They're actually doing it... HUGE Warzone changes! ( Roze, Sykov Nerf )

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26 dager siden

Call of Duty Warzone revealed they have some big changes and surprises coming including a Roze skin nerf, FFAR, Sykov fixes and more! Sounds really promising, let's hope it works. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner

daniel crawford
daniel crawford 3 dager siden
yeah huuuuggeeeeee roze nerf alright fucking huggeeeeeeee
Master Assassin Zuxio
Master Assassin Zuxio 10 dager siden
I’m From the future all their new surprises were just every wallbreach/bugs with the New map
OrangeCRUSH 480
OrangeCRUSH 480 18 dager siden
lmfao the new version of the map is so dark and dreary. go figure
OrangeCRUSH 480
OrangeCRUSH 480 18 dager siden
weird cause i played yesterday and multiple teammates i had did in fact have the Roze skin. fuck this game
beyinsel krizma
beyinsel krizma 20 dager siden
bridy nit
bridy nit 20 dager siden
They nerfed the roze skin so its time to delete warzone
Said Elias
Said Elias 20 dager siden
Jack for real dude u have something to say why u not complain for the ps4 gamers i left ur stupid game cod beacaur u have afvantage in ur options setting i could change fov en mpre inportent thing so for this i never play cod
A.T. 20 dager siden
Jesus christ I had a stroke reading that.
Jeebus 20 dager siden
imagine warzone with dlss and mesh shaders. fucking 360 hertz game right there
sagER 21 dag siden
Everytime I see a Roze skin I act like Brolly seeing Goku! I go berserk!
max popov
max popov 21 dag siden
-happy with the roze skin nerf -playing with roze
Venko 21 dag siden
The majority of all sniper rifles don't actually have glint in real life so I don't see the problem with having glint removed from the Modern Warfare scopes
Poza Miatane
Poza Miatane 21 dag siden
if you have 30 operators and 5 skint to everyone than you have 1 000 000 places where those can match to the map other thing in multi for example first MW had 5 skins depend of gun you carry you and your SQUAD. you alvays known is it terrorist squad or S.A.S etc you are sure that this is an enemy because you know that is a enemy uniform .... now you have those blue and green dots ... when an enemy stand in front of your teammate you see dot and you don't see threat .... this is situation that tooks less than 1s you have no time to think do i saw that skin in that match in my team or not.....
John 21 dag siden
Too fucking late to fix rose, ruined the game for a year, we’ve already quit
Mid Ranger
Mid Ranger 21 dag siden
you wont get more fps on warzone with dlss , unless you playing at 4k or 1440p becouse the game is cpu botlenecked most of the time
Shinxbi FX
Shinxbi FX 21 dag siden
Roze skin adjustment be like... 0.5% hue difference or a big fat yellow X on the skin
Vietnamflashbac 21 dag siden
Yo I love the design for you’re shirts!
ExpiredMilk-_- 21 dag siden
I’m prob gonna stay up all night when the new battle pass comes out
lil cat
lil cat 21 dag siden
hehh?? oh FINALLY MY GAWD!! even bo3 had lights all over the body!! didnt bo4 too??
Grizel Joiner
Grizel Joiner 22 dager siden
I hate roze so much
D Fez
D Fez 22 dager siden
Get rid of Cold War
Baptiste M.
Baptiste M. 22 dager siden
Oh yes make Roze a fat bdsm barbie with a yellow vest. Epic.
I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S 22 dager siden
JAX 22 dager siden
They could just put 2-3 little lights on her clothes. Or even some shiny lines etc.
Christopher Soto
Christopher Soto 22 dager siden
Wow replieing to the community and doimg something to fix there game! Also fuck you Rockstar.
Aaron R
Aaron R 22 dager siden
They should attach a pink strap on to the roze 4skin, make it stand out.
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips 22 dager siden
They just need to shut the franchise down, shit is a joke anymore
michael kendall
michael kendall 22 dager siden
I’m still anti warzone untill there’s an anti cheat.
smcs 22 dager siden
did they fixed the crash to desktop when changing video configs ingame?
fedebenavides 22 dager siden
nobody: Jackfrags: Roze needs to be thiccer.
tiago petrescu
tiago petrescu 22 dager siden
drop the sykov one day later: nerf ffar, aug , m16 overpower and op as fuck 4 mounths later: hummmmm we should nerf this guns or wait more 3 weeks?
Sagar Gandhi
Sagar Gandhi 22 dager siden
Get some game balancing changes and entire community will be thankful
wmr8pt 22 dager siden
Constantly waiting n the lookout for ways to improve but totally turn a blind eye to the fucking cheaters
Nicholas Montague
Nicholas Montague 22 dager siden
The RCXD was there for April fools as a joke to make ppl buy that instead loadout
Michael 22 dager siden
Wasn't that Roze skin free? Swear I unlocked the 3 versions of that suit via Battle pass. I've never had an issue seeing the skin, but my ASUS monitor is kept fairly bright just because I prefer it that way for most games I play.
Alexey 22 dager siden
Ok yeah balancing is all good and fun but don’t freaking touch Nikto or else...
DPTAZZZ 22 dager siden
here's why Roze didnt need a "nerf" its a camo it works only in dark places.. a half dozen "foliage" camos work in bushes all over the place, some so well, you "disappear" in the background-- no nerfs... why ?? cuz nobody is running amok in these more open areas, only thru the buildings, getting pissed off a camper took them out. Roze skin isnt the ONLY skin out there, thats dark, and in the right areas, only PC players, with their overpowered ability to tweak virtually every lighting setup in the game, can make them out. but, hey, us Console people just gotta eat it. and nerf anything that doesnt let streamers stomp lobbies like grapes.. says the top 20 streamers. ALL RUNNING the Roze skin... ( dont think Jack is.. but, bet he did.. ) me ?? nope i dont dress up in womens clothing.. i'm not from Britain ( more of a tradition there ).
Jaymal Gola
Jaymal Gola 22 dager siden
the roze skin only became popular due to big streamers boasting about it on their channel, honestly they piss me off when it comes to boasting about guns aswell. Then everyone else follows like sheep.
Jordan Oviedo
Jordan Oviedo 22 dager siden
I dont care about anything other than the rc-xd bullshit, i have bought that thing over and over again
Vorcheski 22 dager siden
the entire debacle with the Roze skin reminds me when they first introduced skins for CSGO and one of the skin's camouflage was so good they had to change it Difference between CSGO and WZ is that it only took a week for them to change it, not 6 months
Nikki Thomas
Nikki Thomas 22 dager siden
Cool fact about the Balkan skin it based of the saj a anti terrorist unit for Siberia
FraZz J
FraZz J 22 dager siden
You mean they released ANOTHER Overpowered Unbalanced gun, AND STILL HASNT FIXED THE XBOX CRASHES Hopefully BF6 will be good so I can drop this pile of shittt
NoNameRider 22 dager siden
i dont get it whats the issue about Roze skin ?
Matty Mccolgan
Matty Mccolgan 22 dager siden
How is the FFAR a problem? Compared to the sykov the ffar is a toy, well that's what I think anyway
Carson Romine
Carson Romine 22 dager siden
wait, that Roze skin is season 4 BP- that sucks!!
Tor 22 dager siden
I love how often I find people complaining about the realism of a firearm or a skin about visibility. That’s how visibility works. That’s how guns work. Quit having false expectations of a gun. They’re designed to kill people. The
Nib-Na5ty 22 dager siden
I still dont think that scope glint should look like a 500W LED on the front of the gun tho
TheLordCZ 22 dager siden
please console FOV slider
DevilHunterSSS 22 dager siden
I think the rcxd was an April fool's joke
blackstar2356 22 dager siden
Too little to late ... gave this game up over 3 months ago ... nothing will make me come back and I will not subject my kids to this franchise... and if BF6 is shit than I’m all for BF4 ... or arma3 squads and the rest ... Any massive Company that can’t get a game right out the gate or take ages to fix issues or listen to their fans is no company I want to support ...
Tropical Fruit
Tropical Fruit 22 dager siden
DLSS is cool and all but it doesn't make your game look better. No upsacaled image EVER has looked better than the same imagine just in higher resolution. The technology is amazing but you are compromising quality of image no matter what.
Mitchel Mahar
Mitchel Mahar 22 dager siden
Roze skin was crazy annoying
fernonstop 23 dager siden
Also Jack: why do you stop talking after every word, like......, if......, you......, put a......, comma, after..., every..., single..., word??¿? 3:50
Aaron Mote
Aaron Mote 23 dager siden
this game is on its way out its been on the decline for a while now. just a bunch of aimbots of gfuel snorting twitch wanna be's make the gameplay way too toxic. this is why theyre losing the PC crowd.
RubberDuckyOne 23 dager siden
Tre Johnson
Tre Johnson 23 dager siden
Rose nerf? I’ll believe it when I see her
Beany Boi
Beany Boi 20 dager siden
haven’t seen anything so far
TheDeleted117 23 dager siden
No, Jackfrags.. no they're not...
rey Rey
rey Rey 23 dager siden
Instead of fixing these issues, because people just complain about everything, fix the hacking problem.....
bruuh no
bruuh no 23 dager siden
Fov for console
Doc Hammer
Doc Hammer 23 dager siden
New ways to improve the game, But will do nothing about the cheaters/moders.
Salerias 23 dager siden
Why are they again only reacting in any way after a content creator complains? we had it a few times in the back that they only did something after a few big content creator complained that the game was broken but the hundreds of thousands people that complain before get completly ignored and not a single reply or block post or anything?
JT 23 dager siden
Sweet, sounds promising, can't wait for the return of the Stim Glitch 🙄
JIMMYFINGERS010 23 dager siden
Chakita fruit hat for Rose! Please! Lol.
cloudbear 23 dager siden
Make Rose only able to hold one plate. Where's she stuffing three of those things in that Sweats Illustrated Gimpsuit Edition thing anyway?
PhoeniX-J-five 23 dager siden
Damn. Post patch and my team mate is still getting kicked for inactivity even though were moving around promenade. It's the 5th time I think (1 is post patch)
Killerrhino 23 dager siden
Rose is the only one I use ☹️
Normal- Canadian
Normal- Canadian 23 dager siden
Just to piss of the tryhards they should make the roze skin bright pink
dylan musgrove
dylan musgrove 23 dager siden
What’s happening to the rose skin
david baron baron
david baron baron 23 dager siden
Does any one pretty mad cus you can’t use pretty much every thing from the battle pass on multiplayer
Phsphrus 23 dager siden
New update: Rose skin now invisible in the day light
JASON 23 dager siden
leave Roze alone
AKA SGSVirgil 23 dager siden
All the changes, tweaks, nerfs, balance issues, cheaters etc, all remind me of that great and terrible disaster, The Division. And we all know what happened to The Division.
Kletig 23 dager siden
There should not be a benefit to use a specific skin ingame.
Paul Vancheri
Paul Vancheri 23 dager siden
How about a f'in anti cheat...
Fresh Mint
Fresh Mint 23 dager siden
Simón García Haymes
Simón García Haymes 23 dager siden
I want a console fix, of The field of view and all the advanteges of PC players
Add one
Add one 23 dager siden
i have lost so many fights due to the rose skin. its impossible to see.
LEDtherebelight 23 dager siden
Nice, can't wait for the nerfs! They really handled that well with the dmr! Oh...........
david hilliard
david hilliard 23 dager siden
Well not an actually new map, just making changes to the current one as always. Nothing new sadly, bored with this map
Beany Boi
Beany Boi 20 dager siden
i wish modern warfare had more content, it’s just been all cold war and some warzone, i’ve been wanting some new modern warfare skins and stuff but doesn’t seem likely
robskey 23 dager siden
This game is destroyed by cheaters so skin don't change a lot😂😂😂
Jason Velasco
Jason Velasco 23 dager siden
5GB update on console today
Asian Gaming
Asian Gaming 23 dager siden
game is perfect. you making a huge deal. if you get killed it dosent mean enemy won cuz he had that gun it can be because he was better than you.
Zeusnetfun black
Zeusnetfun black 23 dager siden
good news
itsvrbl 23 dager siden
How about fucking anti cheat?
raz3r 23 dager siden
What's with the aliasing?
Murderous Raven
Murderous Raven 23 dager siden
They need to nerf the bullet spread of smgs. They make it seem like holding down a smg makes it more accurate. The gun literally bounces in your hand and has an insanely short barrel, so that means the bullets should be going all over the place not pinpoint snipes with a mp5. 25 yards max range of effectiveness.
goph94 23 dager siden
Roze skin is cheesy but it levels the playing field somewhat for console players who can't run filters like their PC counterparts. On Xbox at least, you can't disable cross-platform.
Ian Oates
Ian Oates 23 dager siden
FOV for console would be a nice addition 👌
340Racing_Production 23 dager siden
Only thing left to do is remove the heartbeat sensor from BR or place it in the buy cart🙄🙄🙄
Radical Rica
Radical Rica 23 dager siden
Can we all just agree that if this isn't fixed in the next patch, everyone who watched this video goes on strike and stops playing, making Warzone lose at least 40% of its player base within a day.
kern 23 dager siden
Hell yes. Finally.
Paul Miltiades
Paul Miltiades 23 dager siden
Um how about removing hackers? Can they balance that?
GrizzlyAaron 23 dager siden
Once cold war came along, modern warfare died and its been absolute shit since.
JohnsonsYeti 23 dager siden
I was really hoping for an anti-cheat this season
Boomchickawawa 23 dager siden
How many chances will we givem to sort out the issues. There has got to be a time when everyone just has enough and refuses to play this toxic game that treats us all like cash cows instead of customers.
Pale Horse
Pale Horse 23 dager siden
LOL Nerfing time again..... New map? Are you sure or is it just a few changes to Verdansk?
Matthew Campoverde
Matthew Campoverde 23 dager siden
if I buy the bp (battlepass) would it still support you?
USH Wallman
USH Wallman 23 dager siden
I can hear it, the distant rumble of BF6 on the horizon. CoD should be scared.
D3M3TMG- YT 23 dager siden
I think they are adding fov slider for consoles
Glitches Be Crazy
Glitches Be Crazy 23 dager siden
I get 90% of my warzone update information from this channel. So, thanks for keeping us non-tweeters in the loop, Jack!
MR. BeefyGreenz
MR. BeefyGreenz 23 dager siden
Cuz it's all bullshit an they won't fix the game..WATCH!!
Sébastien Bouchard
Sébastien Bouchard 23 dager siden
Surprise... Actual Next-Gen version for console? With a freakin' FOV slider?? Shoudn't get my hopes too high...
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