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neonBLACK4 48
neonBLACK4 48 Dag siden
When the next icon swaps challenges come out, how many more players will there be to be available to unlock
RohanS24 4 dager siden
To all the people who have never done this before: there will be another set of 9 released this Friday
VvvKing 18 dager siden
But how we do the over nine icon swaps sbcs
VvvKing 18 dager siden
How do you get 10 icon swaps while there is only 9
kalki 28 dager siden
Im new to this so how do you get 15 swap tokens?
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy Måned siden
I’m doing 10, 7 & 1. I desperately need top tier icons > tots and fodder. You can obtain them a lot more easily on the market than top icons (especially moments)
Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg Måned siden
I was thinking stoichkov + schweini + 84 x20 or best + moments pack + 83x25 or stoichkov moments pack 84x20 81x25
Eoin Charles
Eoin Charles Måned siden
Can someone tell me how people are doing so many options when there’s only 9 tokens available?
Aziz Thanawala
Aziz Thanawala Måned siden
Take the 3 81 x 25, 82 x 25, 84 x 20 for Ultimate TOTS and then the two icon moments. GG EA this is some banging content
The Cookies!
The Cookies! Måned siden
The viera is honesly not worth it at all, - Owned and sold viera after 100 games with it , i was lucky and pulled it , it became a 96 messi, and filled out the rest of my squad with good stuff. It should really be at least the 92 version.
Arjun Varga
Arjun Varga Måned siden
I'm doing Puskas prime and icon moments player pack/84+ players pack+ 83+players pack.
Callum Roberts
Callum Roberts Måned siden
Fruitcakes in the chat hahahahahahaha
STARBUCKS VeX ツ Måned siden
Stoichkov the goat 🐐 🔥 🇧🇬 🇧🇬
Gerard Shadiow
Gerard Shadiow Måned siden
1-2-3-5-7 is the best for fodder. I'm going Vieira as an Arsenal fan tho.
Myles Red
Myles Red Måned siden
Should I do Puskas or viera I want an end game player
Sam Littlewood
Sam Littlewood Måned siden
I’m going to do all the upgrade packs icon moments pack and the 92+
Denilius123 Måned siden
Should I do 10, 5, 3 OR 15, 3? Leaning towards 10, 5, 3.
Anil Måned siden
Bro seriously imma go for 84+ pack and 92+ Attacker player pick for the chance to get a big boy which I can never afford. The 81+ is dogshit imo...
Kevin Herd
Kevin Herd Måned siden
Love the analysis Nick, Fook the haters
A_w Måned siden
Don’t understand people saying to hurry. If they’re so sure what icon picks are best out of the best swaps there has been please share 😂
Siciliani16 Måned siden
I would go for the 10 tokens moment pp than the 5 tocken icon pack then the 84+ × 20
MM Måned siden
The game is dead, fifa 22 is on its way. Obviously they gonna give some decent icon swaps. If we were in december stoickov or something like that would be like 20 tocens,
Joony God
Joony God Måned siden
Doing Rio and most of the fodder I can get for Cantona. Should I do Rio + 84x20 or Rio + 83 and 81 pack?
Max Kerbert
Max Kerbert Måned siden
Honestly fuck the people that bring negative energy to the stream bro
Ikram k
Ikram k Måned siden
I've already used 3 tokens. 2 for the 83+ 25 pack which got me A La Liga TOTS with one walkout and the rest 83/84 cards . The 81+ 25 pack which didn't give me any walkouts so wouldn't recommend. I have 15 tokens left so I'm thinking do I take Rio, coz I want to have an end game team as possible. Or do I gamble and take the attacker player pick coz I want to get rid of my moments Dybala in the hopes of packing a moment's Eusèbio and do the 84+ 20 so I will have fodder to complete and SBC's I want coz my club is bare to the bones and I only have 4k coins
Bobby Mathis Jr.
Bobby Mathis Jr. Måned siden
Nicks response to trolls are the main reason I love his streams
dan cole
dan cole Måned siden
He didn't have to put that in the video, but he did it anyway, god damn this man is FOR THE PEOPLE
Iamleonard Mahmuti
Iamleonard Mahmuti Måned siden
Give some more money to EA the only youtuber worth watching is Krasi others are EA supporters buying fifa points like a little pussys instead of playing the game like everybody else ☺️
mLabe FN
mLabe FN Måned siden
This guy is so hyped over swaps even tho he has a cheeky 34 mil chillin in the bank
Not Jeff
Not Jeff Måned siden
13:36 “7+5 thats 12 that’s crazy man”
Finding Måned siden
Originally, I was gonna go for the 84x20, icon moments pack and icon moments pick. Then thought about taking all of the fodder packs but now I'm thinking of the 92+ moments attacker player pick and the 84x20. Surely the chances of packing a huge attacker like Pele, Ronaldo, Cruyff, Gullit or Eusebio is really high? Especially after seeing the picks from last time.
Charlie Marks
Charlie Marks Måned siden
First time ever to try to grind swaps, how can i get mire than 9 swaps anyway?
Hassan A
Hassan A Måned siden
This was fun chat was saying Harry up 😂😂😂
Your typical Britt
Your typical Britt Måned siden
Is there 100% 18 tokens in icon swaps 3?
Walter Rivera
Walter Rivera Måned siden
At 21:36 MAD respect bro!!! Just love that!!...
Omar Almesbah
Omar Almesbah Måned siden
I am going to do all the packs and the icon moments pp can’t be arsed to do the rivals objectives
Stefan Dysko
Stefan Dysko Måned siden
9:35 Well said bro lol
Lio Lioio
Lio Lioio Måned siden
Decided on the 3 5 10 too
Lio Lioio
Lio Lioio Måned siden
Is it 17 or 18 picks total?
Yannick Måned siden
Do people still have fun playing this game?
tHeNiCeGuY Måned siden
Icon moments guaranteed for 5 wtf
afxtekkers Måned siden
nick thoughts on the 92 prime pp, best odds for packing a w.
Ivel Måned siden
Im gonna do the 84 times 20 icon moments pack and icon moments pp
Mrmoneyforfun Måned siden
I love how you analyse everything so Detailed. Best fifa Streamer and NOwindowr no question. Love you Nick
Mozzquito_ Måned siden
Thoughts on the 93+ moments pick?
Sean Doyle
Sean Doyle Måned siden
@9:26 I genuinely thought that was a polite way of saying F*ck Off, and then he went and said it 😂
Benjamin Imre
Benjamin Imre Måned siden
Guys don’t get excited this a troll from ea they are giving out everything nearly for free because of the euros competition is coming in June and fut is gonna change dramatically
Hockeyfan Måned siden
When is ultimate tots? Would love to know.
HOEY182 Måned siden
Ea have made their money for the year so now they they give us good content 🙄
Benito_Mac Måned siden
Moments stoichkov or prime puskas!?
eddy.hneineh Måned siden
personally I'm taking the 81 83 84 packs and I'm left with 12 tokens we'll see depending on what icon packs ea releases
Ralph Stones
Ralph Stones Måned siden
IMO 7,9,2
Hamani Alali
Hamani Alali Måned siden
92+ icon moments is an attacker/midfielder
gman0155 Måned siden
Showing lack football knowledge at start there Nick. Caulker even played for Spurs haha
akaRxre Måned siden
Broo I going to do the 3 tokens and 5 tokens and then do the 10 tokens one
Lunatic Winner
Lunatic Winner Måned siden
How can you not love this mans responses to all the annoying inpatient kids
Αποστολης Κουκαδακης
Αποστολης Κουκαδακης Måned siden
Toooo late for this icon swaps most people stops playing this shit with this delay...
Brent R
Brent R Måned siden
The fodder packs and still being able to do the midfielder pp for the chance at Zidane Ronaldinho and Vieira is so nice
Omar Koraiem
Omar Koraiem Måned siden
i would probably do the 81+x25 and the 83+x25 and the 84+x20 pack and the icon moments pack and pim schweinsteiger
Timon Heuvink
Timon Heuvink Måned siden
Did 83 20x last night and got frenkie so im good
CatalanCowboy Måned siden
I think you have to ask yourself how much you play FIFA? If you still play today and will continue to play, go for the 92+ player pack today. You still get your WL reward money and TOTS cards every week. However, in a months time we will be seeing more 93-97 TOTS cards and Summer cards. If you play off and on, then maybe go for the 93+ Player Pick because he will be one of the best players in a month.
ConnorDieJude Måned siden
Great minds think alike
steven boss
steven boss Måned siden
What I like about it is that it feels for the first time in ages that EA have put some genuine thought into the content.
Matt W
Matt W Måned siden
all i know is im taking Vieira
Mr xiao lone
Mr xiao lone Måned siden
1 2 3 5 7 is my pick.
Eli wood
Eli wood Måned siden
Mid or prime pp is fine cos mid 92 plus are really good still
Kunal Desai
Kunal Desai Måned siden
I’m going icon moments+schweinsteiger+92 plus icon moments 5+6+7
Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang Måned siden
All these viewers telling Nick to hurry up smfh. He's the content creator and they're telling him to hurry up ffs.
Waffles Cortes
Waffles Cortes Måned siden
My thinking is, I only have 15. Because there is no fucking way I’m gonna become a sweaty rat for 2 icon swaps
SHAK TECH Måned siden
This guy has 35 mil coins what a fkin nerd lmao
just another one
just another one Måned siden
Dino God
Dino God Måned siden
Thanks for the video
Ashish Vedula
Ashish Vedula Måned siden
*_Icon Swaps 3_* *Option 1:* • (81+ x25) = 1 tokens • (83+ x25) = 2 tokens • (84+ x20) = 3 tokens • Guaranteed icon moments player pack = 5 tokens • 92+ guaranteed icon moments *attacker* or *midfielder* pack = 7 tokens Total = 18 tokens *Option 2:* • (84+ x20) = 3 tokens • Guaranteed icon moments player pack = 5 tokens • Any Icon Moments guaranteed *Player Pick* = 10 tokens Total = 18 tokens
Edward B
Edward B Måned siden
But I’m bad at the game
Blake Asis
Blake Asis Måned siden
Glad you took your time with this video forget anyone who was trying to rush you
ツZ Måned siden
If you do 10-5-3, open the 5 token one first
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Måned siden
F*ck everyone blaming u 4 stalling, u 1 of the best streamers out there! All of us loving all of ur content u make!!
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva Måned siden
I got baby Eusebio from swaps 1 in the player pick. Been using him ever since as ST.
mDrm Rm99
mDrm Rm99 Måned siden
Stephen Måned siden
I think the fodder packs so I have something to open this season, and then one of the picks to open next season (maybe just the 10 token one to lessen the grind a bit).
Emir Dal
Emir Dal Måned siden
banging content from ea just banging CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT STOICHKOV
Thiebout Koenders
Thiebout Koenders Måned siden
I reckon 3 5 and 10 is a good shout
Hamoudi Jaafar
Hamoudi Jaafar Måned siden
I was 3 thousandth like
Eduardo Solorzano
Eduardo Solorzano Måned siden
idk what to do i really want that puskas
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva Måned siden
Who ever said dont stall...wth? I are delivering content omg.
Reiss HD
Reiss HD Måned siden
do u wait more tokens for this or aam i chatting shit
John Ward
John Ward Måned siden
the best pack is the attacker pp but that's ages away. I'm going the moments pack, moments pp and 84 x 20 for ultimate tots
Weshley Måned siden
what’s better value, doing the 81+ and 82+ pack or just doing the 84+?
Ollie Lear
Ollie Lear Måned siden
“93+, that’s means no 92s” cheers for the Micheal Owen commentary
James bailey
James bailey Måned siden
Nick getting mad at people for telling him to hurry up 😂
Olbapbust 98
Olbapbust 98 Måned siden
Of course he does. What is wrong with people? If you dont like the stream and how long he takes to look at things then just dont watch him. Is this his or your stream?
Nathan Hollow
Nathan Hollow Måned siden
This was a W. Probably the best content EA have EVER released. But sadly its a little bit too late. 38 days until the season ends, at that point the games pretty much over. So even if you got an unreal player in those moments icon player picks you can't really use them for something useful like during TOTS. Also the packs are only useful for TOTS if we're being honest. So if you want the packs that takes away 6/9 that we can currently do stopping us from doing anything else until after TOTS. I'm going with the 92+ Icon Moments attacker & Midfielders (7) and 83+ x25 (2) for Ultimate TOTS. Pretty much for the hope that I get a good enough Icon in my pack to use during TOTS and that one gives me the best chance. I will still complete the remainder 9 most likely by taking just the Icon Moments Pack (5) / 84+ x20 (3) / 81+ x25 (1). Again, this is probably 1 season too late. All this would of been nice for the warm up to TOTS so we could open these cracked ones and use who we get for the most important time of the year.
Ahmed Amin
Ahmed Amin Måned siden
the way he got mad over this fan was really fun xD more fun than the whole video xDD
SAID CHAHIR Måned siden
Anybody here from the days where Joaquin used to be one of the biggest talents in la liga and was actually killing it?
Tauhid Rahman
Tauhid Rahman Måned siden
practiceyourart Måned siden
When it says exchange Icon Swaps III, can I use Swaps II and I, or it has to be III to make these trades?
practiceyourart Måned siden
@Tommy Johansen (Darthvader56) Good thing I asked the boys here, otherwise I was going to go in with the wrong expectations & be SEETHING lol
Tommy Johansen (Darthvader56)
Tommy Johansen (Darthvader56) Måned siden
@practiceyourart has to be 3 bud i went into the same trap when I saw I had 2 icon swap 2 card left
practiceyourart Måned siden
@CK19 Fuck :(
CK19 Måned siden
It has to be Swaps III
Amine CH
Amine CH Måned siden
I think I go with icon moments player pick and 5 tokens icon pack and 83+ pack
Lorenzo Vander Haegen
Lorenzo Vander Haegen Måned siden
I would love to finally play with Vieira but i don’t know if I’m gonna play fut champs once Ultimate TOTS is out of red picks. So for now I’m thinking 25x 83+, 20x 84+ and Puskas or one of the player picks.
a human being
a human being Måned siden
Insane that schweinsteiger image is the best image in the game my opinion if u wanna dabete im down
papa cod
papa cod Måned siden
Litteraly screamed without the s when i cheked it out myself
Team Skull Sucks
Team Skull Sucks Måned siden
Steven what? 🤔
Thomas Mora
Thomas Mora Måned siden
How many swap tokens are there in total. 17 or 18???
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