Top 10 Loadouts & Class Setups in WARZONE After AMAX Nerf | Krig, Stoner, MP5, LC10, Kar98k and More

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I give some of the best loadouts and class setups for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale after the Season 3 AMAX Nerf.

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The "Best Class Setup" Series is a series where I focus on all the on my favorite attachments for the weapon based on weapons stats and preference in Modern Warfare.

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I started Making NOwindow Videos Specific to Call of Duty in August 2017.
The Content is Geared towards Helping players improve by providing practical tips and tricks, best Class Setups, and Guides.

0:00 ​​ Intro/Video Explained
0:42 ​ #10 Explaining Experimental Along with Perks (SA87/PPSH)
2:44 ​ #9-6​ Explaining Sniper/Fully Loaded AR Loadouts with Ghost/Restock
5:27 ​ #5 Stoner \u0026 CW MP5 Best Class Setup
6:57 ​ #4 FARA \u0026 LC10 Best Class Setup
8:36 #3 RAM \u0026 KAR98K Best Class Setup
10:49 ​​ #2 Krig \u0026 Bullfrog Best Class Setup
12:36 ​​ #1 AMAX \u0026 MW MP5 Best Class Setup
13:44 ​ LOADOUT SHEET ALL 103 WEAPONS/Explanation With TTKs
15:14 ​ Outro

Top 10 Loadouts \u0026 Class Setups in WARZONE After AMAX Nerf | Krig, Stoner, MP5, LC10, Kar98k and More
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Deeks Good
Deeks Good 12 dager siden
SoljaD 18 dager siden
Just want to thank you for the effort you put in!
Vincenté “Vinny Chase” Thompson
Vincenté “Vinny Chase” Thompson 21 dag siden
I still haven’t u locked the Amax 😩😩😩
Twist 23 dager siden
Just subbed bro you are the best and I’m new to channel mans makes the best vids
Rafael Pupo
Rafael Pupo 24 dager siden
you change anything in top 10 now ?
M E 25 dager siden
you must take so much time to make these things. such great info.
Trixuss 25 dager siden
I never use smgs, love ARs, but I wanted to lvl up the Krig and tried this Krig+Bullfrog combo, and I have to say, I loooove the Bullfrog.... The amoung of times I've been saved by that gun. Not sure how it was before, but I feel like its TTK its really nice.
Timbo Deeny
Timbo Deeny 26 dager siden
When I use tac laser I get nervous that other guys know I'm watching them
Braden Undead
Braden Undead 29 dager siden
Sa87 is underrated
Kaleb Peterman
Kaleb Peterman Måned siden
your so close to a million. you definitely deserve it fs!
Joseph Griffiths
Joseph Griffiths Måned siden
Mp5 trash
Broly Måned siden
The GRAUS Always be the best gun in cod mw/Wz in my opinion stats aside. It’s so perfect
Pindeq Ny95
Pindeq Ny95 Måned siden
I spent 5800 hours in PUBG, and now I am into this game for already 1 month, also had bought the season pass 3, if u guys mentioning about recoil in this game, I wonder which gun actually got high recoil because every rifle and smg seem dont have any recoil at all. Go to PUBG and try spray Ak or Beyrl with 3x scope, that what a recoil mean 🤣
Jack Pearson
Jack Pearson Måned siden
Yo jgod what ia your m4a1 loudot'
Mr.Porkchop Måned siden
lets go. my boy came thru with the updates as always🐐
Mathew Richards
Mathew Richards Måned siden
Mp5 is trash
Mathew Richards
Mathew Richards Måned siden
Ppsh is the trashed gun of all time sorry JGod
MakaroV PsYFouR
MakaroV PsYFouR Måned siden
Fennec army where you at
Austin Måned siden
no akimbo on sykovs???
spadesofeight Måned siden
i dont got the grau:(
xXSecret_yarkin moin leude
xXSecret_yarkin moin leude Måned siden
The amax is still nuts
Kai Gee Kee
Kai Gee Kee Måned siden
I love you me content but next loadout vid can you tell me What would be your top 10 loadouts, not restock or ghost but the 10 meta loadouts.
steffengo Måned siden
thanks for all the work you put in :-)
Mark Abou Kheir
Mark Abou Kheir Måned siden
Ak47 cw with kar98 ?
c Moi
c Moi Måned siden
What is the ttk sykov solo please ?
Kevinstaedler Måned siden
What about the Mac10?
Sauc3Liymble Måned siden
Y’all sleeping on the PKM
Diego “PandxStream” Luna
Diego “PandxStream” Luna Måned siden
What you think of the M13? To me it feels like a laser.
Christian De Simone
Christian De Simone Måned siden
Ever try using a mid/long range ram7? I don't think is that hard to control and its really good
Bal Birchall
Bal Birchall Måned siden
If you don’t listen da boi JGOAT your just doing it wrong
Malachi Quick
Malachi Quick Måned siden
I feel like the LC10 has the worst aim assist in the game
Javier Cantero
Javier Cantero Måned siden
What do you think about the SPR-208?
ImKyTheGoat Måned siden
What question is... where did the amax and ak go LOL at 5:05 it’s there than when you explain the grau loadout it changed? What happen?
skate10110 Måned siden
Are the m19 ttk numbers accurate in the chart? If so, why wouldn’t that be used over an SMG?
resi4 Måned siden
can someone tell me kf the m4 is a viable option?
Rusty Måned siden
For me fennec is very underrated 🤔
David Maxey
David Maxey Måned siden
Stoner - cavalry lance vs tactical lance? Was under the impression that the cavalry lance took it to a similar velocity?
still B
still B Måned siden
mitchell wong
mitchell wong Måned siden
@JGOD, Can you test dmr14? Check rapid fire barrel
The Joshua Loftin
The Joshua Loftin Måned siden
I feel like he's talking to me about Cold Blooded every time.
Eddie Bello
Eddie Bello Måned siden
What's a good smg if I don't like to hipfire? I ALWAYS ADS. Is the MAC10 still a good option?
Zkittles Måned siden
Mw mp5 or cw mp5?
Zkittles Måned siden
So m16 days are over ?
diesel92kj1 Måned siden
I've gone right downhill since switching to M+K.
Just a Little Crazy Content
Just a Little Crazy Content Måned siden
you are making meats bro..
maxALmus Måned siden
Like top 3. Krig loadout may be you
Jacob Tatlock
Jacob Tatlock Måned siden
Is the Bizon really that bad? The little stat bars show it doing more damage than most SMG's. When's the last time you looked at the TTK on a Bizon build? I've been using it lately and really like how it feels and it seems to clean people up pretty quick....
Nathan Grey
Nathan Grey Måned siden
That spreadsheet at the end is next level. Seriously well done for putting in the extra effort 👌🏻
Connor Axon
Connor Axon Måned siden
Can someone please explain the perks for me, I dont get how they work? Do you have to carry the gun for the perks to work? So if im using overkill, and I go get a ghost class, can it be any gun but ghost will still work ?
Amber Anzalone
Amber Anzalone Måned siden
On mp5 use the Mona and tac laser it’s better
Steve White
Steve White Måned siden
Where do I find the living document?
Steve White
Steve White Måned siden
@JGOD thank you. I found it on my phone, but for some reason I cant find it on my laptop. Good stuff
Steve White
Steve White Måned siden
@JGOD im sorry, but i am just not finding it.
Jaime Saenz
Jaime Saenz Måned siden
You the man JGod
waalteer Måned siden
These are QUALITY videos right there
zombie 1333
zombie 1333 Måned siden
Could you do a comprehensive video of mw weapons to see if any of them are meta/close to meta. Thanks, love the content!
Imran Ward
Imran Ward Måned siden
Why the MW MP5 vs Cold War MP5?
Silver damagma
Silver damagma Måned siden
Yeah, you forgot ak74u talk? I am not sure if missed it xD could you explain thar gun? Cheers
Daniel Jirjis
Daniel Jirjis Måned siden
How can you get better at sniping??
Eric Pannone
Eric Pannone Måned siden
No one talks about the KSP and I love that. It's a powerhouse of an smg!
Mihai Roberto
Mihai Roberto Måned siden
Hi , really enjoy ur content, i have a question , Is the MW MP5 better then the CW MP5 ?
Ali Aghil
Ali Aghil Måned siden
The kilo 141 definitely deserves to be in there
Maria Ernesto
Maria Ernesto Måned siden
Me: please dont say an-94 please dont say AN-94 because I am thr only one using it and if people see how broken it is at long range it will get nerfed
EVO wampus
EVO wampus Måned siden
Geez I really need to clean up my loadouts lol
Casey 2K
Casey 2K Måned siden
Try the m13
A L Måned siden
try the m4 with 9mm rounds smg type build. its been hitting pretty hard for me.
Arjun Vivalse
Arjun Vivalse Måned siden
Try running the krig without the field agent grip and instead put the rear grip. The recoil will be still manageable.
Gerhard Froehlich (King75Pin)
Gerhard Froehlich (King75Pin) Måned siden
JGod could you please make a video featuring solo loadouts?
csaba sigmond
csaba sigmond Måned siden
I'm still very satesfied with the Kilo. My fav beamer
Jorge G
Jorge G Måned siden
The rpd light machine with a zoom scope hits like a truck !
Peter K
Peter K Måned siden
What about the m16 mate? Im still using that and its not that bad.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Måned siden
Does this guy troll a lil or whAt
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Måned siden
rpd is better than the stoner. better recoil.
Kai Tani
Kai Tani Måned siden
Christian Razo
Christian Razo Måned siden
Coach boosiebeastbak
Coach boosiebeastbak Måned siden
Try the FINN @JGOD slappin
David Valencia
David Valencia Måned siden
Hey 👋 brother quick question....why you changed #5 load out at 4:44 from amax/ak47 to 5:14 stoner/mp5??? Just curious cause I really like the feel of the Ak47.. thanx for all you do for the Warzone community btw
Cainon X
Cainon X Måned siden
Also M13 is second best......js
Cainon X
Cainon X Måned siden
I ONLY use the AMAX.... Been running it when it first showed up...
ali burhan
ali burhan Måned siden
You're the man !!
Jesse Guillen
Jesse Guillen Måned siden
Activision watches these to get information about the game they release remember WWJD, What Would Jgod Do
FishFingerConnoisseur Måned siden
Don't care if Cold War weapons are top meta, ain't touching that garbage. MW weapons all the way. 👏👏
Brad White
Brad White Måned siden
Nico A
Nico A Måned siden
Jgod getting lazy now.. success gottem lazy y’all. Doesn’t bring up TTK ONCE!! He’s not doing the research anymore . I’m just hoping truegamedata doesn’t get the infection. Cmon bro
Echoe Måned siden
Hey jgod, i killed you yesterday while you were playing with bobby on rebirth, GGS cause y’all came back with Sweepers and a Stella
MrCrossover Mark
MrCrossover Mark Måned siden
CoD needs to buff some smgs so players can start using them again. Everyone is just running double AR with one being a close range setup. Not a lot of smgs that can really compete close range anymore.
Michael Calderon
Michael Calderon Måned siden
Can you do an in depth video on the stat differences between the raider stock and combat stocks?
Ricardo Valdés
Ricardo Valdés Måned siden
What is rating based on :/ it doesnt make sense to me when compared to ttks
OPPZonYT Måned siden
Hey JGOD can you go over the Cold War snipers since they god a buff
Mike Culberson
Mike Culberson Måned siden
What about the ffar/ spr combo? Where would you rank it?
I SH4QQ3 Måned siden
Did they do something to the SPR? Getting more hitmarkers lately :(
James Douglas
James Douglas Måned siden
I’ve been running the LC10 and m82 working great !
sugarraybow Måned siden
I hope you'll get your 1 mill subs soon. You deserve it!
Mitch Måned siden
Amax is still king no cap 🧢
Alex R.
Alex R. Måned siden
@jgod do an info graphic on best classes per season, cat them based on top 5s.
Josh Rochon
Josh Rochon Måned siden
Does anyone have an opinion on running no barrel on the Stoner? I've been doing extremely well with it and even in verdanks I don't notice any cons for the bullet velocity
Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez Måned siden
fkn boss !
XM4 feels real good
tflash2612 Måned siden
Just curious. If the Val has a TTK of 407 at close range across all 4 close ranges, why is that not a viable SMG? Is it the movement speed or is it that it's an AR? Seems like the best option at all of those ranges.
Darryl Honnor
Darryl Honnor Måned siden
Seriously on the stoner, please try the cavalry lancer barrel! Just try it
Alfonso Armendariz
Alfonso Armendariz Måned siden
The Fal??????
amr abolnaga
amr abolnaga Måned siden
amr abolnaga
amr abolnaga Måned siden
Man i am horrible in this game but watching your analysis and stats breakdown helps me a lot in warzone debates 😁😁😁 with the squad
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