Tucker reacts to video of UFO confirmed by Pentagon

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26 dager siden

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell says UFOs were 'swarming our warships' on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker
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othelloalford21 4 timer siden
I dont blame them for hiding humans are idiots
Russell Mccune
Russell Mccune 5 timer siden
Ufo.... gtfoh
KissXShot 15 timer siden
How kind of the Aliens to have anti collision lights on it
Al sheikh Adam Ibrahim
Al sheikh Adam Ibrahim Dag siden
Tracy Davis
Tracy Davis Dag siden
It's always blurry..
Holden Russell
Holden Russell 3 dager siden
Is this the same shitty filmmaker that made the Bob video?
abrham nigusse
abrham nigusse 3 dager siden
I love this reporter 🤣🤣
Draeway Fitness
Draeway Fitness 3 dager siden
Wonder why they never shoot at them 🤔 They’d shoot at China and Russia aircraft’s if they were in our airspace.. Funny how the people who loves war “US” doesn’t feel the need to shoot down unknown aircraft’s that they don’t know are threats or not 🤔 I think it’s our own government in these ufo vehicles 😬
Tyler Davis.
Tyler Davis. 4 dager siden
I got abducted by Paris Hilton last night, moral of the story she told me she’s an alien and I guess I was on that ship 3 weeks ago.
Ghost 4 dager siden
back then, if the US government confirmed their existence, the people would go crazy! now today we see the Navy and the Pentagon confirming their existence, snd the people dont care!
Garrett 4 dager siden
the war of demon aliens
fil krist
fil krist 4 dager siden
This quality video is better than bank Cameras
Andy Hughes
Andy Hughes 5 dager siden
Judging from what looks to me like an antenna in the foreground on the ship where this video was shot, those triangles look very big - probably the size of an aircraft carrier!
Andrew Hedges
Andrew Hedges 5 dager siden
This happened in the S.W. Asian seas. China has the submarines and planes now. So does Russia! Probably them experimenting. BTW...U.S. is not the superior anymore. We're amongst 4 countries that have serious military power and the U.S. is declining while the others are improving!
Blaazer 5 dager siden
Imagine that these are high classified craft from the Space Force.
Blaazer 29 minutter siden
@othelloalford21 It wasn't an official military branch.
othelloalford21 4 timer siden
U do know we had a space force since the 90s
JAEDxLIVEUHLIL 6 dager siden
RealGodisLoveLife& Light
RealGodisLoveLife& Light 6 dager siden
UFOs from ET exists Even if this one isn’t real
Brian Wilder
Brian Wilder 6 dager siden
Lol, TR3B Astra Air force
Tepid Water
Tepid Water 6 dager siden
All of a sudden UFOs aren't "conspiracies" anymore. In the past, the media always tried to cover it up with 'rational explanations' but now they see how desensitized we've become, and have no issue revealing these truths.
K Eddy
K Eddy 6 dager siden
Tucker’s face says it all!!!!
GodBless America
GodBless America 6 dager siden
See what happens when you dont require I.D.s to vote. Aliens from South America to Mars show up.
iamtheoceanr 6 dager siden
As a photographer, I've taken photos and video of bright objects where the chromatic aberrations appear to be triangular shaped. Its caused by out of focus light reflecting and bouncing around inside the camera and lens. The shape in the video looks exactly like that to me - video of an out of focus object with a blinking light, in the sky. hmmm what can that be? These two are just trying to make a buck. End of story.
High Altitudes
High Altitudes 7 dager siden
Nothing but earth made drones but who owns them is the question.
Black Light
Black Light 7 dager siden
Keep playing & making jokes. When they start taking people, don’t call on God, cause god is the extraterrestrials.
Spaghetti 7 dager siden
this is the aurora. These are clearly unidentified but this is a darpa project.
wayne miller
wayne miller 8 dager siden
I believe they have contacted us long ago. More recently, the moon missions were "tracked" and our astronauts were informed not approach them when they reported to Huston that aliens were actually on the moon at the same time we were there.
Riku 8 dager siden
Guy on the left looks so serious 😡 Calm down buddy it’s not the end of the world 🌍
kevin a
kevin a 8 dager siden
It's cool the government is finally admitting this stuff. But triangle UFO's have been seen countless times all over the world. Probably the most famous case was the Belgian UFO Wave of the late 80's
Craig the Brute
Craig the Brute 8 dager siden
As a hardcore Destiny 2 fan, I can confirm that these are legitimate
JustAGuy 4 dager siden
Well, if the pyramids are the darkness, then everyone's gonna freak out when the "Guardian" comes.
JustAGuy 4 dager siden
@Ashley Sharp lol
Ashley Sharp
Ashley Sharp 7 dager siden
My husband told me about this comment and that he liked it. He doesn't usually like comments. Here in support of my husband on this rare occasion.
David Thomas
David Thomas 9 dager siden
Let me guess,you want control over our last feuw cents to fight a imaginary cause...go u.f.o.s...spank em. They dont need our money
David Thomas
David Thomas 9 dager siden
Tucker is fake,he pretends to be ignorant about things and at the same time he thinks hes in the know!! He says what hes paid too.
Ανέστης Ιωαννίδης
Ανέστης Ιωαννίδης 9 dager siden
These are not aliens. This is just an American aircraft we have no idea it exists. There is a future plan talking about alien invasion, so governments can imprison people under earth surface. It is the next plan after covid...Do you have any idea, why they put it on news now? Well maybe your nows governer knows more... Greetings from Greece!
James Brown
James Brown 9 dager siden
Tucker has the stupidest face on tv
More Like 'belongs in the trash'!
More Like 'belongs in the trash'! 9 dager siden
Pentagon: *has literally billions of dollars* Also Pentagon: "hm yes... this potato will do very nicely as a camera"
Drowsy_ Mouse
Drowsy_ Mouse 9 dager siden
D Sherm
D Sherm 9 dager siden
karateJeff88 9 dager siden
The plan is coming together. Soon the clincher of arrival will be announcedz
Meluvulongtym 9 dager siden
so who killed tupac and biggie?!?jessica simpson can't rap i want justice!
Ham Eggs
Ham Eggs 10 dager siden
ALM (alien lives matter). roflmfao! Probably another aircraft. Aliens won't come here any way because all the maniacs until recently were yelling about clap them cheeks. Americans desperately trying to have rear end intercourse with them. If they are real, they will never come here for fear of being sexually assaulted by Americans. Lulz!
Robert Renteria
Robert Renteria 10 dager siden
Seen it on NOwindow along time ago lol
Lando Orellana
Lando Orellana 10 dager siden
clara leiva
clara leiva 10 dager siden
It is about time !! Truth seekers
adam scott
adam scott 10 dager siden
Lmao drones
Tony Bradberry
Tony Bradberry 10 dager siden
The Dems hated all of Trumps ideas except space force... very interesting!!!
BillyK42K 10 dager siden
C a m e r a B o k e h
Sam Hartwig
Sam Hartwig 10 dager siden
Maybe they came for Tucker.
Howardthecuck 10 dager siden
Nephilim.... Ephesians 6:12
raul sekwati
raul sekwati 10 dager siden
China is gathering Intel over US military to gather Intel and they are saying it's UFOs 😂😂😂😂 China technology is superior like that.
raul sekwati
raul sekwati 10 dager siden
Mars media is also reporting UFO they say on 30 April 😂😂😂
Anthon Crane
Anthon Crane 10 dager siden
Look at Smucker Fartson's face thinking if you see alien children land tell them to take off their masks because it's alien abuse.
Anthon Crane
Anthon Crane 10 dager siden
No wonder Aliens are abducting humans they are trying to find out what makes us so stupid!
Harry Wexler Jr. MBA
Harry Wexler Jr. MBA 10 dager siden
They know exactly who they are and that's why they're telling people now instead of 70 years ago
ron baker
ron baker 10 dager siden
And why did Trump create Space Force?
Stephen Webster
Stephen Webster 11 dager siden
Pentagon just wants to increase their defense budget,again.
BOLShOi BOOzE 11 dager siden
They smelled bullsh*t from the other side of the galaxy, came here and found out the sh*t smell was from Nov 2020 election.
Joseph mccormick
Joseph mccormick 11 dager siden
So now the Democrats see we’re not terrified of the “pandemic” and try to scare us with aliens. Really???
PlayhouseRage 11 dager siden
How does he know its autonomous? It could be a cat piloting that pyramid.
The Alchemy Squid
The Alchemy Squid 11 dager siden
It’s the aliens from Kung Pow
Woland 11 dager siden
Economy is about to crash? Let's talk about aliens. 🙄
oplix 11 dager siden
They look like signal repeaters.
Russell Edwards
Russell Edwards 11 dager siden
We need to find out who they are and who's operating them LOL. Why don't you just step over in they're dimension of time and ask them ?!? Idiot ! Hey listen stupid your not gonna have to wait to much longer they will be coming in hot before long landing them then getting out to talk to you ! Better start studying Gods word because its about to all come to a head.
Lucy Fur
Lucy Fur 11 dager siden
That's it!!! That's the Jewish Space Lazars that set California on fire Marj Taylor Greene was a talkin' about.! Bwwwwahahahahahaha!!!! Tucker is such a frickin twit! "Go get 'em Tucky"! Bwwwahahahaha!!! "We need to find out who is operating these vehicles". Genius! Yeah, I think our military should pull them over and check their license and registration. LOL
Kramer Richardson
Kramer Richardson 11 dager siden
If it's not our government trying to bamboozle us, it's not great news, It's hard to think they would show us any mercy on any small amount of time observing us and how we work,
Alan Duke
Alan Duke 11 dager siden
Aliens from space. Aliens from the border. PERFECT timing.
Revella 11 dager siden
Really government? You got ufo's looking like Galaga avatars?? Its obvious its holographic, and no account of ufo sightings describe that its straight up hysterical and disturbing they think we're this stupid. They took this right out of the Sega Genesis playback. Lawd.
Johnny Bunchsr.
Johnny Bunchsr. 11 dager siden
Why gov.admiting now?what do they need an explanation from the plublic just seems odd...or do they need help with more siteings to get a better understanding of what else the ufo's are. monitoring you tell me...
Nakide E
Nakide E 11 dager siden
Humans always feeling like they have the right to know EVERYTHING.
DAVID STEELE 11 dager siden
Ask you're leaders the Rothchilds!!!! Nephilim
Coco the bird
Coco the bird 11 dager siden
Sebastian Arias
Sebastian Arias 11 dager siden
just have a much distractions from the military and send a AIM-9 sidewinder to shot it down.
Anne Bishop
Anne Bishop 11 dager siden
Yup, that’s unidentified all right.
carpntrcycl 11 dager siden
This is rehearsal for a future fake alien invasion. How else could they follow up on 2020 events to instill never ending fear.
Kyle Oliva
Kyle Oliva 11 dager siden
That's exactly what I think they are planning.
Penis Weight Hanger Malehanger
Penis Weight Hanger Malehanger 11 dager siden
The Goa'uld are here! Bow before your gods Tau'ri!
55dbau 12 dager siden
Looks like a flying pizza slice, maybe from New York planet.
edwelder 12 dager siden
Like aliens are so smart they fly across the Galaxy to Buzz some ships and mutilate cows!
edwelder 12 dager siden
Anonymous ????
Anonymous ???? 12 dager siden
God Bless All who read this Repent turn from sin Trust in Jesus Christ Pray for the lost God Bless All
TONG PO PYRO 12 dager siden
It's just spy craft from either russia or china
Dangis Khan
Dangis Khan 12 dager siden
Probably a hypersonic missile defense system.
Tall Cedar
Tall Cedar 12 dager siden
Tabloid Tucker at it's finest. Enquiring Minds Want to Know
Roland Gonzales
Roland Gonzales 12 dager siden
If these turn out to be from China can we punch everyone who moved production and technology over there?
Miles Dyson
Miles Dyson 12 dager siden
Yeah, there is stuff in the sky if you watch you'll see but most ppl hooked to thier screens
Planet BS
Planet BS 12 dager siden
This is embarrassing and awkwardly acted up. They're trying to cover up for something else... I wonder what that could be.....
Pete Gobeckli
Pete Gobeckli 12 dager siden
evan sharron
evan sharron 12 dager siden
Looks like SR-91s or something newer.
Richard Liuzzo
Richard Liuzzo 12 dager siden
Saw one over my house a few years back. Been an open minded conspiracy theorist ever since.
Riku 8 dager siden
Cool story bro 😎
Gordon Franklin Terry
Gordon Franklin Terry 12 dager siden
MaMaw says she voted for Trump and her vote wasn't counted. 5 million Chinese ballots arrived via UFO.
Gordon Franklin Terry
Gordon Franklin Terry 12 dager siden
elvis camacho
elvis camacho 12 dager siden
Dooms day coming soon
abelincoln1976 12 dager siden
From my understanding. Our Gov never really admitted on national television that ufo's exist. When they finally do. It doesn't shut every freakin peace of news down on TV. Omg ppl!! SMFH
James Lana
James Lana 12 dager siden
Ive seen these put my window as a kid. 15-20 years ago. The ones i saw were in groups of three and they formed into a equilateral triangle hovering before seemingly just kind of zooming off into the night where u could no longer see them
JR Arch
JR Arch 12 dager siden
Is like Fidel Castro use to say ,"here comes the little green men"🤣🤣🤣🤣
Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden 12 dager siden
There is no way that these are alien craft. They are also not from another country. It is common knowledge that we have by far the most advanced technology on the planet. We are the only country that fields a combat ready fifth generation aircraft as well. I believe that this is a cutting edge DARPA\skunk works project known to only a few. It’s either that or…… there really are aliens here on earth.
DankReaper420 12 dager siden
Great we're moving on from global pandemic script to the alien invasion script. Gotta keep the plebs distracted.
dcoleman4444 12 dager siden
Let's pray that the 1st person they remove is Tucker.
airborne stud
airborne stud 12 dager siden
Had my curiosity until I saw the strobe lights...which are common on all aircraft. UFO means unidentified flying object, not necessarily alian.
Happy trees
Happy trees 13 dager siden
now this is news yea
Michael Nienaber
Michael Nienaber 13 dager siden
The whole video I'm waiting for Tucker to blame the "deep state" for these UFOs...
Mo Sheh
Mo Sheh 13 dager siden
Isn't this is the X-47B Drone took off from the aircraft carrier !?😏
Frank III
Frank III 13 dager siden
Notice they said pyramid! Who that sound like? They are coming for all of US, especially the genome race‼️
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