Tutankhamun's Treasures (Full Episode) | Lost Treasures of Egypt

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New technology reveals why Tutankhamun’s tomb remained hidden in the Valley of the Kings, Tut’s treasures take a once-in-a-lifetime journey and archaeologists open a 4,000-year-old tomb.
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About Lost Treasures of Egypt:
An immersive, action-packed and discovery-led series following International teams of Egyptologists as they unearth the world's richest seam of ancient archaeology - Egypt's Valley of the Kings. For a full season of excavations and with unprecedented access to the teams on the front line of archaeology, we follow these modern-day explorers as they battle searing heat and inhospitable terrain to make the discoveries of a lifetime. Using innovative technology and age-old intuition in their quest to uncover the secrets of these ancient sites, can the team's discoveries re-write ancient history?
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Read more in "King Tut’s Family Secrets"
Tutankhamun's Treasures (Full Episode) | Lost Treasures of Egypt
National Geographic

National Geographic
National Geographic 4 måneder siden
What was the most interesting thing you learned about Tutankhamun’s tomb?
John Hicks
John Hicks 17 timer siden
@The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright God doesn't exist you nutcase.
Chris Fairbarn
Chris Fairbarn 19 timer siden
@Bansi Tanti to
Chris Fairbarn
Chris Fairbarn 19 timer siden
@Bansi Tanti oo
James Banzuela
James Banzuela 2 dager siden
C M 3 dager siden
That it was hidden for a reason , and maybe shouldn’t of been touched
Shady 31 minutt siden
When was this filmed?
Brechodeshopping no Instagram
Brechodeshopping no Instagram 56 minutter siden
Nuzhat Tanzim Khan
Nuzhat Tanzim Khan 3 timer siden
Carter's box was just sitting there collecting dust in a room, and it was supposedly lost?
Aaron Jarson
Aaron Jarson 23 timer siden
I love this vid
Noviembre Negro
Noviembre Negro Dag siden
my ship is still under the great pyramid
Supreme Liberal Being
Supreme Liberal Being Dag siden
Where are all the original Egyptian people while their amazing history is getting discovered?
Katie Lloyd
Katie Lloyd Dag siden
A little boy actually found the steps and he got no credit!
smiling moon
smiling moon Dag siden
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Ethan Wane
Ethan Wane Dag siden
why are some of the boxes and wooden boards in such good condition? when they find the miniature boats in the tomb and claim they were eaten by termites, why did the termites not eat the massive wooden beam seen @25:00 that surrounds the box? are parts of this program staged for the camera crews?
Ketan Uppal
Ketan Uppal Dag siden
We have an entire chapter about this discovery in Grade 11th English.
Aaron Stoop
Aaron Stoop Dag siden
Jesse Valerio
Jesse Valerio Dag siden
I wonder if there is a curse from the tomb just like what movies showing to us
Pushp Raj
Pushp Raj Dag siden
Check out Burning Daylight Paranormal for some quality paranormal investigations, let him know I sent you.
a lot of minute lol
BrotherRizzy Dag siden
God destroy the wicked! There actions are for profits & there lies are accepted more then the truth!
Taman Deep Das
Taman Deep Das Dag siden
If u get the gold from that treasure what will u do ( if u are a gamer like me than it make sense to buy a gaming setup )let me know your opinion in the reply section
kamran malik
kamran malik 2 dager siden
Imagine, what happened when they came back again 😛
Landon School
Landon School 2 dager siden
Who else had their global studies teacher make you watch this
Lizett Ramos
Lizett Ramos 2 dager siden
You said the nobles 🤔
fatma wati
fatma wati 2 dager siden
I am amazed by all this, and forever will be but isn't it disrespectful to dig random people's tomb
fatma wati
fatma wati 2 dager siden
Why the narrator keeps on saying Alahandro
Brett Jolly
Brett Jolly 2 dager siden
Well this ain't worth much cause aliens built the pyramids.
X Yz
X Yz 2 dager siden
Europeans discover other continents & that's how thry became modern. 😬
Febin G Babu
Febin G Babu 2 dager siden
But the world richest treasure was in kerala..... malayaliyoda ninte kali
acajudi100 2 dager siden
Queen Nefertiti is here....
Omar Ahmed Mohamed Sabry
Omar Ahmed Mohamed Sabry 2 dager siden
I,m egtian
Arvind Toolooa
Arvind Toolooa 3 dager siden
Is this legal?
Komaru Desodhia
Komaru Desodhia 3 dager siden
For some reason I am impressed by shamaya🧐
Greppur Torfason
Greppur Torfason 3 dager siden
Sensationalist, over-dramatized designed around commercial breaks with constant silly recaps. How I hate this kind of presentation.
Lewis Christopher
Lewis Christopher 4 dager siden
My guess, Is as they robbed the other tombs, removed their rubble, and It was placed accidentally on kings tuts tomb, Hiding it from would be grave robbers. Had it been an earthquake, It would be notable that all of them were under an almost equal amount of rubble, and undiscovered. However they aren't.
Anbumani4cm 4 dager siden
He is holding tha nanthi
Scott W
Scott W 4 dager siden
The Daddy Returns
DrDropshot 965
DrDropshot 965 4 dager siden
I just want to know how the ancient egyptian extinct
Valarie Stewart
Valarie Stewart 4 dager siden
you people are crazy
Valarie Stewart
Valarie Stewart 4 dager siden
now i am i in control
Valarie Stewart
Valarie Stewart 4 dager siden
ya you should never have awoken them
Cars Saf
Cars Saf 4 dager siden
why are you replaying the same clips ?? scammers
botallica 4 dager siden
You guys should ask British museum and many museums in Europe, USA to return your stuffs as well. I would surely visit Egypt once the museum complete.
Angela Rosario
Angela Rosario 4 dager siden
Nice thank you! Remember that Jesus loves you~ Don't also forget to PRAY and REPENT while HE IS STILL NEAR. God bless~ Have a good day!
กิตติพงศ์ สิงห์กุมถ์
กิตติพงศ์ สิงห์กุมถ์ 4 dager siden
Syed Nizam
Syed Nizam 5 dager siden
Who came after seeing Tamil Pokkisham
ً 5 dager siden
11:06 😂😂😂
x2kobi 5 dager siden
In school I am learning about Egyptian
x2kobi 5 dager siden
In school I am learning about Egyptian
Joe Gilligan
Joe Gilligan 5 dager siden
this is a great flick
Isabel Tang
Isabel Tang 5 dager siden
There's nothing more satisfying than watching scientists discover ancient treasures and getting excited for them.
Ao Nishimura
Ao Nishimura 2 dager siden
Kiruba 6 dager siden
Some more ads please if that is even possible
Dr.Freddy 6 dager siden
I know it is for study but these people are messing with some crazy stuff
Victoria Ngatiar
Victoria Ngatiar 6 dager siden
Think about 3000 years from now how people are going to be digging us our grandmother grandfather and parents sisters brothers ect and stealing our pearls diamonds gold teeth eat. I think they should put that "treasure" back
abdulazuz adel
abdulazuz adel 6 dager siden
1. I brought couple of beautiful wooden chairs from Egypt. Termites got them 3 years later, but wooden boats made thousands of years ago survived. 2. The fact that this burial site remained unlooted in thousands of years is not as amusing, as its integrity after yet another year of conservation. Sorry, I find it impossible to believe. 3. All over the world's old buildings were covered up to 10 meters in mud, and here, desert remained untouched?
IT'S me ARUN 6 dager siden
മലയാളികൾ ഒണ്ടോ മക്കളെ❤️❤️❤️
everything is awesome
everything is awesome 2 dager siden
I also like Spaghetti
vivek venu
vivek venu 4 dager siden
നിധി തപ്പി വന്നതാ....😀
GORIson 6 dager siden
Not fake,,,But Real God history...🤭🤭🤭 "Formet"=For +Me +T...👌👌👌 Poringland?? Po=Ring(God) Fox??? Fo=X(Bird,,,Came from Heaven)... For=Po=Goddess... Me=Falcon(Hawk)... T=ter=Land...😅😅😅 "Formet" =Falcon Goddess's Land... Falcon Goddess are not Alra,Jesus and Buda...🤭🤭🤭 Understand ??? Only Falcon Goddess can Formet This planet...😭😭😭 So Humans always must live Gently... It's not joke... 🐟🐟🐟🐣🐣🐣🐍🐍🐍 🐟🐟🐟🦌🦌🦌🐉🐉🐉💯💯💯👌👌👌
MMDA 6 dager siden
I guess Tutankhamun reincarnated as bill gates.
Nim rashaz
Nim rashaz 6 dager siden
Definitely great NOwindow channel I've ever seen 💫
Nhan Dinh
Nhan Dinh 6 dager siden
I do not think this is grave robbing. Please argue in the reply’s.
guillermina martinez
guillermina martinez 6 dager siden
Rendi Sanjaya
Rendi Sanjaya 6 dager siden
Indonesian subtittles?
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream 6 dager siden
hello anth 105 class of spring 2021!!
Kasrose 8
Kasrose 8 6 dager siden
They need to put all that stuff where they found it.
DrDropshot 965
DrDropshot 965 6 dager siden
Why mad
George Kalafatis
George Kalafatis 6 dager siden
I hate to say this but those boats need to go in the trash
Hazelhurst 6 dager siden
That landscape, when they were searching for the mines, looks like Mars.
Anthony Pettit
Anthony Pettit 7 dager siden
I hope that every one of the people that opened that grave have their graves desecrated also they are disgusting for bothering someone final resting place
Emperor Constantine 1.
Emperor Constantine 1. 7 dager siden
Myself, I would love to spend a couple of months to help with these archeological digs, just to see history dig up for the first time. That would let my inner Indiana Jones have his day.
Shailesh pal
Shailesh pal 7 dager siden
Is it worth to give our 44.24 minutes???
Jessen hart
Jessen hart 7 dager siden
thank you for filming this
편경훈 7 dager siden
저는 대한민국에 살고 있습니다. 하지만 이집트는 저 아프리카라는 다른 대륙에 존재합니다. 비행기로는 10시간이 넘게 걸리는 거리입니다. 하지만 이런 좋은 다큐멘터리 영상을 통해서 궁금했던 피라미드에 대해 잘 알 수 있게 되었습니다. 감사합니다.
빅풋이오고있다 6 dager siden
당신이 여행을 즐겼기를 바랍니다!
Naina Parasher
Naina Parasher 7 dager siden
I'm waiting for someone from Nat Geo to die so that I can get inside their house and take out their coffin and take their stuff and then show it to World calling it as "my collection" and "my discovery" so that they can know what if feels like🤷🏻‍♀️
Naina Parasher
Naina Parasher 7 dager siden
Idk why but this was dumb
Naina Parasher
Naina Parasher 7 dager siden
Alia seems dumb to me
Naina Parasher
Naina Parasher 7 dager siden
This is Tutankhamun's treasure collection NOT YOURS!
Naina Parasher
Naina Parasher 7 dager siden
Omg atleast some place. After seeing the stuff let it be there! Stop taking it out! People hid their treasure so that Nobody finds it! You're legit disrespecting dead people by finding their treasure and then TAKING IT TO THE MUSEUM! STOP DOING IT!
Isa Khalifah Agreement
Isa Khalifah Agreement 7 dager siden
Archives Architecture Archeological museum Message Arä Khalifah Agreement Isra Mecca
Isa Khalifah Agreement
Isa Khalifah Agreement 7 dager siden
Cooling system specific message Islands BorA BorA
Thɑт Spοk
Thɑт Spοk 7 dager siden
🤨 The Egyptian government is like: "Hm, increase our knowledge of our past, make us look good, get billions of dollars....NAW, we don't go for that."
Kryzah Mae Palacpac
Kryzah Mae Palacpac 8 dager siden
idk why but i cried when they took out the first boat..
Stephen Tee
Stephen Tee 8 dager siden
For professionals they’re not very careful they could be a lot more careful with these precious objects I could do much better
Sgt. Giddyup Carruthers
Sgt. Giddyup Carruthers 8 dager siden
17:02 needs more truck camels.
Harshit Mishra
Harshit Mishra 8 dager siden
Egypt is really mysterious with thousands of hidden secrets, One of my favourite destinations to visit once .
AQUIB HYAAT 8 dager siden
To my idea, long before formation of the pyramid at that very place, the ancient men of Egypt felt some sensations there as it is the centre of the earth. So it was the natural phenomenon. This phenomenon is still taking place and was taking place long before men's knowledge and has been coming talking place just after the moment of Earth's existence in the universe. In fact, Egyptians were ignorant of the fact that it is the centre of the earth. They built it not after coming to know that it is the exact centre of the earth, but they did build it feeling universal magnetic sensation there. It is we who today know that it's the centre of the earth. It is, no doubt, admirable that they built such architecture using the formulas of mathematics. They hopped to capture the universal sensation; so they covered it with rocks thinking that it's harmful or useful. Perhaps some priest would have suggested the king to cover or capture it. And so, to drive it out from the planet and to return it back to the universe, they made the top of the pyramid tapper. If there were no pyramid there, natural phenomenon would be same. The allignments of stars and their relations with pyramid, coficient of the speed of light and that of position of pyramid, function of wave - are much earlier the same before the structure of pyramid had come into existence.
Tony White
Tony White 8 dager siden
Today I realised.. It's not "Tutankhamun" It is "Tut Ankh Amun" Which is three different words and not one. Everyone here was pronouncing the name incorrect including me, till now.
allaroundemani 8 dager siden
I wish people would just let this type of stuff be left alone.
Kajal Guleria
Kajal Guleria 8 dager siden
Thank u fr ths episode😊 I really enjoyed it, can u make more videos on Egypt like ths one
I just feel bad.Did you ever stop to think that you are digging up someones grave and taking things that was buried with the owner for a reason!?
FF Cheese God
FF Cheese God 8 dager siden
Thank you for 12 subs now do 20
Matt Hillman
Matt Hillman 9 dager siden
unbearable to watch as there is an ad less than every 5 minutes.
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan 9 dager siden
Really can’t figure out how to tie a tarp down ??????
zeempk1 9 dager siden
43:10 Pl let me know who composed this majestic music?
SUPER MARIO 2 9 dager siden
Modern grave robbers
Alex Alamo
Alex Alamo 9 dager siden
Why does this upset me so much??? I just feel that these things were meant to stay untouched.. I would never want to disrespect my ancestors like this by literally digging up their bodies and putting them in museums AND taking away the treasure from where they were placed. I hate these people!!!
Peper Abriam
Peper Abriam 9 dager siden
We love Usa Navy. We areHello friends.. wag nio itigil.. and pagtingin lagi sa west Phillipines sea. Wag natin hayaan masakop. Ulit tayo. Ng ibang bansa. Sa world war japan Ang huling. Sumakop. Sa atin. Wag.nio hayaan sakupin Ang philippines ng china. Kahit. Nagbigay sila ng libreng vaccine.. please USa. Help Us. Our country 🇵🇭🙏 Phillipines.. lng. Ang philippines. Country.. china county is china... Pls don't let china. Control us. Filipinos.. help us. Us. Europe.. help us out county west Phillipines sea. god bless. You
Sidratul Muntah Ankur
Sidratul Muntah Ankur 10 dager siden
Heike Janka
Heike Janka 10 dager siden
I love Egypt, I love archaeology as a field of science, and I admire all archaeologists who made outstanding discoveries - however, has anyone ever thought about what it would be like if thousands of years on someone would disturb our peace and dig us out to present us in some museum? We are now able to scan the earth, even from outer space, and there are imaging technologies as well as 3D-printers that could recreate every find without actually (re)moving it from its original place. Why digging at all? Why taking everything away from where it belongs? We don't need to any longer.
steve5123456789 10 dager siden
Maybe you should ask them how they feel about it.
Lucifer 10 dager siden
I hate humans. What if someone dug up your families burial sight... I know exactly who they were and who are the true descendants of Kemet. They cant even interpret the hieroglyphics correctly. I can. But we will never say a word. Keep guessing stupid humans.
Varune Manbodh
Varune Manbodh 10 dager siden
I didn't know Micheal Cera had a sister who was an egyptologist
teeth grinder
teeth grinder 10 dager siden
Well with all that gold, tutti was basically playa of his time.
Ian Broadhurst
Ian Broadhurst 11 dager siden
it is all a big scam pyrimids are made of concrete
5d6b 11 dager siden
stephen Mccandless
stephen Mccandless 11 dager siden
Some of the gold was taken from the Americas ..
Gamer Azony
Gamer Azony 11 dager siden
This is very interesting
Balvant Ramgi
Balvant Ramgi 11 dager siden
My god
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