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Cole The Cornstar

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Daddy Cornstar has expensive taste. Thank you for watching!
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 2,000 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from family, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for viewers of all ages.
Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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Terry Stephens
Terry Stephens 20 dager siden
It’s always an adventure with you guys 😃👏👏👏👏❤️
vicki griffin
vicki griffin 27 dager siden
Plant some apple trees!!!! I love your videos my grandpa would have really liked you
Max Fox
Max Fox Måned siden
It is super fun watching you I love farming and when I drive the graincart I watch you when I wait keep up the the awesome videos
don oakley
don oakley Måned siden
Cole did I miss something ? Where is Nava????
jeanette rule
jeanette rule Måned siden
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Totally inspiring! Hard working family that is held together with love and respect. But working hard is the key!! What a great family! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Itsme Kadenyt
Itsme Kadenyt Måned siden
I honestly think that was my grandpas 285
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer Måned siden
Pete has a great shop! From what I've seen the Y-Drop system is a great idea. Looking forward to see your experience with them. Sounds like you have some serious projects as soon as the sun comes out.
Stephen M. Kienzle
Stephen M. Kienzle Måned siden
I think I just got Cole-hole-ode by the CornStar! Luv it.
Slapstick Dome
Slapstick Dome Måned siden
Who are these guys. They are not there to scope you out for Bill Gates are they? I just posted some stuff, then I see this!
John Walters
John Walters Måned siden
Cole pinching zacks saying haha 😂
Chris J
Chris J Måned siden
DC gets so emotional talking about his kids. He proud of them, but still so humble. Great family! Cole, we really like seeing and learning what farmers do during the winter months...y’all never stop! Thanks for taking us along your life journey, it’s been fun!
Chuck Buck
Chuck Buck Måned siden
I am so enchanted with the whole family . You keep it real.
TJ DarkRage
TJ DarkRage Måned siden
Hey Cole, no worries if things have been a little slow lately. We've all been having fun watching your hair grow!
Connie Pritchard Reinhardt
Connie Pritchard Reinhardt Måned siden
Glade you shared.
brandi sheidler
brandi sheidler Måned siden
Question- what will you do with all the doors to those three rooms? (Sorry if you already answered this previously)
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Måned siden
I will watch watch ALL of your videos, as soon as I notice them, regardless of the content. You are my brother in Christ and I have your back. God Bless you and yer family.
Lucas Spiering
Lucas Spiering Måned siden
Cole put the y drops on coulter bar, save the life of booms, you’re booms will thank you
Chris Armitage
Chris Armitage Måned siden
Cole even the winter months aren't boring on Cornstar Farms. Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family.
Brenda Price
Brenda Price Måned siden
Love all of the progress! Praying that the weather cooperates! I see that you are getting close to 500K! YAY!
Wayne Ryther
Wayne Ryther Måned siden
great video guys, I'm looking forward to more!
Claire Farrington
Claire Farrington Måned siden
I actually like your videos around this time of the year because I enjoy the interaction between you all in the workshops and the jobs that you work on. Please don’t apologise for the content, it’s top notch 👍🏻👍🏻
Traveller0110 Måned siden
Can’t wait for the house Reno! Will you be adding central air/heat?
Jedi Karen
Jedi Karen Måned siden
Wait what happened to the house?
TAMMY SMILEY Måned siden
Yes more projects
Allen Hrubes
Allen Hrubes Måned siden
Hey Cole !! There's no need to apologize for the content of your videos. They're always welcomed by me. You and your family are interesting even when not much is happenin' at Cornstar Farms. Thanks Cole...take care and be safe.
Scrape Teel
Scrape Teel Måned siden
I'm so bright my mom calls me Sun 🌞. Maybe I should carry Pitvipers for anyone who has to talk to me🤔
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons Måned siden
Looks like antarctica in Iowa.
Jeremy Nighthawk Hawk
Jeremy Nighthawk Hawk Måned siden
Cornstar Farms deserves a shop like Pete's.
Rena Nims
Rena Nims Måned siden
I LOVE how DC put his trust in his kids & let them clean up the farm & make changes! I know DC’s Dad is very proud of his family & the legacy he left them! ☺️
Ender Kakker
Ender Kakker Måned siden
Joshua Brown (student)
Joshua Brown (student) Måned siden
What tractor do u run the planter on
Korey Nousen
Korey Nousen Måned siden
Are you and nave still together?
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Måned siden
Quite a positive change Cole. I do know how hard it is to start any new project and what other ramifications come with. I just hope that your not getting ahead of yourself
Central Oregon Kung Fu
Central Oregon Kung Fu Måned siden
The tall big bird news guy he’s a phony baloney. And incredibly creepy. And why is being tall a fun fact.
bro love the vids i wish i could get pit vipers and use ur code but im poor
The full Sender
The full Sender Måned siden
I just bought my first pair of pit vipers and I can’t wait for them to arive
Sam Loveday
Sam Loveday Måned siden
I'd say that's a pretty schmick Massey Ferguson 8730 S in Pete's shop
Kevin Keel
Kevin Keel Måned siden
Thanks for the videos guys love the family
Tom Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn Måned siden
Cole as your were sayin lg how much you have learned you should have given yourself so credit for staying humble and true too what you want. You always stay true too those values that your parents blessed you with
Big vern
Big vern Måned siden
Could I ask with all that snow no snowblower ,or something for the skid steer
Phantom4091 Måned siden
Yall farm is looking good cole. God is Blessing yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Howard
Johnny Howard Måned siden
“...I didn’t think he was EVER going to leave”. I love it.
John Dallas Johnson
John Dallas Johnson Måned siden
HAY Cole I have a question where's Nave been at lately haven't seen her there on your videos
Bonzo Cleach
Bonzo Cleach Måned siden
She's going to dump Cole. She just doesn't know how to break it to him. Spending 24 hours a day on the same few acres in Iowa everyday isn't for everyone. She has other goals. nowindow.info/cloud/video/qXl_c66JiGVre58.html
franielee38 Måned siden
Love Pete!! He’s always smiling just like Cole!! Oops!!!! I forgot to sat “Yay”!!
Assist Determind
Assist Determind Måned siden
I am really locking forward to renovating the house and the new binset.
Beth Cervenka
Beth Cervenka Måned siden
Kapper Oudoors said he could be interested in partnering with you to finish cleaning up the farm / trees. Y’all should connect with each other. He has a NOwindow channel and lots of equipment: mini excavator, skid steer with grabble attachment, tractor with a dirt breaker and rake., etc. seems y’all could help each other!
Beth Cervenka
Beth Cervenka Måned siden
@Bonzo Cleach Yes, but Cole the Cornstar has over 450,000 subscribers ... could make it worth it for Kapper Outdoors and both pull in more viewers.
Bonzo Cleach
Bonzo Cleach Måned siden
The Kapper folks are way down in southern Illinois; practically Kentucky. That's a lot of fuel and transport costs.
Nate vanLandingham
Nate vanLandingham Måned siden
Y'all have to do an archaeological study of a site where you want to build a barn or a grain bin on your private property? Is that because your a business? I have never heard of that around here, but I do live in the south.
Arxavier Boone-Taylor
Arxavier Boone-Taylor Måned siden
Could you shout out triple r farms it’s a NOwindow channel
Steve Neal
Steve Neal Måned siden
awesome video
On the farm with Hayden
On the farm with Hayden Måned siden
We should get cole to 1million subs by the end of the year
Ronny Dowdy
Ronny Dowdy Måned siden
Great show
Ted Walker
Ted Walker Måned siden
Last Trump
Last Trump Måned siden
Mainstream media scum. They are all antichrist. They will stab you in the back. Don't trust them.
Tina Tipps
Tina Tipps Måned siden
genia3kids1 Måned siden
Love your channel Cole..Can't wait to see what's next
Gemma Locatelli
Gemma Locatelli Måned siden
I've been following yall for a very long time. Its pretty neat to see your family farm dreams coming through hard work, diligent planning and lots of family love.
anniek55112 Måned siden
You are such a superstar!!! I love your videos, you are so entertaining
Cyberr Måned siden
I dont watch you for the activities and projects, I watch you because it genuinely makes me happy watching your videos, idc what youre doing its always great when a new video pops up in my notifications
John Hatt
John Hatt Måned siden
Ure ego is going to ure head
dchargerfan Måned siden
Somebody’s been watching Off the Ranch...... LOOK AT THAT VIEW!!!
Mike Jarvis
Mike Jarvis Måned siden
I would like to see more of you working in house. Remodeling
Jason cannon
Jason cannon Måned siden
Little off topic but we don't see your girlfriend anymore Cole im guessing she off to school somewhere
Calvin Flahart
Calvin Flahart Måned siden
You're doing great but how but some cornstar farms pit viper collab 🤔
Sandy Renshaw
Sandy Renshaw Måned siden
We love you and your family. You all work so hard. Its a joy to watch.
Jenny Renken
Jenny Renken Måned siden
Where has the gray kitty been?
Gail Hoyt
Gail Hoyt Måned siden
Great video! Very positive and its great to see you so excited about the future!
Beth Cedar Grove
Beth Cedar Grove Måned siden
Who built Pete’s building?
Jacob Black
Jacob Black Måned siden
Did you buy Larson Farm's 8260? Is that the "big thing" that's going in the place of the Case IH tractor there?
John Doe
John Doe Måned siden
Hey Can someone please tell me why Nave is no longer in the videos?
hoophil Måned siden
Cole, I just want to say Thank You for taking us along on your journey! You are one awesome family!
deloreanfan81 Måned siden
Have to let us know when kcci is going to air this
scott mackling
scott mackling Måned siden
The new bin sight and leg is a very intelligent move! With the new RED MONSTER ( You should name it freedom 1 ) do you see yourself 4 or 5 years down the road increasing your acres?
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie Måned siden
Ah,man! Cole you would make a great dad!
John Milner
John Milner Måned siden
Great episode! Did you at least ask the camera guy for some tips?
Michele Dalley-Jackson
Michele Dalley-Jackson Måned siden
Y'all still amusing.
Stew Puddy
Stew Puddy Måned siden
DC is seriously becoming one of my favorite people on earth! That right there is a good Christian family man!
Missy Cronk
Missy Cronk Måned siden
Don’t rush just for us. Sometimes when the excitement comes really fast things don’t go as planned and we got no excitement to look forward 2.
seven eleven
seven eleven Måned siden
Why do you feel the need to always add in the price of the bin site and equipment you purchase every time you talk about them? Id think telling price is certainly enough
Kyle Richardson
Kyle Richardson Måned siden
I had to smile when DC was checking the load, "that ain't going nowhere!" Me strapping down load on a trailer: "that ain't going nowhere!" Wife: "why do men always say that after checking a load? Why would it move if you are the one securing the load?" Me:😶😶😶😶😶😶
Mikesdyna55 Måned siden
Your really getting things done Cole great job to all of the Cornstar Clan and we cant forget or Nave
CurrentChoices Måned siden
how's the lawn though?
Gerry Hartung
Gerry Hartung Måned siden
Cole, I think you need a separate chanel about remodel of your old house. "This is Coles Old House" !!!!.
mark iowa
mark iowa Måned siden
Steel prices are going through the roof. Energy prices to follow. Interest rates to follow that. I hope you locked in pricing on the million dollar bin site. If not locked in on price, probably should start calling it the million plus 100k bin site. Other than that, all is well. Great channel, and love Daddy C.
Ivan Kastin
Ivan Kastin Måned siden
Things are getting worse, it's so bad that having a job doesn't mean financial security
Ron Yates
Ron Yates Måned siden
Of course. Do well to tell him you were referred by a client for a steady and faster reply.
Presello Måned siden
Good. I feel rest assured investing with him now. Just texted him too
Altcoin Buzz
Altcoin Buzz Måned siden
I'm very glad I stumbled on this today. Writing to him now. Really hope he can help me too 🙏 Using my check to do this😞
The TEC Show
The TEC Show Måned siden
I have been researching all this while for a digital asset investment and I found bitcoin to be the most profiting of them all , I’m definitely bouncing on the opportunity, thank you so much
The Ramsey Show - Highlights
The Ramsey Show - Highlights Måned siden
I'm also a proud beneficiary! I've built my portfolio massively and still building. Started with a youtube referral just like this and a few thousands. I'm way up in profit now.
Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen Måned siden
Very excited for your plans Cole!
Cliff Johnson
Cliff Johnson Måned siden
Cole, love your videos, can you please give us more info on that investment class you took? I have a 14 year old son I want to introduce that to him. Thanks much :-)
Darlene Hanfmann
Darlene Hanfmann Måned siden
Gods best for Cornstar Family♥️
Dana Sperling
Dana Sperling Måned siden
Need to get some farm glove merch.
Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd Måned siden
I think Cooper was apprehensive of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and rightly so......those 2 people were so phony.....
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Måned siden
We appreciate all of your hard work Cole and also your great family for allowing us to come along for the ride. God bless you all.
Stacy Kelly
Stacy Kelly Måned siden
Awww....Daddy Cornstar! 😭😭😭
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt Måned siden
Cole the cornstar! Now on tv! 😉 Thanks a lot for the video! 😊👍🏻
tiffany Måned siden
"look at that view!" Who's a Demo Ranch fan...
Mitchell M. Keithley
Mitchell M. Keithley Måned siden
Absolutely beautiful sunset thanks Cornstars!!!
maureen bullock
maureen bullock Måned siden
You all are so humble!
Daniel Mansour
Daniel Mansour Måned siden
I've enjoyed the last year watching and seeing how you all grew and changed the farm. It's impressive to watch Daddy Cornstar listen to his adult children and allow the boys to steer the farm's future.
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 Måned siden
What are you apologizing for? I’m amazed at all the skills farmers have. Watching all the farm-tuber winter projects, highlights that. The family farmers I watch are:CEOs, CFOs, COOs, office workers, entrepreneurs, carpenters, mechanics, welders, metal fabricators, botanists, land managers, chemists, engineers, truck & forklift drivers, vehicle detailers, cameramen/anchors & oh, farmers. It takes a bit of all those skills & very hard work to do what you do, which feeds the world.
Jef Larremore
Jef Larremore Måned siden
How ironic, the auger grave yard is leaving a family that ... digs graves.
Ryan Beauchemin
Ryan Beauchemin Måned siden
Can we get another skiing video?
Caleb Vandervelde
Caleb Vandervelde Måned siden
I liked the timelapse of different things at the beginning
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