The Pigsty Prank! :: Hermitcraft #54

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26 dager siden

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 54! Today on hermitcraft, we start out building something cool using some of the techniques we tried on our past live stream. Later we head to Aqua town and work on some things to help us win the land games.
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BACHOMP 3 timer siden
ahmm *clears throat *takes breath MACHICOLAAAAAAATIOOOOOOONSah!
KingAZFlo 4 dager siden
bdubs what the heck that creative world is absolutely stunning
Cheese and Onions
Cheese and Onions 6 dager siden
How old is this guy?
Alyssa Fundal
Alyssa Fundal 6 dager siden
"I'm spendin diamonds on stupid NOTHING" "Etho come fix ya garbage" "Maybe I answered them too perfectly" There's just too many quotes omg I love Bdubs's personality HAHHAA
James Visser
James Visser 7 dager siden
you rool
Fin Lynham
Fin Lynham 11 dager siden
Lineral 12 dager siden
I love Trickster Spirit Bdubs
Malpheus 13 dager siden
I really thought Bdubbs was going for "Pigsty" as clever wording...but no, he just admits he can't spell next episode and doesn't know it's "Pig Sty" or "Pig-Sty"
Alek Trzesniewski
Alek Trzesniewski 13 dager siden
He should put some buildings on the properties and do the same thing that he did with the other buildings
k 13 dager siden
The hole is called an Oillet
The AgentZero
The AgentZero 14 dager siden
@14:23 use daylight sensors to close the trap doors on the food truck at night
William Alexander
William Alexander 15 dager siden
DeadlyRivfader 16 dager siden
Sooooo... im a bit behind on hermitcraft videos and I saw Grians latest video before this so i already knew about the pigs. I will admit I dont watch Scars videos, unless they are part of other hermits videos so I get his perspective, and I think I have to aplogize to Scar. I actually thought he did it himself xD Sorry Scar
Anna Michele
Anna Michele 16 dager siden
Bdubs you should build a section of grians game! He’s looking for some hermits to do so :)
Andrew Tibbetts
Andrew Tibbetts 17 dager siden
warning Bdubs: Grian is planning on restocking the barge with your second storage room cause he thinks you forgot it.
Da_turtle_boi 17 dager siden
Bdubs! There're called murder holes. The holes in the entry gate. ( you probably already knew that ;) )
István Szikra
István Szikra 19 dager siden
I would buy a big farm if I wanted to sell pork. But I would definitely not buy land *next to* a pig farm. :)
István Szikra
István Szikra 19 dager siden
6:30 "It's cool to be uneducated" :) ... :( I wish it wasn't so true.
67 Alaska
67 Alaska 19 dager siden
"" Hermitcraft: Arcade Games!
YumioriVR 19 dager siden
22:05 lmfao piglins got a new look if those are piglins XD
Mystic Macca
Mystic Macca 19 dager siden
Has it take me a week to watch Bdubs' episode? Yes, yes it has. Did it take me 5 hours to get through it? Indeed it did. I blame ❇ l i f e ❇
Matthew Jose
Matthew Jose 19 dager siden
"Its cool to be uneducated" BdoubleO100 -2021
a fudo
a fudo 19 dager siden
5:22 a glitch in the system
621 Meow Cat
621 Meow Cat 20 dager siden
Be careful, next thing you know, Scar starts giving out free cooked porkchop from the Aquatown Animal Control.
Connor Eliassen
Connor Eliassen 20 dager siden
The path of the shweep king
Joshua Sudarsono
Joshua Sudarsono 20 dager siden
Joshua Sudarsono
Joshua Sudarsono 20 dager siden
Hoimie cwawft
BrownR87 20 dager siden
I feel like the winning move in the land games would be to sell all your land for favors. You'd lose because no diamonds up there, but wouldn't lose any diamonds and would have piles of favors lined up.
Dabanana4lyfe 21 dag siden
Who the heck down votes Bdubs? He's too lovable
pebbles scott
pebbles scott 21 dag siden
Me : if only bdubs livestreamed, my life wud be comppete. * follows bdubs on all apps * Realises bdubs doesnt stream Recieves 0 mortification Bdubs: so i livestreamed. It was great. Me: dead 🤣
Big M 87
Big M 87 21 dag siden
Hey double o what you should do with your horses is enchant some saddles and horse armor. With frost walker on the saddle you could ride your horse instead of using an elytra. Maybe for an episode.
Henry Quillan
Henry Quillan 21 dag siden
6:18 shadiversity is going to make a response video calling him out
Penny Bravo
Penny Bravo 21 dag siden
other block u don’t normally use with new purpose: beacon=lamp
Foxy-Loxy 21 dag siden
“It’s cool to be uneducated” -BdoubleO100 2021
Leah Nigus
Leah Nigus 22 dager siden
bdubs: it’s cool to be uneducated me: lol wait what
Zac Kenworthy
Zac Kenworthy 22 dager siden
6:25 It's cool to be uneducated - BdoubleO100
“It’s cool to be uneducated” BdoubleO100 - 2021
sir _ dOdes
sir _ dOdes 22 dager siden
“Das called a moon”
Not - Grian
Not - Grian 22 dager siden
I’m gone for one week, and see Bdubs has uploaded 2 vids. What a beautiful day to have off from work, watching Bdubs his wonderful videos. Makes my day every time
Quinten 22 dager siden
Bdubs is so thoughtful, aside from a giant cliffside he also decides to make a flag as a way of knowing where you are
Disco Hirsch
Disco Hirsch 22 dager siden
It needs contrast between the gate and the road.
Rag Darkheart
Rag Darkheart 22 dager siden
did bdubs say hinnie craft?
Nig Wang
Nig Wang 22 dager siden
20:42 he knew he messed up
BallisticDuck 98
BallisticDuck 98 22 dager siden
"A little stutter in my speech, gotta SLEEP," -Bdubs 2021
Linus Lundberg
Linus Lundberg 22 dager siden
Leave an anonymous tip to the health code hermit, keeping pigs without water bins and not cleaning out the pens from all the poo? Severe fines!
Ērika Beča
Ērika Beča 22 dager siden
Tbh I would actually buy one of those piggy spots :D Looks so good! I would build a little farm shop there.
Tom Brown
Tom Brown 22 dager siden
Bdubs, what did you think of game of thrones season 8 and who is your favourite character in it?
Ágota J
Ágota J 22 dager siden
Scar's plots come with free food, great deal! :D
Sil 22 dager siden
I can see Keralis buying one of Scar's plot just to get free pigs
Kyrion Bookshield
Kyrion Bookshield 22 dager siden
They are called MACHICOLATIOOOONS! °^° Yes. Yes you have to shout. Ask shad from shadiversity why we do this. X3
fire wolf crew
fire wolf crew 22 dager siden
Hryme craft
StubbornMe XD
StubbornMe XD 22 dager siden
Scar's revenge for the prank will be kitty litter plots on bdubs side XD
Nyxira 22 dager siden
"Scar has a second storage room, as well", he says. Like the whole server isn't Scar's storage room.
Filth121 22 dager siden
BdoubleO you have been making NOwindow videos for 10 years today congrats
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison 23 dager siden
“It’s cool to be uneducated” Bdubs 2021
Retanizer 23 dager siden
6:26 the poke upy things and called machicolations, they were ment so when people trying to breach the castle get to close to the walls the gaurds can shoot arrows or throw rocks down at them
Neazy Mac
Neazy Mac 23 dager siden
Daylight sensors on top of the hot dog cart to close them at night
CaptainClux Pro.
CaptainClux Pro. 23 dager siden
Wait but now there is ugly land next to the good land, so it will decrease the property land's prices as well!
Charlie Cohen
Charlie Cohen 23 dager siden
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Bdubs: “Hello and welcome back to another episode of Hawaii Crab!”
Hayden Hoes
Hayden Hoes 23 dager siden
6:20 alright my Shadiversity fans. lets hear it. MACHICOLATIONS!!!!
Arnar Gunnarsson
Arnar Gunnarsson 23 dager siden
Happy 10 year youtube anniversary Bdubs. Thanks for the memories.
OgienChomik 23 dager siden
When leading an animal you can place their preferred food in your off hand and they'll follow you better according to my mother
Tadas Dragūnas
Tadas Dragūnas 23 dager siden
2:36 Plz do more of these I'll show designs that I came up
Jason is Awesome
Jason is Awesome 23 dager siden
bdubs - its cool to be uneducated me - I'm gonna fail all my classes :D
Jess Wolfe
Jess Wolfe 23 dager siden
Ok its not that you've forgotten stuff beneath the barge but that Grian is building a new thing and he thinks you guys have forgotten about it. He also plans to use that stuff in the new project if you don't either let him know or move them. The new project is that cart track you can see where the 2nd place shoulders were.
SirNox 23 dager siden
Happy 10 years of NOwindow Bdubs!
MINECRAFTYnow 37 23 dager siden
:( I think I work on thursday again
Mr_Duck 23 dager siden
bdubs you look like buddy from baby driver
Paleks Aleks
Paleks Aleks 23 dager siden
*all is fair in love and war* IS IT LOVE OR WAR B DUBS ?
Coyt Anderson
Coyt Anderson 23 dager siden
Kinda figured that was you...
Josh C.
Josh C. 23 dager siden
Missed the lifestream. But what world did you use? Did you create it with world painter or just voxel? Oh and which shaders do you use?
Ayesha ruby
Ayesha ruby 23 dager siden
worlds cutest thing:crying bedubs on any word of scar/grian.
Colby Wilson
Colby Wilson 23 dager siden
I love how full and alive Aque Town is starting to look! 👍🏼 You guys are doing a great job with this project.
Jan Quirez
Jan Quirez 23 dager siden
"It's cool to be uneducated" XD LOL
?Pump¿ !playz¡
?Pump¿ !playz¡ 23 dager siden
Good video as always keep up the good work stay safe
Scrapyard Rogue
Scrapyard Rogue 23 dager siden
On the next episode, Bdubbs build a biome-appropriate Winterfell
Hyrule Penguin
Hyrule Penguin 23 dager siden
10:11 It was punkins
Arman Gutierrez
Arman Gutierrez 23 dager siden
You should put a night sensor above the trapsdoors ong the villager stand. So the trapdoors will colse at night, and will add some more aesthetic by being the secondary shade
Ly Liz
Ly Liz 23 dager siden
I love Scar, I love Bdubs but I love frieny MC rivalry more
Jagruti Bhalodi
Jagruti Bhalodi 23 dager siden
Next can be soulsand
Trimega Gamintv425
Trimega Gamintv425 23 dager siden
bdubs i will be on your next live stream
Caerigna 23 dager siden
Machicolations!!! Bless you Bdubs. Shad would be proud. #machicolations #shadiversity
Sgt Alix
Sgt Alix 24 dager siden
(Deep Inhale) MACHICCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLATIOOONNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fishoutofwat3r 24 dager siden
If you’ve been watching lots of Game of Thrones you’ll love the WesterosCraft server where they’re recreating the world of Game of Thrones in Minecraft! A lot of the builds in the village remind me of WesterosCraft builds!
XPRykan 24 dager siden
I feel like maybe you should slip some zoglins in there for good measure.
Organicalcraft 24 dager siden
Really looking forward to the new rarely used block building series!
WanderingImagination 24 dager siden
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 24 dager siden
Look from a Dis-tee-an-cee
AmazingTrixie 24 dager siden
“HeY wHy YoU cOmIn ThRoUgH hErE?!”
Jente Steenhoudt
Jente Steenhoudt 24 dager siden
Why doesn't Bdubs videos get a lot of likes? His vids are so fun
White Lightning420
White Lightning420 24 dager siden
April 16th, 2021. Pigsty incident.
Artimis Grey
Artimis Grey 24 dager siden
Mix in some grass path blocks for more texture
Erika Stevenson
Erika Stevenson 24 dager siden
You should add a gatehouse next to the big gate thing for the guards :)
Timothy Creed
Timothy Creed 24 dager siden
MACHICOLATIONS!! (That's what they're called, thank you Shadversity. :)
Mike Baker
Mike Baker 24 dager siden
Me: "Wow... why not Podzol? ...and free Soul Sand! Sold!" 🤣🤣🤣
aSHwAt 24 dager siden
6:20 I believe you mean *MACHICOLATIONS*
Ruben Davies
Ruben Davies 24 dager siden
I would just cover scars land in mycelium and watch the world burn.
Singularity Bound
Singularity Bound 24 dager siden
My bet is since that Illager in Ethos shop is still armed thats who killed your cook while getting him in lol.
Cara01_x 24 dager siden
I have just had a GENIUS idea that’s gonna Win you the competition with scar and all it envolves is Impulse. Think to yourself... what’s more desirable in land? Is it complete free reign of the land or a giant plot WITH A BUILD LIMIT. all it would take to Guarantee you a win is a little deal with impy to put a vertical limit on scars areas then you’re GOLDENNN
Miriam Fridel
Miriam Fridel 24 dager siden
The pokey tings on the walls are called crenellations, and the holes are called MACHICOLATIONS!
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