager siden
I was watching Anime Openings, I went for a drink, and when I came back, I’m here.......how did I get here?
pilot boy
pilot boy 6 dager siden
"But years later, while he was still dead" Gold
BruhAnt 6 dager siden
Ray Purchase
Ray Purchase 6 dager siden
We'll still be in lockdown.
IMadeYouReadThis :]
IMadeYouReadThis :] 6 dager siden
2:56 flat earthers: i feel something isnt right
Iliko 6 dager siden
Jay lost weight(((
Jade Nagi
Jade Nagi 5 dager siden
Since when?
Dawn Michelle
Dawn Michelle 6 dager siden
Florida looks like it gone so ....yay
Candide 6 dager siden
"Imagine that: one happy connected island with no oceans to divide us" LOL
Fer Barrios
Fer Barrios 6 dager siden
"Years later, while he was still dead" That's good writing right there
leamming 6 dager siden
Xavier Wiatrowski
Xavier Wiatrowski 6 dager siden
Here in Australia as there it is snowing out the window
Vitringur 6 dager siden
There is a flaw in your map around 5.00 mark. Iceland is on top of the divide so it will not crash into Europe. It will jsut grow bigger separating from both EU and NA
Onkel Pappkov
Onkel Pappkov 6 dager siden
I was absolutely smitten by the brow-off and the little "Here in India" bit and I am glad to see both having been appropriately covered in the comments already. I have no original thoughts. I am part of the hive.
Genji 6 dager siden
I was watching Anime Openings, I went for a drink, and when I came back, I’m here.......how did I get here?
meh 7 dager siden
Janissary Jake
Janissary Jake 7 dager siden
So Tamriel is our future
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 7 dager siden
"Here in Australia" shows snow outside car... Ah yes, I love a Sunburnt Country, with droughts and snowy rains...
hits*academic 7 dager siden
Don't predict convection currents because Is Trump a girl or just a skinny MAN and why are our stereotypes about Trump simply that of a skinny girl who is fated to be catcalled at by off-duty Santas?
0o0o0o 7 dager siden
Gurbantünggüt desert sounds like turkish
Scotandia Mapping
Scotandia Mapping 7 dager siden
7:54 Me: Thats not actually a Thursday is it? *spends 5-10 minutes googling it* Well played Map Men, well played
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 7 dager siden
more info.
wo-tan 7 dager siden
More more more map men , well more episodes we don't need more map men as your both good enough to be map men and do not need more men or maps , just more entertainingly delivered information on maps. How about secret places on maps , if of course you know where they are which with them being secret might be difficult ... who are these s.i.s people and why have they looked in my underwear draw , worse they have unalphabetised my pants
tesco 7 dager siden
Novopangea nookin hella like tamriel rn
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 7 dager siden
Aw, no version for Kai!
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 7 dager siden
Steve Johnson gets real stereo anyhow, provided headphones are used..
Gebbetje Grol
Gebbetje Grol 7 dager siden
So, in the end Portugal will come on top?
Your wifes' boyfriend
Your wifes' boyfriend 7 dager siden
Speaking of climate change.......getting a bit colder I've noticed, we are after all due for another ice age.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 4 dager siden
@Your wifes' boyfriend yes, science doesn't lie, but facts don't either. and the fact that the earth is warming is undeniable. now go and look at temperature records instead of just repeating the same thing constantly.
Your wifes' boyfriend
Your wifes' boyfriend 4 dager siden
@Ethan Bennett Troll or not science doesn't lie, now go and do proper research and stop listening to political narratives.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 4 dager siden
@Your wifes' boyfriend correct, but the problem is, as the other person said, is that we keep breaking the hottest temperature records. bye.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 4 dager siden
@Your wifes' boyfriend same for you. also you're definitely a troll. you made your account in november. a community full of people like you exist. feel free to make fun of us there, just leave us alone and we'll do the same for you.
Your wifes' boyfriend
Your wifes' boyfriend 4 dager siden
@Ethan Bennett The Milankovitch Cycle we are currently in puts us at the medium cold, sure it takes thousands of years but the earth is still getting colder. Bye 👋
DiyEcoProjects 7 dager siden
4:57 Dammit we collide with France eventually... humf! Remoaners finally have their way in about 5million years
Whatever 7 dager siden
"I would like to assure you, there will be no novopangea" - Michael Fish
Rasheed Khan
Rasheed Khan 7 dager siden
If it ever does happen that the whole planet becomes the Jamiroquai emblem I think I'll slap God on the back while having a delighted chuckle!
Weirdough 7 dager siden
"BUT, years later while he still was dead ..." subbed btw.
Rudi Arendse
Rudi Arendse 7 dager siden
brilliant little message at 0:45 nowindow.info/cloud/video/hZ-tlp-XZqWtmGg.html
Grought 7 dager siden
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Gabriel .Fataliti
Gabriel .Fataliti 7 dager siden
Thumnail looks like Ulthuan
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