The Invisible Man (2020) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

6 måneder siden

Self-harm content warning at 15:30
**NOTE: I was mistaken about Whannell's director credits - his first was Insidious: Chapter 3, his second Upgrade, and this was his third. My bad!**
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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 6 måneder siden
►Self-harm content warning at 15:30 ►►**NOTE: I was mistaken about Whannell's director credits - his first was Insidious: Chapter 3, his second Upgrade, and this was his third. My bad!** ►Email MOVIE REQUESTS to (please don't leave them in the comments!) ►►MERCH - hoodies, hats, pins, and tee shirts - available at ►Support me at for rewards like explicit versions of Kill Counts, full-length commentary tracks, early releases, review videos, and more! ►►Check out the DEAD MEAT PODCAST - new episodes every TUESDAY - at ►Thanks for watching - comment with your favorite joke!
Starbucks Latte
Starbucks Latte 9 dager siden
DYNAMO 1j0y 18 dager siden
Can you do the nun kill count
Darlington Ogbevoen
Darlington Ogbevoen 18 dager siden
Can you do castle rock
poison resistance
poison resistance 18 dager siden
What's the name website we go to suggest a movie for you too kill count?
Avery James
Avery James 28 dager siden
freak. The problem was I didn't even notice anything but a bit in this game where they could make more games for them when
Est moi
Est moi 7 timer siden
It really doesnt seem like a classic/good movie. Im glad you did this video. It has saved 2 hours of my life.
WhyIt 2 dager siden
So if this movie were to introduce the new Universal horror monster universe, who would be the invisible man in the next theoretical 15 - 20 movies?
Pissinmylawn 2 dager siden
I get so mad and shocked about emily’s death like cecilia and emily did not deserve that
Don't Click This Channel Unless ur Nice
Don't Click This Channel Unless ur Nice 3 dager siden
im fat
im fat 3 dager siden
I forgot i even watched this movie
Brick Assault Productions
Brick Assault Productions 4 dager siden
Thermal vision
The Cyborg Craftsman
The Cyborg Craftsman 4 dager siden
Of all the douchey horror movie chracters, Adrian has to be the douchiest. Which is why I cheered with applause when Cece finally killed him. I never felt so satisfied. Also, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, did an EXCELLENT job playing such an evil character, in contrast to Elisabeth Moss's equally excellent acting as the protagonist, Cece. Kudos to those two.
DeLow G
DeLow G 5 dager siden
That I know what you did last summer quote got me lol.
keesh K.
keesh K. 5 dager siden
ha ha ha ha he looks likes mrbeast in the 1920's but older if you now what i mean wink wink ;)
Harsha Subasinghe
Harsha Subasinghe 5 dager siden
Invisible Man 2020: White Man Bad
Kieran Hogan
Kieran Hogan 7 dager siden
The guards you didn’t count got punched in the voice box and choked on it
usamaclaren 7 dager siden
Surprise 😈 >:-)
sleepier hollow
sleepier hollow 7 dager siden
8:54 that was so dumb i lost brain cells if she was laying down in her arms were up and about time she actually got hit she was still laying down in the same position and she saw her to why would she think she slapped her
Shadow Mage
Shadow Mage 8 dager siden
Plot Twist: The invisible man is Drax
Tridetroll 8 dager siden
I personally really liked the off screen guard kill. I think it was brutal and darkly funny for Adrian to fuck with the poor guy that way. That scene was incredibly tense and the brief bit of comedy really drove home that Adrian was beyond insane.
Wojtek Kita
Wojtek Kita 9 dager siden
Fake i gave 1star because i COULD see the MAN like i cpuld see him do you guys believe me?
Living Forever
Living Forever 9 dager siden
James is mvp I love badass black characters
Jacob Oliveros
Jacob Oliveros 9 dager siden
why do i feel like jack griffin is adrians dad or grandpa
Peyton Price
Peyton Price 9 dager siden
The Emily death made me gasp the first time I watched this
mrs malfoy
mrs malfoy 10 dager siden
aunt lydia watching this: 👁👄👁
Matt Lipnick
Matt Lipnick 10 dager siden
Am I the only person who thinks of birds whenever you see her eyebrows or what!?
Kings legacy
Kings legacy 10 dager siden
Why don't you do insidious
Tae Vibes lol
Tae Vibes lol 11 dager siden
"let's see" except we can't see
Foxster Reacts
Foxster Reacts 12 dager siden
Ok RR, DeadPool dared me to make 3 vids and see if I could get 10k subs (may or may not be my cousin lol nepatisim). Join if you like. The vids are sub par. Will post 3 when 10k subs. FOX Entertainent CC/CR for next Deadpool trailer.
Fear Fans
Fear Fans 12 dager siden
Awesome film with many ideas worth speculating. This is a good example of a "remake" in the modern era: socially-charged and freshly reconceptualized for a newer audience.
Stella Belikiewicz
Stella Belikiewicz 12 dager siden
Nasty Cnidarian! Yes.
Victoria Cook
Victoria Cook 12 dager siden
I really need to stop binge-watching these specifically at night
Xan 13 dager siden
Invisible Man? That’s fine, I’ll just go out and buy a thermal.
Dontay Lawrence
Dontay Lawrence 13 dager siden
Bad a*- movie me and my wife enjoyed would watch it over and over.
Coops4tw 14 dager siden
The original movie had a sequel about an Invisible Woman and now a woman has the Invisibility Suit, so it's really not hard to believe that they'll follow through with that.
hangnale 15 dager siden
ive never been more horrified by the kill count alone before. this movie musta been terrifying!
Raymond Crump
Raymond Crump 15 dager siden
Is it strange that because of this video, I can't wait to see it for real as I have never heard of it until today.
Quentyn Rinn
Quentyn Rinn 16 dager siden
Actually when he was beating up all the guards and shot the guy in the leg that is one of the most lethal places to get shot cause u could bleed out so bad
RV0 17 dager siden
Call of duty mobile poltergeist irl be like:
Edvin Wester
Edvin Wester 18 dager siden
22:09 did anyone else think that the cake would fly into his face.
maca x roni
maca x roni 18 dager siden
1:36 why is there a picture of a nun in the background
Vuk Vukmanovic 1-2
Vuk Vukmanovic 1-2 18 dager siden
Dude at 0:40 looks like Isaac Butterfield
Feathers Pryx
Feathers Pryx 20 dager siden
I watched this in theaters, and even though you can see she is walking straight towards the dog food bowl, it still made me wince because of how unnecessarily loud it was. It was like a nuke went off next door, legitimately hurt my hearing, and made a terrible first impression of the movie. The rest was great though.
Poor People
Poor People 20 dager siden
The giddy alphabet provisionally memorise because imprisonment customarily stare sans a versed instrument. pricey, redundant dinner
Jonathon Brown
Jonathon Brown 20 dager siden
just put on thermal goggles
Terry rexy drews and gaming
Terry rexy drews and gaming 21 dag siden
Maybe its still creepy but kinda a good movie
8IG0R8 21 dag siden
If only she had some infrared googles
Treyvon Bethel
Treyvon Bethel 21 dag siden
Mar'Tavuis Wells
Mar'Tavuis Wells 22 dager siden
Does anyone know the movie's track name at 9:19
Naes Not nasal
Naes Not nasal 22 dager siden
He’s the guy that you say “ yeah I’ve seen it, well, I watched the kill count for it” and everyone goes yeah yeah same thing
ttv_ yughhgh
ttv_ yughhgh 22 dager siden
2:36 to 2:38 my favorite line ever
CJ Whoopty
CJ Whoopty 22 dager siden
He sounds like he's being held hostage
Wayne Filkins
Wayne Filkins 22 dager siden
This movie was kind of flawed. I hate when the have a movie about a genius, then have him do stupid things constantly...first of all. I guess the "genius" character is limited to the less than genius script writers so it is inevitable. The worst part though, was how she just hid his suit in a drawer. In a house full of cameras. A suit full of cameras. Which probably had a micro-controller to control all those cameras and most likely GPS because that suit was worth BILLIONS. You don't create something like that without GPS. Even if one were to argue "well he's committing crimes so he doesn't want to be tracked", okay that's possible, but those suits have to be hard as FUCK to make so he knows how many he has and keeps track of them, and he knows she went in that house and that suit disappeared while she was still in the house. He would have searched that house top to bottom for that other suit. No matter how you look at it, huge flaw there. Also, as a tech person myself, I can guarantee you that guy would be smart enough to never admit anything to anyone. We all have a microphone in our damn pockets. Anyone can record anything. Even just the "surprise" thing could have been used against him because he texted her "surprise" on his own phone after he supposedly died. Unlikely that it would be tied back but still, he wouldn't have fallen for that shit. My biggest complain will piss people off, but this movie imo would have been way better if it had a hotter female lead. The main reason I say that is because guys often obsess over beautiful women. That chic was fugly. It just really bothered me the whole movie. Call me shallow, call me w/e I really don't care. If some genius tech. billionaire is going to create a suit to turn invisible to pursue this woman out of pure obsession, she would have to be damn fine. That chic was weird acting, awkward, ugly, and not all that bright either (clearly doesn't know shit about finance, just throwing her money away like a mega millions winner). She had nothing to obsess over. Oh that brings me to another big flaw... how the hell did that guy fake his death? They had it in blog posts, police records, everything..that was kinda sketchy. Okay I'm done complaining...aside from all that it was still kind of fun to watch. Ok 1 more thing, that suit would have been extremely sensitive. One punch or kick and you'd be able to see him at all times, or some part of him. Okay I'm done :D
Wayne Filkins
Wayne Filkins 22 dager siden
I want to add b4 the triggered feminist comments begin, I don't have a problem with the actress or her being a lead, it's that it's a movie about a guy obsessing over her character, and they decided to put someone who doesn't look all that great, and also they made the character awkward, kind of dumb (until she all of a sudden outsmarts one of the smartest people alive somehow...that's Hollywood for ya) etc.
Huw Cresswell
Huw Cresswell 23 dager siden
honestly "let's see! ...wait a minute" might be one of your funniest little transition jokes so far
Tom Kitta
Tom Kitta 23 dager siden
Wow, that is one stupid movie. Just wow.
JohannSchmidt67 23 dager siden
I often feel like I was the only person who hated this movie as much as everyone else wanted too. Thank you for the content though!
Robloxnerd Gg
Robloxnerd Gg 23 dager siden
ScoutTrooper164 23 dager siden
I have to admit, when the invisible man appeared with a cake for James, I was expecting James to get killed again. Oh well, that was funny either way.
Nick Gamez
Nick Gamez 23 dager siden
This movie was funny lol
Lazy Gamer
Lazy Gamer 23 dager siden
I like just how he said oh Wait
Elizabeth Lane
Elizabeth Lane 23 dager siden
Speaking of insidious you could a kill count of
Jayden Torres
Jayden Torres 24 dager siden
I love how James does his title card bits.
Cable Snake
Cable Snake 25 dager siden
great adventures of the marvelous: PAINT MAN!
Rage 25 dager siden
James’ shirt really conforms to this movie for some reason
John Bones
John Bones 25 dager siden
Don't get me wrong, I f*cking love this movie and the commentary on abusive relationships and recovering from them is top notch..., but the lack of Claud Rains fantastic cackling brings it down a few pegs for me.
Lemon Power
Lemon Power 25 dager siden
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy 26 dager siden
Only real o es remember Hollow Man
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy 26 dager siden
SimplyKie 26 dager siden
Not only was there invisibility in the guy himself, but a lot of abusers are invisible to the public because the only person who sees them is the victim (s)
Laran Fosback
Laran Fosback 26 dager siden
I can see a crazy look in cc's eyes
ATLAS Media Group
ATLAS Media Group 26 dager siden
How did you guys miss the references to candyman??
William Altork
William Altork 26 dager siden
Basically a feature-length version of Shawn Mendes' Stitches
David Higgins
David Higgins 26 dager siden
The way of how to see an invisible man is to use a fire extinguisher 🧯
sanctificate 27 dager siden
You know a movie is good when it makes you want to roundhouse kick it’s villains skull in
Important_Man 27 dager siden
The focusing effect they used when Elizabeth was being interrogated by the police was absolutely insane man.
TopWaterTremors 27 dager siden
I was hoping there was nothing on the shelf
Ejaz Yusuff
Ejaz Yusuff 27 dager siden
Invisible man: needs chemicals to be invisible Me:pathetic Also me :I just need to exist
Subnautica Tutorials
Subnautica Tutorials 28 dager siden
Why is John cena the main character? I thought he was in WWE???
jtwoshade 28 dager siden
I don't know why I'm rooting for the killer.. It's just such a cool villain idea
kyason kaylor
kyason kaylor 29 dager siden
I'm glad I watched the movie before I watched the kill count because the movie was really good
kyason kaylor
kyason kaylor 29 dager siden
In the ending I thought he silt his throat to frame her making it look like she was the one who silt his throat but no it was a bit of a twist in the ending
Marcy Rex
Marcy Rex 29 dager siden
When he said wait a minute I did to and i died of laughter ... DIDN'T SEE that coming (I'm bad at jokes)
Snarffy Cramwell
Snarffy Cramwell 29 dager siden
Wow, Adrian must be super strong. He broke through a window in one punch.
Clone Commander Wolf
Clone Commander Wolf 29 dager siden
Can you make a the hollow man kill count
Shawnbaubei Yee
Shawnbaubei Yee 29 dager siden
The skillful bar predictably tremble because pyjama mechanistically program amongst a voracious pancreas. milky, raspy meeting
oof Måned siden
Finally a movie about my dad.
MidRunner 3202
MidRunner 3202 Måned siden
Okay, but did anybody else die at the "She was an astronaut." line?!?!
lazer lazer
lazer lazer Måned siden
22:09 the invisible man is on x games now
tiggz R
tiggz R Måned siden
I first saw moss in the b movie called virgin...its a messed up movie
Oli Roberts
Oli Roberts Måned siden
6:58 My guy be on 50kg tricep pushdown 😂
xᴍᴏQɪx x
xᴍᴏQɪx x Måned siden
How not to die by being The Invisible Man: 1. *MAKE YOUR SUIT BULLET PROOF-*
GiDD Måned siden
Man it sucks that Elisabeth moss is a Scientologist
Galaxy Student
Galaxy Student Måned siden
Bad movie
Danielle Mobley
Danielle Mobley Måned siden
i have trypophobia god fucking dammit
Killer - Komodo
Killer - Komodo Måned siden
Sub to Killer - Komodo
#1 MikeFan
#1 MikeFan Måned siden
6:48 Hahahahaha! Best part of the video! ^^
Eric Bonewicz
Eric Bonewicz Måned siden
3 suits at least.
Who CouldItBeeeNow
Who CouldItBeeeNow Måned siden
lmao do they explain how or why he seems to have super human strength ?
Ventacean Animations
Ventacean Animations Måned siden
The behind the scenes be like: Green screen man, doing whatever a green screen can!
Avocado Kirby
Avocado Kirby 7 dager siden
Isaac Clorke
Isaac Clorke Måned siden
I'm glad I didn't watch this movie in a theatre cause Cecilias Jellyfish insult was so sick I had to pause the movie for a good minute
The HiddenOnes
The HiddenOnes Måned siden
you should do hollow man
Norm Johnson
Norm Johnson Måned siden
I live in New South Wales Australia
Caleb Sprouse
Caleb Sprouse Måned siden
Imagine if he said “Surprise” to Sydney when he attempts to kill her. Would have been a great nod to another horror movie.
GingerbreadDylan Måned siden
I just wanna say something and it’s that when my family is in the living room hanging out ya know just talking and well sometimes our front door open for no reason and we thought that was weird until we figured out that it’s just broken and has to always be locked so it won’t open
NotChopper Måned siden
I never get tired of James’ voice
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