Watch Perseverance's landing video (and hear Mars for the first time)

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Måned siden

Six separate cameras capturing full-color video and a microphone recording the sounds of Mars - this is how the Perseverance landing went down.
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Claire Reilly
Claire Reilly Måned siden
I was literally cheering in my room as I watched that footage for the first time. It definitely gets a 🚀 from me!
Karl Pershing
Karl Pershing 19 dager siden
@Amy Kat Correct
Amy Kat
Amy Kat 19 dager siden
@Karl Pershing yeah but even a small chance is still a chance and scientists need more evidence but they also want humans on Mars so this will help with that too
Karl Pershing
Karl Pershing 20 dager siden
@Amy Kat But how about the lack of information?
Karl Pershing
Karl Pershing 20 dager siden
@Dan Nobles I agree
Dan Nobles
Dan Nobles 20 dager siden
@Karl Pershing Perhaps they should have consulted you first. Regardless, whether or not evidence of life is there does not mean you cannot search for it.
Camryn Britton
Camryn Britton Dag siden
gagan singh
gagan singh 4 dager siden
gagan singh
gagan singh 4 dager siden
Eric Malmstrom
Eric Malmstrom 12 dager siden
What a load of crap. Do any research at all and you'll find out it's all fake. NASA = "To Deceive." You have all been deceived.
ap xpandy
ap xpandy 12 dager siden
Wow! 2021 and still the best they can do is an 'animation'? And. they even have 4k footage - made from panorama shots, stiched together and panned by a video to make out as if it is a real video. With today's technology - available - right now - here on earth, why do we have to put up with this fake crap? If you are really there - show us some real pictures. You've had 50 years since faking apollo - I really was expecting a lot better than this!
WokeTard 12 dager siden
Joy Oladunjoye
Joy Oladunjoye 16 dager siden
What if one of the camera showed huge eyes looking curiously at the rover, and then bang bang bang, connection lost, the rover has been squashed.
norselubba 17 dager siden
Share Grenada
Share Grenada 17 dager siden
NASA you're doing a good job with these universal movies
Share Grenada
Share Grenada 17 dager siden
Lishana Dsureth
Lishana Dsureth 18 dager siden
A big step for a robo a huge step for mankind
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor 19 dager siden
I love how at the end of the video, in the animation, Pecerverance looks at his little pet helicopter.🚀
Roland B210
Roland B210 20 dager siden
I'm not saying it's fake, but is it just me, or is the shadow on the same side as the light source at 3:48?
Babylon Burna!
Babylon Burna! 20 dager siden
FaKE asf
Shane Libeau
Shane Libeau 20 dager siden
LJP Motion Pictures
LJP Motion Pictures 21 dag siden
i cant type emojis on this computer but i would
Shivansh Joshi
Shivansh Joshi 21 dag siden
Lester Cunanan
Lester Cunanan 21 dag siden
🚀 🚀 🚀 I love it great feats of ingenuity, pack Mars with AI's mimic like humans, let them gather data analysis back to earth and study conditions that can sustain human life
Shawn Deneault
Shawn Deneault 22 dager siden
Joe Lemelin
Joe Lemelin 22 dager siden
LegoMeister LP
LegoMeister LP 22 dager siden
David Morales
David Morales 23 dager siden
Good !!! Another planet , GET ME OUTTA HERE !!!!!!!!!
Chigwell School
Chigwell School 23 dager siden
This is Awesome!
Nick Prokesch
Nick Prokesch 24 dager siden
iAn bLaNco
iAn bLaNco 24 dager siden
trackman174 25 dager siden
Absolutely incredible footage! The parachute deployment was crystal clear. What a wonderful time we live in. I can’t wait until the helicopter is launched 🚀
AARON ROBEY FITNESS 25 dager siden
Eric Jay
Eric Jay 26 dager siden
WOW, science fiction is now science FACT! 😀
Adam Huette
Adam Huette 26 dager siden
Go Humans! This is awesome.
Luu Th
Luu Th 26 dager siden
Where are all the 👽 Martians? This is just Hollywood scene.
Ikerpc771 26 dager siden
I love the perseverance rover so🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Gamer Alex
Gamer Alex 26 dager siden
prettysweettraveller 26 dager siden
Mars ☺️🌏🌏
Rob Webber
Rob Webber 27 dager siden
Love these updates on curiousity and perserverance wonderfull i bet most of the world is on youtube looking at mars, mars is closest to Earth right now and will be next closest in 2 years due to its elliptical orbit can,t you send dust pan and brush up sweep damaging dust off perserverance and curiousity.😊💗
The brick Bot
The brick Bot 27 dager siden
Isn’t it beautiful
Sami ullah
Sami ullah 27 dager siden
Mashallah Good presentation Thank you
CptWesker07 28 dager siden
Planet looks like Daymar
Adelaida Marin
Adelaida Marin 28 dager siden
Nomad 28 dager siden
Sunny Surwade
Sunny Surwade 28 dager siden
This Rover is capable of shooting Full Long video documentry of mars, Lights camera action....
Julius Hasbargen
Julius Hasbargen 28 dager siden
Candice Sirju
Candice Sirju 28 dager siden
Beng Kah Lim
Beng Kah Lim 28 dager siden
🚀Lovely sights
You can do it!
You can do it! 28 dager siden
Why the F*** does Megan markle and Harry hit the front page yet this doesn’t? If there are aliens visiting this planet, I know they are laughing.
XChiChi GamesX
XChiChi GamesX 29 dager siden
Rick Shultz
Rick Shultz 29 dager siden
🚀 Does anyone know how to copy this rocket emoji and store it someplace where you could copy it from to insert it into comments?
Rick Shultz
Rick Shultz 29 dager siden
🚀 Think I've done it
Angelo Sorte
Angelo Sorte Måned siden
Chronicle Vlogs
Chronicle Vlogs Måned siden
When is the drone gonna fly... Date?
T Hemanth kumar
T Hemanth kumar Måned siden
Antha fake do not water sound
Toddf Rendell
Toddf Rendell Måned siden
A triumph of engineering, but then the skycrane flies off to crash on the surface and contaminate the soil with toxic substances. They build these incredible instruments in a sterile environment to minimize biological contamination, so...
Neatmk Gaming1
Neatmk Gaming1 Måned siden
Isahak Kv
Isahak Kv Måned siden
Rashad Wilson
Rashad Wilson Måned siden
Mayur Narkhede
Mayur Narkhede Måned siden
Dr Excellenz
Dr Excellenz Måned siden
They've totally nailed the chappies agles you can possibly place cameras
Zahid Hameed
Zahid Hameed Måned siden
Amazing picture and wonderful work by NASA
Lucas Hu
Lucas Hu Måned siden
LUCASHU is the best way
DRxSNIPING Måned siden
🚀🚀 This is why I love physics.
anjana Radhakrishnan
anjana Radhakrishnan Måned siden
Heidi Walker
Heidi Walker Måned siden
CodeVlog Måned siden
Darul Isan
Darul Isan Måned siden
That maybe a better place to stay..
ACEZ CAPTAIN Måned siden
The spiky note cephalometrically brake because print prudently clap out a muddled raven. tacky, brash attention
tmalloy9 Måned siden
willms99 Måned siden
Blue Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reds Bonu
Reds Bonu Måned siden
Melcah Nacionales
Melcah Nacionales Måned siden
Akavi Chophy
Akavi Chophy Måned siden
We need more News clearly than this
Itz_TheWhiteWolf Måned siden
4:29 - 4:34 there is a squeak kinda of sound in the wind or some kind of sound
Jencat9 Måned siden
🚀 Thanks for this video. Please make the Mars recorded sound louder 🚀
Nova Kristine Maglupay
Nova Kristine Maglupay Måned siden
harfwick 1990
harfwick 1990 Måned siden
Then why NASA cant take videos anymore.theyre sending as photos and nothing more..
Nico Måned siden
🚀 So cool 👍
Tyron Davison
Tyron Davison Måned siden
🚀🚀🚀🚀 So exciting to see this. It will be even more exciting to see the first Human EVA on Mars.
Rajib Khamaru
Rajib Khamaru Måned siden
Edgar Salinas
Edgar Salinas Måned siden
bull!!!!! look we spend millions of tax dollars just to take pictures of dirt and rock . stupid scince
E. Rose
E. Rose Måned siden
Dirt and rock ON ANOTHER PLANET. Let's see YOU do that.
Dirkardo StEvergreen
Dirkardo StEvergreen Måned siden
You know it does more than take pictures right?
Callum Rodriguez
Callum Rodriguez Måned siden
Ivan Urbina
Ivan Urbina Måned siden
Awesome Out of this world!
Subramanya G
Subramanya G Måned siden
Shawn R. Britton
Shawn R. Britton Måned siden
Truly an accomplishment for all humankind. Talented people from all over the world contributing to this achievement. ❤️+🚀
Tanishq Kashla
Tanishq Kashla Måned siden
Plot twist: those were not martian winds but aliens blowing air on the mic of the rover....
trendgil Måned siden
Why didn't they attach 360 cameras on the rover and drone???????
Andrew Tomchik
Andrew Tomchik Måned siden
Loved how you talked over the sound.
xola xola
xola xola Måned siden
rjwilkes1970 Måned siden
how exciting is this. the images are so clear . I hope humans will land there in my life time. Im 50 now so there's always a chance it may happen
Kem Chho
Kem Chho Måned siden
Super exicted to see helicopter fly in martian atmosphere
Dinesh Måned siden
Amazing handwork of god..marz
Yashas Shettigar
Yashas Shettigar Måned siden
This is much more exciting as wall e movie
Manny de la Portilla
Manny de la Portilla Måned siden
A Ghost in the House!
A Ghost in the House! Måned siden
2:26 "It has to slow" I like that for some reason.
Controlledburst Måned siden
'Searching for signs of life'. So when is that dead end reason going to finally be accepted as futile and divert ALL funding into other mission aspects? Conquest and pioneering spirit are the only reasons for space travel.
Rick Shultz
Rick Shultz 29 dager siden
These are NOT the only reasons. The biggest reason is and always has been developing the ability to actually get to the planet they're aiming for. The NAV and EDL systems are the REAL reasons for going to ANY planet.
Enders Måned siden
Ken Daltan
Ken Daltan Måned siden
So there's no god in mars; right?
George Gillett
George Gillett Måned siden
Never say Never again
Never say Never again Måned siden
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor Måned siden
Devon Island, Canada sure is lovely this time of year ;)
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor Måned siden
@belly tripper don’t get triggered 😘
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
Olivia Salas
Olivia Salas Måned siden
Laurie Hollander
Laurie Hollander Måned siden
🚀 It’s an absolute joy to be alive and watch, listen & cheer!
harpreet sahai
harpreet sahai Måned siden
Mike Hood
Mike Hood Måned siden
All the images are extremely edited bleached Its like a alien probe landed In central park and all you saw were rocks and sand no buildings no trees no grass nothing it looks like 99 percent of the images Are edited to show desert And rocks A military contact from outside the US says there are cactus like trees air low oxygen and slight methane Lots of tracks and craft and life forms some water at poles some buildings the pyramids are 20 stories tall and have entrances And big rooms Yet when you look at these It shows nothing because Its a image simulation you Dont expect Nasa to lie to Us but 99 percent of information they tell you Is wrong and most lies Billion dollar projects and You see nothing thats actually there 😎😎😎
it's me again
it's me again 21 dag siden
Can you back up any of that drivel with proof ?
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