‘We’re toast’: Teacher drops off zoom call and 2nd graders hilariously try to behave l GMA Digital

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6 måneder siden

When a 2nd grade teacher at Parkland Elementary in Texas lost internet and left of her virtual classroom, her students realized the conversation was being recorded and won’t stop talking about toast.
#remotelearning #toast #ParklandElementary

TheBeastBoy Gaming
TheBeastBoy Gaming 9 minutter siden
What average age are 2nd graders in US?
J G 22 minutter siden
They sound more mature than my call of duty chat 💬
Esther Coates
Esther Coates 26 minutter siden
Hilarious!😂They are doing well with the whole virtual class thingy.
Hidiyaki Kliuka
Hidiyaki Kliuka 59 minutter siden
American kids.
BowserFX Time siden
"yeah we know"
Kyle Davin
Kyle Davin Time siden
Hilarious! #WAP
Jakob Santos
Jakob Santos Time siden
im eating gummies
DTo 2 timer siden
This is so adorable...
Leonardo Photography
Leonardo Photography 2 timer siden
this is awesome...kids are amazing
Conceicao Sousa
Conceicao Sousa 3 timer siden
this video has a #toast at the top
Spicetruck (Nari)
Spicetruck (Nari) 3 timer siden
These kids have nt heard of the Toastmasters club yet :D
Madarda Uchiha
Madarda Uchiha 3 timer siden
9/10 lack of cat filters
XO XO 3 timer siden
If its adult, they might leave🤣 Look likes their discipline well
Graffiti, with velcro and gerry
Graffiti, with velcro and gerry 3 timer siden
Aww its so cute seeing children not learning anything because of bullshit communist ideas. So cute.
ItsBlipBlop 5 timer siden
These kids are more mature than the screaming 13 years olds
Reese Solomon
Reese Solomon 5 timer siden
The girl in the yellow shirt is such a Karen 😂 😂😂
Ellie Fisher
Ellie Fisher 5 timer siden
That girl in yellow has anxiety already! Bless her
Larry H
Larry H 5 timer siden
Awesome just to see the interactions.
DollTron VR
DollTron VR 5 timer siden
These kids are just so smart with technology these days. This was jus hilarious to see the interaction
dude 5 timer siden
How do kids that age have phone numbers what
Yish ML
Yish ML 5 timer siden
the fact that they are conscious about their "bad" behavior makes me cringe about my own *behavior*
Jon Shecket
Jon Shecket 5 timer siden
These kids are going to be just fine
Iron 5 timer siden
That one kid who said “I’m just muting myself cuz I don’t want to talk rn” is my spirit animal XD
Shadow ayy
Shadow ayy 5 timer siden
What a snitch
zee alva
zee alva 6 timer siden
Precious kids :')
Mateo Zuniga
Mateo Zuniga 6 timer siden
Lauren Sauvageot
Lauren Sauvageot 6 timer siden
LOL! I love this
Rabbit 6 timer siden
I appreciate the little one in yellow. She's real organizational leadership material.
Sharer Sale
Sharer Sale 6 timer siden
Can someone make a video on the MBTI types in this video? 😂😂😂
Its Nimo
Its Nimo 6 timer siden
Yellow girl seems like shes those type of students that remind the teacher of the homework 🤷🏽‍♀️😭
Benga Ingrid
Benga Ingrid 7 timer siden
Every single kid in this video is a *mood*
Dylan Barrera
Dylan Barrera 8 timer siden
Yellow girl future Karen
ramario nelson
ramario nelson 9 timer siden
The little boy 👦 in the yellow is brave🙏
yusiyola2011 9 timer siden
Shoutout to their parents, those are some bright future leaders
Drunk Coconut
Drunk Coconut 9 timer siden
I have a feeling that kid in yellow is gonna grow up to be either Lawyer, a State Attorney, A Principal, An Entrepreneur, or some type of Leadership job, like they might just be the head of a company or like the manager or smth
Derek Schumaker
Derek Schumaker 9 timer siden
Mmmmmm toast... I am a teacher and that just made me laugh!
J.A.W. 9 timer siden
That one girl in yellow is way more mature than the rest
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 10 timer siden
lol I love how they all got distracted by toast
G. K.
G. K. 11 timer siden
Awww the boy in the yellow shirt is so nice and smart
Layne Lee
Layne Lee 11 timer siden
eggo letoc
Awakened sky
Awakened sky 11 timer siden
After Generation Z Comes TOAST generation😳☝🏾
negusdawoo 11 timer siden
Therefore .. teachers are useless
TheOff-Season 12 timer siden
Soooooo wholesome
grandmabj 12 timer siden
I don't like children being recorded and certainly not posted on NOwindow without their consent.
XxZack 12 timer siden
Jfkfjfifjr r stupid
srzar 12 timer siden
Institutionalized is the word.
Xilcia 13 timer siden
I don’t like kids... this video changed my mind
GD P 13 timer siden
Adorable! Love that young man's leadership! He's trying to keep them all together😇😂😇
sim sim
sim sim 13 timer siden
Meeting of the minds....🤣🤣🤣
Mikee22ification 14 timer siden
if this is the future then we are in good hands ,)
•Aticxq• 15 timer siden
The yellow shirt girl js mkre prodjctive and sensible den de otners
Ivan D Rawambia
Ivan D Rawambia 15 timer siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just witnessed the best zoom call ever
Ali Sketches
Ali Sketches 15 timer siden
That yellow shirt kids expression tho😂.She looks so tired🤣
Abominable Snowman
Abominable Snowman 16 timer siden
Haaziq Wani
Haaziq Wani 16 timer siden
Toasted egg with lettuce?
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 17 timer siden
SCHOOL is a LIE FORCED upon Us... The Teachers/Principals are Just Paid Service People.. Dont FEAR Them. They LIVE By Our MONEY.
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 17 timer siden
The other Kids are Normal Ones.. Who will Enjoy Life.. That Yellow will have a Great Awakening When He Growsup.. that Everyone Cheats .. That School and Teachers are a Lie Forced Upon Us.
Deby derby
Deby derby 18 timer siden
This was such a cute video to watch ☺. Children are the best
Soham 19 timer siden
The little girl in the yellow tshirt is intelligent.
Anonym P.
Anonym P. 19 timer siden
did all the children agree beeing shown on the internet? Really guys. That's not funny.
florencia 19 timer siden
poor kids, so controled...
Haset Melaku
Haset Melaku 20 timer siden
Admit the truth: this ain’t your first time watching this
Abdulrahim Uthman
Abdulrahim Uthman 21 time siden
I wonder why some people disliked this video.
San Francisco Professor
San Francisco Professor 22 timer siden
The private schools here in California have been teaching face to face all year. I feel so sorry for the public school kids.
Haset Melaku
Haset Melaku 20 timer siden
I go to private Catholic school and they do in person but they started in person public school in Maryland 3 weeks ago
XY chromosome
XY chromosome 22 timer siden
2nd Graders have higher IQ than 'Swetha'.😑🙏
Katie M
Katie M 23 timer siden
These kids are so sweet, what a lovely group of kids! They’re all having this bff-like convo while the teacher is gone from zoom🤣❤️
Mj 23 timer siden
The girl in the yellow is like THAT girl we all have in our class
scuzz 23 timer siden
Crazy to see someone that will grow up to become a Karen
Alan Yukon
Alan Yukon 23 timer siden
im eating gummies....edibles!
Enderite 23 timer siden
That yellow shirt kid would be a nightmare in my class
Random person
Random person Dag siden
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez Dag siden
Lol so adorable 🥰
Mini Schmit
Mini Schmit Dag siden
When she said mmm toast *I FELT THAT*
Eternal Dag siden
"She doesn't have our numbers" ..... That's some college class energy right there lmao
Cindy Perkins
Cindy Perkins Dag siden
This was such a great insight to how smart 2nd grade kids are. 👏
Mighty Eagle
Mighty Eagle Dag siden
This is why kids need to be supervised.
Daniel DeMartis
Daniel DeMartis Dag siden
"mmm i want toast"
TealTrumpet11 Dag siden
My online students are hilarious
Jason Kadlec
Jason Kadlec Dag siden
Shame on anyone who bought into this scamdemic and did this to children
Junior2K Dag siden
lol this is funny
Implodent Dag siden
The kid in yellow honestly seems like he's really friking annoying lol
smileandlaughs Dag siden
That little girl that know everything about zoom is so cute. I see good things in her future from either news anchor to the president.
Lol how you gunna punish a kid on a zoom call ... lmaaao
Dark Turtl
Dark Turtl Dag siden
"im eating gummies"
Nor Micah Lian Bin Nor Marzuki
Nor Micah Lian Bin Nor Marzuki Dag siden
boy: sneezes* all of them: Bo-
pretty girl
pretty girl Dag siden
KaitoMikus Mom
KaitoMikus Mom Dag siden
We need to see things like this much more often. This is so adorable and hopeful at the same time, ...melted my heart. 😍☺️
Atari Rx
Atari Rx Dag siden
The girl in yellow is gonna be a future attorney 👩🏼‍⚖️
Constantine Knowpole
Constantine Knowpole Dag siden
Imagine lying to kids that getting "wasted" is a good thing
Emma B
Emma B Dag siden
The kid in the yellow was absolutely me in elementary school
The Mask
The Mask Dag siden
papr 123
papr 123 Dag siden
The yellow kid is captain obvious XD
Aiden Walsh
Aiden Walsh Dag siden
EEGAR Dag siden
How is talking “not behaving”
Sierra werbenjagermanjensen
Sierra werbenjagermanjensen Dag siden
I don't know, this has "teacher, you forgot to take up our homework!" vibes. XD
Jeremy Crawford
Jeremy Crawford Dag siden
There just kids, why are they so afraid to get in trouble?
Evan Bauch
Evan Bauch Dag siden
This kid in the yellow shirt is funny.
okheidi Dag siden
EVERY 2nd grade zoom meeting EVERYWHERE.
Slique 2000
Slique 2000 Dag siden
Kids can teach adults how to get along with each other. At this age, friends are just friends, no adjective before friend.
Gray Dag siden
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